Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gauteng Premiers Son shoots himself

Nomvula Mokonyane's son Retlabusa Mokonyane kicked his own bucket by shooting himself, now this is very tragic but considering the dude was more trouble than anything else and got his mom into kak over things such as stolen vehicles, exploding houses and the list goes on.

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The 23-year-old reportedly shot himself yesterday .

A family member declined to comment. But Mokonyane's spokesperson Dumisani Zulu said: "I cannot comment. It is a family matter. A statement will be released soon."

Retlabusa has continually been in the news. He was linked to an explosion that burnt down part of a house in Kagiso, west of Johannesburg, in July. Witnesses said he was at the scene of the blaze with a friend, Karabo Tshinangwe, who lives in the house.

It was also claimed that the fire was caused by an explosion from a Toyota Corolla that was parked in the garage. Locals alleged the car was stolen.

Last month, a drunk Retlabusa apparently crashed a car into a police vehicle in Kagiso.

He was allegedly released after a number of phone calls were made by his friends to an unknown person. He was alleged to have been previously charged with car theft, theft, several charges of assault and abduction.

In May last year, Retlabusa was arrested for allegedly attempting to steal a Nissan bakkie. But he was released from the Krugersdorp police station because of lack of evidence.

Hopefully it wasn't a Bhotsotso...
DA leader in Gauteng Jack Bloom this week said there was a need for a full investigation into "hugely suspicious withdrawal of various criminal charges against Retlabusa".

"We need to know whether this is due to police inefficiency, a genuine lack of evidence, or interference with investigations from the very top," Bloom said.

"Mokonyane will lose all credibility in the fight against crime if she does not move swiftly to remove all doubt that she had any hand in the withdrawal of these charges against her son."

Once again this is a very tragic story, I can only imagine the amount of pressure this dude was under, I think dude didn't want to be the one that cost his mom her fancy job, only problem is you didn't have to pop a cap in you own ass. You could have just relocated homie...R.I.P



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