Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pumpkin Pie smell gets your stick up

I love Pumpkin Pie but here's one more reason to love Pumpkin Pie and besides its delicious taste it can also help you get aroused...

I don't like black people - Annelie Botes

Annelie Botes has come and and said that she does not like black people in an interview with newspaper Rapport, many a South African aren't too pleased about her comments...

Tuesday Links presented by Karolina Kurkova

Her: Video
What your money is worth at the strip club: brobible
12 things you'll wish you'd never seen under a microscope: cracked
10 female celebrities who owe their careers to breasts: manofest
Kanye West Cover story: complex
7 worst things about the holiday season: guyism
James Franco and Anne Hathaway to host Oscars: dlisted
Chris Brown, sasy he'll always love Rihanna, she's annoyed: bossip
Oprah declares i pad best thing ever, then gives away 275 of them: appleinsider


Nando's - Kagiso Lediga New CEO

I'm glad that someone pointed out the stupidity of the Cell C adverts.Big Ups Nando's your ads always keep us laughing!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hood 2 Hood event

So on the real we're gonna do you all a solid and let you know right now what will be one of the highlights of December. So I don't want any stories about "I aint got no cover charge money." Save the fuck up!

Date: 4 december 2010
Time: 15:00-2:00am
Venue: Meyersdal News Cafe
Ticket Price: R100 (pre sold) R150 @ the door.
Tickets sold @ Xogo (The Glen) Dapper Streetwear (The Glen) Hip Hop Joint (Maponya) or call 0722747027/0722268391.
Line-up: Dj Kent, Small Paul, Whitey Dvine, Lloyd, Ryt Now Crew, Black Aces, Sterra and MDA.
MC: Matli
Facebook: Hood 2 Hood

Friday, November 26, 2010

Agliotti will not apologiose to the Kebble family

Glen Agliotti, the man who was acquitted of orchestrating the murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble, says he will not apologise to the Kebble family.  Aglioti was speaking during a press conference a day after his acquittal and said he believes his arrest was politically motivated.



Beijing’s 10 weirdest restaurants

We all know that Chinese have a nack for eating the weirdest ish ever...think China and you're lost in a world of cooked cats and dogs and skewered crickets. In the near future you might find yourself in Beijing and you might want to tickle you taste buds with some foreign dishes, we present to you the 10 weirdest restaurants in Beijing...

Jay-Z comes out to perform Scarlet with U2

This went down in New Zealand, why the fuck are they alwaysd goin to NZ & Aus. I just don't get it. They fly right over this place to go there, and deprive us of all this goodness. S.A needs to jack it's concert game up


Christina Milian gets 4 million in Divorce Settlement

All therse beautiful Ladies seem to have problems with keepin their men in check, or you could look at it as there being something , they aren't bringing to the table. Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, and now Christina Milian.
She's already had a chequered past in terms of who she's dated, from Nick Canon, to Little John, then eventually getting The Dream, to put a ring on it.

Christina Milian is a certified banger, the looks the body everythiing just soooo right. Others would be callin the dream a fool for cheating on Christina, but that old addage rings tue with this story. Show me a good looking woman, and i'll show you a guy who's tired of fucking her.(don't hate me, i didn't make this up)

Keri Hilson Vibe Magazine Behind the Scenes Photoshoot vid

M.s Keri, graces Vibe Magazines alternate cover, for the Dec issue,. The othe cover available is T.I, but I'm not tryin to see his BTS video.


Friday Link hosted by January Jones

Her: Video
Step Up Your Game With Women With TSBMag.com (Caveman Circus)
NSFW: Beyonce Has Increased Sex Appeal of the Day (Drunken Stepfather
20 Hot Girls Eating Turkey Legs. (Manofest)
The Top Fifty Manliest Movies About Being A Man. (Ask Men)
The Most White Trash Family Photo Ever. (FilmDrunk)
The Hottest Chili's Waitress ever... (DoubleViking)
6 Deadly Injuries You Think You'd Survive (Thanks to Movies). (Cracked)
The Hottest Babes Who Just Turned 18 (MadeMan)
Eva Longoria's getting her tats removed. (CelebSlam)
Quincy Jones Doesn’t F*ck With Kanye Musically. (Smoking Section)
WTF?! Asian chicks crushing rabbits. (Barstool NYC)
How To Have Sex In Risky Places. (The Frisky)

I'm glad this week has come to an end and the weekend is about to commence, must say that I've thinking about January Jones the whole week and don't ask me why...Americans celebrated their Thanksgiving yesterday and the internets is abound with information about Thanksgiving but since we're form Mzansti that means fokol to us so enjoy your Friday Links and hopefully you'll understand why I've been thinking about January Jones the whole week, maybe it's because I'm a Mad Man...


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Couple Pulled From River After Backseat Romp

If you've never had sex in a car I'm glad they no longer make you...For those hwo have you'll understand when i say that having sex in a car is an acrobatic feat, positioning yourlsef in the car can be a bitch. There's a couple who found out the hard way that sex in a car can be tres tricky.

Gone with the wind


Dennis Rodman Interview, while getting Head

I know Dennis Rodman fell off a while ago, but with stunts like these he could make it back into the limelight.
Rodman called into a radio sports show to speak about the Miami Heat. Guess they didn't know better than speaking to Rodman,at that hour. A few minutes into the interview it becomes apparent, Rodman's blood is flowing south. I love how she keeps giving off those beautiful agony sounds. Mouth Hugs for everybody!


Lord,Lord,Lord - Jailers give wounded man plastic bag for guts

I've heard about the atrocities that plague the Zimbabwean correctional service system but this one is just too damn gruesome, a Zimbabwean inmate got shot before he went to jail and never recieved any medical treatment, not only that but his intestines were seeping through the wound and other jailers gave him a plastic bag to house his insides...

Son finds real mom is bearded lady

For someone who's been orphaned or grew up with foster parents I can olny uimagine the sleepless nights that come with wondering who your real parents are...In this instance I would prefer not to know who my real mother is if she's going to turn out to be the original Breaded Lady.

Kanye West, and friends perform whole album at the Bowery Ballroom Show

Last night, Kanye West gave a somewhat impromptu performance at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Tickets went on sale at noon yesterday, and all 550 tickets sold out in seconds. So the crowd consisted of lucky mofos, those with deep pockets, and Ye's people.

As for the show itself — it was basically the Justice League of the hip-hop game (although no Cudi, Jay-Z, or Weezy). And it was one giant toast to Kanye's album/ego. Good to see unity in Hip Hop.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Jacob the Jeweler sues Courtney Love

"I'm iced up thanks to Jacob the Jeweler" was once a phrase no rapper would leave out of his raps but it seems the Hip Hop world no longer raps about Jacob. Whilst Jacob was at the height of his career before going to jail for being involved with Black Mafia Family (B.M.F) he loaned Kurt Cobain's ex-wife Courtney Love some jewellery but somehow it never made its way back into his possesion.

Beauty contest for the artificially enhanced

People always argue against someone who has an added advantage in whatever sphere their competing in e.g sports and steroids. I've always preached that they should have the Roid Olympics and see what happens there but at least people are thinking outside the box and have introduced a beauty pageant for the artificially enhanced.

Cornell Professor Outbursts at a Student's 'Overly Loud' Yawn

This Professor would have been chowed for even raising such a question where I'm from and if he calls that an outburst he would have been laughed out of the room...man up and grow some balls Prof.


Old Spin 'The Mshini your man could smell like'

I never thought that someone would make a parody of the original Old Spice ad cause it was funny as hell to begin with but this takes the cake. Old Spin 'The Mshini your man could smell like'.LMBAO!



The truth about Orgasms an infograph

The Truth about Orgasms


Gauteng Premiers Son shoots himself

Nomvula Mokonyane's son Retlabusa Mokonyane kicked his own bucket by shooting himself, now this is very tragic but considering the dude was more trouble than anything else and got his mom into kak over things such as stolen vehicles, exploding houses and the list goes on.

More details after the jump...

Crazy Brazillian, accused of murdering his mother

Dude is not helpin his case casting those crazy eyes


Flush Tracker

Curiosity, need not cause you sleepless nights any more. That's if you ever wondered where your turds, went after you dropped them in the porcelain throne. Me personally i'm just glad they are gone, like children that leave the house, after Varsity. I have no interest in finding out where they landed up, how they are doing, all that sort of jazz, but some of you are more concerned, wondering if your food baby is able to fend for himself in the big bad world.

maybe things aren't lookin up for him

No more speculating. Domestos has created a sight where you can track yourmost recent flush. You enter in your location, time of flush, and you get notified via email as to your turds travels. I'm goin to sopend the better part of my day dropping deuces, in the toilet to see how accurate this thing is. I'm trackin the Popes poop as you read this

click here to track yours: flushtracker

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Parkour Video

Ever since that opening scene in James Bond, Casino Royale, parkour got tht P.R boost it needed, doesn't mean i take it seriously as a sport, or think it should be in the Olympics. It's just something that people do get around quickly. That said,how many times do you reckon these guys took a nose dive to get this good? My joints hurt just looking at these guys do their thing, I think i'll takle the elevator , or the stairs.


Man told he has 3 months to live, promptly blows his lfe savings then lives

Comedian Dave Ismay thought he was dying for 10 weeks, so he went about completing his "bucket list"—which included such extravagant entries as buying a $41,000 Mercedes—only to find out doctors got his diagnosis wrong. Ismay, who performed with English comic Bob Monkhouse for 20 years, was told liver cirrhosis would kill him in three months, but doctors later realized he actually has a treatable hereditary condition.

Dude rubs cock on wrong redhead

You know that sinking feeling you get, when shit is going all sorts of wrong, then you got to sit through being humiliated, on a New York Subway, by this fiesty redhead! Next time i bet homeboy is gonna rub one out before he leaves the house. More power to her though


Tuesday Links presented by Christina Hendricks

Her: Video
10 sexiest singers of all time, no Enrique Iglesias, sorry ladies: maxim
25 unsexy pics of people makin out: yuuuurgh!!: holytaco
Dude with no arms shoots gun with his feet: brobible
Car thief scolds mother for leaving child in vehicle: guyism
Every Arnold scream from every movie ever: filmdrunk
Vintage Michael Jackson, drinkin a bottle of vodka chillin with 2 midgets: dlisted
Geurilla street pole dancing, again Australia, is growing on me: flisted
Is it okay to have sex with your socks on?: asylum
Top 10 plays from Barney Stinsons playbook: coedmag
7 celebrity airport full body scan pics: holytaco

I just watched season 4 of Mad men this weekend, so two things are still goin through my mind, one is Christiana Hendricks, the other is how much alcohol those boys drank, but i'm only actin out on one of those. Get in touch Christina!


Monday, November 22, 2010

The Problem with rap today!

I stand to be corrected , but the birth of punchline rappers was the death of rap as we know it. The punchline rapper seeks to get his point or diss across in a short amount of time, and not going through a slower more methodical build up. Then around the Time Lil Wayne, became extremely popular (post Carter 1 and 2) circa Drought 3 mixtape, a style of rapping known hashtag gained popularity. Rappers got even lazier. First let me explain my definition of a rapper. Someone capable of telling compelling stories through rhyming, or even just able to make clever turns of phrase.

The Hashtag generation is at the fore right now. Hashtag, is when a rapper ommits the use of like or as in a simile, much like Nicki Minaj, Wayne, Fabulous,Drake. Don't get me wrong done right the style of rap can be  good, ie: Barry bonds by Kanye West. Not that the style isn't entertaining, as a verse ends up becoming a game of word association, keeping the audience guessing. But lesser rappers are leaning on this style too heavily. The biggest difference between the names i mentioned above is that they can switch up their style to give you a more cohesive song, that makes sense and follows a theme from start to finish, but there are certain youngsters who can't make that jump. Watch the vid above to see how retarded, and funny (i have to admit)this style of rap is.


Wendy Ho -Poop Noodle

Hahahahaha, to all the ladies who's men have tried to give you that backdoor loving, THIS IS YOUR ANTHEM!


Caught for Soliciting Sex

Prostitution is illegal in most parts of the world, but shit i think they dshould let it slide for this guy. Our friend above was picked up for trying to solicit sex, in Miami. Honestly though, let him get his nut off and go home. The way he's smiling in that mugshot you'd think he won the lotto. I'd like a backstory as to how his head came to be that way


Drunk Girl stuck in dryer

Shit seems to find other people and avoids all others, this is a Case of the poo finding you.
I don't know how she got into the damn thing, but she clearly can't get out. I'd get a case of the clausts, real badif i was in that situation. True Stopry i had one of those beds with the base that you could slide open and store shit in it, well i stored toys on mine, and onne day the toy in wanted was all the way inthe back, so i jumped in, grabbed it,m turn to get out only to find i'm stuck in this damn bed, i freaked a little bit


Pope makes U-Turn on Catholic Condom Policy

inn the words of John Mclain' Yippeee ka yay ....

Highly Criticised for a whlie now the Catholic Church seems to have realised they live on earth and earthly things will bite you when they can. In a series of interviews to appear in a book published this week, the pope said that, though the use of condoms should not be seen as a "moral solution", he stepped back from the Vatican's blanket ban on all forms of contraception.

Sanlam Food, Wine and Design Fair 2010

Sanlam Investment Management (SIM) is the proud lead sponsor of South Africa's first-ever Food, Wine and Design Show, scheduled to take place from 26 to 28 November 2010. The prestigious event will be held on the 5 000 square metre rooftop of the Hyde Park Shopping Centre, with panoramic views over the east and north of Johannesburg. The area will be transformed with Bedouin tent structures, theatre lighting, a 1000-seater dining area for guests and a bright red two-seater aircraft designed and built by two South Africans, perched on the roof.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Women of Entourage

Entourage, is a show about Hollywood,friendship, big stars, and lots and lots of beautiful women, so much so that over the past seven seasons, Entourage must have had the most Female bit parts, and cameos. This is them complaining, and this is me loving it.


Affion Crockett Mr.Carter

I've sounded the bells on this guy before he's good and i'm doing it again,. Why you ask? Coz i can, watch and laugh good people, watch and laugh.


Nicki Minaj performing on David Letterman

This one is for the Ladies as well as the Boys.


Kid Cudi x Mark Hoppus Interview

A musician I'm starting to dig more and more


Magesh Harassed by Ex Lover

Hi Hater

Tokollo Tshabalala claims that Taylor Mokeleni, an IT specialist, has threatened, harassed, intimidated and verbally abused him - and deliberately scratched his car.
But Mokeleni said she had not known that he had obtained a protection order against her.
The Number One Tsotsi singer yesterday applied for an interim protection order from the domestic violence court of the Randburg Magistrate's Court.

Some Friday Randomness

I can't co sign this , what part of the game is this, imagine people doin this in a club? Worse imagine you didn't read fishfinger and you walked into a club and everybody was doin this dance. I'd think i was at some sort of Zombie club


Your mom was hot

Certain lines you don't want to cross with certain people, like a "your mother joke," directed toward a black guy. They get all tense and anger brews in the pits of their stomach, and that's if you're actually cool with him. If not you're getting beaten down quick fast. I don't really care for them jokes either, but i tell you what would warrant a beat down from me, if some cock put a pic of my mom on this site. I don't give a shit how true it could be, you're getting fucked up, friendship over! Wait till my pops hears about this. Luckily she isn't, on this site, so for now i'll make do with lookin at your moms pics from back in the day.Yummm Yumm!


Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights

Usually I hate motherfucking traffic lights, coz they never co operate, be late and they'll all be red. But I could get behind this movement for sure. I figure half the traffic lights in this city are always off, so use that downtime to upgrade to these puppies. Sand Glass LED Traffic Lights design by Thanva Tivawong

How to spot a Satanic ritual murder victims body

so many unanswered questions:
1) why cover her with that creepy blanket
2) where her eyes closed to avoid the akward
3) why are there two styrofoam pillars in the back (why does the set in general look like cheap porn, even the music at the end has a 80s east european porn feel to it)
4) why so thorough throughout the video and then he just stops demonstrating
5) when and especially why did this man decide to become a satanic murder rituals expert
6). I love the by the way cluse at the end


The Jules High School Incident

I've tried belive me . to keep my mouth shut about this one, firstly because the details were yet to unfold, and secondly because I know better than to jump to conclusions.It seeems though the Gods of journalism, are beckoning, and i can no longer fight them.This story is inescapable(alcatraz) I swtich on the radio, i hear ppl bitchin about it(ignorantly), Iturn on the T.V i keep seeing more of it.So i'm gonna breeak it down for those of you not in the know, from a legal point of view and calm eveyone ther fuck down in one fell swoop.

Friday Links presented by Katie Fey

Her, i had to search real hard to find a pic of her clothed: Video
50 shoes that every man should have, i don't agree with the whole list: brobible
12 ridiculous vibrators that actually exist: holytaco
Beyonces' ad was banned from tv for being too sexy: huffingtonpost
Sex Museum fiittingly, has a hot curator, let her give you as guide: asylum
Cindy Crawford schedukles sex: askmen
Woman nearly dies of laughter at comedic gig, literally: doubleviking
The Rachel Mcadams ass Debate, all i know is i want in: uvtblog
The sleeping dick tatto finally revieled, looks terrible, but could be worse: h8torade
2 guys get beatdown by Mascots: manofest
Wife pulls knife on Husband, for refusing to help her with her weave: barstoolsports

Firstly this woman above has more names than i have impure thougts , but no matter how you slice it she's a scorcher. Look i don't agree with that whole list of shoes, but there are some classics that would make their way to my wardrobe.Some Vibrators that throw the word class right out the window. Beyonce has an ad that was banned forom daytime television, for being too sexy, guess she savin all that heat for her commercials, and not for Jay-Z's bedroom. Cindy Crawfoprd, who still loks hot by the way schedules sex? I don't know botu you but i'm staring to see why these beautiful women get cheated on, if he has to wait for his next appointment, he's gonna leave.Rachel Mcadams surprised everyone with the ass shots in her latest movie, but then rumours swirled round that it was he body double UVT, does some good old investigative journalism and present the factys of that backside. Remember the guy who had a dick tattooed on his back by his buddy, while drunk, well he finally comes out to show us the tatt. All the other crazy sgit that happens in the world is one click away. This week i think it's all parts smut.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Tale of Jagermeister

We've all had it, it's the preferred drink of choice on a heavy bender, but sadly i don't know a Goddamn thing about it, accept that it tastes like Magic. I think it has to do with the fact that it tastes like nothing else in the world, and i don't want to spoil that for my self, but due to the Jager, party last night i just have to dig a little deeper In the small town of Wolfenbuttel, Germany, made there since 1934, we're glad it finally made it's way into our lives down here in S.A...

Jay-Z Interviews

So Jay-Z's book is dropping soon, It's called decoded, and for those not in the know, it's him deciphering the lyrics in his music, letting the audience know why he said what he said , as he guides you through some of those complicated double(and most recenlty a triple)entendres, that might have gone over your head.So he's hittin the media circuit pretty heavy promoting it so that you all put the book on Christmas shopping list.Up above is Jigga on the Daily show, after the Jump he's on the Letterman show.

Fetishes explained an infograph

click pic to make bigger

Bizarre Fetishes
Via: the OnlineDating Blog


Adult chocokatemilk

Ever miss the good old days, and the good old tastes, only now the problem is you have a an affinity for alcohol? Like seriously, you coould never go back to being a kid coz, you now know the joys of alcohol. Well take a boozey trip down memory lane with this new range of adult milkshakes, at 40% abv. This is surely the best reimagining of your childhood. Available in 1 litre and 750 ml bottles. No more white russians for me


Drive through Sex shop

You know coz you couldn't be bothered to stand in a long queue at the sex shop. How many times have you been with that special someone on a romantic night, and she starts screaming because her ball gag broke? Ok. Those of you who said "one or more times," keep reading. Those who said "Never. That's gross," can skip to the last paragraph.

Some Thursday Randomness ( the vagina can)

I'm at a loss for words, I love it as much as the next guy, but to make a can that resembles one? I don't know, and what the hell is up with the band aid? Brings new meaning to the term Pimp Cup.


Who cheats on Eva Longoria?

This hot idiot of a man hits the jackpot and manages to get bored in a matter of 3 years??? Looking at Eva Longoria I couldn't possibly find anything that'd justify his wondering eye, or in this very special case, his wondering fingers! But then again everybody has their flaws, maybe she had a big vagina or she liked missionary more than he did. Whatever it is, he cheated and now they're in Splitsville. What happened you ask? After the jump

You're getting it all this morning

It's gonna be a good day!

Thought it best to slap you awake with a few hunks this morning, two of which are trending topics on Twitterville! I’m no Jesus freak, but sometimes there’s so much evidence that there’s a burly man sitting up there, looking at his fucked up world, with his fucked up little know-it-alls who once in a while decides to throw a spanner in the works by blessing his minions with delicious pieces of men for the Eves to fight over! He’d probably watch all the debauchery that’d follow with a cold Black in his left hand (he strikes me as that kinda guy)and a Camel cigarette on his right, then he’d say something like, “Azishe ke”. So, let his will be done

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behold the Winner of the Miss Pole Dance Australia Contest

I don't like Aussies much, it's got somethin to do with, all the rugby propoganda that, comes with goin to a South African, rugby school. Slowly though my opinion on the Aussies is starting to change, they're just human like the rest of us. Had drinks with some Quantas, air hostesses at the Sun Hotel in Sandton last night, very decent folk!! I wake up this morning and the inbox is inundated with links to this video. This video alone shows that Aussie-African relations could do with some strengthening,it seems as though they've got a lot to teach us!


Verimark needs this

There was a time when ithe only thing on in the morning was the sedamn infomercials, hawking us all sorts of bullshit product. If this were to play on a sunday morning, best believe i'm stayin tuned in, perhaps even whwippin out the credit card, and calling right nowe while they offr it at low prices.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CyHi da Prince Royal Flush mixtape release party

One of my favourites for this year, a very solid effort from the G.O.O.D Muisc signee, had a release party for his Mixtape at Def Jams, Atlanta Office. More vid after the jump...

Dancing Leprechaun

Wish i had one in my crew, shit would be epic!


Tuesday Links Presented by Silvina Escudero

what a peach

Her: video This is the Argentinean version of dancing with the stars, if that passes for primetime viewing i'm movin there
Some fucked up things that nature does to fish: h8torade
22 hot photos from Victorias Secret 2010 show, including our very own local smokeshow Candice Swanepoel: flisted
Travel tip: Spanish women are more likly to mack on you first, that's why they always host my links, they litereally begging me(with hotness): flisted
The making of Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon album: complex
Kanye West Taylor Swift porn parody: leftos
13 best beer commercials, from the past 15 years: coedmag
25 bad hairsytles: holytaco
5 ways stores use science to trick oyu into buying stuff: cracked
5 realistic ways (no one said easy) to get laid: uncoached


Makings of an IT girl (not Mbau)


Call me catty, bitchy or any other derogatory name you fancy (see the worry in my eye), but I’m more than sick of hearing people like Khanyi Mbau being labelled as S.A’s It girls. It revolts me, I want to purge every time I hear that crap! Are we that desperate for girls with the “X” factor that we’ll give any media whore a title she does not deserve and subsequently fails to assume??? Let’s go to school kids: these are the makings of a BONAFIDE It girl!

Cheap shoes

I had the pleasure of attending  a refreshingly OTT cocktail party hosted by an equally dramatic designer friend of mine who irritates me more often than not. Basically, it was a fancy do, we were expected to swenka, everybody who mattered was there and in the midst of blowing those ridiculously snobbish air-kisses I happened to glance down and as soon as I had I wish I hadn’t. THOSE CHEAP SHOES...

Monday, November 15, 2010

London's new double decker revealed

While we wait for our Gautrain  to operate on all routes, the good people of  London, got to see what there new buses will look like.

Dear Condom Companies

Dear Condom Companies,

Your packaging sucks. Yet few products in life (aside from brakes, rope, fire hydrants and weaponry) need to work in the heat of the moment more than the condom.

The pressure to get that thing on before the mood changes – while still looking smooth and effortless – is so monumental, the stress alone can shut you down. Add to that your hands and everything else are probably covered in slippery lube. So why are these little rubber wonders of technology so dang hard to open?

200 million dollar Yacht!

If you got that Abramovich money then by all means, watch this video. If you're nowhere near that kind of bank account watch this video and see how the rich live, why basically capitalism, can sometimes be abitch if you're on the wrong end of the scale.LIKE ME


Dolphins do love Tuna

Just makin sure it's Dolphin safe.


Club can't handle him

Nothin to match an Indian guy with a thick accent singing today's pop hits


Friday, November 12, 2010

Converse Jack Purcell Boat Mid

The Converse Jack Purcell Boat Mid is one of our favorite sneakers from the brand’s Holiday 2010 Collection. The mid top comes in two colorways, both featuring solid premium leather uppers and matching laces.

Take a closer look at both sneakers after the jump.

Zuma gettin payed

right at you striking teachers

The Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers recommends that President Jacob Zuma earn R2 412 561 a year, an increase of R157 831.

Way to finish strong

I've got a friend of mine who's recently turned into a marathon feind, while I sit here blog in the basement eating cheeto's and get fat. I hate running, but you got to laugh at this epic race to cross the finish line.


Kanye West responds to George Bush , controversial interview!

This is the interview that had Yeezy, in a tiff on his twitter account, claiming he was ambushed, and they were trying to force a response from him. Just drop the album already dude!


Dunhill Spring accesory Collection

Season after season Dunhill always impresses us with their amazing accessory line and Spring '11 is no exception. The collection spans the modern to the classically inspired, the collection covered it all. Highlights included sleek solar chargers, beautiful rosewood flasks, and a iPad case inspired by travel.

But personally I think it's due to the Whisky fest, but i need those flasks. More of the other stuff below.

Did you say DILDO???

Don't act like you don't know!

Even when my singledom is taken into consideration, I am proud to declare I know nothing about sexual deprivation (and I don’t turn tricks either!) but I’ll need more reason than that to keep me from writing about one of the woes that scourge single women all over! I can only imagine what a “drought” feels like: a lifelong hangover maybe? A broken toenail? Accidentally biting your tongue? Close? No??? WHATEVER! Ladies, I’ve found a coping mechanism, one that doesn’t have a pulse, a huge ego and doesn't pass out after the deed!

Miss SA Top 12

Come the 12th of December the bimbos beauties will be at it again, fake-smiling till the bitter end for that tiara and all-important MissSA 2010 title. Here's the top 12

Friday Links Presented by Eliana Franco

Her: Video
7 most random celebrity duos who hung out before fame: cracked
100 ways to say fuck you: buzzfeed
5 BEST places to have aquickie: leftos
11 things you're most likely to loose when drunk, haha: coolmaterial
12 most infamous moustaches of all time: artofmanliness
30 funniest bar names of ALL time: manofest
George Bush forgives Kanye." I'm not a hater" : hiphopwired
24 Awesomely designed product packages, and i mean fuckin awesome: nerdhardy
What to discuss and not to discuss on a date: doubleviking
22 shows that made things up as they went along: ugo

So, we went to the whisky live fest in Sandton last night, I know you're only meant to take a small sip but as a testament to how good the wares on display were, I was gulping. That has effects on you the next morninig, but I fight on to bring you your links. Considerinfg the hangover I'm nursing, i need colourful ways to tell people how to keep their distance. It's the weekend i know you people get doig IT, so i gave you a few options to do IT. I've got booze on my mind and these bar names make me wanna approach the owners to discuss franchising oppurtunities. Then a bunch of topical shit, so you got somethin to say to that person you eyieng out at the club.

Enjoy the weekend people!