Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Elisiane Benites

Her: Video + Video2
French Weekly satirizes Muhammed, promptly firebombed: 2Oceansvibe
Jordan Craver doing Yoga in the park: Egotastic
9 Historical Figures who could be Bond Villians: Guyism

5 ridiculous animal myths that you probably believe: Cracked
How to deal with not being able to grow a moustache: Holytaco
The way you do things in Public vs. Private: Collegehumor
How to be a watch Snob, the 5 essentials: Askmen

Missy Elliot was Lil Waynes Idol: Vibe
10 of the coolest closets: Uncoached
6 ways Neil Patrick Harris has made life easier for straight men: thesmokingjacket

I'm starting to wonder if Brazil has any normal women.


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