Thursday, June 30, 2011

BMW 1M - Helipad - MPowered Performance Part 2

The thing that's quite a mind fuck is I was thinking about this here vehicle and what do you know, another vid showing you why "if you can't afford this car" you need to be dreaming about it.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bugatti to build last Veyron

Seems every young mans dream car is about to roll out the Bugatti plant. It Bugatti, a brand under the VW Group, has announced it has sold the very last of its 300 unit Veyron production. More after the jump:

Taxi industry to launch airline

At first I didn't want to belive but it seems that the Taxi industry is indeed going to launch an airline, can anyone say four four masihlalisane...More after the jump:

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Trailer

After Mission Imposible 3 I thought that woudl be the last one but lo and behold here is another one.After peeping the trailer I must say this looks like a must see.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Perry Eyed for Mambazo film

Seems Tyler Perry is after his paper once again cause he came up with the bright idea to make a movie about the journey of Lady Smith Black Mambazo. More after the jump:

BET Awards Drake, Khaled, Rick Ross and Weezy ‘I’m On One’

The 2011 BET Awards went off without last night at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This year’s festivities was hosted by actor/comedian Kevin Hart, with Chris Brown leading the field with six nominations including: Video of The Year. The night’s performances definitely has some memorable moments from Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Jill Scott, Ace Hood and more.




Just when you thought the M3 couldn't be more of a beast BMW comes through and says "fuck what you heard!", the 2012 M# CRT is constructed mainly with lightweight carbon fibre to reduce overall weihgt by 70kgs and not only that but the engine's been tweeked so there more power under the hood. More after the jump:

Monday, June 27, 2011

L-Tido ft Banky W - it ain't my fault vid

It wouldn't make sense not to put up L-Tido's vid and just put on AKA new vid ,  as much as homies had beef a while back, we ain't got no beef with the two artists here, big  ups to L-Tido for the Nigerian collabo with Banky W. The video premiered on MTV Base this weekend so you know its fresh!


Rihanna does a face dive whilst performing

I've been waiting for Rihanna to fall on stage, has she no idea how irritating her voice is. With a forehead like that I'm surprised the stage didn't break up at the mere thought of her forehead hitting the ground, God knows I'd crap my panst just at the idea of her headbutting me. I'm sure Chris was on standby to help out afterwards...


Indian Version of Kanye Wests All of the lights

I've been canning myself all morning watching this vid, you gotta admire how serious dude is about recording the video, but Jesus can he look up the lyrics before recording any other version of any other song. Sheesh!



AKA All I know vid

This is one of the first local tracks to get the thumbs up from the other half of Fishfinger and I know without a doubt the video does the song justice....The video was dropped over the weekend on Channel O' Crispy Fresh. Enjoy!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Al Capone's revolver sold for over $100 000

Many a movie has been made with character references to Al Capone and this man has lived on through tales of his Gangster ways and escapades. The most important item to Al Capone, which is his revolver wnet on auction and fetched over $100 000. More after jump:

I'm Nonhle Thema Bitch

Nonhle has been going obn twitter tyriads in the last couple of weeks and its got everyone on twitter abuzz and when twitter goes abuzz the whole world catches on...More after the jump:

Batch of Contaminated, Flesh-Rotting Cocaine Hits the United States Yayo Market

Fucking with the devils dandruff is already gambling with your shit as it is and often the t's tainted with levamisole which tends to make you skin break out in all sorts of nasties. More after the jump:

Kadar Asmal dies

ANC stalwart Kader Asmal has died of a heart attack. Party secretary general Gwede Mantashe said Luthuli House has received confirmation of the former education minister's death from the organisation's Western Cape office.More after the jump:

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wired Al lady Gaga Parody - Perform This Way

I've known about Wierd Al Yankovich since I was a wee lad and he's always managed to make me chuckle casue he's the king of parody's, this one is no different. Its about time somone took a jab at Lady Gaga, she bloody well deserves it!


Most dangerous job in the world

Whilst I make my way to work I often contemplate all the hurdles and life threating obstacles that I have to encounter before I get and the possible IOD's I might encounter when I get to work and i figure that my life isn't in much danger. If we're talking dangeroush jobs these guys probably don't even have a policy on IOD's at all cause you can't get injured on this job, one wrong step and you're a goner! Below are the details of the most dangerous job in the world. More After the jump:

30 minutes or less trailer [video]

Hahaha, I love it when a movie seems to be tailored to my low brow sense of humour, and this movie has all my favourite slackers in it. Danny Mcbride , Aziz Ansari, Jesse Eisenberg. With a plot as ridiculous to match.
Peep the uncensored trailer above.


Styles P - Where the Angels Sleep [Video]

Visual for “Where The Angels Sleep” off of his War Music album. In this Fabrizio Conte-directed clip, SP the Ghost is keeping his cool while the world is being invaded by gigantic killer robots. To be continued.


The Dentist of Jaipur

No matter how you present this, be it with the charming indian folk music in the background, those close up shots of shit, this isn't a Wes Anderson, movie. Therefore you have to freak the fuck out that some peoples are getting their mouth fucked with by the "The Dentist of Jaipur." See that name there makes this sound like some lead character in a childrens book, when infact it should be called "the streetwalk mouth fucker upper." I'd rather roll toothless.


Yelawolf- Daddy's Lambo [video]

Saw the BTS, video about 2 weeks back, can't remeber if i posted it though. Anyway the official vid is out for Yela's single.


Demon pretends to be retarded

Remember the Exorcist? I was a young boy, who's testicles had barely dropped at the time it came out. That movie, scared me church wards. I'm older now I've formed my own opinions, put that movie in the back of my mind, it no longer holds any influence over me. Such is the power of Hollywood. Like I said, I have my own opinions on religion these days, and they aint too pretty for the more zealous believer. Anyway this exorcism would have me rolling in the church pew.Is it me, or is he kind of hot? I hope she's a demon in bed!!


British Royal Marine wills 100 000 pounds to mates for a piss up in Vegas

This is what brotherhood is about, this man not only talked the talk he walked the walk as as well.

Last year a 23-year old Royal Marine took out a life insurance policy before deploying to Afghanistan. He wrote a letter home instructing that a £100,000 chunk of the £250,000 policy should be used by his buddies for a Vegas bender in his memory if he died. Sadly, David Hart, a combat medic, paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country in Afghanistan's Helmand province the day before his 24th birthday. Now 32 of his buddies and their girlfriends are preparing for the party of a lifetime in honor of Hart's valor and service.
His commanding officer called him, "the perfect Marine - magnificent in personality and profession." Here's what his buddy said about him:

"He loved going away with his mates - it was always the best two weeks of the year. They were lads' holidays and great times." "In his letter David said he had had a great life and had no regrets about anything. He always said he would do something like this if something bad happened. He said, 'Go and have a good time and spend all this money'. All the lads said, 'What a guy'."

Dude had mad friends, though even if I invited all my Facebook friends, I couldn't get 32 friends together. Isuppose a few crawled out the woodwork. Sort of like how I would, if I eard there was an all expenses paid piss up in Vegas.


Tuesday Links presented by Alesandra Tomacheski

Her: video
Hugh Hefner moves on with new Playmate girlfriend. Every man should live like Hugh: flisted
Beyonce's mom pullin diva stunts at Beyonce video shoot: dlisted
Will; Smith and Jay Z kick it on the set off Men in Black 3, Jigga had to get away from B' s mom: globalgrind

The 7 keys to a succesful one night stand: guyism
The 10 best bands to get laid to: coedmagazine
25 of the craziest pics from Jackass: holytaco
Mind the gap: thechive

25 best albums of 2011 so far: complex
The 4 most potentially badass fathers who never had kids: cracked
Fat kid summer fashion: collegehumor

Another Brazillian, leading the fucking links. Brazil should just grant me citizenship already, hollow out that Jesus statue, furnish it and let me live in there. The internet wants you to get laid, this weekend, and gives you tips for a good one night stand, and if i might add they missed one. Have an exit Strategy for the morning after. The music to play while you give her the best 3 seconds of your life. Practise all of it now,  and you should be good come the weekend. I'm gonna be out of town for the next two weeks, so expect few if not zero posts from me till July. Luckily B.C.M. will be holding down the fort in my abscence.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Jay-Z, Usher, Diddy Make Forbes' Highest Paid Musicians List

Jay-Z, Usher, Diddy Make Forbes List

Mega music makers Jay-Z and Usher are two of the urban artists who made Forbes' list of highest paid musicians.

With elite company like rockers U2, Elton John and Bon Jovi, Jigga and Ursher were two of five hip hop and R&B artists to make the prestigious list. Usher landed at the #12 spot after raking in $46 million last calendar. Jay-Z came in at #17 earning $37 million.

Diddy, Beyonce, old school rockers AC/DC, country singer Tim McGraw and British rock band Muse all tied for the #18 spot bringing in $35 million. Rihanna took up the 25th and final spot earning $29 million over the last 12 months.

Amy Winhouse get booed in Belgrade

Lord knows I've had my fair share of stupid drunk moments yet, the comforting thing for me is the fact that these things don't happen on stage cause I'm not a fucking singer. Amy clearly got fucked up backstage so much so, that when she got on stage she was stumbling and singing through her ass, touching her nose and shit. Somebody get this bitch in rehab!


Scirocco 'R'

If you are a fan of the Scirocco then you'll be pleased to know that an R version has hit our shores as much as it was unveiled to the South African public in 2008 at the Joburg Auto Show, now you can start booking your test drives at your local VW dealership. More after the jump:

Maxwell - VH1Storytellers [VIDEO]

Haha, so the inbox is lit up like a christmas tree. Apparently loving the dirty direction, this monday is taking, we'll try make it a regular feature from now on. Just to close the day off without any bitter feelings. I offer up a Maxwell performance from the VH1 Storytellers series. Soothe you people out for the road home. If you got 50 min to spare watch it.


Gold Diggin Divas - Co-dependent [video]

Time was if you were a slut, you'd wanna keep that shit to yourself, out of fear of being ostracized, by society. Well, times they are a changing and the average man has plenty of bodily meats to feast his eyes on as hordes of women try outslut each other in the streets. You got the right to vote, yet somehow set yourselves back in the process. Anyway a group of strippers, who go by the name of Gold Digging Divas, display their musical talents. As one youtube commentor put it, "Shut up and make me a sandwich!"


Proverb prays for woman after knocking her over

I know Proverb as a rather stand up guy and have never seen the dude put a foot wrong, not that he put a foot wrong but a pedastrian put a foot wrong and managed to get knocked down by Proverb. More after the jump:

Japanese Invent Steak made from Human Crap

Man this story is vommit inducing, every descriptive adjective of the process makes me want to hurl up my breakfast, in fact all the food I ate this weekend.

It’s being called the “poop burger”. Japanese scientists have found a way to create artificial meat from sewage containing human feces.
Mitsuyuki Ikeda, a researcher from the Okayama Laboratory, has developed steaks based on proteins from human excrement. Tokyo Sewage approached the scientist because of an overabundance of sewage mud. They asked him to explore the possible uses of the sewage and Ikeda found that the mud contained a great deal of protein because of all the bacteria.
More after the jump+ video

Dude just straight raping a Mannequin

Personally I empathise with old boy here, have you seen the mannequins these days? Just, body banging for days. I like how even when her arms are dislodgdging, he jus keeps going. WTF happened to people over the weekend? Peopple are just sexual deviants!


Monday Pick me up: Candice Swanepoel destroying Youtube

A homegrown Hottie, who's face, is setting sail to a thousand boners. Candice Swanepoel. Helping you get over the Monday Blues.


Ken Block Dirt3 Gymkhana: Tilt Shift edition

Everybody and their Mamma, should know who Ken Block is. If you don't, motherfuckers need to get acquainted with the GOOGLES. here he is ripping shit up as he usually does, but with a slight twist. We're offered new footage of his run at Battersea Power Station, as filmed through a tilt-shift lens. The tilt-shift lens creates the effect of a miniaturised world as Ken Block performs a masterclass in car control around the iconic London landmark which was turned into the DC Compound — a level from DiRT 3 set at Battersea Powerstation. if you've never seen Block, do his thing you'll swear that was just a RC car on a mini circuit. I need a tilt shift lens as in yesterday.


Blowjob at gunpoint

This is just plain tough to swallow... A Louisville man is facing multiple sex charges after police said he forced another man to perform oral sex on him at gunpoint before shooting him. According to arrest records, the victim was forced to perform oral sex on 19-year-old Anton L. Malone while being held at gunpoint behind the Jefferson Community & Technical College building on West Chestnut Street around midnight Friday.Police said Malone then tried to sodomize the victim but was unsuccessful.Malone then forced victim to perform oral sex again, this time until completion, police said.According to arrest records, Malone then shot the victim twice in the left leg.Malone is charged with three counts of first-degree sodomy and one charged of second-degree assault.

Oh fuck this is classic, pop him in the legs twice afterwards , just to make the sodomy easier? Fuck it this is rough, is this the world we live in now suck and fucks at gunpoint? Makes me think of a conversation e've had when drunk. If you're tied up against a wall naked and a dude comes and fondles your nads, and you get an erection, does that make you GHAY?


Friday, June 17, 2011

Cops investigate Tupac robbery confession

One of the greatest mysteries in the world is who killed Tupac and Biggie, I don't know if this is a hoax or what the fuck is going on but police are investigating an online posting of a confession made by an in mate that he was behind the robbery attempt which Tupac survived after being shot 5 times. More after the jump:

Alex presents Commando

This must be an African thing, cause I used to sit and explain the shit out of a movie, when i was ayoung one.
I wasn't the only one either, we'd huddle up and give a blow by blow account of what went on in the movie you just saw, filled with the same motherfucking sounds this kid makes when describing action.
Fuck I miss being a kid. Anyway watch Alex, breakdown Commando(a movie I've had the pleasure of retelling as well) Here's to Africa, and the lost art of Storytelling.


Top Gear s17 Trailer

If you love cars, this is the best show onn earth to watch, when you fantasize, about some otherwordly cars , that you're more likely unable to afford. Top Gear is going in on season 17, June 26. This is the trailer.


Frank Ocean - Novocane [video]

23-year-old New Orleans sensation Frank Ocean has garnered a lot of press recently from his association with the hip-hop group of the moment, Odd Future. The singer/songwriter has recently released the video for one of his solo endeavors – “Novacane.” On the track, Ocean sings about meeting and wooing a dentist-to-be over a smooth, pulsating beat. More important, however, is the visual accompanying the song. Staying true to the OFWGKTA tradition of quirky, slightly disturbing music videos, we see Frank Ocean’s face physically ebbing and flowing in the same way one feels when injected with Novocaine at the dentist. The ending offers a fun surprise as well.


Friday Links Presented by Ashley Sky

Her: video
The 40 best man Cities: maxim
Supermans new Costume: unreality
5 reasons life does get better: cracked
25 hottest Elite female athletes: bleacherreport
16 Dave Chappelle GIFS to celebrate his return. I'm fuckin anped about hios return: coedmagazine

Todays hot list: heavy
Man removes wart with shotgun: flisted
Man confesses to shooting of Tupac: realtalkny
Watyne Rooney hangs out with black guy, just automatically assumes its Jay Z: flisted

Man public holidays should not fall on  Thursday, totally fucks with whatever work etic one posseses. Itype this with free booze stil swilling around my system fropm a Y-fm party. She's a bleter from Brazil and the rest iss the interesting shit on the internet I couldn't be bothered to type out in my own words.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Betty White Top 10 List

Sounds great to me, wish my grandma coudl give advice as good as Betty does.



CyHi da Prince The making of Royal Flush 2

Royal Flush 2 , came out this morning. Got my copy about an hour ago. My ears are pleased.


Jay Z Rap is Poetry

Jigga, makes a strong case for rap music to be elevated in status. The game has come a long way.


Hugh Hefners Girl calls the wedding off

85-year-old Hugh Hefner was supposed to make 24-year-old Crystal Harris his third wife on Saturday afternoon, but she shot down those plans after the two got into some sort of argument over the phone. Crystal has moved all of her stuff out and has left us all wondering if true love really exists on this planet we call earth?

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said on Tuesday his wedding this weekend has been canceled because his 25-year-old fiance, a Playmate from his magazine, changed her mind.

They just don't make gold diggers like they used to, Hef , had agreed to marry without a pre-nup, and she decides to duck last minute? Much love for the empire that Hef built, but she could have hung in there for richer or poorer. I hate slackers.


Samuel L Jackson Narrates Go the F&*k to Sleep

The man who seems to have a monopoly on swearing, was the perfect choice to narrate this audiobook rendition of "Go the F*ck to Sleep," Adam Mansbach’s viral sensation / bestselling “children’s book for adults." I wish someone had read this sort of stuff to me growing up. I'd be a better person for hearing this.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Xeno attacks start again - A burning hatred

Funny how a year ago South Africans embraced their fellow African brothers like our lives depended on it and that's cause we felt closer to our brothers because of The Soccer World Cup, no sign of Xenophobia, no black on black violence.

In 2009 we had a country fueled with anger and hatred against anyone who wasn't from South Africa...I'm not reffereing to just anyone not from our shores, I'm talking about people who are from the very same continent we're from. More after the jump:

Knights bid to win maiden backfires

When a young lady captures your attention, you do what ever it takes to win her over and most of the time your efforts may be misguided but of all the homies I know non of them have got anything on this dude. Dude got on a horse with his top off and charged through the door of the chick he wanted. More after the jump:

Nardwuar v. Curren$y [video]

The thing with Nard, is you got just let him do his thing, this is his interview, you're only playing second fiddle. In letting him do his thing you get to experience, what must rank as one of the trippiest interviews in your life. Curren$y the spitter was high as the telephone wires but he chimes in at just the right time to make this interview worth watching. Even if you're not on his music, watch this interview and I'm sure you'll google him after. Such is the vibe between these two. Part one uptop. Part 2 after the jump...

Lil Wayne - Dear Anne (Stan pt.2) [prod. Swizz Beats]

Wayne takes the Stan concept and runs with it.


Mellohype- 64 [video]

Following the announcement of an upcoming commercial release for their BLACKENEDWHITE album, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain of Odd Future set forth the brand new visuals for their esteemed single, “64.” You can always expect the unexpected when it comes to Odd Future, as you’ll notice in this video. The album meanwhile will feature all the original tracks with the addition of several new ones as well. BLACKENEDWHITE drops on July 12, 2011. No on e from Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill them All is capable of doing "normal," and for that I salute them.


Yves Sain Lauren Leather Camel Low Top

An upcoming casual release from high fashion house Yves Saint Laurent is this Leather Camel Low Top. As the model name indicates, it features a perforated tumbled leather upper with a white outsole. A leather liner offers a high degree of luxury and comfort. Available now at select Yves Saint Laurent retailers. That's the sort of shoe you want to be seen in.


CyHi da Prynce. ft. Big Sean - Woopty Doo [prod. Kanye West & No I.D]

Royal Flush 2 Drops tommorow.


Dog passes out after smellling owners pits

Look i'm not a fan of always washing, I believe it helps savour my flavour, but as soon as i get a whiff of my own pits, I'm headed home and pullin out the loofah and getting busy, keeping my pits mitchumy fresh.


Tuesday Links Presented by Sandra Valencia

Her: Video
Mya, makin a comeback, and looking mighty healthy as she does it ( pics included): dlisted
How to have sex with a handicapped person (is this the new internet fetish?): holytaco
If Top Gear, did Lock up Garages (sweet new concept in Berlin): topgear

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Think before you ink a mans Guide to getting a tattoo: artofmanliness
Victoria's Secret make some bikini videos: FHM


Monday, June 13, 2011

Vagina aint Handicapped

This'll teach me to stop feeling sorry for disabled people. She goes by the name of CRIPPLEWITHSWAG, and she spits some of the most difficult to stomach lyrics in the game. I feel I need to go to confession after watching this.


Lil Wayne Mtv Unplugged

While half the world, watched the NBA final, who's outcome I'll reserve judgement on. Weezy hit up MTV, and did the unplugged thing. This was the better spectacle of the two. 40 plus minutes of Weezy.


How to masturbate an elephant

Yeah, and as a kid we all thought the Zoo was an awesome place to be. Nah , not so much if you're an adult, who works there. Shout out to all the people I know studying to be vets, I just saw a snippet from your future.


Vans California 2011 - 106 Vulcanised CA Tweed

Vans has added a couple of new additions to its fleet of footwear releases for Fall 2011,  this “CA 106″ style features a tweed upper with leather trim around the body and heel as well as leather laces. Available in two colorways, the show can be purchased now through select Vans California stockists worldwide.

These are too clean to pass up.


Nyasha Matonhodze the new face of Louis Vuitton

That's right all, the new face of Louis Vuitton, hails from Zimbabwe. Another thing of beauty that this continent has created, to be admired the world over. This is a pretty big fuckin deal. Have you seen the Louis print ads. The likes of Sir Sean Connery, Francis Ford Coppola, Keith Richards, Mikhail Gorbachev, Madonna, just a few names that have helped make that LV moniker, iconic  thee world over. Now amidst all the woes the country of Zimbabwe faces. This beauty, helps move the country up a couple of rungs on the ladder to a better image.

 Nyasha Matonhodze was recently revealed to be the new face of the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton. Her beautiful face, lithe figure and mature look does no justice to her 16 years. Having moved to the UK with her mother in 2003.


Friday, June 10, 2011

The John Walker

"Diageo entrusted LINEA design agency with the mission of creating a packaging masterpiece honoring John Walker, founder of the iconic Johnnie Walker whiskey brand. The ultra premium presentation, holding the limited edition whiskey blend, remains loyal to the key attributes of the Johnnie Walker brand. In particular, the distinctive slanting label becomes an integral part of the structural design, uniting the multiple facets of the decanter. The Baccarat crystal decanter is hand blown, polished and sand engraved. A 24 carat gold plated neck collar bearing the inscription "The John Walker" rests under the prestigious crystal stopper."

This bottle is epic

More pics After the jump....

Roger Federer Drives the SLS AMG Roadster

Mercedes, decided to give Roger an advanced peak, and drive of the yet to be launched SLS AMG Roadster. Wide open Roads, and that beasts howl, I'd trade with Fed any time. Dude should be working on his clay game though.


Bad meets Evil - Fast Lane (Video)

Eminem and Royce da 59, If you remeber the The Slim Shady L.P, it was the first time we heard these two. Well the duo have formalised their partnership.  The first visual for the duo’s upcoming Hell: The Sequel. The lead single, “Fast Lane. The Sequel is out June 14 via Shady Records.


Watch the Throne gets a release date

In hip hop parlance, I beleive the term best suited to these news is "Shit just got real." The much anticipated album is set to drop on July 4 2011 that's Independence Day, for those not that well versed in American shit.
It comes out the same day Kanye, and his G.O.O.D Music Family headline at the Heineken Red Star Access Summer Concert Series in New York, expect Jay-Z to drop in on that one. Fragmented playlist here.


Frank Ocean - We all try (video)

Recently got put on to dude, and son can sing,still can't believe he's part of Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Makes for a nice contrast though. This track is smooth as fuck, and the video is on point. Expect big things from this one.


Drake - Marvins Room

Drake shares another track off his upcoming sophomore album. Pipes on display on this one, so if you expecting bars, look elsewhere. That dark moody, sound that only Drake can do well. "Take Care" drops October 24.


BMW 1 series M coupe - Walls commercial

I was rolling in a bimmer last night, fuck I forgot how well those things drive. Which leaves me wondering how well this beast must go.The entire clip is more than entertaining, especially when combining open roads, concrete walls and a stellar automobile. Take a look above, with further information here. I need this car in my life.


The Hard knock life of a whiter rapper: a silent film

White Rapper Snow Flake shows us a funny little silent film he cut chronicling his every day life in the rap game. Some real ballin' stuff. The take away from this mockumentary: Why go law school or become an accountant and grind in a cubical for 50 hours a week (80+ during tax season) when you can ball hard and drop beats like this guy?


Big Krit ft. Bun B x Ludacris - Country Sh*t (rmx) Video

Just straight Southern on this one.


Friday Links presented by Emily Scott

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How to sext without getting caught: guyism
Kim Kardashian, exhibits her lovely lady lumps: popoholic
Flo Rida busted for DUI, hope they keep him there  for the offence to our ears: dlisted
Who has America's rear end of the year: askmen
Angela Martini (kanye's rumoured girlfriend) has a wardrobe malfunction, and I'm happy: celebslam
25 mind blowing sand sculptures: holytaco
A collection of hotties on bicycles: uncoached
Stop doing these three things if you want to get laid: coedmagazine

Good people, goin out on a thursday night, if you have to be at work on friday, is a shit idea. Feeling rather kak, thanks to the 3 am, home arrival. But the things i saw last night made it all worth it. Some people just can't handle Johannesburg. The streets are lined with milk and honey, and they wanna drink it all. This goes out to the Cape Town boy who tasted some of Jhb's wares, and is Smiling like a cheshire cat, while nursing what shouold be a major hangover. The struggle continues.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Floating Dollar trick

Now I'm all for magic tricks and shit but c'mon homie, people who work at a drive through aren't the sharpest tools in the shed the worst part is you now gotta mind fuck them with a floating dollar. I don't work at a drive through but I'm gonna be wrecking my brain thinking how the fuck you did that shit!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

CyHi da Prynce Royal Flush 2 Photshoot (video)

Behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot (shot by Hannibal Matthews) for CyHi’s upcoming mixtape, Royal Flush 2. The clip also features a preview of a track called Cold As Ice. Looks like G.O.O.D Music is ion a good place right now, with Sean dropping Finally famous June 28, Cyhi releasing another mixtape and Pusha, still fresh in our collective conscience.


My Social Tattoo

When eventually one of your friends on FB deletes you the unfortunate part is that the tat on your arm will still be there. This is stupidity at its best! Chances are you'll regret that stupid tattoo on your arm when eventually something better than Facebook comes along ...Munt!


Rohan Marley Denies fathering Lauryn Hill's 6th child

News broke that Lauryn Hill is nursing a gut full of human for the 6th time...6th time!Damn Lauryn! So everyone naturally assumed that the father must have been Rohan Marley but homie came out on twitter saying "nah, I ain't the father!". More after the jump:

Epic Mealtime - Hors D'Oeuvres

For some of y'all it will be the first time actually seeing the the words hors d,oeuvre, and will be wondering , what the fuc? Let me break it down for you phonetically[awr-durvz]small bit of appetizing food, by description. Aint shit epic about "small and bit." To be real wit you I only have some oats and an apple in my belly, far too fuckin early to be watching this shit, I'm counting down to lunch already.Expect copious amounts of bacon, and large servings.


25yr old Virgin, makes plea to get laid on internets

I don't know what to say bout this guy, he looks like a poor mans Orlando Bloom, who also happens to have no teeth. Dude is out there begging for porn producers to cast him in a movie and a payday of 20 to 40 thousand dollars for the pleasure. Dude is straight, ignorant, he does sound a little special needs to be honest though. Is that a tongue ring? Go buy a hooker and stop wasting internet!!


Omega Speedmaster "Apllo 15" Anniversary Watch

In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the mission carried out by the brave men of Apollo 15, which successfully landed on the moon on July 30, 1971, Omega has released a limited edition Speedmaster. The commemorative chronograph makes perfect sense for the Swiss brand, as the Speedmaster was the first watch to ever be worn on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission back in 1969. This particular piece features red, white and blue detailing and a stamped “Lunar Lander” image on the back of the case. Limited to a batch 1,971, the watch will be released soon and retail for around $7,000.

"Having money is not everything, Not having it is"- K.West


Dude puts out billboard to shame girlfriend for having an abortion

New Mexico - A New Mexico man’s decision to lash out with a billboard ad saying his ex-girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes has touched off a legal debate over free speech and privacy rights. The sign on Alamogordo’s main thoroughfare shows 35-year-old Greg Fultz holding the outline of an infant. The text reads, “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!” Fultz’s ex-girlfriend has taken him to court for harassment and violation of privacy. A domestic court official has recommended the billboard be removed. But Fultz’s attorney argues the order violates his client’s free speech rights. “As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, for over 200 years in this country the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech,” Todd Holmes said. The woman’s friends say she had a miscarriage, not an abortion, according to a report in the Albuquerque Journal. Holmes disputes that, saying his case is based on the accuracy of his client’s statement. “My argument is: What Fultz said is the truth,” Holmes said.

I can't co-sign this movement at all. Dude is way out of hand. Plus judging by his looks he's got no business procreating. His face is worse than global warming.


R.I.P D.J Leon Botha

It's a sad day in the Zef. Die Antwoord's DJ, Leon Botha, died a day after his birthday on Sunday at the age of 26.

Leon suffered from progeria, which is like the opposite of Benjamin Button's and causes the body to age at rapid speeds. Leon was the oldest known living person with progeria, because most pass away in their teens.

Leon was also an artist and came up with the visuals that wrapped around my brain and didn't let go in Die Antwoord's video for Enter the Ninja.

Kid Cudi - Maniac (trailer)

Continuing his collaborative efforts with Shia LeBeouf, KiD CuDi enlists the actor/filmmaker Shia Lebouf for the upcoming visual of his track “Maniac”, featured on CuDi’s Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Rather than your standard music video, the piece will be produced more as a violent short film, with an appearance from rapper Cage. An official release is set for October 31, 2011, but for now we get a peek into a teaser for the project.


Nike Soccer: Before Ronaldo & After Ronaldo

The friendly between the Brazilian National Team and Romania on Tuesday, June 7 marked the final chapter in Ronaldo’s illustrious career wearing the yellow of Brazil. While the enigmatic striker has seen his career close out on relatively lowly terms, the player has been a massive influence on the world of soccer. Nike pay homage to the striker with a video that details the world of soccer pre and post-Ronaldo including choices of haircuts.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Puma Bafana Bafana Jersey

This is the new South Africa soccer jersey 2011-2012, that the Bafana Bafana will wear in their international games during the forthcoming 11/12 season. Puma became South Africa’s new jersey partners in June 2011, ending Bafana’s relation with Adidas. The new Puma Bafana jersey will be worn by South Africa’s players for the first time in their fixture on August 10, 2011 against yet to be named opponents. More after the jump:

Lupe Fiasco - Outta my Head/ The Show Goes on (live performance from MTv Movie Awards 2011

Didn't even watch these awards, they're like a marketing campaign for Twilight. Here's Lupe along with Trey Songz, performing for the Twi-hards.


Giggs brothers 'rowed over claims'

The world is a buzz with news that Ryan Giggs could have been banging his brothers wife before they got married  and even whilst they were married. Giggs keeps on scoring doesn't he. More after the jump:

Pusha T - Alone in Vegas (video)

"the self righteous drug dealer dichotomy, I'm drawing from both sides, I am Siamese..." This track just connects to the soul. Now thanks to video, it feeds the eyes as well


Beyonce x Andre 3000 - Party (prod. Kanye West)

A lot of rappers could learn a little something about beat selection from this Lady. Cooked by Kanye, blessed by 3 Stacks. Giving us the first verse from Andre all year. Enjoy ladies, and if you're a guy you can pretend you went through it all to get some Andre. 4 in stores June 28th


Terry Richardsons Mercedes Benz Fashion Film

Another beautiful film from Mr. Richardson featuring our two favorites things. “As part of their international fashion commitment, Mercedes-Benz today release the key visual shot by Terry Richardson featuring the Mercedes-Benz Concept A-CLASS and Jessica Stam for their Spring/Summer 2012 campaign.”


Michael Jackson Thriller jacket going on auction

The jacket that, he wore on the video that,"I'm goin to be honest with you scared me shitless as a youth," loved the fuckin song, I'd be dancing while a blanket was covering my eyes. Shitting myself and elated at the same time, I guess this is reason a lot of my generation are into auto erotic asphyxiation. Wnyway, the jacket goes on auction and is expected to fetch in the region of $400 000. That's quite a lot of change, but I'm certain that value will only increase with time.

The legendary red jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his Thriller video is going under the hammer – and could fetch a staggering $400,000.

The iconic piece of clothing, which Jacko autographed for his former costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, is among a selection of music memorabilia being auctioned off in Beverly Hills, California.


Dude with no arms destroys Hotel Lobby

This is so ridiculously absurd that it needs to be seen to be believed. Here we have a very angry, limbless dude in beast mode going Pete Townshend on a hotel lobby. We hear via Reddit this was in South Beach over Memorial Day weekend. We're not really sure what he's so up in arms upset about, but we hope he finally got that extra towel or whatever.


Dildo Sport

You just aren't doing it right, if you're not down with Dildo Sport.


Tuesday Links presented Cleo Pires

Her: video
Are women afraid of commitment: askmen
What to wear on a first date: artofmanliness
9 famous men who fathered illegitimate children: guyism
6 tricks that let you control animals like a boss: cracked

Sorry for making everything give you cancer: holytaco
Girls gone too wild 98 pics: coedmagazine
Hey, what song are you listening to?: heavy
Lithuanian blow up doll swimming competion: flisted
Checking In(a Rosa Acosta video): thesmokingjacket
The new thing to do to your hair, if you're black: uncoached


Monday, June 6, 2011

Tyler the Creator x Frank Ocean - She (Video)

Directed by Tyler himself, offered is the new visual treatment for his latest single, “She” alongside his fellow Odd Future compadre Frank Ocean. The impressive video parallels the single quite nicely, and certainly showcases Tyler’s creative dexterity aside from producing and writing.


88 Keys x Kanye West - Stay Up (Viagra)

An oldie, but a goldie. Never understood why 88 Keys' "Death of Adam." Never got the airtime it deserved, one brilliant album conceptually, and sonically. One of my favourite tracks, has had a video for a while, but seeing as how underrated this album is, I thought I'd post this up as a reminder.Always good seeing Kanye play the fool, sometimes he takes himself waaay too seriously.


Hot Wheels World Record Breaking Jump

We all had a hot wheels car, growing up, that is if you had a penis. Depending on how wild your imagination was, you came with some crazy shit to put that car through. Well now we're older and we like playing with more expensive toys, and your imagination has died down a lot.

Turns out some of us didn't outgrow this shit. Tanner Foust, drove an S.U.V downa aramp in Indianapolis and leaped 332 feet before coming to a picture perfect landing.My nuts cringe at this.


Boy cries when 2 girls try to have a threesome with him

A Fort Myers mother says she feels powerless after her 11-year-old son was pinned down at his neck and stripped naked by two middle school girls. At first glance the minute-long YouTube video looks like kids playing. But it soon takes a disturbing turn as the boy cries out for help, humiliated and pinned down to the ground. “Mommy!,” he yells. The boy begs the girls to stop as the rip off his bathing suit, leaving him naked lying on the ground. The title of the video, which was online for more than 24 hours, says the boy is getting “owned.”

What part of the game is this? Growing up you'd man up and take it like a man. Not with todays hippy infused generation of kids.


Lloyd Banks ft. Pusha-T - Home Sweet Home (Video)

One of my zone out tracks, gets the visual treatment. Who delivers better bars in your opinion?


James Perse Limited Edition Ping Pong table

Nothing like a game of Ping pong with drink and mates at hand, while you all wait for the right time to head out, on  a bender. Some of us prefer to go about this in a classy manner(fuck it I'm oozing class today)
Perse's laid back California aesthetic finds its way to a beautiful limited edition Ping Pong table that has a removable net and cover and can double as a conference/dining table. The regulation-sized table is made from eco-friendly solid teak and includes four paddles.


In Rich Peoples news: Audi R8 GT SPYDER

Not just a random assortment of banal shit, we like to class the joint up everynow and then. Audi's flagship R8 GT supercar drops its top with a powerful limited edition Spyder model. Limited to 333 examples, the R8 Spyder can get from 0-62 in 3.8 seconds and is capable of hitting a top speed of 196 mph thanks to its monstrous 560 horsepower V10 engine. In the words of Jigga man himself," Top down, in the winter that's what winners do."


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sanzar wants to say bye to bye points

One of the most controversial facets of Vodacom Super Rugby may be scrapped when the Southern Hemisphere undergoes its review at the end of the season. More after the jump:

Pennsylvania 8th graders get field trip to Hooters

I don't know how many times I got to visit the musuem, oceanarium , art gallery and tons of fucking parks for what Americans call field trips. Turns out some 8th graders in Pennsylvania got to go to a bloody Hooters for a filed trip, wish my teachers thought out of the box like these kids teacher. More after the jump:

New C63 AMG Coupe Commercial

Pretty slick advert here makes me wish, I had a cent in the bank to afford the damn beast.


Behind The Scenes - DJ Khaled ft. Drake x Rick Ross x Lil Wayne - I'm On One (video)

Khaleds' quietest track ever, is getting the visuals, from his notceable absence, I don't even think he should be on the video.


YG - Toot it and Boot it G-Mix. ft. 50 Cent x Snoop Dogg (Video)

Shit, I know this is pretty old but right now this song is the theme song. to everyone out there that's single and on a hot streak, keep etching those notches in your belt! God, this makes me long for Summer again.


Radical New Birth Control For Men 100% Effective, Lasts 10 years!

Hail Mary, I hear you boys out there say, This iS a very welcome addition to all men, coz sperm, si a slippery mother.. Just a tiny catch.

The injection is called RISUG, which stands for "reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance." Let's just get the uncomfortable bit out of the way first: you can't just be injected anywhere, the doctor has to stick a needle into your scrotum. Twice. Yeah, bad times, but you'll deal, and here's why: after two tiny injections taking all of 15 minutes, study after study has shown that the injection is 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. You won't suffer any side effects at all, it lasts a minimum of 10 years, and it's completely reversible with another few injections.
Here's how it works: a non-toxic, positively charged polymer gets injected into the little tube that your sperm pass through on their way from your testicles to, you know, out. The polymer doesn't actually block the tube, but it stays there, and when sperm (which have a negative charge) pass by, the charge differential from the polymer zaps them. All of them. Every time.

There's a private foundation that's working to get RISUG approved here in the US, although they have to start more or less from scratch to do it. The company is called Parsemus, and they recently got $100k from the Gates Foundation to see if RISUG might work on women, too.
In the meantime, Phase III trials are starting up in India, which is basically the last step before RISUG gets approved for use by anyone who wants it (in India, anyway) within the next few years...


Kid Cudi - Marijuana (video)

I'm interested in the direction his content is gonna go, now that he's sworn off the sticky. Anyway, the song was recorded before such stern resolutions were made, so it gets the visual tyreatment. Directed, edited and shot by Shia Lebouf(yeah the transformers dude). Kick back light up, unless you too have recently sworn off it, in that case just skip it all together.


Shakira celebrates with F.C Barcelona

Alright, this might be a bit of the ghater in me, but fuck! They won the Champs League, they play for undoubtebly the best Soccer team in the world , they get paid fat fuckin stacks to kick some shit around, gonna get paid a fat fuckin stack for winning this League, can have their pick of any hotties in not only Barcelona, but the world. Shakira chooses to go give the goods to these highly privileged individuals. How bout throwin a free bump n grind to those that need it, Ey? We had a World Cup and all I got was a "Waka Waka." Life just aint fair.


Man Arrested for putting crack on his Pizza

Nothing like a Pizza, you don't likee the regular ones just order, all the toppings you like. Shit's delicious, and everybody be smiling. Over time there have been a staple bunch of ingredients available at nearly all pizzerias. I guess through much trial and error. Sometimes you find yourself needing a little something that might not be on the menu, take the boys from epic mealtime for instance. Then you get this dude, who clearly has his issues, but is tryin to maintain a balanced diet.This would make Tony Montana smile with pride.

MONTICELLO — A 51-year-old Swan Lake man was jailed after telling a probation officer Wednesday that he failed a urine test because his girlfriend sprinkled crack cocaine on his pizza. Gary Workman, on probation for driving drunk, reiterated the story to Sullivan County Judge Frank LaBuda Thursday that his friends robbed him and she sprinkled the crack on his pie. “The police were called on that, sir,” he said. “But the problem here is that you were eating a pizza pie with crack,” LaBuda said. Workman also tested positive for oxycodone and other narcotics and later admitted to smoking crack cocaine. The district attorney’s office says the crack pizza pie story is a lie. Workman told the judge he needed to be out to look after his cats. He faces up to four years in prison. LaBuda sent him to jail on no bail pending a hearing Tuesday.