Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beauty contest for the artificially enhanced

People always argue against someone who has an added advantage in whatever sphere their competing in e.g sports and steroids. I've always preached that they should have the Roid Olympics and see what happens there but at least people are thinking outside the box and have introduced a beauty pageant for the artificially enhanced.

It's the beauty contest where making the cut might not be everything it sounds.

Because this pageant, in Budapest, Hungary, is only for contestants who have enhanced their bodies with cosmetic surgery.

Girls can only qualify for the Miss Plastic 2010 contest if they have received cosmetic surgery and must bring in their medical notes from the ops as proof.

Invest in your assets
Judges will then rate them on their beauty - and a special medical panel will add extra marks once they have rated the quality of the plastic surgery.

The winner will go on to a face off with international contestants in Miss Plastic Universe.

Contestant Timea Kertesz, 27 - who has had boob and buttock implants - said: "It started when I was 17 and I persuaded my mum to agree to an operation to pin back my sticking out ears.

"I suddenly discovered I was much more confident and from that moment on I have never stopped improving what nature gave me."

Finally Plastic surgeons get recognition for their countless hours of work trying to perfect the human foem. I'm pretty sure that the swim suite section gets a lot of tounges wagging.



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