Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Tyra Banks

Her: Video
J.Lo lets us all know she's back on the market, Godamn!!: dlisted
Paula Patton video and spread for Complex Magazine: complex
5 Insane Celebrity conspiracy theories that make absolute sense: cracked

5 easy ways to date a 10: askmen
6 of the best drinking games and why: guyism
Drake respnds to Ludacris diss: globalgrind

How to handle being out of your depth, 6 tips from a con man: artofmanliness
How to pretend you're listening to your girlfriend: holytaco

So last  night I happened to catch a glimpse of the Teen Choice Awards 2011, Tyra was up there handing out some award dressed in leather and shit, and I thought to myslef."She still has it." Irritatting as she is, she's still breaking dicks at 38.

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