Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Claudia Albertario

Her : Video and another, cause I rate her body
40 sexiest European Sports Hotties: bleacherreport
9 insane sports of the ancient world: totalprosports
9 words you've used today, with bizzare criminal origins: cracked

25 awesome non rapture pics(You got some s'plainin to do Jesus): holytaco
Who are hollywoods leading men(could use abit of colour in there to be honest): askmen
Pippa Middleton, bares her chest(Pippa is a headache, for Kate, like Harry was for Will right now): flisted

Arnold Schwarzenegger is everybodies secret father: dlisted
Signs full of WTF, that actually exist: thechive
Diddy wants to be known as SWAG from now on: dlisted


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