Thursday, December 22, 2011

Action on Fashion [Video]

Boylston Trading Co sits with Queens rapper Action Bronson to discuss his wardrobe as a youth, fashion likes, dislikes and what happened when he met American style royalty Ralph Lauren.

Honestly one of the most charismatic emcees out there, has a mind dirtier than Ghostface killah, and wit to keep thing humorous.


Drake ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga - The Motto [Video]

Initially, to my knowledge the Tyga verse was never official, but I guess the young money crew have made it so. Drake offers the official visuals for this single.


Best Bike Rental Advert Ever [Video]

My preferred mode of transportation is a car with plenty of horses under the hood, preferably German horses. With the greenification of our world at the moment. My German horses are frowned upon whenever they do get the oppurtunity to gallop at full pace.

I'm not into bicycles anymore like when I was a young boy, but the way things are looking  cars are gonna be outlawed soon and we'll all be riding 9 million bicycles like it's Beijing. I'm getting sidetracked here, but basically al I'm saying is the roads will be over run with bicycles, and if you don't own one you'll have to rent one, and uptop is "The Greatest Bike rental Ad ," I've ever seen. Tits, ass, licking, kissing, and a bicycle. You'd be a fool for renting your bicycle anywhere else.


Adidas Originals Tsumo Pu

When will Adidas show me some love and ship me some free swag? There sneaker line up is just too dope.
Carving out its own unique niche within the footwear lineup for Holiday 2011, adidas Originals unveils the Tsumo Pu. The duck boot-inspired silhouette is mocked up in an amalgam of pigskin suede and coated canvas atop a pure white outsole. A rear heel zipper reveals a colorful interior canvas and leather lining. The adidas Originals Tsumo Pu is now available for pre-order through ZOZOTOWN with a retail of ¥15,750 JPY, thats a grand total of R1656.20


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Land Rover DC100 Concept [Video]

Land Rover is prepping to release a new and improved version of the iconic Defender model, as we see the gradual disappearance of the 4×4 vehicle throughout time. The preview highlights a pair of concept models – both of which could possibly see production as soon as 2015. Some significant tech upgrades have been implemented into the rides, one of which is a uniquely crafted tire that features retractable spikes. The tire additions allow for extra traction when coming across adverse terrain. While the video may satiate your Land Rover obsession for the time being, only time will tell if either of the concept vehicles get to set their rubber to the road.


Common calls out Drake [Video]

It would be remiss of me not to post this now, purely based on the fact that i want to move traffic this way. Crux of the issue is that Drake talked some shit at the Cali Christmas set he played.

Lonnie Rashid Lynn , didn't take too kindly to that and has some choice words for the young Toronto MC. He also put it out there that the track "Sweet," is directed toward Drake. I can respect Common for actually coming out and saying the track is aimed at Drake, because today a lot of shots are taken subliminally, and rappers hide behind the fact that no names are ever mentioned. Do I think this will ever escalate to an all out war? No! I do however think that this could have more to do with Serena Williams than either rapper is willing to admit.

Interesting breakdown of the track over here


Guy sings Niggas in Paris on Subway [Video]

This here is a reason I'm not a fan f public transportation. Don't get me wrong, I would laugh hard at this if I was on the train, shit might even brighten my day, but on the off cahnce that shit is not going swimmingly this would be a nightmare.

We in this 3rd world country have only just got our taste of a proper train infrastructure with the Gautrain. It's still early days so theres a quite a lot of effort put into stopping the rot, but as soomn as these trains canvass the whole city you can look forward to this sort of experience.In the eternal words of Dave Chappelle/Rick James...


The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

I really didn't feel like blogging today, sure theres a few things worthy writing on, but none really grab me by the nads.This Drake/ Common beef? Eh, who gives a shit! So I was pretty content to sit in my underpants eat chips ahoy, and drink beer all day.

Till I saw this trailer. I've been avoiding the various leaked pics from the set, and the little spoilers that keep leaking, so as not to burden the movie with lofty expectation, and therefore ruining it for myself  when it inevitably falls short. This trailer though, made me jizz in the aforementioned underpants and now the American summer can't come soon enough.


Monday, December 19, 2011

3DD: A 3-D Celebration of Breats [Video]

“After the big success of their first book, Henry Hargreaves is back and presents the 3DD: A 3-D Celebration of Breasts – real breasts in even better 3D. ‘The compendium of un-augmented pairs comes complete with retro viewing specs to enjoy page after page of topless women. Hargreaves bumps up the quality in this edition with a new two-camera rig and better software that makes for a more life-like final product.” We can certainly see the benefits of 3D for these types of books and are sure many will agree.’ ”
If you're not the kind of guy who's into books, or you just want to get your son into reading books, I suggest you get this book

Wiz Khalifa - California [Video]

From the upcoming mixtape Taylor Allderdice, Wiz Khalifa rolls out the visuals for “California.” It takes the laid-back emcee to the islands of Hawaii where he basks in the sun rays, enjoys a couple of beers and reflects on his meteoric rise. Look out for the mixtape which is set to drop just days prior to his sophomore effort, O.N.I.F.C.


2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe [Video]

It's not even 2012 yet and Beener has us wanting to fast forward a year.
The new 2013 BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, a four-door, four-passenger sibling to the 6 Series Coupe, takes aim at its competitors as the Audi A7 and the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Available in three models The 640i Gran Coupe, powered by a twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6 rated at 315 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque that hits 0-62 in 5.4 seconds. And the 650i Gran Coupe and the all-wheel-drive 650i xDrive Gran Coupe, both models feature a more potent variant of BMW's twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8, 0-62 less than 4.6 seconds in either model. All three 6 Series Gran Coupe variants use BMW's eight-speed automatic transmission, and all have top speed restricted to 155 mph. Other features include adaptive LED headlamps, Active Roll Stabilization, Integral Active Steering, active cruise control, night vision with pedestrian detection, and a Bang & Olufsen surround-sound audio system.


Kim Jong Il dead at 69 [video]

(Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, revered at home by a propaganda machine that turned him into a demi-god and vilified in the West as a temperamental tyrant with a nuclear arsenal, has died, North Korean state television reported Monday. Kim, who was 69 years old, died early Saturday of a heart attack while on a train journey, it said. Kim Jong-il, famed for his bouffant hair-do, platform shoes and jump suits, slowly emerged from his father’s shadows to become one of the world’s most enigmatic leaders who put North Korea on the path of becoming a nuclear power. North Korean propaganda said Kim Jong-il was born on February 16, 1942, at a secret camp for rebel fighters led by his father near Korea’s famed Mount Paektu. But analysts say he was likely born in the Soviet Union when his father was with other Korean communist exiles receiving military and other training. Kim was known as a womanizer, a drinker and a movie buff, according to those people who had been in close contact with him and later left the country. He enjoyed ogling Russian dancing girls, amassing a wine cellar with more than 10,000 bottles and downing massive amounts of lobster and cognac. North Korea’s propaganda machine painted a much more different picture. It said Kim piloted jet fighters — even though he traveled by land for his infrequent trips abroad. He penned operas, had a photographic memory, produced movies and accomplished a feat unmatched in the annals of professional golf, shooting 11 holes-in-one on the first round he ever played.

Guess, Nando's was foreshadowing this when they did that last dictator standing ad. World is getting awful lonely for Mugabe.That bit about the golf just kills me every time I read it I think of a bunch of kids standing in a circle, making shit up to prove why their dad is better than the rest. This 11 holes in one shit, is exactly that.


RZA speaks on Kanye West's work ethic [Video]

RZA sits in on the Red Bull Academy, and during his interview speaks on the exerience he had working with Kanye West in crafting My Beautiful Dark Twiseted Fantasy. He takes us through Kanye's process, and commends Kanye as one of the hardest working men in the business.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kanye West goes back to his old neighbourhood [Video]

Kanye and Hov, take a walk through Kanye's old neighbourhood in the Chi.


The Roots - Undun [Short Film]

the full short film featuring the songs “Sleep,” “Stomp,” “Tip The Scale” and “Make My‘” drops. Got my copy and I fuckin vouch for this album.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twilight for Men [Video]

If  Twilight was a little more like this, perhaps I could be persuaded to give ashit.


Castrating Lambs with your teeth is bad for you, what?!

What kind of a world do we live in where giving a lamb amouth hug, is something that a health department has to tell you not to do? I mean shit! Why, would you even want to castrate a lamb with your teeth? You're obviously just looking to get your rocks off and stumbled on some beastiality loophole.

WASHINGTON – It might seem like common-sense advice, but US health officials issued a short note Thursday warning that using your teeth to castrate lambs could make you sick. Back in June, the Wyoming Department of Health was notified that two men working at a local sheep ranch came down with Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni) infections. The patients both suffered from diarrhea and one also had abdominal cramps, fever, nausea and vomiting. One even spent a day in the hospital, according to the report issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Neither patient reported having eaten poultry or unpasteurized dairy products, which can be associated with the bacterial infection. But the two men had participated in a multi-day event to castrate 1,600 lambs — and both reported having used their teeth to do the deed.


Woman Tattoo's "DRAKE" across her forehead

Having been at the Drake performance this weekend, witnessing first hand the pull Aubrey, has on the ladies. He just brought the groupie out of some of the most composed chicks I know.

I didn't think it would, even though i bore witness there was no way I could anticipate the force was this strong.
This young lady went and tattoed the word "DRAKE" across her forehead. Below is an interview Vice Magazine had with Will Rise Tattoo studio, the ones who put that ink on her forehead.

Kevin Campbell tells Vice:
She was really psyched about it. She had the shitty font all picked out on her iPhone ready to go and was pretty adamant about putting it on her forehead…When I printed up the first image of the lettering, she wanted me to go bigger…
My whole deal with people wanting completely outrageous and potentially life-ruining tattoos is this: I’ll ask them three times if they really think it’s a good idea, I tell them what the potential consequences of getting a tattoo on their face might be, and after that, the bad decision is on them. I believe that people get the tattoos that they deserve
I guess I feel bad that this dumbass got the name of the softest motherfucker in hip-hop tattooed on her forehead. But what makes that any less valid of a tattoo to her?… I lost a little sleep over it that first night, wondering if I wanted to be known as the asshole who tattooed “DRAKE” on some crackhead’s forehead.
more after the jump...

Lil Wayne and Drake perform I'm on one in Jo' Burg [Video]

The posts have been a bit thin and a bit scarce on the blog, but even your favourite basement blogger deserves to enjoy the festive season. This past weekend being no exception. Drake, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross were in the area, and with two solid nights of performances  Johannesburg , had plenty to choose from this weekend.

I don't usually like to dwell on concerts after the fact especially good ones. I prefer to never talk about them, and and lock them in the happy box in my mind. So watch the video uptop if you feeling nostalgic, or if you weren't there so you can pretend you were.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bugatti 16C Galibier

With the Veyron nearing the end of it's production run and it's replacement still under lock and key. Leaving all to wonder how they'll improve upon the beast that is the Veyron. What we do get however, is the new Four door Bugatti, squarely aimed at blowing Rolls Royce, Aston, Porsche, Maybach and Bentley out of the uber luxury sedan market, as the most coveted item for the rich and famous.

Once existing only in concept form, Bugatti’s 16C Galibier is set to officially hit the production line. The four-door sedan will feature another high-powered engine with rumors including the W16 with 1,000 hp, or a more scaled-back 800 hp which utilizes only two turbochargers. The price of speed and comfort will set potential buyers back $1.4 USD million.

more pics after the jump...

Monday, December 5, 2011

What to say when caught staring at tits [Video]

Come on fellows, slick as ou think you are stealing glances at her breasts, she can tell you're doing it. So here's an answer you might want to memorise, just in case you're ever confronted on it.


Beyonce on her pregnancy in 20/20 interview [Video]

BeyoncĂ© opens up on her usual private life during tonight’s airing of 20/20. In the sit-down interview with ABC’s Katie Couric, the soon mother-to-be spoke on her intimate shows at New York’s Roseland Ballroom, announcing her pregnancy, rumors of a fake baby bump, her own production company called The Parkwood Group, taking on the role of director and editor, and anxiously awaiting the day her first born arrives.Ladies, and men of a homosexual persuasion, I'm posting this for you!


Johannesburg voted the Greenest City in Africa

Another day, another award for the Crown of Africa
Hahaha, I got news for all you other cities always complaining bout the smog factor when you come to JHB. So fuckin tired of hearing coastal people bitch about the quality of our air. Well it's now in black and white for you doubters. Our shit, does not stink!

Johannesburg has been voted the greenest city in Africa, the Economist Intelligence Unit study revealed on Saturday.

The report was published at the 17th Conference of the Parties (COP17) in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.
The Siemens African Green City Index looked at 15 cities around the continent.
Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria were also evaluated by the study.

The cities were judged on air quality, sanitation, waste, water, transport, land use, and energy, oxygen and environmental governance.

Johannesburg scored the lowest carbon emissions out of all South African cities and the lowest electricity consumption.

All of the Lights

So hopefully this puts an end to all  the incessant rants from Cape Town and Durban. You guys made the mistake of smelling the ocean and thinking that meant clean, you might as well be Darfur, from what I read.

The only way these coastals are green, is if you look on the jealousy index... Green is our city, green are our wallets. Here's a little track to rub it in.

Salty much?


Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Links presented by Melinda Bam

Her: video + video2
Tom Cruise can only be served by men, some weird scientology shit!: superficial
Demi Moores rebound, hahahaha, it you can't make this shit up: dlisted
7 things women do that really piss men off: guyism
Playboy suggests playmates to follow on twitter: smokingjacket

91 women wearing red for World Aids Day: Coedmagazine
GIFS that bounce, definately worth a look: thechive
7 movies that put in insane work into didn't notice: cracked
50 coolest malls in the world: complex

The ultimate squat guide 35 plus squat excercise variations: artofmanliness
66 sexiest celebs to take it off for playboy: guyism

Melinda, up there is one of the 12 finalists for the Miss South Africa Pagaent 2011, far as I'm concerned they should save themselves some money crown her now, and forego the whole parade. Just straight ship her to Miss Universe, this woman is a world beater, she's the apex predator in the jungle of beauties. Hopefully she reads this and grants us an interview.

Anyway,the silly season has begun, and that means our schedule is going to go a little wonky, so don't expect a lot of posts. We'll update when we can. If we don't, enjoy the rest of the year.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Boyfriend tattoos huge shit on ex girlfriends back

Early Onset – Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent. She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it. Apparently, Ryan found out that Rossie had cheated with a long-time friend of his, but instead of confronting her about it he acted like everything was normal and hatched a plan for revenge. Originally, Rossie tried to have Ryan charged with assault, but the ingenious tattoo artist had covered his bases by plying Rossie with wine and tequila shots and getting her to sign a consent form that stated the design was “at the artist’s discretion.” No word from Rossie on whether the illicit night of passion with Ryan’s friend was worth it. Moral of the story? Never cheat on a tattoo artist.

Hahahahaha, a back turd, siff!


How Virgins Kiss [Video]

One mans pain is another mans source of entertainment. TLC reality show, the Virgin Diaries. Features two virgins who've never even kissed, kiss for the first time at their wedding. This is basically goin to make a lot of you glad you whored yourselves out at an early age. The kiss is just painful to watch.


The Roots - Undun [Album Stream]

The legendary Roots crew, have linked up with NPR. To give you an early listen to their upcoming album "UNDUN," been listening to it all day, and I have to say the The Roots, have no match. Just plain quality music, no gimmicks, no fuss. So if your day is kind of bumming out I suggest you slip on some headphones and listen to this easy album. First listen here
Undun in stores 6 December.

Lil Wayne confirms world tour with Eminem

Most of us know that Wayne, is due to perform in South Africa, with Rick Ross on the 9th and 10th of December. There was the whole debalce about the dates clashing with Drakes Castle lite performance, then an extra day was added, and so was Rick Ross' name. Now another surprise has just popped up.
Yesterday Wayne took to his Facebook page, to give thanks to the fans for Carter 4 going 2X platinum, as well as confirm his stops for his tour with Slim Shady, and South Africa is one of his stops.

Man this concert is lining up to be something epic, Ross, Eminem, Wayne, and mayvbe a little Drake thrown in for good measure. It's christmas bitches!!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Amy Winehouse - Me and Mr. Jones [Video]

High5Collective have been keeping themselves busy as of late. Most recently, the LA-based team put together an R-rated video for Amy Winehouse’s Me & Mr. Jones, starring pornstar, Faye Reagan.Who says Porn can't be art?

R.I.P Amy Winehouse September 14 1983 - July 23 2011.


Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall street [Video]

For those not in the know, Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally.

So powerful was the movement that we had our own OWS, only Julius changed the name, made it look like his brainchild, and his had a lot less staying power. Anyway, you can imagine the sort of person that would camp out on the street for days on end with no end in sight. That's right Hippies. Someone has done us the favour of sifting through al the hippies and unearthing the hotties.

America grew weary of all the dirty hippy unemployed  types that were now speaeheading the movement, and has nowe turned on them. Conan, sent Triumph the insult comic dog on location and some funny shit ensues. Just straight pissing on the cause...


Super Racer

Headlining Super's winter releases is the Racer ($200) (do your own conversion), a classically handsome frame that you can wear with a pair 501s or a three piece Thom Browne suit. The frame will launch in three colors: Black, Transparent Caramel, and Havana Tortoise. Link

Ijust dig the look of these, not quuiote sure where to get a pair this side of the world, but if I were to proffer a guess. I reckon you try Eyetique in Melrose Arch. This Summer is to hot to be caught out there.


The Weekend - The knowing [Official Video]

A lot of us weren't aware of his sound prior to his features on Drakes "Take Care" album, but the Toronto native has our ears, and he's struck while the iron is hot. With a sound that more closely resembles The Dream, and visuals of the Ferank Ocean variety, it's gonna be interesting to see how things pan out for The Weekend.


Ex Men's Shirt [Video]

Haha, ladies this post is for you. It's basically an instructional video on how you ladies can take your old boyfriends dress shirt and turn that shit into a dress. I laugh because I find the timing of this thing to be perfect.
It's December, and as we all know it's the season for summer flings, so a lot of you are gonna be getting dumped this festive, in order to make way for a new Summer Bunny.

Now you need not fret, cause instead of giving back his favourite shirt, you can take liberties with that thing and wear it as your own. A little revenge for dropping you like a Christmas Poo.

P.S this only works if you're hot!


Mandla Mandela: Sexaul age of consent a Western notion

Three prominent gender rights organisations met with Mandla Mandela yesterday. This, after he made statements regarding South Africa’s sexual age of consent last year, saying that when it comes to culture, the sexual age of consent is a “white, Western notion.” He was specifically referring to the ukuthwala practice, where girls as young as 14-years-old are abducted and forcefully married to older men.

Here’s the full version of what he said:
The process of Ukuthwala had nothing to do with age and depended on whether the girl underwent the intonjane initiation, as arranged by her family. That is how culture works. When you are going to discuss culture do not even try to bring in white notions as such an approach will turn things upside down. Firstly, culture has no age. Age is something we learnt today because of our westernisation.
the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, the Commission for Gender Equality and the Rural Women’s Movement. They asked him to acknowledge section 3(1) of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act which states that all prospective spouses must be over the age of 18 to enter into a customary marriage. He was also asked to publicly condemn the abduction, kidnapping, assault and rape that currently accompany ukuthwala.

When put in context like that, the argument is more pro "kuthwala," than it is pro stautory rape. Dude has to realise though that as strongly as he wants to protect the culture, there's a vulture waiting to exploit a loophole in the law. It's there to protect children.

Like Mandla I'm surprised at how quickly these young things grow, but that don't make it right. Mandla is definately one of those guys that should look at this former Disney childstar hottie list

Maybe Mandla is like a coach that recognioses talent in it's raw form, you know, like how some guys have faith in a new sportsmen, and tell you to give him time.Mandla is that guy. Only he's watching Yo-Tv, picking the wheat from the chaff. Before you asy I'm writing some slanderous shit, please have a look at the mans track


Friday Links presented by Lacey Banghard

Her: Video + Video2
J.Lo won't set foot in the Bronx: dlisted
Rihanna video banned from France for being too sexy: huffpo
5 cover songs that stole the show from the original: cracked

50 sexy ladies to be thankfiul for: flisted
Passenger forced to stand  for 7hr flight, cause dude next to him wa too fat: mailonline
7 actors who have no credibility left, haha: guyism
Spiderman, Iron Man, and Batman getting jiggy with it: gorillamask

20 hottest former Disney stars: complex
10 commandments of watch buying: askmen
Carla Gugino looking extra hot: guyism


Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Roots - Sleep [Video]

Legendary hip-hop group The Roots continues their onslaught of video releases to promote their forthcoming album undun. The latest highlights the Aaron Livingston-featured track “Sleep.” With the project’s drop date nearing – as it will be available on December 6 – expect no signs of letting up now


How Rick Ross got Wale's album to number 1 on the Billboard [Video]

Keep in mind these are just debates and opinions, don't go around spewing these opinions like they're the gospel truth(which in itself has multiple angles for interpetation).

Wale saw a huge increase in album sales after signing with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group. On Interscope Wale’s first album Attention Deficit sold 30k in its first week, fast forward 2 years and his Ambition album sells 164k first week and charts at Number 1 [Ed. note: No. 1 on the Hip-Hop R&B Charts in its first week]. Can this success be attributed to his affiliation with Rick Ross? The Friday Hip Hop Report crew discuss.

People get caught up in this Billboard ranking thing, and while it is a fun fact to know, people tend to forget that an album especially HipHop albums take ahuge dip in sales after week 1. I'd rather sell a consist
amount over a long period of time than fizzle right the fuck off.

Ludacris - BaDa Boom [Video]

The track that had the internet buzzing about, the so called "hashtag flow." Now gets a video, Luda made his point, but the indifference it was met with from both Drake and Big Sean, kind of fizzled the whole thing out rather quickly.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Young Jeezy ft. T.I - F.A.M.E [Video]

I've been seeing a lot of behind the scenes shit on this one, I never posted cause I hate to spoil a surprise. Finally the full visuals are out.
Fake Ass Motherfuckers Envy.

Trailers from Ghana [Video]

Now for something a little closer to home. The blog has been accused of being too distant from local things, snubbing all things African. Now, while I might appreciate a well made German cabriolet, and display a particular penchant for technical merino cardigans, and bespoke suits, I just want you to know that I know what's goin on at home. From Black Tuesday, to Black Wednesday. I'm with it.

We just report on shit we find interesting, and this isn't some educational blog, plenty of that elsewhere.
Any way stumbled on the Ghanain gems for the latest blockbuster releases. I'm goin to hold my tongue on these clips. Cause I'm just dumbstruck..


2012 Porsche 911 Cabriolet [Video]

Luxury automobile manufacture Porsche is set to debut its latest creation, the 911 Cabriolet. The drop-top coupe is unique in the sense that it welcomes a new innovative roof design, which among other things maximizes fuel efficiency while still paying tribute to the accustomed characteristics adorned by Porsche aficionados. The car highlights either a 3.5 liter 350 hp option or a heftier 3.8 liter 400 hp engine.

It's no secret that we are fans of the finer things in life, but this car goes beyond that, just steadily tweaked over the decades, each outing getting more refined, improving on perfection, to the point where we get to this junction. This car looks awesome and it's my lifes mission to own one.


Kendrick Lamar ft. Busta Rhymes - Rigamortis (remix) [Audio]

Yesterday I posted a video where Kendrick brought Busta Rhymes out at a show to introduce a the remix to one of the years standout tracks, off of Kendrick's critically acclaimed "Section .80." Today, I post the full audio from the snippet we got yesterday.


Drake Interview on Chelsea Lately [Video]

To further promote his sophomore album "Take Care," Drake dropped in on Chelsea's show to talk about meeting Lil Wayne, his relationship with Nicki Minaj and more.Having seen Chelsea interview rappers in the past, I'm expecting a pretty entertaining interview.

The number s are in this week though and Drakes sophomore album has sold 659 190 units in its first week. Making it the 2nd highest debut for an HipHop album this year, after Lil Waynes Carter 4. For those of you that like to crunch numbers Drakes first album " Thank me Later," moved 447 000 units in his first week.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe Balck Series [Video]

Mercedes-Benz once again proves to the world what they are capable of accomplishing with the introduction of the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series. The fourth model to receive the flagship-in-performance “Black” labeling, this newly designed two-door coupe features a 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V8 with 517 hp and 457 lb-ft of torque with a 0-60 mph dash time of 4.2 seconds.


Kendrick Lamar debuts Rigamortis remix onstage with Busta Rhymes [Video]

This is a track that showcases Kendricks technical rap abilities, his increased cadence, breathe control and projection over a verse. The quckfire staccato flow is something that seems to be making it's way back to the fore.

Busta, Em, Kendrick, Cory & Tech 9, seem to be the guys who do it well. Kendrick enlists Bustsa to help him out on the remix to "Rigamortis." Can't wait to hear the official audio of this remix.

How humble is Busta? A legend in the game!!


Young Jeezy - .38 [Short Film Full]

The Movie that's meant to accompany his December release of TM103.  Sound off in the comments on wether the snowman should pursue the acting career, or stick to the booth.


Converse 2011 Chuck Taylor All Star Coated Canvas Boot

Converse‘s newest All Star Coated Canvas is a high top amalgamation constructed to be the successor to the label’s previously seen All Star Classic Boot. The sneaker exudes qualities of the aforementioned boot featuring metal lace loops and a sturdy leather and canvas upper all sitting atop the All Star’s signature rubber sole. The All Star Coated Canvas in this earth-toned Candied Ginger/Brown colorway can be had at Converse’s official shop


Lil Wayne Public Service Announcement 2 [Video]

Lil Wayne puts out another Public Service Announcement, but this time aroundf instead of letting you know what space his head is in, he uses the time to introduce you to Young Moneys latest acquisition 14-year-old Torion Sellers. He sings he dances and let's us in on his other talents in the video above.


Tuesday Links presented by Tyra Banks

Her: Video
J.Lo lets us all know she's back on the market, Godamn!!: dlisted
Paula Patton video and spread for Complex Magazine: complex
5 Insane Celebrity conspiracy theories that make absolute sense: cracked

5 easy ways to date a 10: askmen
6 of the best drinking games and why: guyism
Drake respnds to Ludacris diss: globalgrind

How to handle being out of your depth, 6 tips from a con man: artofmanliness
How to pretend you're listening to your girlfriend: holytaco

So last  night I happened to catch a glimpse of the Teen Choice Awards 2011, Tyra was up there handing out some award dressed in leather and shit, and I thought to myslef."She still has it." Irritatting as she is, she's still breaking dicks at 38.

Friday, November 18, 2011

25 ways to wear a scarf [Video]

I see a lot of you men out there wearing scarves in this blazing African Summer. It urks me, I mean, "Why?" I thought I'd offer you some variations, if you insist on wearing them. Educate yourselves.


Busta Rhymes and Birdman confirm signing [Video]

To showcase his latest acquisition, Birdman puts Busta on a video, just to let you know that the rumours are true.


2012 Porsche Panamera GTS [Video]

The once divisive Porsche sedan, that I happen to love, gets the GTS treatment, the GTS is differentiated by a modified 4.8-liter V8 tuned to develop 430 horsepower at 6,700 rpm (that's a 30 horsepower bump over the standard 4S model) and 384 pound-feet of torque. I could live with that, only problem is I might forget I'm shuttling around three other passengers.


Big Sean responds to Ludacris [Audio]

This is in the wake of Ludacris' latest mixtape, some rappers were in his crosshairs. Big Sean was one of them. Big Sean, takes the diplomatic approach to the whole debacle.


Friday Links presented by Sandy Capetinha

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"Stuck Up," book containing  X- Rays of people with strange things up their ass: brobible


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ludacris responds to Big Sean and Drake [Audio]

Yesterday, Luda dropped his 1.21 Gigawatts mixtape and shortly after the internets got to talking about tracks 5 and 6. Months after Drake and Big Sean both called Luda out for using the “supa dupa flow” in a less-than-stellar way on My Chick Bad. Luda sure as hell likes to bide his time, but like the last album where he felt under rated, he comes strong on these two cuts.

Up first is the History Lesson Interlude in which Luda runs through snippets from Cam’ron (2003), Method Man (1998), Biggie (1997) and Q-Tip (1991) all using the flow over the years.

Then it's "Bada Boom," which is where the attack begins…

You don't want it with an angry Luda, he will Beast on you.


Busta Rhymes signs with Young Money and drops new single

Busta seems to be the nomad of Record labels, just making his way across some of the biggest labels, dropping an album then moving on to the next one. Well he's just landed at Young Money, and simultaneously drops a new track wick with Chris Brown entitled, "Why stop Now." Can it still be called "Young Money, " with Buss a Buss on the team?

With the help of Google Music and YouTube — you may have that opportunity if you can handle the test. Busta just released his new single with Chris Brown. And all you’ve gotta do is learn the first verse, spit it on camera, upload it here and get chosen by Busta himself.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BMW M5 Twin TurboV8 Engine [Video]

Ever wondered what the Twin-Turbo V8 engine sounds like in the new BMW M5 Saloon? Have a listen to this and see how the BMW M5 performs on the track.


Handmade Portraits: The Sword maker [Video]

Far back as I can remember, my appreciation for handmade items, began, when I watched a documentary, about making japanese swords. It revealed to me the process it took to make them correctly.

As one of Japan’s last remaining swordsmiths, Korehira Watanabe has honed his craft for 40 years while attempting to recreate the mythical Koto sword. While in college, Watanabe became inspired by another famous sword craftsman, Akihira Miyairi, who would then go on to become his master. It’s only in the last five years that Watanabe was finally be able to create something similar to the Koto, an instrument of destruction lauded for it’s abilities during the Heian and Kamakura Periods. In this beautiful short film, watch and learn about the dedication and patience that is needed to craft such a rudimentary, yet tough to master tool.


Bride whips out phone during wedding [Video]

Anyone who knows me, knows I hate mobile phones, they're an invitation to others to intrude. Not sayin I don't see the good sideto them, but always being connected is shit. Lot's of you are out on the streets, but are never realy experiencing the streets, instead you're broadcasting the experience so some follower can live vicariously through you.

My issues aside, this is totally unacceptable, for her looks alone she wouldn't win bride of the year, and now he has to tolerate her obvious disinterest. I would have just let go of her and taken the honeymoon for 1.


Hooters Kiss [Video]

I've been known to frequent Hooters on several occasions. I usually rely on charm to eke out a number from the girls, never thought of just using tricks, but then again I can't down a draft in 2 seconds.

The Kid can drink, that's for sure. Don't think his tricks would fly down here either, the bouncers here are even more testy than the black chick, and snuff shit out before it even starts.


The Roots - Stomp [Video]

The third of four videos from their upcoming album "Undun." Quality all round!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Links Presented by Mulher Samambaia

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drake Vevo Interviews [Video]

Much as Drake claims he's okay with the leak of his album. I seem to think that inside he's hurting, unable to trust those in his inner circle that had acces to the final mastered product. Oh well. those are rich people problems, and I aint one of them. Here is some footage from Vevo.


R.Kelly - Shut Up [Audio]

A few months after being rushed to the hospital for an emergency throat surgery, Kelz is back singing them off. On the first taste off his upcoming album, Black Panties, Kelz takes on all the folks that have been doubting him over the years. ":Black Panties," really after peeing on kids that's the name you wanna go with for your album? Guess I should just "Shut Up." Hahaha Ke;lz takes bragadocio to new levels. "Let's be honest , how many babies been made off me? O.M.G." Damn Kelz, is on his twitter shit.


Busta Rhymes - You aint Gotta wait till I'm gone [Heavy D tribute] [Audio]

Busta Rhymes recorded this new song, a tribute to the late Heavy D last night. The Flipmode Squad general pays tribute to fallen hip-hop greats while showing appreciation for our current living legends.


DMX on Dr. Drew [Video]

DMX was first scheduled to appear on VH1's Celebrity Rehab while he was still in prison. That never happened but Dr. Drew got to DMX, to go on his On his show Lifechangers, the doc was able to have some heart to heart conversation with X. Earl revealed more details about his tough childhood, specifically the physical abuse he was subject to from his mother. Ultimately, Dr. Drew helps Earl understand how getting beat as a child really contributed to his problems as an adult. Still don't buy the fact that you can fix a person over an hour. Will X. ever be the same agian?
more vid after the jump...

Die Antwoord - Fok Julle Naaiers [Video][UPDATE]

Love them or hate them, you can't deny that Die Antwoord are a global force. International journo's are hungry for more content from these guys, and often have athe scoop on us.  I see their shit on other blogs long before I see it on any national blog. That takes some doing.

The Afrikaans Zef rap group recently parted ways with Interscope Records,
According to the group, Interscope wanted them to re-work “Fok Julle Naaiers” for a more “mainstream appeal”, and Die Antwoord, unsurprisingly, were not amused, responding:

So anyway… Interscope offered us a bunch of money again to release our new album TEN$ION. But this time, they also tried to get involved with our music, to try and make us sound like everyone else out there at the moment… So we said: ‘U know what, rather hang on to your money, buy yourself something nice…we gonna do our own thing. Bye bye’.
I would kill whole villages of women and children, to say I'm a labelmate with Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent. These guys just told them where to get off. Now while I might not buy an Antwoord album, their visuals are always interesting enough to keep me watching. No different with the aptly named "Fok Julle Naaiers" "Hosh Phakamisa!" Shit is just homegrown, plus the rhymes are getting tighter.
Found this extra bit of footage where "Ninja," or Waddy as some remember him, tells us what went down at interscope. "Fuckin fell down laughing at 2 min mark, Simunye."


Givenchy Watch The Throne T-Shirts

We now get a detailed look at the designer t-shirt they have been donning on stage. Riccardo Tisci was in charge of the intricate art detailing of the actual album, so in appropriate fashion, both emcees have been sporting coinciding Givenchy Watch The Throne shirts. The tees not only feature unique designs from Tisci, which highlight the project, but also welcome each artist’s initials on the sleeve.
More pics after the jump...

Drake ft. The Weekend - The Ride

Although his sophomore album, "Take Care," caught a case of the leaks earlier this week. As with all things that aren't gotten via the correct channels, there is shit missing. That shit comes in the form of tracks when we speak of albums. This is an offering, featuring fellow Canadian "The Weekend." This track takes me back, on some 90's R&b tip.


Lil Wayne - She Will ft. T.I Remix [audio]

Hahaha, the ex cons re-unite on this track, and on a preponderance of evidence, Tip came out the cell a hardened lyricist.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dating Site in crap for anti fat people, advert

America, is a wonderful country indeed, no other country has as much liberties, oppurtunities, and wealth as the the United States. It's something they pride themselves on, and rightly so. You're at the top of the food chain, revel in that achievement, but sometimes the American public will go in hard on their own when they feel you're in the wrong, as in this case.

Ashley Madison, a "married dating service for discreet encounters" (yes, such a thing exists), just released the second of two ads that mock a plus-size model for her look.  You read that right ladies and gentlemen, a website that encourages you to have an extra-marrital affair is causing a stir because they're against fat people.

The dating site, which seeks to connect married or "attached" individuals for affairs, released an ad last week stating, "Did your wife SCARE you last night?" with a photo of an overweight woman lounging sexily in lingerie.

Am I the only one who feels that the biggest problem is that there is a site that encourages people, to step outside of marriage? And you're worried because someone who eats too much is not looked at as the archetypal beauty.

 Hahahaha, I'm packing my bags for the States first thing, marrying an American woman for a green card, then I'm gonna cheat as much as I like, as long as I'm passing the dick around non- discriminantly. Win - Win!


Welsh Rugby Player has stroke then wakes up Gay

New life: Chris now works as a hairdresser and lives above the shop with his boyfriend
A rugby player suffered a stroke while training – and discovered when he woke up that he was gay. Chris Birch, 26, had proposed to his girlfriend and worked in a bank when he suffered a freak accident in the gym. The rugby-loving Welshman was trying to impress his friends with a back flip but broke his neck and suffered a stroke. He was taken to the Royal Gwent hospital where his girlfriend and family waited for news – but said: ‘I was gay when I woke up and I still am.’ His friends were stunned by the dramatic changes to his personality, especially his change in sexuality. Chris said: ‘It sounds strange but when I came round I immediately felt different. ‘I wasn’t interested in women any more. I was definitely gay. ‘I had never been attracted to a man before – I’d never even had any gay friends. But I didn’t care about who I was before, I had to be true to my feelings.’ Before the accident Chris was planning on settling down with his girlfriend, although they were having a break from each other at the time of his accident. But after the stroke he found he was no longer interested in sport and had little in common with his old friends. He quit his job to become a hairdresser and started dating a man he met at a club night

Chris before: heavier and worked at a bank

I call Bullshit! Dude just needed an out, and this however unlkely was his best exit strategy. Fucking Welsh. How are you ever expecting to win a Rugby Worlsd Cup when your union is full of ths sort of shit?


CyHi da Prynce - Cold as Ice [Video]

The problem with todays musical climate, is that people have far too much variety. You bump an album for a week then move on to the next one. Without ever giving an album a full chance to marinade. On the flipside some might argue that if it doesn't grab you in that first week, then it wasn't a strong enough effort. Can't argue with that logic, but hearing this track reminded me of all the tracks I enjoyed on Royal Flush 2. Infact I'm goin to blast "Thousan Poundz" off this mixtape.


Megaphone for iPhone [Video]

There's a reason I love the iPhone above all other phones. It's simplicity of design seems to inspire others to new creative plateau's, wether it's designing an app, or the vast array of accesories to fit the phone. No other phone comes close to offering some of the elegant shit, you can add to your phone. Iguess it's cause all other companies, drain themselves creating the phone, and have the added burden of designing the accesories, which more often than not clearly look like an afterthought.

MegaPhone by Ene&is. A pretty piece.
"Passive Amplifier for iphone made of ceramic. the form is designed to amplify and optimize the best sound output. the amplifier is based on a thin wooden frame that allows the object to float off the table. this in order to increase the vibration of the object and to optimize the emission of sound. designed for the iPhone is perfect for listening music without headphones, for audio conference to hear the person on the phone as live voice."

pics an vi after the jump...

The Roots - Tip the Scale [Video]

The second in a series of four videos to be released by the Legendary Roots Crew, for their upcoming conceptual album "Undun." This video picks up where "Make My," left off. I'm hyped for this album. Album in stores Dec. 6th.


Tetris Furniture by Pedro Machado

This clever table and chairs and drawers combo furniture called T@tris by Pedro Machado, obviously inspired by the Tetris game.
"It´s a sideboard. It´s a table and two benches. It´s 26 drawers.
Real furniture for sale. Ask for further Informations emailing the designer:

More pics after the jump...

Meek Mill -I'm A Boss remx ft. T.I, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Swizz Beats, Dj Khaled

Maybach Music Group finally delivers the star-studded remix to Meek Mill’s hit record “I’m A Boss.” The final lineup includes: T.I., Swizz Beatz, Rick Ross, Lil’ Wayne, Birdman and DJ Khaled.

Rick takes the time on the verse, to give us a health update:

Had a couple seizures, call em minor setbacks/
Everybody praying for me, I respect that/
Woke up in the hostpital, where my checks at?


Pusha T - Tony Montana [Video]

Last night I had my own listening party for "Fear of God 2: Let us Pray." It goes hard, Pusha has managed to give us two works of music, in one year that deserve praise. He gives us the visuals to his Tony Montana Freestyle, Officialy labelled as the White Girl Remix. Undertsated and simple, but everybody knows I got an affinity for them white girls, so I had to look.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ducati 1199 Panigale Superbike [Video]

I'm not a bike person, let me start there. They just aren't a mode of transportation that suits my personality. I do however admire them, and know enough about them to hold my own in a conversation at aBike Rally. More than anything else though, I know what not to ignore in the Bike world, and the flagship Ducati is something we should all pay attention to.


Converse 2011 Holiday Star Classic

Converse introduces its latest all-court style Star Classic in an updated leather upper with iconic aesthetics. Pulling from its storied history, the pair feature a low profile rubber outsole with a two tone black/off-white leather upper. Tonal black laces and a complimentary cream interior finish off the silhouette. Apttly titled, the classic shoe is now available from Converse.


Tuesday Links presented by Elisiane Benites

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Missy Elliot was Lil Waynes Idol: Vibe
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I'm starting to wonder if Brazil has any normal women.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Safe House [Trailer]

I've got a friend down in Cape Town, who'd told me quite a while back that Cape Town had come to a standstll because Dnzel and Ryan Reynolds were shooting, ooutside his office block. At that time I just shelved it away under "more reasons to hate Cape Town," and forgot about it. Now the trailer just made itself known to me, and like any South African I'm always keen to see how these hollywood types portray us.

Safe House, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, revolves around a CIA-operated safe house that gets compromised. From there, the facilities house-sitter must relocate the criminal they’re watching to a safer location. It wouldn’t be the start of a new year without a Denzel-assisted thriller to look forward to. I see Watch the Throne wasted no time in making its cultural impact, "No Church in the Wild," fits so well with trailer. Pretty trippy seeing Denzel in the uniform Bheki Cele, had just begun to make his own.


Young Jeezy ft. T.I - F.A.M.E (Fake Ass Motherfuckers Envy) [Audio]

The thing with Hip Hop beef is that it's polarizing. Hip Hop fans will always side with their favourite rapper in the case of beef, and dismiss the other as wack. When in actual fact the beef shouldn't be that divisive. You as a fan of music should be able to sit back and say, that's a good track regardless of the artists gripe.

With Jeezy and Ross, you had two artists who ran the streets, champions of the peoples cause, guys who had the street anthems. They even worked together and had worked some collaborative magic. Somehow the machine broke and the two no longer vibe like they used to.

Abscence on Jeezy's part has seen the Ross' star rise to new heights, and caused many to prematurely declare Jeezy's career over. Sure the man has had some label issues, a point Ross, relishes saying "they're on the same label, yet nothing he puts out ever gets pushed back."

Whatever the deal was there, Jeezy's machine is on full blast, in preparation for a December 20th release of his Thug Notivation 103:Hustlerz Ambition Album.

Having had a private listening session last week, critics came away with only good things to say, hailing this as the Quarter for the Snowman. Rick is also slated to drop his album soon, I'm not gonna take sides, I like both these guys, Ricks impeccable ear for good beats, and Jeezy's lack of pretense and his street appeal.

This track, enlists the JUSTICE League on production(Responsible for a lot of Rozays hits), and T.I goes in over a verse. The passion burns crazy on this cut.

See the tracklist for TM103 Below:

UCT student stable after 5-storey fall

Varisty see's a lot of strange shit happen, when I was in varisty a mate of mine happned to be gliding to the girls residence and fell off the rails and fell 2 floors down, very sad story indeed...wrong! A 20-year-old University of Cape Town student was in a critical, but stable condition on Monday after falling five storeys from a campus residence. More after the jump:

The making of a SLS AMG Roadster Photoshoot [Video]

If you've ever glanced through a new vehicle's official PR photographs and wondered exactly what went into their creation, we have something special for you. Mercedes-Benz has released a quick video detailing the work involved in photographing the company's SLS AMG Roadster.


Mos Def & Talib Kweli to Reunite in 2012 for New Black Star Album

For those of y'all who grew up listening to some proper Hip Hop, you'll be happy to know that Mos & Kwa are going to be at it again, the fellas are feigning dropping another Black Star album and I'm pretty sure its going to be up to scratch, I was rather disappointed with the follow up to Reflection Eternal which left a lot to be desired, so this better be hot! More after the jump:

Hannibal Buress on David Letterman [Video]

Mr. Buress is one of the fastest rising comics working today. No less of an authority than Chris Rock has singled him out as someone to watch. He has written for “Saturday Night Live” and “30 Rock,” and recently signed a deal with Fox to develop a television show with Jonah Hill. I threw in a little extra footage from his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel after the jump...