Friday, October 29, 2010

Yfm Chevrolet Party at Randlords

quiet before the Storm

Firtsly , all praise be to Yfm and Chevrolet. What the hell did we do with our midweek before you guys? This was another party hosted by the two. You know when when it's an Obama (open bar), we can't be too far behind. This was the hiphop installment of these parties. The venue certainly accomodated the opulance usually associated with the genre. Randlords, ladies and gentlemen.

Super Nerd sings Ghostbuster theme accapella

I've seen varying levels of nerd in my life time but nothing beats this dude, in his defence I can see homie is a musician and I've hung around alot of musicians in my life and they get creative with the weirdest shit ever. This is no exception and you thought the nerds you went to school with were fucked up?

SA's Top Earning DJ's

DJ's get a lot of gigs, some are club gigs and others are cooperate and they normally get paid rather well. Turns out we get to get some insight as to how much some of these top jocks get paid.


Baracka Flacka Flame

I'm tellin you the internet is gonna be the death of us all. Apparently America is catchin feelings coz of this video. Me personally, I'm a bit of aninsensetive prick who loves laughing at things I shouldn't find funny, and this shit is too funny, but then again this isn't my president being set up like this, but shit is still funny. Take it away Obeezy!


Vavi vs Kunene

A war of words has ensued between COSATU Secretary General and businessman Kenny Kunene about his lavish lifestyle, more specifically a party that cost round about R700 000.

Friday Links presented by Carolina Ardohain

Her: Video
Guy letting people sit on his face for world peace: nycbarstool
Ads for Crystal Meth: holytaco
Workout like a boxer: mademan
Guinness World Record for most juggles with a football: bostonbarstool
50 Mistakes in T.V: dontpanic
Top 49 most influential men 2010: askmen
Chicks get turned on by elephant boner: h8torade
Rate how gross this is: bostonbarstool
Timberlake cheats on Jessica Beil?: flisted
Women who lick suck and swallow: totallycrap

I'm all over the place today, but I had to start you off with yet another South American Hottie, this time from Argentina, who at 32, has a body tighter than your old high school uniform.What do they feed them there? Got oyur weekly Bizzare stuff, with a guy asking ladies to sit on his face, it's worth checkin out just to see the guy looking at it all in disbelief. Got a nice workout for you lazy internet feinds. 49 of the most influential men this year, coz 50 is just too much for any one man to read. All in all this should hold you over till it's time to hit those post work drinks and kick this weekend off.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Audience members pass out duirng 127 Hours screening

I remember hearing about the hiker who got lost in the Grand Canyon and eventually had to cut off his own arm with a Swiss army knife in an effort to survive. Hollywood does what they do best when it comes to stories of profound interest such as this one, the make a movie. The only problem is that audience members started passing out during the scene where dude hacks off his own arm.

Apple faces legal action over iPad name

Oy Vey, seems Apple is getting sued for the use of the name iPad. Proview, a struggling Taiwanese-owned company, has threatened to sue Apple for alleged trademark infringement, in a lingering dispute that illustrates the complexity of branding in far-flung markets.

A little foreign film for you

Here at fishfinger we see ourselves as the tastemakers, pioneers of all that is new, we strive not only to keep you enetertained, but also to educate those that are not in the know, and culture our people. So this film is in dutch but, which most of you might not know, but becausse we hold our audience in such high esteem, we reckon you won't even need subtitles to catch this, such is the intlelect of the average fishfinger follower.


How i get dressed part 2

I alerted you to these vids last week, by Chris Floyd for the Sunday Times Style online. here's the second installment.


Cazwell - Ice Cream Truck

Aah the internet...The internet never ceases to amaze me yet today I stumbled on the gayest shit I've seen in ages, don't get me twisted I'm not like a Ugandan when it comes to the gays but some hsit is just perplexing such as this white rapper named Cazwell and his pose, they remind me of the gay version of The Pussy Cat Dolls.

Enough of my ramblings you be the judge...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Monster Music

With Kanye Wests',  album release date drawing ever nearer, some speculate that, G.O.O.D Fridays, might be drawing to a close. It's astrategy that's proven to work well taking a pariah of the entertainment industry, to having those same people that cast him out wait with the anxiety of crack fiend for the next installment. It's a simple yet revolutionary way staying relevant.Swizz Beats a recent collaborator of Kanye's, has honed in on this logic and presents to us Monster Mondays. That's right a new track for download every Monday.Tracks are available at


Coca - Cola Mystic

French designer Jerome Olivet created this concept, Coca-Cola Mystic.  A glimpse into the future? More info and photos after the jump!

Street Art by Claire Streetart

Street Art by French artist Claire Streetart. I like her train of thought. More pics after the jump.

Red Bull Kasi Crawl 6 November

Join Red Bull on Saturday, 6 November, in Soweto’s famous Vilakazi Street, home to not one, but two Nobel Prize winners, Nelson Mandela  X Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, and experience a brand new history in the making!

Playstation Phone

If you've always hated it when you have to leave your house because you hate to leave your playstation at home or you've always wondered why Sony doesn't combine their PSP with a phone. Finally Sony has realised that multi-purpose devices are the future.

Justin Bieber launches unisex fragrance

This young man is all over the place with his music, acting and nail polish but now he's added one more notch under his belt by releasing a unisex fragrance...

Prankster tattooed penis on mate's back

I keep preaching that when and if you ever go for a tattoo make sure its like the cardies saying "For Keeps" whichh mean sthat yo need to make damn sure you know what you're putting on your body.

In the case of this guy who managed to piss off his tattoo artist and friend just before his tattoo got punked and badly.

RMB Winex Wine Festival

The 11th RMB WineX – South Africa’s premier wine festival – takes place at the Sandton Convention Centre with over 200 exhibitors on show from 27 to 29 October.

For the ladies (men can watch too)

I'm not gonna lie, I've been known to frequent the strip in Jo'burg, I even know where the academy is, don't ask me how i know these things, i just do! Don't judge. The Summer approaches, and we'll all be on holiday at some exotic location, and if you're single this is the prime time to nab yourself that summer fling(you always read about in those novels you read), what better way to do it than lay these moves on your unsuspecting target? You're bound to come back with that glow after your holiday, doin naughty things like this. Fuck it i love womens rights!


Baby Religion

Always avoid the following topics when meeting new people, religion and politics. I'm gonna go ahead and break one of those rules. I'm gonna touch on religion real quick. When i was young i was upset when i had to go to church, not only coz i'd have to get up real early , get my stubborn ass hair combed, and get kitted in a mini person suit, but while I was there i could only think of the cartoons i was missing. This little infant scares me to be honest.


News of the Siff

Some people horde things, have spare bedrooms full of stuff they no longer use, but refuse to throw out. It's always fascinated me how this, affects almost everyone, you all have those old ass clothes,  in your wardrobe. CLEAN SHIT OUT AND THROW IT AWAY!!! I digress though, as long as you're just holdin some tatty T-shirts you're good in my books, but this guy below, just plain in need of help. An Australian man has made a habit of collecting belly button lint for 26 years the collection now weighs 226 grams. More after the jump...

Charlie Sheen found trashed in NY hotel

If there one thing I like about Charlie Sheen is his ability to always get into crap because of his shinanigans and this time is obviously no different from all th eother times.

Sheen was released from a New York hospital on Tuesday evening after being taken there in the early morning hours when he was found highly intoxicated in Manhattan's Plaza Hotel.

The reinvention of African garb


I've never been one to think of fashion and traditional African fabric simultaneously, they just never gelled; until now. Ankara is traditional cloth worn by Nigerian women as dresses, skirts, or headwraps. You know, the attire worn by out "sistaz" on those Naija films? Yeah, THAT fabric is the thing to don this summer, whether you're black, white, or Julius! 

What Makes men attracive to women

For most of out there you're getting payed on one of this weeks many days, so consider yourself lucky to be getting this now, so oyu can budget and buy what you can on this list, the shit you can't buy you'll have to just hold thumbs


Celebville's newest additions

JubJub and Kelly Khumalo's lovechild finally has a playmate...2 actually! Two "celeb" couples welcomed healthy bambinos to the big bad world last week and early this week respectively. Leanne Liebenberg and fiance Nicky van der Walt cried cried tears of joy on the 25th of October while Lulo Cafe and girlfriend, Fundi, craddled a baby boy some time last week. Here's a peak of the little one...

Chick pukes on rollercoaster

EMBED-Chick Pukes On Roller Coaster - Watch more free videos

Reason i'm so early with this is i'm hopin you walk in to the office after havin had your egg Mcmuffin. Serves you right for bein at Mcd's first thing in the am. Eat some damn Oats at home or something.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MJ Highest earning dead celeb

For months before the greatest recording artist died I had been preaching that This is It is not the best thing for Mj to do for his career but rather if he died that would immortalise him, every one thought I was harsh and wondered how I could utter such blasphemy, lo and behold MJ kicked the bucket and guess what happened...He became the highest selling dead celeb.

Prostitutes in Spain required to wear reflective vests

Being a resident of Jozi you tend to know where the usual spots are to pick up some ass quid pro quo style, one of the spots I've driven past many a time is Oxford road and I can guarantee between struggling with spotting the hoes you also catch a hobo whilst your eyes wonder, that ish makes me feel bad cause it's not right. Spain has solved my tiny problem...

Hhayi man, EAT already


Modern day Goliwood reminds me of a programme called supersize-vs-superskinny which is centred around extreme eaters and subsequently extreme body sizes: really thin or really fat! I'm convinced Joburg no longer has "normal" sized women, you'll either find an obese someone indulging in slaap tjips, white bread and coke or Miss Skin and Bones washing down a celery stick with water. What happened to the 3 slices of pizza girl? I can't help but credit Hollywood for this mess, but we've apparantly have our own "celebs" who didn't hesitate in participating in the hunger strike...

All bets are off - Paul the Octopus dead

If there's one thing I hate it's spoil sports, Paul the Octopus gained a shit load of fame during the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup by being remarkebly accurate with game predictions but alas now he/she/it is dead.

Modern virgins are complicated

Yaaah neh...

So here we have a woman who advertised and stretched to its maximum her alleged virginity to catapult what I choose to refer to as her media whoring career. The sad thing is that Kelly Khumalo, Miss "I'm a Virgin", now epitomises the modern day virgin: pompous, no humility, sense of pride or respect for themselves and surrounding people. This is what I'm talking about...

Tom Ford Frederico Sunglasses

Tom Ford Eyewear releases a series of limited edition colorways in the brand’s Federico sunglasses, made exclusive to retailer ZOZOVILLA. The shades are priced at Approx. $490 USD( R3700) ; scheduled to release in mid-December 2010, although they are now available for pre-order through the retailer’s online store. more pics after the jump...

Bong Mask from Japan

For all the smokers out there, this what you need when one speaks of form following function it doesn't come purer than this. The Bong Mask from thanko(Japan) for around $85. It looks cool. Get those credit cards out


Folding Keyboard Concept

Fold-able Keyboard Concept designed by Yoonsang Kim & Eunsung Park. Designed to be portable and small enough to take with you everywhere, the Keystick keyboard is a full-sized in its unfurled form, but then it folds like a Japanese fan when you want to hit the road.
"Key Stick is a personal keyboard that you take with you everywhere, never needing to touch public keyboards that have been touched by others


A music vid for the Boys

look alive all the weekends draws nearer.


Ian Poulter has Cheerios from Ryder Cup

This is the true definition of a champions breakfast...Ian Poulter has angered golf fans by posting a video of himself and his children eating Cheerios out of the Ryder Cup.

How you like your Eggs?

We recently put up a video of this Young Humma guy, in monday randomness, now he's back and he's bringin out tthe whole posse(Turquoise Jeep Records). If i catch anyone in the club doin this dance, i'm cracking bottles on heads.The internet has seen fit to bless us today.


Tuesday Links presented by Ninel Conde

Her: video
Men can get cancer from giving oral sex: asylum
Celebrities sober, Celebrities drunk, a gallery: celebslam
10 most popular ghetto celebrities on youtube: coed
Italian teacher rated too hot to teach, she's a distraction: brobible
Cat tries to milk woman: bostonbarstool
5 Ways in which facebook outs Gay users: holytaco
Bomb squad called in to investigate strange box: dlisted
Incredible Russian beatbox: doubleviking
8 stages of beer drinking: guyism
Shit that's gonna crash into the earth from space an infograph: fastcodesign

A Mexican hotter than their cuisine, if you look that tight at 40, please send us pics,,do yourself a favour and check that video out, start your day just right. Eating out might go back to having it's regular meaning again. A gallery of some people you might like fucked out of their minds. Italian teacher rated too hot to teach, i thought Italians were all about passion? Some funny links that'll lighten up your mood, and then top it off with a detailed look at all the space things that 'll crash into earth.


Global Travellers rate SA

Its never a bad thing when we come across pleasant news about South Africa cause everybody wants to feel good about the country they reside in.

South Africa is performing well on TripAdvisor – one of the world’s top sources of independent travel reviews.

Man reports bad weed to 911

The amount of stupidity when it comes to the things that people do when their high never ceases to amaze me but somehow this guy puts the cherry on top.

A southwestern Pennsylvania man called 911 to complain about some terrible marijuana he had just purchased, which turned out to be something other than pot.

Men saved from death in sewage drain

Last year I had the misfortune of falling through an open sewage drain and boy did I pay the price, crutches for two weeks, people gawking at ya like you're a cripple...Needless to say I watch where I walk and make sure I avoid open sweage drains.

Turns out that in Pretoria two workers were rescued from a gas-contaminated sewage drain they were attempting to unblock in the Pretoria CBD  yesterday.

Monday, October 25, 2010


Boys get ready to let it all grow out! Movember (the month formerly known as November), the month long moustache growing charity event held each year to help raise funds and awareness for men’s health is officially in South Africa.

Having started in Australia seven years ago, Movember has grown to be an international event, taking place in six countries. This global expansion looks set to continue with demand from Mo Bros and Sistas around the world wanting to grow moustaches and celebrate Movember in their own countries. As a direct result, six new countries have been added to this year’s campaign, of which South Africa is one!See the rules and style guide after the jump...

Mtv Hottest Mc's in the Game 2010

So Mtv, doe this list every year, the brains trust is who decides the final list. Now music is a totally subjective thing and what suits one, won't suit all.That being said Mtv takes a crack at telling you what is hot.
Click the jump for the full list, hit up with comments if you agree disagree.

Miss SA Finalists

A bevy of beauties??? I think NOT

I don't know about you but I must admit that I'm highly disappointed with the 34 contestants competing for ownership of the Miss SA 2010 sash. For the past howevermany years we've been spoiled with a scorching selection of ladies but alas, this year it was not to be so. These girls all look bland, they don't seem to have the "X factor", they all failed to excite any erotic girl-on-girl fantasy from me, which I may add is not too difficult to do. If I had to make a choice, I'd bet all my loose change on Natasha Kashimoto, whom I'm hoping isn't as blonde as her looks suggest! This is what they look like...


After a hella stressed week I needed a destressor of note, so off I went to Planetbeach in Bryanston! I'd never heard of a "contempo spa" before so to say I was nervous would be a serious underestimation. But I bravely walked through the sterile threshold and was purely amazed at how good the place looked, which is not to suggest I expected any less. See when I am treated well, I do the weirdest things, one of them is giving away valuable gifts. Such a day it is today...

Kanye West Runaway Mtv Q&A

These are all the questions that come from watchin the 40 min short, as posed by fans via social networks, and Mtv. I know you have to have heard some of the music that played during the movie,based on those snippets, I reckon it's gonna be ahot summer. 2nd part of the interview after the jump...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West Runaway full length short film

In the timezone i operate in, this dropped at some unGodly hour, for the wolrd to see. Unfortunately due to the lifestyle , i wasn't able to stay up for it. So we know it's late but better that than never.It runs 34 minutes long, but unlike mtv we won't fuck it up with adverts. sound off in the comments to let us know if you think this is a game changer.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Jay Z reveals "Decoded book at Miami Delano Hotel

Popular icon, artist, business mogul and author JAY-Z  reveals of one of the most iconic images from the campaign, a page from JAY-Z’s book DECODED unveiled in the most surprising of locations. This unveiling will be succeeded by his fan’s global decoding of the book to take place from now until November 20th. DECODED will be released November 16.


On the Radar: CyHI da Prynce

To say this guy is decent, is an understatement, everything i've heard him on he's stood out. A combo of his wordplay,  flow, and the gravelly voice makes him stand out. I first sat up and took notice of the man on Kanye' s G.O.O.D friday joint. So Appalled, a track with veritable heavyweights in the industry, Jay-Z, Pusha-T, and Kanye, he comes on at the end and owns it. here's how he got on that track.

“I wasn’t supposed to be on ‘So Appalled’. People don’t know that. I kinda cheated. [Kanye] said, ‘Can you think of something to write on the hook?’ I peeped he was kinda sleepy at the time. So he went to sleep, went to the room or something. I stayed in the studio and I said I’m not gonna just do no hook. I’m gonna do my verse.”I did a verse and didn’t tell him the verse was on there and I hid it. He was playing the album for some very important musicians and he played the song. He don’t know my verse is gonna come on and everybody in the room goes bananas. He said, ‘I gotta keep it.’”

Bio, music and vids after the jump

The Great John is Pretty Much Everything Wrong With America

The Great John is hilarious in both name and concept, until you realize how tragic it actually is. People in America are SO FAT now that normal toilets refuse to support their girth out of principle.
Tired of these stubborn toilets continuing to be uncomfortable or just flat out snap off the wall, someone invited a toilet for those giant asses that populate America these days. Sad thing is S.A is headed this waty too.


A.B Art Special OA all Black Watch

300 units of this A.B.Art All Black are being produced. It is less than traditional which will be appealing to many who are looking for a watch which is unique. “Founded 20 years ago, is a brand inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Special OA All Black is its latest offering. The case, in stainless steel black PVD, measures 40.5mm. It has an AR-coated sapphire crystal, a half-moon display back and is water resistant to 30 meters.”more pics after the jump

No sex Bonanza during SWC for hookers

Just like every entrepreneur, sex workers expected an increase in business during the 2010 Fifa Soccer World Cup but it turns out that wasn't the case.

Sex workers did not see a jump in business over the World Cup...What a bummer!

Single in Jozi

"Romeo, Romeo, where the fuck are you godammit?!"

Of the South African population, 43% of us are single, the better half of that statistic are miserable, pathetic losers who are itching to jump into someone’s pants. I'll be brave enough to admit I am part of that ridiculous half. Needless to say, being a single Jane Doe in Joburg is no more fun than having a bikini wax is! Subsequent to much deliberation I have decided to bring my singledom to a screeching halt, so I briefly considered internet and text dating as a way out of my misery but quickly dismissed that idea when I browsed through a site with very dodgy looking people. I’m talking sparkly oral jewellery and Carvellas, no hate but NO THANKS! So I’ve decided to join the other many losers, ugly people and those lacking self confidence and settled for…*drum roll*… speed dating!  

Ms Teen Universe singled out by Julius

Julius crackin jokes

 Chante Jantjies, Miss SA Teen 2009 was crowned Miss Teen Universe (wasn't even aware that existed, paedophiles rejoice) She recently returned from South America, to a warm welcome from ANCYL President Julius JUJU Malema.  Jantjies, 16, a matric pupil from Centurion, was crowned Miss Teenager Universe on Sunday. Malema said the league would give Jantjies R150, 000 - more than three times what athlete Caster Semenya received from the league after winning the 800m at the IAAF world championships in Berlin

Olde English voted worst beer

After The Game rapped about this beer I always wondered what it tastes like and how fucked you can get off it. rated Olde English as the crappiest beer on the planet.

Machete Review

If you haven't seen Machete you need to do yourslef a favour and make sure you catch this epic film. I happened to stumble on a review which trashes Machete all the way, personally I love the movie and have no issues with anything that goes on the entire 105 minutes. This review is hilarious because people tend to take themselves too seriously and miss the coolness of Machete.

Public Enemy - Bring The Noize Tour - Live In SA!

True pioneers of hip Hop Public Enemy are coming to the country, personally I'm not too enlightned when it comes to their music but who could forget the track Fight The Power.

Details after the jump:

New BEP track

Personally I think that the BEP sold out to the current pop sound and I've always known them as a Hip Hop group. Since we still love production so here goes...