Monday, November 7, 2011

UCT student stable after 5-storey fall

Varisty see's a lot of strange shit happen, when I was in varisty a mate of mine happned to be gliding to the girls residence and fell off the rails and fell 2 floors down, very sad story indeed...wrong! A 20-year-old University of Cape Town student was in a critical, but stable condition on Monday after falling five storeys from a campus residence. More after the jump:

Jacqueline Hart-Davies, a second-year commerce student, landed on concrete when she fell while visiting her boyfriend at UCT’s Leo Marquard residence.

She was taken to the Vincent Pallotti Hospital with a broken back, a broken arm, leg and ribs and damage to various organs.

Students living in the residence said they heard a window smash and a scream as Hart-Davies fell from a grating, which gave way while she was standing on it, around midnight on Thursday night.

Her father Paul Hart-Davies said it was a "miracle" his daughter was alive, and said the family was coping well now that she had made it through the most critical phase.

"If all goes well, then doctors will start operating on her tomorrow [Monday]. They have removed a kidney and repaired various organs, and hopefully they can start orthopaedic work to repair her ribs, arm, her back in three places and everywhere else," he was quoted as saying.

When the family arrived at the scene soon after her fall they could not speak to her as she was in "incredible pain".

"It really is a miracle that she survived falling five floors and landing on concrete," Hart-Davies said.

"She’s really lucky, she’s a strong girl."

Maybe they should change this to Epic Fall!!!I know this shit ain't funny but I've got a twisted sense of humor!



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