Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Will.I.Am - Music saved me

Will.I.Am recently came out and said that music saved his life as he probably would have been a "notorious gang mamber". More after the jump:

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sean Kingston in hospital after Jet Ski accident in Miami

I've never been one of Sean Kingston's fan but homie got hurt out in Miami whilst pimping on a Jet Ski with an unnamed young lady, Details after the jump:

Lindsay Lohan - A Richard Phillips Film

Transitioning from her early days as a Disney movie actress to now becoming somewhat of a cult figure, Lindsay Lohan has emerged through multiple battles with society and has, for the most part, done quite well in different arenas of creativity. Her latest project is being the main subject of a short film by Richard Phillips and surf filmmaker Taylor Steele, simply titled “Lindsay Lohan.” The piece was filmed in Malibu, California with Lindsay on house arrest, making it just a tad bit more intriguing, depending on how you look at it. Enjoy!

This chick is more gully than most rockstars.


Obama learns not to raise his glass before the Queen, during a toast

Obeezy, has a high approval rating across the board in the Staes, since they dispatched of Bin Laden. So I guess he took rat pack walk over to England, to chill out after finding the former hide and seek champion.

Cool as his swagger has been of late, the Queen, won't skip a beat to let you know your place. I can see why Charles, isn't in the running for king.


Case of Horse Herpes forces beauty pagaent contestants to ride stick horses

FARMINGTON — While the state has yet to officially cancel any events involving horses that might have been exposed to a local recent equine herpes outbreak, owners and arenas are taking precautions. Because of the outbreak, contestants at the Davis County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest had to cowgirl up Thursday night without their mares. Instead of competing on horses, as is “With a stick horse it’s a lot different because you have to do all the work, and I think it’s going to be a lot more tiring than with a real horse,” said contestant Kylie Felter. What really shined were the true traits of a queen: poise and personality amid trying times. “It will give you experience for if you happen to have a problem like this later in life,” Steed said with a smile. “You already have the experience of riding a stick horse!” Ladies, we tip our hats to you.


2012 Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster

Much as I can't afford this. I can admire it here from this raggedy ass office chair. Having heard one of these beauties on the streets, I can bet that open top driving is the only way to motor around town in this. I dig it coz it also takes away those poser gullwing doors(sorry never was a fan).

AMG is presenting a new dream-car: the 2012MY SLS AMG Roadster. This super sports car thrills with a perfect combination of open-top driving pleasure, outstanding driving dynamics and sophisticated lightweight construction. The 2012 SLS AMG Roadster will make its U.S. debut in Fall 2011. The technological highlights of the 2012 SLS AMG Roadster include an aluminum spaceframe body, an AMG 6.3-liter V8 front-mid engine with dry sump lubrication developing a peak output of 563 hp and 479 pound-feet of torque, a seven-speed dual clutch transaxle transmission and a sports suspension with aluminum double wishbones – all of which will raise the pulse of sports car enthusiasts while providing outstanding driving dynamics and driving pleasure.

more pics after the jump...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Deglon meeting knife set

We here over at the Finger, know the importance, of a good set of knives, our cullinary skills hinge on them. However, a good set of knives, is trumped any and every day by a set that also doubles as a conversation peice, and that's exactly waht these knives are. Of course as with anything in life anything worth having, will not come easy or cheaply.

Made from a single piece of steel -- with proportions determined by the Fibonacci sequence (you math geeks and Da Vinci Code fans will know what that is), cut with a laser, and hardened by a special hydrogen heat treatment -- this set of four knives is painstakingly sculpted so they fit perfectly together to form what looks like one large knife.Since they're so hard to make, and the fit must be exact, Déglon can only make about 200 sets each year. Plus the Museum of Contemporary Art carries them, so not only are they limited edition, but they are a work of art for your kitchen. Let's see you try to slice a tomato with a Warhol.

If your credit card is a little less weary than mine, by all means get yourself a set here.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

White boy pulling the reverse scuba dive on the dancefloor

Got to admit never seen this move before, and I don't intend, using it in the streets either. Boy's just moving around too much.


Pusha T speaks on his Album

While on the set for the video" Alone in Vegas." Pusha, took time out to reveal he wants the Album to drop on Black Friday (November 25). I take the time to post up all the videos from , "Fear of God," after the jump...

The Best Covering Letter ever

I know large companies are faced with a lot to consider when hiring a new employee, qualifications, experience, but one thing I think should trump all those is your attitude and how you get along with others. I would clearly get along with this guy, dude just skips all the formalities, and lays himself bare. Fuck it he's hired!


50 Cent , The Origin of Me (Documentary)

50 Cent travels to Edgefield, South Carolina to unravel his family history. This documentary is worth a watch.


Tuesday Links presented by Claudia Albertario

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9 insane sports of the ancient world: totalprosports
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25 awesome non rapture pics(You got some s'plainin to do Jesus): holytaco
Who are hollywoods leading men(could use abit of colour in there to be honest): askmen
Pippa Middleton, bares her chest(Pippa is a headache, for Kate, like Harry was for Will right now): flisted

Arnold Schwarzenegger is everybodies secret father: dlisted
Signs full of WTF, that actually exist: thechive
Diddy wants to be known as SWAG from now on: dlisted


Monday, May 23, 2011

Oscar De La Hoya checks himself into rehab

 I generally have a lot of respect for boxers but as for my newly lost respect for Oscar De La Hoya I can't express how fucked up this dude is. WTF!!!! Oscar must have been on some heavy drugs to take pictures like this and  get away with it.

    We’re told De La Hoya is seeking treatment for a substance abuse problem and checked into a California-area facility within the last few weeks.

    De La Hoya has posted a flurry of very introspective tweets in the past few days, including, “Take a deep breathe and let out all that anger that makes you hate. it really is going to be o.k.” and “Stop finding excuses not to live. life is controlled by what you make of it and not of what it makes of you.”

    De La Hoya retired back in 2009. He had a career record of 39-6, held several championship belts, and won an Olympic Gold Medal back in 1992.

I wish Oscar could come out of retirement so someone can whip his ass back into sanity, what the fuck was old boy thinking dressing like that, I'm scheming the rehab he went for is cock cause you gots to be gay to do all the shit Oscar was doing. SMH



Naked News loooking for new presenters

Seems there has been a lot of hoo haa surropunding Nake News in South Africa, there is so much hoo haa that Naked News are now planning a locally produced news show and will go in search of South African female news anchors who are willing to bare it all.More after the jump:

Beyonce - Who Run the World (Girls) BillBoard Music Awards Live Performance 2011

Here is a list of the winners:

Top Artist:
Justin Bieber
Lady Gaga
WINNER: Taylor Swift

Top New Artist:

WINNER: Justin Bieber
Taio Cruz
Bruno Mars
Nicki Minaj

Top Male Artist:
Justin Bieber
WINNER: Eminem
Bruno Mars

Lotto winner sticks with delivery job

Seeing as today is a Monday I know a lot of people hate sitting in front of the computer slugging away at your workstation and if you were given the opportunity you'd definitely quit with immediate effect especially after winning the lottery. A man in Hong Kong went back to his dead beat job after winning R118.6 million. More after the jump:

No rapture - just a huge hotel bill

The world was supposed to end on Saturday the 21 May 2011 at 18:00 and non of that shit happened! Fucking bummer is you ask me...Whats a bigger bummer is Johannes Coetzee belived the forth coming Rapture because he's a follower of American TV evangelist Harold Camping. Turns out homie ran up one carzy ass hotel bill in anticipation that he wouldn't have to pay for it cause of the rapture. More after the jump:

Big Sean - What Goes around

Here we have the latest offering from the G.O.O.D. Music spitter, as he puts down the finishing touches on his upcoming album which is due out in a few weeks, Finally Famous: The Album. "What Goes Around" is produced by No I.D. and is a more commercial-friendly record as you'll see and sets the tone for the highly anticipated release set to drop on June 21, 2011. Peep it below!

Big Sean – What Goes Around (Produced by No I.D.) by Hypetrak


Who's gonna be the first to put their knob, on the monitor?

For the office hours fantasizer.


Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

It’s odd that in one song and with less raw rapping ability, Kreayshawn shitted all over what Nicki Minaj is allegedly doing with regard to making rap that speaks from a uniquely feminine perspective. Because of that, this song could get really huge. It’s catchy as fuck, there’s a couple of great quotables (“lookin’ like Madonna but flossin like Ivana”), she’s associated with all the right cats( she’s been directing videos for the likes of Soulja Boy and Odd Future) and it speaks to a large yet underrepresented demographic in rap music: young (white) women. At the same time it’s also kind of genius, it’s populist by being anti luxury brand. She’s spinning exclusivity as an all too common goal “basic bitches wear that shit so I don’t even bother”. It makes individual style cool (in theory) and flips classic rap tropes at the same time. Very #based. I’m interested to see if Kreayshawn‘s album maintains the quality of “Gucci Gucci.”


Erotic Eating a strange sex disorder

This guy finds stuffing his wife’s face with 10,000 calories per meal as sexy.

He’s fantasizing about where the fat is gonna go…..where the curves are gonna appear…..what he should be worrying about is where his dick is gonna go. There is no way that he’s getting in between those thighs unless you strap each leg to a 100 year old sequoia….and even then I’m betting the chances of that tree falling over at 90%.


SNL Digital short ft. Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, Lady Gaga

Timberlake, hosted SNL, with Lady Gaga as his musical guest. This time round though, we all wanted to see the digital short, seeing as dick in abox is still a personal favourite round these parts.This one explains the rules of the threeway. Fuckin hilarious. On that 90's era R&B tip.Do the Helicopter dick.


Drake - Dreams money can buy

After serving some gems earlier, Drake appears to be in album mode as he presents the first audio impression of his upcoming Take Care album. Entitled “Dreams Money Can Buy,” the “BTSTU” sampling track is allegedly the LP’s intro and offers another interesting recount of Drizzy’s rapid success in the industry. Or to put it in his words, “A song that I felt the need to share. Not my single. Just a piece of my story. Hear me out though…Take Care.”

On that introspective tip. I think, this is when Drake is at his best.

Drake - Dreams Money Can Buy by Hypetrak


Friday, May 20, 2011

Every page of Playboy now online

Ever since the launch of Playboy SA I've found myself longing to have the next issue of Playboy. Seeing as I've become the avid collector of PLayboy mag I would be devastated if I lost a single copy of my Playboys. Thank God for the internet I don't have to worry about losing a copy cause they're all backed up on the internet, yep! From the first issue with Marilyn Monroe all the way to the latest issue is cataloged. More after the jump:

Fine Brandy Festival - 5 to 27 May 2011, Sandton Convention Centre

My counterpart here at fishfinger prefers Whiskey to Brandy but for moi its the opposite cause I love me some Brandy and lord knows I'm very excited about the up coming Fine Brandy Festival taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre between 25 - 27 May 2011. More after the jump:

Rick Ross Cannes Film Festival Experience (video)

This dude, blew a million dollars on his bitrthday, so i'm pretty sure he had himself a mighty fine time, hob-knobbing with the who's, who of  Hollywood. Maybach Music Group drops "Self Made" on May 23.
I'll check the postbox for my advanced copy.


German Insurance Company throws best Incentive party ever

So I'm going off a little, about the Dream office of mine. This company right here, they understand everything i'm on about. Who says the Germans are boring?!

 Munich Re had to fire executives who were responsible for hosting a company-sponsored sex party. A unit of the Dusseldorf, Germany-based insurance company invited 100 of its top performers to enjoy 20 pre-paid prostitutes at a party in Budapest, Hungary in 2007. The company later bragged about the party in their magazine, HMI Profil. It was “killer fun,” the magazine wrote, according to Der Speigel’s translation. Today’s report in the Handelsblatt paper says that the party was in a one of Budapests baths, which are customarily open to the public and frequented by tourists. But while the Munich Re party took place, the bath shut its doors to normal customers.

The paper also says that the prostitutes were color-coded based on who was available for sex favors.
The top 5 performers, who were referred to internally as the “Top 5 Members,” got the best deal: access to prostitutes with white bracelets AND yellow bracelets.

  • YELLOW bracelet = I’m available for sexual favors
  • WHITE bracelet = Sorry! Senior execs already called dibs on me
  • RED bracelet = I’m a hostess
The execs would take the women to curtained canopy beds where they would do whatever they wanted. The women were also stamped each time they were “used,” so that the execs could tell how many of his co-workers got to her first.


The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (Trailer)

The inquisitive cartoon adventurer Tintin looks to make a splash at movies later this year with the emergence of a trailer for The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn. The movie features both Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson as the behind-the-scenes personalities while the movie stars Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Gad Elmaleh, Toby Jones and Mackenzie Crook. The movie is created in both 3D and CGI for a contrasting style of videography.


Convertible Pool Table

Yeah, we all want that life, where you work for yourself, your business has it's own premises, it's decored out in odd, avant garde shit, it resembles a really eccentric ad agencies offices, or perhaps even google on a smaller budget. Anywhere, but the fuckin cubicle you're in at the moment, right?! Yeah, I have those delusions, and this piece fits in well with their grandeur.

More after the jump...

Terell breaks his leg

Usually hate these videos the cringe factor gets at me. But old Terrell, here doesn't seem to mind, and that eases my nerves. Thanks Terrell.


The Asians are not to be fucked with

Bo-Taoshi (Pole pull-down) is played by cadets at Japan’s National Defense Academy. The game itself, which consists of 150 people and a pole, is quite simple. 75 men have to defend their team’s pole while the other 75 try to take it down by any means necessary. This much is clear. The rest of our information comes from Google translations of Japanese pages so don’t blame us if we don’t have it down.

The game seems to have been first played in 1954-55. The pole doesn’t have to hit the ground completely. It only had to go down 45 degrees until 1973 when the rules were changed to force teams to drop it to a 30 degree angle.

Look, I'm all for contact sports, so much so that I look down on sports that lack the testing  forces of physical contact. Sorry soccer, to me you're bitch made. Even with bold statements like that, Ihave to admit that Having 75 men  knees bounding, fists cocked, run at me full speed. Brings out the bitch in me.


Tuesday Links presented by Angela Martini

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A big weekend ahead for us here at Fishfinger, hittin Clapham, sippin superjuices, so tonight we rest up. Quiet before the proverbial storm. Then unleash the beast tomorrow night. Read up on all you can. Wise up join us if you can, then we'll have some shit to chat about. Happy Weekending to you all


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Skepta - All over the house video NSFW!

At YFM Skepta's song "All over the house" is blazing the airwaves and its gotta pretty simple message...We had sex all over the house. Now it came to my attention that the video is rather raunchy and I happened to look for it on youtube but couldn't find the video but what I did find were the reactions to the video. This is def NSFW!

Bride Jumps out window after Fiance calls off wedding

This is why most men, try not to be too emotionally investsed in relationships. When you do end one, or inevitably get bust cheating, things can go horribly wrong. Guys are selfless beings who's main interest is everyone elses safety and comfort. That's why we have commitment issues. To save all you ladies from jumpping out the window. We're not the hero the world wants but, but the hero the world needs.

Devastated Li-Wan sat sobbing on a window ledge 80ft up in Changchun, eastern China, just hours after partner Wang Lu called off the big day. But as she jumped off the ledge to certain death, local care worker Guo Zhongfan managed to catch her and hold her dangling by the neck above the sheer drop. One eye witness said: “On the floor below there were more people trying to hold her up by her feet while he pulled her back inside by her long skirt.

Her shoes don't match that dress btw!


Alcatraz by J.J Abrams - trailer

I'll admit to J.J Abrams not being my favourite person, dude never explains shit! Lost, Mission Impossible 3, Alias. Dude is really good at creating a mystery, but fails to ever explain what that mystery is, but wants us to suspend all disbelief, while we eat what he's feeding us. I loved Lost, six seasons of it, but that fuckin ending?! Mission impossible, what the fuck was the rabbits foot? Alias, Rimbaldi device. Man, explain some of this shit. I don't get that denouement, and that makes me restless. Anyway someone has given J.J,A License to shit all over your head again.

The new crime drama follows the story of a team of agents assigned to investigate the reappearance of a group of prisoners who mysteriously vanished from Alcatraz island nearly 50 years earlier. Filled with intrigue, suspense and time travel, the storyline is straight out of Abrams’ playbook which almost guarantees it to be worth watching.


Manny Pacquiao, punches Daniel Tosh in the face

"Pound for pound the best fighter in the world." Nicknames like that are certainly  not just given to people. You'd have to slog your way through a veritable line up of other people trying to earn that same nickname. Pac- Man, owns it.  So asking Manny to punch you in the face one time, either makes you brave or stupid. I just wish Mike, was still in his prime. We'd open a punching booth at the carnival and live off the proceeds forever.


Locomotive Curt! - Official Music Video

Once in a while something on the internet catches your attention and doesn't let go of it. Locomotive Curt is just that, I'm not going to lie I watched this video three times in a row and I just couldn't help myself. This is the next big thing!


Graham Smith is a star in bed - according to his girl

Anytime any chick that you've banged tells any other person that you're a savage in the sack, you have a similar look on your face as Graham Smith has after hitting a century. Graham Smiths fiancee came out and told the whole world that even though her future hubby may be crap on the crease he sure as hell scores in the sack. More after the jump:

Beyonce - Run the World (Girls) Vid

The first thing that struck me about the video is that it's very similar in concept to Tupac ft Dr Dre's California Love, I even think the location is the same (Mojave Desert and Inglewood, California). Turns out that Beyonces moves in the video are inspired by a Mozambican Kwaito dance called "Mantofo Ntofo" which already sounds suspect cause Kwaito originates in SA and "Mantofo Ntofo" sounds like one of Pitch Black Afro's songs. In any event it looks like some kind of Twalatza she's pulling off in the video. I'm not gonna lie and say that the song hasn't grown on me cause it has and I know all the true Beyonce stans ain't feeling her new shit.


UK Psychologist ‘Explains’ His ‘Black Women are Less Attractive’ Theory

Turns out that there's a motherfucker running around with his stupid ass study which states why black women are unattractive and now he has the audacity to try and justify his cunt faced findings (as you can tell from all the obscenities that I'm pissed off). More after the jump:

Crocodiles cause delay in voting

This may not be the ideal picture of a crocodile but it doesn't mean that its any less intimidating, the bummer that happened in Limpopo (the witchcraft capital of South Africa) is that Crocodiles delayed voters from casting their vote. More after the jump:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku (short film)

Chick needs to get back in the limelight


Schwarzenegger fathered child outside marriage

This guy! Arnold waits till he leaves office as the Governor of California then only does he declare that he has fathered a child with one of his ex employees who used to work in his house. More after the jump:

Pusha T - Blow

Never one to rest on his laurels. Terrence Thornton, lets loose the visuals for Blow. Like, is having the hottest mixtape out, not enough for this guy? No doubt the man has changed the image since joining G.O.O.D Music, how much of that do you attribute to the man, and how much was crafted and preconcievedd by string puillers at G.O.O.D? To be honest I just don't care, the music is fire the visuals do the audio justice, the finioshed product is hella polished.Need visuals for RAID!!


Steve Hofmeyer - "I have Black Friends"

 Normally I slate Steve for being a doos...It's good to know that nothing has changed and I still consider him quite the chop. Seems Steve has gone back on his word and decided not to use "Kaffir" in one of his songs because he has...Wait for it! Black friends. More after the jump:

Trevor Manuel could replace IMF Boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Whilst Dominique Strauss-Kahn is battling allegations of trying to rape the help at a New York hotel, Trevor Manuel stand a bloody good chance of replacing him as the head of the IMF. More after the jump:

Brad Pitt in The Tree of Life

In the next couple of days Cannes Film Festival will screen The Tree of Life is the impressionistic story of a Midwestern family in the 1950's. The film follows the life journey of the eldest son, Jack, through the innocence of childhood to his disillusioned adult years as he tries to reconcile a complicated relationship with his father. Jack finds himself a lost soul in the modern world, seeking answers to the origins and meaning of life while questioning the existence of faith.

I think this is one of those movies which should be a must watch.



Dr. Dre always kept it gangsta

They say it's Dre, I don't buy that for a minute to be honest with you. Kid does look like what a young dre ought to look like though.


Tuiesday Links presented by Tiffanie Damian

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How to shoot a rifle: artofmanliness
The history of beatboxing: heavy
Sexy pictures that suck: thesmokingjacket
6 intimate details you can tell just by looking at someone: cracked


Monday, May 16, 2011

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx perform Goldigger at Cannes

Anyone important was at at Cannes for the film festival, somehow still haven't cracked so much as an invite, but my day in the limelight will come. Anyway given the star power that was in town, it only makes sense that some stars collaborate. Kanye West brings out Jamie Foxx, to perform Golddigger at the Carlton Hotel Stella Artois music venue.This makes me think of that Entourage episode, where Kanye, gives Vince and the boys a lift to Cannes. Fuck it, I need that kind of paper.


Goalie drops trophy off bus

If you're a goalie its only standard that you have to be good with your hands and have a firm grasp on things (pun intended), it becomes an #epicfail when you drop the trophy off a bus and you're the bloody goal keeper.More after the jump:

Ashton Kutcher to replace Charlie Sheen

As much as uncle Charlie Sheen recorded a track with Snoop Dogg, I guess now there is a new winner in town and he goes by the name of Ashton Kutcher who's allegedly going to be cast in Two and Half Men replacing the ever so charming Charlie Sheen. More after the jump:


So I've kinda slept on Bonang Matheba's online reality show but I've just woken up. Her reality show will be posted once every month on her website. This is the reality show which started the twitter beef with her and Nonhle Thema when she tweeted someting to the effect that an online reality show is not on her level and blah blah blah. I kind like it, at least its one dose per month which I can stomach unlike having to stomcah Nonhle's crappy reality show every week...Vom!


Jozi Earthquake

As South Africans we're always priding ourelves that we're exempt from natural disasters, seems we take that shit a notch down as a tremore was felt in Joburg from Alberton to Fourways. More after the jump:

Horrible Bosses Trailer

A group of three friends each share a negative commonality: horrible bosses. After a series of unacceptable instances from their respective bosses, Nick, Kurt and Dale each agree to have their bosses taken out and eliminated in hopes of bettering their daily grinds. The movie features several notable names within the cast including Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Colin Farrell, Kevin Spacey, Donald Sutherland, Julie Bowen and Jamie Foxx.


Cafe Cowboy by Benedict Campbell

A Film shot off Dustin Kott, a Californian bike builder who makes custom British style Cafe racers out of old japanese bikes.

"I met Dustin in LA on a Harley-Davidson shoot, and was intrigued
how a classic American who looks like he should be building
Choppers, was passionate about little old Brit bikes,
and was using cheap 70s Japanese bikes to make lovely custom Cafes."

I'm not even into motorbikes like that, but these I want, I need, I must have. Evrything about them just speaks to me. Props to Benedict, this is filmed beautifully.


Google Chromebook

Google announced its latest co-branded product, the Chromebook. Working initially with the likes of Samsung and Acer on hardware, the Chromebook fully embodies the notion of working in the cloud. Under these conditions, nothing is required to be kept offline and maintained entirely online. In the short video presented above, the Chromebook boots up virtually instantaneously without any lag. A unique experience is provided regardless of the machine you’re using, so should you lose or upgrade your Chromebook, your preferences are all preserved. With automated updates and no need for virus protection, the Chromebook hopes to provide a carefree experience. A release in select countries is set for June 15.


Woman who won a court ruling allowing her to fingerbang herself at work

This is the story of Ana Catarina Bezerra Silvares, an employee of an accounting firm, a divorced mother of three who lives in the village Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. The woman suffers from a rare condition known as “compulsion orgasmic”, caused by a chemical alteration in the brain region of the cortex, which leads her to masturbate several times a day to relieve the deep anguish that it causes. Under this circumstance, Bezerra started legal proceedings with the company where she works that eventually won and that enables to masturbate for 15 minutes every two hours, besides using the computer to see erotic images that stimulate her desire.The Brazilian newspaper North Regiao reported that the woman confessed, “There was a day I had to masturbate 47 times”, adding: “I began to suppose that this could not be normal, and decided to seek help.” Currently, Bezerra follow a treatment that includes a potent cocktail of sedatives that make her masturbate a less frequent 18 times a day.

That's the chick in the office who's hand you dont shake. Seeing as her hand is permanently down there it must smell just peachy.


DJ Khaled x Drake x Rick Ross x Lil Wayne - I'm on one

Think I like this one primarily, because Dj Khaled , is conspicuiously muted on this track. It's also the first Khaled track that doesn't sound like every other Khaled track, that ever preceeded it. Enjoy


Lil Wayne x Rick Ross- If i die tonight (john) official video

While everybody(including us) assumed that the previously unveiled video for Lil Wayne’s “If I Die Tonight (John)” was the real deal, Weezy proves them wrong by dropping the official Collin Tiller-directed cut. The earlier one is said to have an alternate, unfinished edit.


The Tale of a fairy - a film by Karl Lagerfeld

 Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion icon returns with “The Tale of a Fairy.” Much like the previous film, this new one also documents the annual Chanel Cruise. The acting isn't top notch on this butut if you hang in there till the 18 min mark you're rewarded with a nude model.


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Drunk Bruglar "ill"

Every guy who loves liquor has fantasized about being locked in a liquor store over night and you start to wonder what you'd get upto locked in there with so much liquor, turns out a Uitenhage man broke in liquor store and this is what ended up happening to him. More after the jump:

Viagra in Condoms

If you've ever been a victim of Whiskey Dick then you'll know what I'm talking about. You know when that all crucial moment comes and you have to put on your rubber and Johnny just doesn't want to play? Well it seems those moments are close to being a distant memory. More after the jump:

Sandton on Fire

As much as I hate Sandton City, and thats purely because if there is one area of Joburg thats pretentious its Sandton City. Turns out that this tiny hub of activity has a fire raging at one of the buildings thats being constructed. More after the jump:

Steve Hofmeyer uses "K" word in song

To be honest I think Steve Hofmeyer is a down right Poes! All his rants in social networks and every where else he's managed to have his two cents published smirks of racism, over and over again. This time he's use Kaffir in his latest song, he justifies it by saying that its being used in a certain context, bare in mind that this song is dedicated to the dead AWB leader Eugene Terblanche. More after the jump:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Triple Double Oreo

I'm a big fan of Nabisco, my personal favourite cookie being the Chips Ahoy but I've never been one who is shy of Oreo's. Turns out my favourite company is bringing out the Triple Double Oreo. More after jump:

Pig Spotter coining it

Pigspotter has been a heaven send for your average motorist in Gauteng as he alerts motorist about greedy JMPD officials, where they are trapping or where they're holding roadblocks and he does this on twitter. Seems the man has thought outside the box and has managed to make some cheese from all his shenanigans. More after jump:

Coldplay in Jhb

"Look at the stars looks how they shine for you." That's what the masses will be singing under a starry night at the FNB Stadium. It's not breaking news ladies and gentlemen, but Coldplay is coming to S.A.  I'm doing a write up to clear up a bit of the confusion.  They'll perform in Jhb, on October 8. and tickets go on sale tomorrow 12 May at Computicket 09:00. Interesting little fact, if you're an observant mmember of the Jewish faith. This performance will seriously mess with your shit. That date also happens to be Yom Kippur(Jewish day of Atonement) 25 hrs of  intensive fasting. I expect a systems crash at Computicket.

Tour Itinerary
Cape Town
Wednesday 5th October 2011
Cape Town Stadium
Tickets from R270 – R635
Saturday 8th October 2011
FNB Stadium Johannesburg
Tickets from R270 – R635
Tickets available from Thursday 12 May at 09:00 via Computicket


Politics Divide Eastern Cape family

When the ANC had defectors and they formed Cope, there was a large rift in my family, those who were for Cope and those who for the ruling party the ANC. It cause a lot of tension at home and stirred up a number of debates but nothing like this...A high school boy in Port Elizabeth has been kicked out of his home because he supports Cope. More after the jump:

Jhb ranked in the top 26 for Business, Life, and Innovation

A survey was recently undertaken, by PricewatehouseCoopers and the partnership for New york city on global capitals of finance, innovation and tourism.. The survey rates 26 cities from Stockholm to Santiago, on business oppurtunities, culture livability and innovation. Jo'burg made the cut at 25, but holds the honour of being the only African country represented in the finalists. Earning top honours in affordability of business space, and coming second in cost of living. With poor broadbrand infrastructure, poor health, and hotel rooms pulling it down.

Overall a proud achievement for the city, rubbing shoulders with the giants. For a full list click link below andd have a look at each cities strengths and weaknesses.


Snoop Dogg Featuring Cahrlie Sheen - winning (audio)

As loudly and proudly as Charlie Sheen went out,  he went into the worlds collective psyche, with the same aplomb he left the show with. Winning. That was all we would hear for weeks, when the name Charlie Sheens' name came up. Well that and Tiger blood. The king of relevance(Snoop Dogg), decided to do a little something with Charlie. Snoop is never one to miss an oppurtunity. Track is up top. Honest with you I can't even hear Charlie. Thinmk Snoop should stick to collabing with uncle Charlie Wilson.


Man calls 911 for Beer and EMT Company

Nothing sucks as mych as drinking by yourself, you often find your mind wandering in places you wouldn't like it to but for seasoned veterans such as myself its not such a bad thing. Raymond Roeberge had had enough of chilling by himself and as it turns out his beers had also run out so he decided to call 911 in attempt to get them to bring him some beers and come chill with him.More after the jump:

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Naked News given the all clear by BCCSA

E news channel decided to spice their news up by having presenters who strip whilst they are presenting their bulletins, you might be thinking that this is nothing new right? Well as usual South Africans were up in arms about this and decided that they shouldn't be subjected to naked news. Turns out the Broadcasting Complaints Commision didn't agree with the complaints. More after the jump:

Jazz Legend Zim Ngqawana dies at the age of 52

Having grown up on a staple diet of Jazz as a kid, you tend to pay attention when it comes to the Jazz legends which exist within your own boarders especially one from your home town, one of those legends is Zim Ngqawana. Zim Ngqawana has unfortunatley passed on this morning due to a stroke at the age of 52. More after the jump:

Toddler uses Blowtorch to set fire to neighborhood

I used to get up to a lot of shit as a kid, the other half of Fishfinger will tell you how I'd throw up Rice Crispies and scream "Its raining" and that's just the tip of the iceberg, the amount of other shit I got upto would have had my parents send me to the furthest boarding school. This lilltle shit takes the cake cause he found a blowtorch and started torching everything in his path. More after the jump: