Friday, October 29, 2010

Yfm Chevrolet Party at Randlords

quiet before the Storm

Firtsly , all praise be to Yfm and Chevrolet. What the hell did we do with our midweek before you guys? This was another party hosted by the two. You know when when it's an Obama (open bar), we can't be too far behind. This was the hiphop installment of these parties. The venue certainly accomodated the opulance usually associated with the genre. Randlords, ladies and gentlemen.

Situated in the heart of the city, 22 stories above the streets, I don't think i've been to a better venue in Jhb. Every detail is painstakingly taken care of, from a decor point of view. with a large sprawling deck, decked with couches, beds and bars overlooking the Mandela Bridge, as it illuminates the inner city with it's light display, this venue sets the mood  for a classy evening.

Free drink frenzy

Even the toilets look insane, the mens urinal is clear glass,  so as you piss your free booze away, you look down on the streets below. One chorus i heard repeatedly in there was " I'm pissing on Jo'burg," such were the surroundings that mere mortals thought they were Gods. I mean really!

On to the nights events! Hip Hop was the staple last night no funny business, and one thing i know bout this city it lives for Hip Hop. The folks looked the part, the music was good. We got performances from the likes of Jozi, Pro kid, and Kuli Chana, and Dj Milkshake to name a few. Who all had the crowd singing along. The prominent people in the scene all turned up to party with Jo'burg and a good night was had by all. Tumelo, who recently dropped his album Arise and Shine under Black Coffees'  Soultistic label was also in attendance The Cream Cartel who also part time as internets celebrities made it to the event. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so i'm gonna let them do the talking.

Jozi warmin things up

Kuli inspectin the crowds Freshness
The Cartel
Motso and Miranda from Y
Pro makin sure things stayed real

Chubstar from Y
PLenty talent around
The Y fm massive
I did say somethin about talent right?

J.R mingling

This dude got the right idea

Tumi from Yo-T.V

Choc photo bombing

Promise to load vid soon.

Randlords pics

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