Thursday, April 28, 2011

Warren G endorsing Penile enhancing pill

Shit gets sad when artists stop getting that paper cause Mr Regulate himself Warren G is degrading his stature and endorsing penile enhancing pills, don't know what that says about his own shit but hey who am I to judge cause when the bills call they're a motherfucker. Vid after the jump:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Beer at The Royal Wedding

I always thought Prince William was a true bloke but no true bloke would ever have no beer at his wedding because lo and behold you drink the nectar of the Gods in front of the Queen majesty.More after the jump:

Tuesday Link Hosted by Elisha Cuthbert

Her: Video 
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20 Most Cringe Inducing Groin Shots in Sports. [Bleacher Report]
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This weekend much like the other weekends was of epic proportions, needless to say we're not the kind of folk who take things easy around here. Tonight we're probably going to park in Hells pitt becasue tomorrow is another public holiday , namely Freedom day, we'll exercise our right to get fucked this evening make sure you enjoy your own.


Girls Watch Porn Too sketch

This just brought a smile to my face!



Call to ban Lady Gaga's blasphemous vid

If weird is anything to go by this bitch Gaga takes the cake, I'm in absoulte awe of what is going on in this video. I guess I'm not the only who's freaked out by Lady Gaga's shenanigans.

Nearly five decades after the controversial John Lennon statement that the Beatles were "more popular than Jesus", and later Madonna's simulated crucifix act, comes Lady Gaga with a video that has risen Catholic eyebrows.

Her depiction of Mary Magdalene in the video promoting the Judas soundtrack is blasphemous, and should be banned.

I fully support the call to ban this shit, kids are already fucked up they certainly don't need this shit. BTW Lady Gaga if my kid ever see's this video I'm sending the shrinks bill to you.



The Beeracuda

Judging by the amount of alcohol consumed over the weekend, this is an essential what more awkward than carrying a six pack in its original packaging? Now you can sling this bad boy around your shoulders and it go time.

Dubbed the liquid lunch box, Burton’s Beeracuda comes in three different designs and allows users to store five beers in a tower like holder and one beer in a holding cup. The Beeracuda also features a shoulder strap for easy transport. For $20, I don’t think you can get anything more impressive, can you?



Thursday, April 21, 2011

Audi A7 paper craft model

The Audi A7 is gonna officially hit the streets not too long from now. So It stands without question that a lot of marketing is gonna hit us, or more aptly those that check for the latest car shit. This is the first bit obn the A7, that's made a blip on my radar.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tupac uncensored and uncut- The Lost Prison Tapes

Every time I see something on this guy, I can only wonder where he would be today. so much more than just a rapper. All so young.


Lil Wayne - John x Rick Ross (video)

Weezy F, showin off his newly acquired prison muscle, with them cut off tops. Hahaha, now the skinny brothers only have Wiz Khalifa to look up to, and he's blonde(skinny brother fail). Enjoy the track and visuals.


Kanye Wests New piece Teyana Taylor

808's and Heartbreaks, was primarily an album that dealt with, Kanye Wests loss of love, his split from fiance Alexis Phifer and the recent loss of his mother Donda West. It wasn't a well recieved album in the hip hop community but took Kanye's cross over appeal to another level. Then there was Amber Rose, who was built up and made somewhat of a household name by Kanye West. The track blame game sums that relationship up pretty well especially that scathing Chris rock skit at the end.

Now it seems he's moved on to Teyana Taylor, an American, Socialite, rapper, singer, dancer, coreographer, signed to Star Trak records, who had theat google me track back then. Word on the street is that Kanye and her are an item.  I don't know much about this but trust MTO, to have a lot of her twit pics out and the exclusive on this. The body is skkrong on this one.

Thoroughbred, someone make that thing neigh! The face aint exactly, the stuff of dreams, but that body is something you see, even when you close your eyes.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Martin Luther King and I's dream

"I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood." - Martin Luther King. Jr

I was but a thought in my fathers head when this speech went down. I'm now a grown ass man, and able to realise the dream for Martin. It'll just have to be re- edited to fit my lifestyle and these times I live in.

It can be Georgia or anywhere in the world, that this previously disadvantaged youth (me) and the daughter of a previously oppressive man (her). Can sit down on the table (it can be the kitchen counter, the sink on a lampost wheverer) of brotherhood and just get a long.

This girl didn't even do the Dougie. Sorry ladies i can only blog this way.


Beyonce - Girls (who run the world)

It's fitting to kick into Summer in the Nortern Hemisphere right about now. That coincides with a lot off new tracks and albums released in that period,some silly shit for people in skimpy outfits to get ridiculous to. I need to do like Jay Z, and just change locations not wardrobe. Anyway what is rumoured to be the first single off of Beyonces next album. Guess she even has to admit to herself that, the Oscaer dream is best left unpursued. I'm all about the ladies today.

Beyoncé - Girls (Who Run The World) by EntertainmentEmpire


BMW M3 gives Orgasm

If you ever watch Fifth Gear, the cheaper cousin to BBC's Top Gear. You might have heard of Vicki Butler Henderson. There's something about a woman who knows not only how to drive but the inner workings of a car and how to tame the beast. Vicki, falls squarely in that category. No lies, if Vicki didn't know half the shit she did about cars, and drove like a demon, I probalby wouldn't even look twice. Now she test drives my dream car ( yeah assholes, I don't dream Lambos ) the BMW M3, but not just any M3, the M3 GTS. Which is just a track hardend beast. This is Vicki,  in  a teaser for the full test, of the BMW M3 GTS, having what could only be described as a cargasm.


Pusha T - My God (video)

On the heels of the announcement that his Fear of God will be re-released as an EP come some new visual impressions from the mixtape, check out above the flamboyant music video of Pusha T’s power tune “My God” featuring video vixen Dollicia Bryan, which was directed by Nabil Elderkin. The famed director cleverly juxtaposes consciousness with the darker side of the road to riches. Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray arrives July 21 through Decon Records. Is this guy not sick?


News correspondent blows snot on herself and microphone

I feel sorry for this woman cause I know when it gets colder than a witches nipple snot starts doing its own thing and for her the worst part is that it was live and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it.LMBAO!



Real Life Proportioned Barbie

Oh, to be a kid again, grabbing your sisters Barbie, only to rip all it's clothes off so you can get a peak at what she's working with. I even cut her hair once, to see if it was gonna grow back. I'm glad my little foray into hairdressing ended there, otherwise things would have turned out a whole lot different. Basically what I'm trying to get across to you all is we've all had some sort of run in with this plastic doll. The benchmark by which little girls measure beauty, and develop body issues.

Well Hamilton college student, got the bright idea to make Barbie six feet tall, and upscale all her features accordingly. Shit is not pretty. 6 foot barbie measures 39"-18"-33", those measurements are far from houirglass perfection, infact she loks like a tube of toothpaste, that's been squeezed in the middle, and has a head like beetlejuice.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


Tuesday Links Presented by Abby Clancy

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Pot growers consume 1% of all U.S Electricity consumption: brobible


Monday, April 18, 2011

Nike SB Zoom x Stefan Janoski

Nike SB , gets the Janoski touch, a collaborator, who's made many, must own colourways and alterations to Nikeys staples.  These new Soft Blue Stefan Janoski Lows are done in the suede that’s been so popular on other pairs plus a black piping that really sets off the model’s boat shoe-inspired design.


Kanye West performs at Coachella

To those not in the know, Coachella is a music festival, namely the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It's a 3 day Festival, which primarily was headlined by altenative rock, indie and electronic music. Hip Hop and rap has slowly crept into the line up over the years, and continues to do so, much to the growing cries of the festival selling out.

The event has several stages/tents set-up throughout the grounds, each playing live music continuously. The main stages are: Coachella Stage, Outdoor Theatre, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, and the Sahara Tent (2006 also saw the addition of a smaller Oasis Dome).
Now Given this blogs particular bias toward Hip Hop, as well as, what's been described as an annoying slant toward all things Kanye West. It's no surprise then that I'm going to post the full Kanye West Set.

videos after the jump...

Kid Cudi The Journey of Mr. Rager (full Documentary)

Finally the full version of the documentary which was released in conjunction with the deluxe edition of Cudi’s sophomore offering Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager in 2010. Directed, shot and edited by Jason Goldwatch, the piece offers visual impressions from the LP that encompass live footage on tour, look behind the scenes and much more. Watch it above!


Armed Robber forces victim to drink dishwashing liquid

I see a lot of people out there are saying, the gun isn't loaded, beacuase the slide is locked back. I don't know much about guns, but I know I wouldn't wanna test that little fact. This robbery is totally fucked though. Hope they catch the dude then karma, makes him swallow a thousand dicks!


Ralph Lauren loans museum his car collection

Seminal fashion icon Ralph Lauren unveils his vast and expansive automobile collection for the first time in Europe at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. The exquisite collection of all things four-wheeled, in which Lauren attributes many of his design aesthetics to, range from the old-fashioned to the contemporary in this clip. Exhibitors can catch the exhibit from April 28 to August 28, 2011 at the famed museum in Paris.



Have you always wished that tight boxer shorts came in denim? Presenting the must-have nut huggers of the season: JUNDERPANTS! It's the perfect thing to wear when you want to show the world that you've circumcised dignity from your being.


Carter IV pushed back to June

I was seething with excitement when I heard about The Carter IV but seems just like Detox I'm going to have to wait a little longer: More after the jump:

Rise of the Planet of the Apes - Trailer

I remember being disappointed when I saw Planet of The Apes with Mark Whalberg as the male lead.I really hope this one doesn't disappoint.


Friday, April 15, 2011

Peter Jackson Posts first vlog from the Hobbit movie set

When I was a youngsTer, I had a problem with procrastination. If I had a project/assignment to hand in, best believe I was only gonna start on it a night prior to the submission date. Fuck it, things were so bad that I handed in an a printout from Encarta 95, and handed that shit in as my assignment for the Science Fair. So I've always been a slacker, you hear me!

Peter Jackson, is busy in New Zealand filming the prequel to The Lord Of the Rings, and he let loose this 10 min clip from the set. God damn a lot of work goes into making a film, of this scale. Having to oversee all those people and all those minor details, while the deadline looms closer. Much respect. The young me would probably download some obscure youtube vid on the last night and hand that clip in to the execs and producers.


Sara Jean Underwood doin Yoga

I promised I'd sexy things up over here, then immediately after that. I hit you up with chickswithbuscemieyes. Fuck was I thinking?
It would be remiss of me, not to offer you a little eye bleach, in the form of Sara Jean Underwood, 2007 playmate of the year, and in many peoples opinion the best Playmate of all time. I'd have to go over every single Playboy issue to reach a decision on that. She sure is flexy though. Anyway that's my sex quota filled up.


Yo-Yo Ma and Lil Buck

When you juxtapose some of the things that seem at odds with one another. The result can sometimes surprise you. In this case the the award winning Cellist Yo-Yo Ma, with the obviously modern hip hop dancing of Lil Buck.As he performs an amazing interpretation of “The Dying Swan” from Camille Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals.


Karmin - Look at me now (Chris Brown Cover)

I've got a friend who goes absolutely ape shit, for the original track. Now it gets the Glee treatment. This is not on that cutesy tip either, she straight surprised me with her commitment on the busta verse. I need me a woman like this. This chick owns!


Epic Mealtime - Puzzle of the Lambs

The Canadians decide to hit a little closer to our shores, with this weeks epic meal. sheeps heads, aint nothing to flinch at in this country. I would love to break bread with these boys.


13 Assasins trailer

Raised in a Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle era. So I've watched van Damme, Chan, even Seagal movies and thought they were good. Not moments that make my eyes well up with tears of pride, but nothing to be ashamed of none the less.

So for me if it's got some sort of martial arts, my interest is always piqued by nostalgia. While the Greeks went to the battle of Termopalae with only 300. The Japanese do their thing with onlyn 13.

One of Japan’s most critically acclaimed directors, Takashi Miike works his craft in a 1963 samurai action thriller titled 13 Assassins. Originally released in 2010, the storyline revolves around Lord Naritsugu, the younger brother of a shogun who mercilessly kills and rapes. His actions lead to a call of arms by a senior samurai known as Shinzaemon. Entrusted by government officials, he amasses a group of samurais to tackle Lord Naritsugu. However when the proposed attack goes wrong, the 13 samurais are left to battle over 200 men


BBC Human Planet:The Douche

Aah The Douche! Me thinks that the BBC got it a bit wrong cause the Douche bags I know bag chicks.



Chicks with Steve Buscemi Eyes

If you idiots aren't watching one of the best shows ever to hit television, I'll tell you this, go kill yourself. Steve Buscemi, plays the lead role of Enoch Thompson, treasurer of Atlanta during , americas prohibition era. Show is just too good. Anyway, Buscemi is always  that actor who played the quirky roles, and nailed them.
Now the internet has mashed that greatness up to form chicks with buscemi eyes. The result is sometimes hilarious and fetne times gross., but who am I to judge the internet?More pics overr at chickswithbuscemieyes.


Friday Links presented by Tehmeena Afzal

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Lady Gaga saying some crazy shit in an interview. Is this who the kids are looking up to?: dlisted
The men who chop down chicks who are way out of their league: bossip

I'm sick, at the momment bedridden, and drugged up. It happens every time the season changes( but i think the main reason is that the Stormers, unbeaten run this season ended, that shit was sickening). So I'm sittin here listening to some soothing Jamiroquai jams, and knockin out post after post for you ungreatful people. I realise on Tuesday there were no links, and I been getting flack for that, most of you hairy palmed bastards, are so lazy you can't even google the words, "hot chicks," and you need my guidance. So I'll try sexify every post. Have a good weekend all.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lil Wayne I am still music tour: Indiana

Lil Wayne, touring out in Indiana. While out there Weezy thought it fitting to wear a Notre Dame, # 4 fighting Irish Jersey. It's no secret Wayne has a crush on Skylar Diggins. So when in in Indiana, he makes things clear to her. Real sublte Wayne.


Tracy Morgan The Daily Show Interview

Unscripted, I rate this guy is one of the funniest motherfuckers around. Everything he says is so ridiculous, and that slow drawl he has. Funny, yet short interview.


Rick Ross- Pandemonium ft. Wale x Meek Mill (video)

Maybach Music Group Presents: Self Made v.1 due out May 24th.
The mixtape that will give us a full intro to recent Maybach Music Group signees. With Ricks, ear for beats, I'm expecting something special.


How to get a mans attention, while he's thrusting at you

How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You're Having Sex With Him

Hahahaha, is the peen, not enough attention for you?


Nardwuar at TED

Firstly, I have to separate the wheat from the crap(I know, I know, I know). If you don't know what thae TED talks, are go kill yourself.Secondly, If you don't know who Nardwuar is, go kill yourself. I might just have sentenced some of you to a double death sentence, with my condascending, feelings of self importance. I'm not going to go into a deep write up explainig to you what the TED talks or Nardwuar are, how else will google make money.

I will say this for Nardwuar though,he's arguably Canada’s and perhaps the worlds greatest musical journalist, Nardwuar was recently invited to speak in his native Vancouver, British Columbia(home of ther bud) as part of the city’s TEDxTalks. Through the presentation, Nardwuar shares several memorable moments in his career including securing interviews with Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, N.E.R.D, the man is so good at what he does, it's good to see him on the other side of the microphone. If you're not acquainted with the human serviette, it's about time you did.


Don't fuck with crackheads

One thing you learn real quick when growing up, that'll stand you in good stead, for the rest of your life. Is not to fuck with crackheads. See the crack eats away at your muscular fibres, burns through your fat, at a rate that's immeasurable, while at the same time fucking with your appetite. So you end up looking like shit.Even though a crachead looks depleted, do not fuck with his stash, things will not end pretty. They posess, an other worldly strength, the strength of a million Michael Jacksons, at an amusement park. She took his crack so I guess she gots to pay.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Childish Gambino - Break( All of the lights cover)

When you're hot you're hot, boy reworks the banger from Kanye West, and does it justice. His lines are ridiculous.


Short dude with no neck, does the Dougie

Hahaha, I'm not much of a mover anymore. I'm that chilled cat in the club who has a glass in one hand and a look of intent, on his face. I understand most of you like to keep it moving at the clu, so this is forr you. We all heard and seen the Dougie, but not like this. " Hit that Bitch!"


Young Jeezy- Ballin ft. Lil Wayne

The one man born to flow over a Luger beat, does just that. "You think you ballin coz you got a blog." I used to before Jeezy, called me out for it.


The Hype Men Present Kanye Wests first beats

Former Interscope-signed rapper Jensen Karp recently stumbled across a couple of CD’s in his garage, both given to him in 2001 during his time at the label. Each had the name Kanye West written on them and are believed to be the oldest Kanye West beats to ever be released. Jensen speaks on the find: “I think this collection of early Kanye beats shows you where he came from, even if it doesn’t necessarily sound like ‘Kanye’ now. He kept at it and became the incredible producer he is today. I remember he even had to leave the studio sessions early, so he could make the last train back to his mom’s house. He’s come a long way, and I’m proud to have been around, even if for just a second at the start.” Both can be streamed here for those interested in checking them out.


Freshjive Bicycle seat video

Freshjive present the first video in their new Moving Pictures series. Rick Klotz states: “I’ve had this 45 single of a Caribbean style song called Bicycle Seat since I was 14. It’s a track by an old punk band called Splodgenessabounds, headed by Max Splodge, that wrote some pretty fun novelty type tracks and were known for playing pranks. The song inspired our recent T-shirt design called Life Is So Sweet, thus further inspiring our first Moving Pictures video.” Enjoy!

Damn, I'm already missing Summer!


Gwyneth Paltrow - Jay-z Interview

Jay-Z's site is up and running, looking as slick as one would expect something from H.O.V.A, to look. First up is a show of strength, an exhibit of his reach. Where on his blog he interviews Gwyneth Paltrow. On Goop Gwyneth Paltrow asks him 5 questions, her blog. It all comes of as dick suck fest, and ego stroke but I guess it's tough to be unbiased when you're such good mates.

here's a sample of the sort of questions asked...

Q: Life + Times is incredible—aesthetically, culturally … When did you get the idea to start it and how long have you been working on it?
A: I started working on it in its various incarnations over a year ago. I've thought about it forever. You know how it works, seeing other sites and being either inspired or saying, "That's shit. I would do it like ..."

Q: I love seeing everything through your filter, how do you decide what you are going to cover? How personal is this?
A: Well there is a basic metric for what we cover but, more importantly, I believe it's how we cover it. The DNA is to basically let the subject speak for itself. We don't want to tell you what to think. As far as how personal? I would say it has to pique my interest.

Yeah, stuff is very saccharine, rest of the interviews on thier respective ; Goop


Lady Gaga turfs it during a performance

EMBED-Lady Gaga Falls Off Her Piano - Watch more free videos

This woman is never wearing the sort of clothes that allow you to do that shit gracefully, it was only a matter of time before she took a tumble.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Teens wreck rare German supercar

I never understood why my mother wouldn't let me drive her car whilst I was still growing up but this makes me understand why. Some little shit went and crashed his fathers Gumpert Apollo after turning a corner.More after the jump:

Ralph Lauren makes solar back pack to charge all your gadgets

This has been a long time coming, I mean if you have a backpack and it houses all your gadgets it might as well do something else. Ralph Lauren came up with a solution for that tiny problem by creating a solar backpack which charges your gadgets for you, aint that some futuristic shit: More after the jump:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Charl Schwartzel clinches 2011 US Masters

Its good to see another South African take the Masters Cup, all in all Charl Schwartzel is the 3rd South African to take the coveted Masters trophy. More after the jump:

SA Studios: Danny Trejo

As close associations of Latino actor Danny Trejo, SA Studios and Estevan Oriol offer viewers an intimate look into Danny Trejo. Often cast as a villain or a hard-nosed character, Trejo shows a much softer and compassionate side and stresses the importance of giving back.


Man burns himself in Amsterdam

An Iranian man started burning himself in the middle of the street in Amsterdam. I don't know if it was aprotest burn or a not so well concieved suicide attempt. All I know is if someone starts burning themselves next to me i'm headed into the opposite direction. This is not the way to go out, first fire hurts like a  mother, and secondly some good samaritans are going to beat the shit out of ypou with their coats, trying to switch you off.


Game - Red Nation . FT. Lil Wayne( Behind the scenes video shoot)

First Single off the RED Album, when's it gonna drop? Fucked if i know been pushed back for over a year now.Did he really dye his shit red?


Lil Wayne performs in Atlanta

Performance footage from Lil Wayne’s show at the Phillips Arena in Atlanta and he spits a new verse at the 01:54 mark.Looks like old boy got swollen in jail.


Arianny Celetse for FHM Australia

I like how the Ausies, roll.Apply within for psition as seat.


Sade Feat. Jay-Z - The Moon & The Sky (Remix)

Th song is a bit slow for a Monday morning but I can bet you your die hard Sade fans will enjoy this one.Download the track here:



Friday, April 8, 2011

Lingo "CUMSHOT" with english subs

What kills me is when they have to describe what it is and yet still make it safe for kids to watch. We know dude watches a lot of porn.



Eva Longoria has wardrobe malfunction on Letterman

The time to watch out for here is 3:20 and I'm sure David Letterman won't be forgetting her visit any time soon. Damn her body is banging, don't know why Tony Parker decided to step outside the marriage, guess one mans trash is anothers gold.


Hangover 2 Banned trailer

A trailer for The Hangover Part II, which features a monkey performing a simulated sex act, has been pulled from theaters.

The ad was not properly vetted by the Motion Picture Association of America, which makes sure movie advertising isn't out of sync with the ratings system, and the group has asked distributor Warner Bros. to rectify the situation. 

"When a monkey nibbles on a penis,its funny in any language!"

Beatsie Boys Fight for your right revisited

Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2 drops May , along with a 30 min video, this is the trailer. Jack Black, Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen, Danny Mcbride, Frodo, this is shaping up to be epic! That Make Noise track knocks!!


Action Bronson - Barry Horowitz

I slept on dude for a while, always aware of his presence in the periphery, but never took the time to find out what he wass about. Suffice to say I have the DR. Lecter mixtape, and I'm loving it. He's best been described as a Ghostface killah over Q-tip-esque beats. He can get real dirty with the content, and he just oozes charisma. This is the video for the cut. Barry Horowitz. " Use my chubby little finger, to stimulate the clitoris." Bronsollini!


Adidas SLVR - Dresser

The SLVR line from adidas introduces a model that walks the lines of sneaker and dress with its aptly titled Dresser. While the shoe is clearly more on the sneaker side of things, a cap toe motif is combined with breathable mesh, canvas and leather detailings. Availableonline at SLVR.


Jack Parrow - Byellville (video)

The video seems to be getting good reception overseas, another South African doin big things overseas. They said it was a gimmick, and that the novelty would wear off, but it seems as though dude, is proving his detractors wrong. Slick fuckin video, and I always appreciate an artist who doesn't take himself too seriously.Is that shit filmed at Spur? haha, "rap so tight you could swear i was a black man."


Friday Links presented by Juliana Salimeni

Her, so fucking worth it: video
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In the future the computer will read your mind, thus filling your screen with porn: holytaco
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Rhian Sugden and Holly peers in Nuts Magazine Big Boob Bonanza: Nuts
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6 Kitchen Knives every man should have in his kitchen, and know how to use: artofmanliness
Timberland counterpane collection, a shoe for every man: coolmaterial
Sex changing ads, Russian Vodka distiller, shows that drinking will lead to loss of Gender: trendhunter

Another hot Brazilian (who prefers to be called JUJU) to lead you off into the weekend. Question. Are there ugly peopole in Brazil?
This stunner is dedicated to the guys over at kwaito99.blogspot, who loves himself a sturdy woman.
A veritable mish mash of links today, no themes, no ascertainable train of thought. Just straight up interesting shit to know. As winter introduces itself in JHB, we know a lot of indoor action, is gonna be appreciated. So enjoy the weekend my good people.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hanna (trailer)

Hanna is a movie about an adolescent girl that’s spent her entire life living in the woods with her agent dad training to be a killing machine. That’s pretty much all I needed to hear to get really stoked for this flick, cute lil girl bodying people — I’m there. It’s like Kick-Ass meets Wolverine meets The Professional with a lil bit of Henry David Thoreau‘s appreciation of nature thrown in just for the fuck of it. We had Taken and Red showing that old cats could still be dangerous and now we’ve got some movies showing us the violent potential of children. Thats some fair and balanced portrayal in media, now lil evil kids don’t have to feel left out in the cold because they don’t have age appropriate role models for their dickish behavior.


BMW M5 Concept

I'll never forgive myself for being too poor to afford the outgoing E60 M5,  that 5 litre V10, who's engine won Engine of the year, twice. That car has collectible status in my stable. That engine was killed off, not because it was shit, but because of all these new emission laws.

In keeping with BMWtradition the M5 concept is incredibly close to the production car that's set to hit the streets, in the last quarter of the year. Based off the current F10 5 Series chassis, the M5's exterior has been pinched, pulled and imbued with the understated aggression that typifies BMW's M-fettled products. Up front, a revised front fascia houses three enlarged black mesh-covered intakes to feed the turbocharged eight-cylinder and supply the front brakes with cool air. The lower edge of the sculpted front bumper is a pure representation of BMW's latest M models and extends rearward to the aerodynamic rear apron equipped with an integrated diffuser. A deceptively subtle lip spoiler spans the trunk to provide downforce at speed, while M-specific quad exhausts shuttle spent.

pics and video after the jump...

Nas and Damien Marley - Land of Promise Video

Nas and Damien Marley release the official music video for “Land of Promise,” arguably one of the strongest tracks off the duo’s acclaimed Distant Relatives album. The bass-heavy cut features an intro with Dennis Brown who lends his vocals for the song’s hook.Damien, lookin, like an unkempt, black Mario Borther.Vid gives me the goosebumps!


Beatsie Boys - Make Some Noise

If you're a Hip Hop afficianado, you should know these white boys are right up there with Run DMC, when it comes to getting the rap/hiphop movement to the commercial fore it's at right now. The Rhyme scheme was always insane with these guys and the beats were always some leftfield shit. Now the Godfathers of this shit have a new single off their upcoming album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt.2. This shit takes it back to that Boom Bap era.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Snoop Dogg ft Wiz Kalfia - This weed is mine

Maybe I'm naive but these guys are smoking way too much weed in their videos. My man G tells me that it's almost 4:20 and you know what that means...Light that shit up!



Jay Z, Life + Times the lifestyle site

Jay-Z, along with his company SC | Enterprises, launched a new lifestyle site called Life + Times, which covers everything from music to fashion to tech to sports. An idea that was born about one year ago, the site is curated based on Jay-Z’s interests, and the rapper works with a small staff to produce each piece of content.

I touched on this site a little yesterday, seems as though the site has gone live, as with all things Jay-Z, it's a bunch of shit, I can't afford
check it out here. The Empire grows.


Cyhi The Prynce - Bunch of Rounds (video)

G.O.O.D Music, has a steady roster of capable rhymers. CyHi, provides visuals for his Royal Flush single.


The Slut Walk Campaign

Yeah, we're at that level of the game now where, sluts with loosE morals, loose clothes, and even looser labia. Are out on the streets, demanding? Actually, what the Fuck are you demanding? Just messing up traffic and shit. Sluts have always been an interrgral part of society, looked down upon? Yes, but you'll never find a lonely slut. Just no need for them to be hittin us with their version of daytime beauty, we all know where to catch them. In that dark corner of you favourite club, local pub, or anywhere. I'm sort of hoping this grows and overshadows the Gay Pride Parade in JHB.


Gay talk with Diddy

Diddy, stays peddling his hooch, but this Ciroc remix, had me laughing." If the bartender, gives you a drink with his balls in it. He's got a loooong Dick."


Lady - Yankin (video)

Thoughts, Opinions, Beuller? I'm at a loss.


Kid Cudi Quits Smoking Pot

The man who, on his latest album has an ode to Marijuana, announced on 1 April via Tumblr, that he is no longer smokin that kush. Evrybody could have been forgiven for not takin him seriously, because of the date that this little chestnut was dropped. Except heere is what the man had to say...

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Long hours at the office raise heart attack risk

Workers who spend longer in the office could be at greater risk of heart disease, a study has found. More after the jump:

Graham Smith getting hitched

Captain fantastic is getting engaged, to an Irish singer nogal. Details after the jump:

Diddy - Someone to love me (MJB Naked mix). ft. Mary J. Blige x Lil Wayne

You got to give Mary J, that Queen of Hip Hop title. Her Voice just sounds so at home on a hip hop beat, so much soul. She Owns most Rappers!


Jay- Z Life + Times Video

Word is Jay-Z, is fitting to bring us a new website. So Bloggers beware, a lot of your traffic is going to end up there.Does this guy not have enough? Now he has to snatch our followers from us.. Haha, let me get a hold of myself before I start sounding like Jim Jones. As with anything Jay does, this has the look of something with lots thrown behind it.


Michael Bay's latest Victorias Secret Advert

He's been makaing these a long time, I think it's the only respite he gets from making film with explosions.


Tuesday Links presented by Natalia Velez

looks even better from behind

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Snoop Dogg gets a Nate Dogg tatto from Mr. Cartoon

Snoop payed his respects to long time collaboratorand friends Nate Dogg, by getting a tattoo in Nates likeness, on his forearm.


Travis Barker - Can a Drummer get some ft.. Game x Swizz Beatz Rick Ross x Lil Wayne (video)

One of my favourite joints to spazz out to in the gym. Travis lets loose the visuals, and you know what they suit the track, on that grainy tip. This drummer has plenty. Reworked verse from Weezy, New verse from Swizzy.


Kid Loves the Cudi

This guy is doin a stellar job raising his daughter, making sure she's influenced, by todays best artists. Looks like she has an ear for the good stuff. As she jams to "Cleveland is the reason," by Cudi. I hope the old man doesn't mind when she starts singing "pretty green bud, all in my blunt."


Hefner no Prenup

People out there, don't give Hefner the respect he deserves. The man built an empire on the breasts and asses of countless women. Everybody knows him, knows his magazine. The man is an icon. He took simple pimping, and made it largeley acceptable in the modern mans household. Some might argue that you have to have made the world a better place, to be showered with the praise I'm heaping on the man. All I have to say is look at hem lines on skirts before Hef. Now look at them after Playboy. Are you happy yet?

If you're a man ll I'm saying is Hef, should be in your top ten influences period. With Playboy S.A, recently launched. I'm now afraid that it might not last. Theres been word doing the rounds that the Playboy Empire isn't in the best financial shape.

Now the Golddiggers, have claimed a great. Hef is marrying Crystal Harris, much to the annoyance of all those chicks that have been living in his mansion. He's not just marrying her though he's gonna go at it without a pre nup. I've seen recent pics of Hef, and he's lookin like a real life Mr. Burns. So I'm doubting she's in it for the long haul. When Hef does Kick the bucket, please Crystal, don't shut down Playboy S.A. By  way Hefner is worth a reported $43 million.

Kanye's views on the matter after the jump...

Kid Cudi - Capcom

Hahaha, to all you new schoolers, out there you might not know what Capcom is. Capcom, was responsible for some of my greatest joy when growing up. Streetfighter, Megaman, Commando just to name a few. Games that would have my whole block lined up outside my house, takin turns getting their asses handed to them on the console. The lonely stoner, hits us with a new track, Capcom. Obviously "Mr. Rager, shares plenty of the same memories as I. I'm geeking out right about now.


Ecko Offering Discount for life to anyone witha tattoo

Ecko, the brand that made a little headway in this country, way back when. It was big in the mid to late 90's, and carried over  little to the 21st century. It's not as strong on these shores as it was, infact I doubt it's even as strong in it's home country. Anyway you will now get a discount of 20% for life on all Ecko clothing if you get the Ecko rhino logo tattooed on your body. Ridiculous as it sounds to the sane. This marks an important step in marketing. Personal Branding. All ad space has been used up in the world. The only billboards left are the people on the street. Clear canvasses, just waiting to peddle your product.

Theres that dude who tatted his penis "mini," in order to win a mini cooper.
Now Ecko with their measly discount. It's onlty a matter of time till, you're being screened by some marketing agency, and recomended, for a Calvin Klein tattoo. Me personally, 20% off some midrange(at best)brand aint gonna cut it. Cover me in Louids Vuitton, head to toe for life, then I'll sell out quicker, than your favourite, used to be Indie band!


Candice Swanepoel new Victoria Secret ad

If you haven't heard about Candice Swanepoel, where the fuck have you been man! Candice is a local hottie make huge waves overseas and this is her Viccy Secrets ad.I think I know her secret...


How to piss in public

A couple of weeks ago one of my mates accidentally got nabbed by the cops for taking a slash in public...very sad day indeed! I normally employ a couple of tips to create a diversion when its time to potty, greatest one is the cell[hone trick and I'm glad that they covered that here. If anyone of my friends gets picked up again for pissing in public after seeing this're not getting bailed out by me.



Friday, April 1, 2011

The Crossbow Machete vid

I'll be dead honest, I love me some weapons and this weapon is Bauss! I wouldn't mind having one of these but if I had to try and construct one DIY style I'd fail dismally. The last school project I had to do that was practical didn't go as planned, lets just say that I was given a task and it never happened...I wish some one could buy me this for Christmas, that'll be cooler than any bike.