Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Links Presented by Emanuela dePaula

Her: Video
British govt trying to ban porn: flisted
20 baddest Santa's: heavy
76 photos of porn stars in Christmas attire: brobible
Introducing the dick towel, avail in many sizes: donchavez
Blackmarkets you won't believe exist: smokingjacket
20 most scandalous Santa Pics: manofest
11 Celebrities who were secretly badass: cracked
7 gifts not to get your girlfriend this Christmas: guyism
The dating site that targets Virgins: flisted
8 Most ridiculous drinks of 2010: clutch

After watchin Emanuela's video, i feel like i know her, and would walk up to her like i do any old friend when i see her, infact that little vid, felt as though we went through a whirlwind of dates(crazy brazillian) and are now just reasy to get intimate. So if you see her let her know i'm waiting here for her. In other news we tried to keep it as Christmassy as we could, without the overkill, santa, nativity scene, and reindeer vibe. So enjoy my good people. because posts will be thin during this season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Nigella is full of the Christmas Spirit

I've seen her show, she makes cooking sensual i won't lie these are the exact words i when i watch Nigella cook. Props to the man who spliced this together


What the fuck is goin on here

I can sort of relate to the winds, coz i got a nasty case of them right now, difference is , I'm not tryin to mouth off aboout religion , while i squeeze mine out.


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wrestle a WWE Diva

Former WWE and TNA female wrestler and model Lacey Von Erich is working with a company called Ring Divas to make a first-person “private wrestling session” with her. It’s pretty much what it’d look like if you wrestled with Lacey Von Erich. And it’s weird. This looks like how i'd imagine rape, not that i sit there daydreaming about randomly raping people, byut this shit looks bizzare. I wouldn't mind some ring time though.


Nigerian witchdoctor jailed for making 4 dudes dicks disappear

A Tamale Circuit Court has remanded 48-year-old Alex Ikege, a man suspected of making some persons’ genitals disappear, into police custody to re-appear on December 23, 2010. The suspect, a Nigerian, facing charges of indecent assault, is alleged to have caused the disappearances of the male genitals of four persons but has pleaded not guilty. Mohammed Assan, Abubakari Zaidu, Ahmed Lukman and Sadat Tahiru, the four victims, all residents of Damongo in the West Gonja District of the Northern regions, have been issued with police medical forms to see a urologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Diddy drunk on Chelsea Lately

I don't blame Diddy for acting the fool, I see that Chelsea chick was trying to be smug with Diddy and what better way to put her in her place than to threaten her with you black shlong...It is indeed December and if you think you're the only one rocking up to work with a hangover or drunk you're not alone everyone is acting the fool including Diddy!


Worst Hurdler EVER

I've always found hurdles to be a bit tricky but than again I wasn't much of an athlete either,  this little chinese man is the worst person to ever do hurdles and I mean EVER!!!you suck bra!


Will Smith vs Mark Wahlberg

Seeing as Will Smith went through extensive boxing training for his role in the movie Ali and so did Mark Wahlberg for his role in the movie The Fighter, a boxing promoter has seen it fit that the two square off in a 3 round fight.

Keyra Augustina doin a sexy little dance

Yeah, it's one of those days where all you're gonna get from me is video, i'm tired, of being at work this late in the year and my productivity is at an all time low, so i'm out here stumbling on video all day. I'm sure you won't hate me for this gem. Can't remember what Raper said it"she got onion ass, coz it made me cry." Google her she's got awards for that ass, Kyra Agustina, Argentinean. No wonder Tevez, wants to go back home. Sweet baby Jesus!


Magic bubbles from hell

So, a good friend of ours was Thailand recently, tells us this sort of shit goes down on the streets all the time!


The best Yoga vid in the history of ever

I'll admit the furthest I stretch is probably in the pants region, but if this is the sort of goodness going down in yoga studios. Then i'm getting my ass to the studio down the road, to watch everybody do the downward facing dog, while i do the salivating one, pose.


My strange addiction - Kesha eats toilet paper

Look, I understand it takes all sorts to live in this world, but if I sat down to drop a deuce, only to find out theres no toilet paper in the house cause she ate it all. Best believe, she's getting Chris Brown-ed.


The Double Grenade

I feel as though my man card was just revoked. I've had plenty grenades(1 shot Jagermeister, 1 shot Tequilla, and a sprinkling of Red Bull, courtesy of 6 bar in Melville) and felt like the king of the heap for knocking them back with relative ease. But this year, is the year to do things big, from turbacons to your drinks, and it now seems as though the drink I once bestowed such pride in drinking, has been relegated to the pink drinks league. Question is, am I going to man up and drink this?


Grandma readin from the book of 50 Cent tweets

Here's a delightful holiday video of a grandmother reading 50 Cents' Tweets. Because nothing says "Happy Holidays" like grandma's rant about "white bitches." Gather round all the children, sit round the fireplace, and bring out the eggnog, coz it's time for Granny's storytime.


ALF doin coke, and droppin N- Bombs

I used to watch ALF as a young one, loved it was intrigued by it, but like all things enjoyed in childhood, you realise how kak they are in adulthood. Not with ALF though, mostly cause i've never watched it again, but right now, while watching these out takes from the series, ALF, looks to be snorting coke round the 1: 21 mark then launches into a nigger word tirade at about the 4:38 mark. I know it's lae but Fuck you ALF.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Drunk Kid Tests Bouncer

With all the boozi thats going to be consumed before hitting the town, you need to make sure that you listen when a bouncer speaks to you cause bouncers hate nothing more than a patron who doens't want to listen to their instructions...Head caution this December and pay attention to what bouncers say less you get your ass handed to you like this kid.


House 3 - Property development

Some of us are still stuck in the office and taking leave is becomng a distant dream as December dissapears into obscurity but yet to keep us sane we day dream about some day retiring somewhere close to the beach and living hyapilly ever after.

Located on Nettleton Ridge below Lion's Head in Clifton and known simply as House 3 at this early stage of development, this dream home's modest facade belies an impressive use of space and positioning that has warranted a R110-million price tag.

Kallis crashes Audi R8 into gate

Jacque Kallis must have had a rough night last night cause apparently his night ended up with him crashing his Audi R8 through the gate of a neighbours house.

Tuesday Links - Hosted by Allesandra Ambrosio

Her: Video
5 Things 2010 Taught Us About Women: [COED]
5 Ridiculous Things You Probably Believe About Islam: [Cracked]
8 tried and true ways to get famous fast: [Linkiest]
6 Things You Won’t Find Under The Tree This Christmas: [egoTV]
7 gifts not to get your girlfriend this Christmas: [Guyism]
40 Inspirational Movie Speeches in 2 Minutes: [Heavy]
Does Anyone Feel Like Seeing Janet Jackson Naked?: (Giggity Greg)
A 17 Year Old Biggie Killing It On A Corner In Brooklyn: (Caveman Circus)

Christmas comes once a year but with fishfinger thats not the case. Allesandra Ambrosio is a Brazilian model. Described by Tyra Banks as "the future of the modeling world". I'm no clairvoyant but I can clearly see the future...


Monday, December 20, 2010

The Alchemist +Oh No(Gangrene) - Overdose - Official video

As far as rap music video's go , artists really have to go hard to avoid the generic look that rap video's have. Now in trying to find that unique quality, some artists wil stray so far off the beaten track, that it literally scares the shit out of those who follow them. This is one of those videos, not for those with weak stomachs. I found B.C.M, masturbate to this in his apartment.


TurBacon - Epic

My fishfinger counterpart L.G damn near lost his mind when it comes to Turdurken, all I have to say is he can take his turdurken and shove it. This is what you need to have on your Christmas table, Turbacon makes turdurken look like childs play...I'm officially hungry now!


Base jumper dodges cops

This is on some Batman ish, wish I could escape the cops with such pizaz! Dude clearly is messed up, just take a look at his face in the beginning and needless to say the law caught up with him and he was charged trespassing, resisting a police officer, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and possession of marijuana while driving. Classic!



Father Christmas fucked my pussy

She goes by the name of Queen of pussy, and i haven't checked in with her in a minute, i posted her way back when, singin about how to fuck her pussy right. So Christmas rolls round, and she likes to keep up with the times and drops her latest track. Father Christmas, i hope you do this for her. Oh yeah, is that a picture of her in a graduation gown?


I just had sex- ft. Akon

Those who know us know the finger had a big weekend, body still paying the price, hence all the lazy vid posts, coz my hands have the shakes everytime ithey hover over the keyboard. Anyway here's Lonrly Island with Akon.


You need to see it to believe it. This ass is unreal.

How the fuck, do you even do that? How the fuck, does she not have more fame? I'm at a loss for fuckin words!As one youtube commentor put it, " I want to smell your farts."


Friday, December 17, 2010

Zoo Lake Bowls Club to close down in February

From our posts you should know these here bloggers loves to get their drink on, and nothing beats a cheap drink, and they don't come much cheaper than Zoo Lake. Sadly this institution, will cclose it's doors in February, "sad I know." More deets afetr the jump...

For the Glutton this Christmas

Everyone who knows me, lnows i love my food, some of my best friends are chefs. Those that really know me also know that i'm somewhat of a canivore, "My plate aint complete, if it don't have meat," I've been known to say. So Christamas is one of those times where i look forward to beasting on a variety of meats. Sorry my Veggie people. Some one out there thought of me when they invented this beauty." The Turducken," say that real fast.This is a Turkey, that's stuffed with a Duck, and that duck, is stuffed with Chicken. A poultry trifecta, and to top it all off, this ode to all things good, is boneless. You can't hate that, i'm lookin up recipes as we speak. Apparently Checkers has them in stock, I'm havin one for lunch.

WIKI describes it thusly:
A turducken is a dish consisting of a de-boned chicken stuffed into a de-boned duck, which itself is stuffed into a de-boned turkey. The word turducken is a portmanteau of turkey, duck, and chicken or hen.

I just like to call it good

Vid after the jump...

Santa has moves

Not quite, how i imagined him in my youth, Santa lookin all spry and shit, puttin all other make believe icons look stupid!Eat these nuts Easter Bunny!


Friday Links presented by Lisa Morales

Her: Video
20 sexiest sports in the world, coz you know, the world could use more sex:bleacherreport
6 steps to not becoming a male porn star: smokingjacket
Are you dayting a man or a boy, 10 household goods that will tell you: bostonbarstool
5 reasons Nicki Minaj would be the best Girlfriend: leftos
The ultimate gift guide for well dressed men: bachelorguy
Marijuana use on the rise: collegecandy
25 bizzare vintage alcohol ads: holytaco
Mark Zuckerburg, is Time  magazines' person of the year: anythinghollywood
Pam Anderson graces Playboy cover for the 13th time. proof that the number 13 is unlucky: flisted
200 synonyms for drunk, coz in December you need to explain yourself well: mentalfloss
Proof that no work gets done during the holidays: egotv

It's  December bitches, I can barely keep up with all the parties that are going down and I still bring you the freshest stuff on the net. A little eyecandy up there to smooth things over till, post work drinks. I know half of you are on holiday already, but those that are still in their offices, not much productivity is coming from you guys. So read this shit and atleast look like you're working. I have a hangover to nurse, and those links up there are self explanatory. Click away my good people.


P.Diddy Live ustream of record release party

So Diddy, dropped, his Dirty Money album, on Tuesday. You won't get any reviews from this site. coz, I just don't have no inclination to listen to it. Anyway you know Puff, somehow stays relevant in the media, without contributing much to the actual world.Above is footage from his record release party, and things don't look to be going smooth.;


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss. Butterface 2010

I'm not gonna lie we're extremely late with this, I guess some internet goodness does pass us by on occasion. Also, the fact that women would willingly partake in a competition where the world lusts after your body, and acknowledges the busted up nature of your face is somewhat bizzare to me. I'll join in with society though, as they point and stare at the freak show and humiliation that is the, Miss Butterface competition. Pics of contestants and winner after the jump.

Lil Wayne- six foot seven foot

Lil Wayne finally lets loose his first official single, since leaving Rikers. Don't be fooled by all these old verses rappers have been releasing lately, trying to cash in on the Weezy hype. Don't believe all the rumours about him recording, tracks fresh out of prison. This is the official track. Produced by Bangladesh(a milli) feat Cory Gunz, with his double quick time flow as usual. Enough from me listen for yourselves!


Mr. Blow Up

If you get your rocks off like this, please let us know, what the thrill is.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dr. Dre - Kush ft Akon x Snoop Dogg (video)

Finally, progress is being made on Detox. This is the vid for the first single


Video of the Week

Sometimes one can only doff ones cap to such genius.


This guy loves Liquorice


Free your Balls underwear

One word: NICE! Sacfree gives you extra private freedom. But why not Dicfree? I mean if it’s swinging, let it sweing ALL free. Also I think it’s kind of not fair. Just imagine a cold winter month and the only thing getting a breeze or the family treasures. They just want to crawl into the warmer parts of the manly underwear. Believe don’t be cruel to your balls!
"The world-wide first testicle-free men’s underwear — a fantastic, comfortable, free feeling and a new sexy look. … And so it works: sacfree® protects and supports the penis in a bag-like pouch. Till here sacfree® feels like a classic slip. For the testicle sacfree® offers pure space. Through an opening the sac can hangs out completely free. … With its open kind sacfree® makes for a fresh breeze. A comfortable and manly healthy characteristic… [A]bove all, people who works vocationally much in sitting will appreciate the new sacfree® freedom."


Gays should be careful at Qatar - Sepp Blater

People always seem to lack a sense of humour when it comes to either minority jokes or gay jokes especially when the jokes come from a person who is in a position of authority or influence. Sepp Blater happened to crack a joke about Gays being careful in Qatar as they're not too happy about homosexuals as they are a very conservative country.

Brendan Venter's interview

I heard about this interview and I have to say that its a classic! Three cheers for Brendan Venter!


Tuesday Links Hosted by Theresa Correa

Her: Video
Dude cuts the nuts of his daughters, 57 yr old boyfriend off: barstoolsports
Ja Rule sebtanced to 2 years in prison for gun charge, rappers are starting to come off as stupid: complex
10 celebrity Bongs: cityrag
25 animals humping the wrong way: holytaco
The 7 don'ts of your office holiday party: guyism
The Hottest Leaked Celebrity cellphone pictures: manofest
7 shockingly dark origins, of loveable childrens characters: cracked
Nicholas Cage freaking out in a night club in Romania:  gawker
Top twitter trends for 2010: mashable
Rolling Stones top tracks for 2010: rollingstone


Bugatti seeks summer intern

If dream jobs are any thing to go by, this is the ultimate dream job. Bugatti is looking for a summer intern and it could be you if you're a student and have a keen interest in the company you're could be set for the rest of your life.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ain't no business like Ho business

Whilst some of us may never fully understand the saying "Ain't no business like ho business" pimps have a very good understanding of this and have even made plans for the following business year...Classic!

iPad 2:New Details emerge

To all the suckers and guinea pigs who bought the iPad the moment it hit the shelves all did themsleves a disservice becaue deatils of the new iPad have emerged and its apperantly set to hit the shelves in April 2011.

Willow Smith not good at math

Seems Willow Smith's name is on everybody's lips and for all the right reasons, except this time she just admitted that her parents are failing her education due to her chasing her singing career. A 10 year old with a singing career, the last 10 year old who had that was Michael Jackson and you can see how fucked messed up he was.

Who the F%^& is Justin Bieber

Ozzy is a legend and most of the time he's a living example of how drugs can utterly screw you over. His answer sums up how I generally feel about the Biebs.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Ray jnr ft. Erika Kane - don't cum inside me

And the internet keeps on giving


Friday Links Hosted by Daniela Tamayo

Her: Video
Cannabis Cup: hailmaryjane
20 awesome selfportrait photobombs: heavy
Bad Movies by high quality directors: unreality
10 signs you drink too much: bannedinhollywood
5 signs the future is now: holytaco
7 reasons weddings stink even with an open bar: smockingjacket
50 best raps in tv and the movies: complex
Excerpts from Ben Colins(The Stig) Book: brobible
30 hottest calendars for 2011: coedmagazine

If you're finding that name abit of a mouthful, to say, then do like I do, and just call her perfect.
The year is winding down ladies and gentlemen, the links are gonna become thin, as we nurse all sorts of festive induced hangovers. So click away my good people, and have yourselves a good weekend.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

BMW 1 Series M Coupe Step 3

I can't wait till the car hits the streets, I'm shouting out to BMW here...Fishfinger wants to drive this car!I'm totally in love in with the 1 series as a car but something happens to me when i even hear the whisper of an M next to this car.Enjoy...I know I will!


Why Trevor Noah, sold out and we love the Nando's ad!

yeah I'm eating

Some time in October, Cell C, decided it was goin to revamp itself. Not a bad decision seeing as how kak, they were as a service provider. We only felt the winds of change when Cell C, wrote it's open letter to Trevor Noah, who had openly crticised the service provider, on their general kakness! That was the first sign we got that Cell C was making amends. In a move that was obviously decided in some boardroom, Cell C was pandering to Trevor, openly courting him, so they could get married and consumate the wedding with a slew of  television and radio commercials, that starred Trevor and his voice. Cell C associating themselves with the cool that Trevor had  gained from his Daywalker dvd. This is the story of how all the above parties lost their cool.

Some Thursday Randomness

Seriously, I need you to explain what the fuck is happening in this video coz i'm Fuckin stumped. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!


97 seconds with Kanye West and N.E.R.D


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

AKA Victory Lap

AKA is one of those Emcees thats hot in the game right now, track produced by Ivy League so you know its fire...Indulge!


Your Alcohoroscopes

If like me you're prone to reading the monstrosities they call Horoscopes I'm sure this will be right up your alley as we present to you your Alcohoroscopes after the jump.


4 koma comic strip - It Is Not That Place You Described
see more Comixed

Now that the World cup is firmly behind us, i think i ca make fun of it without offending your sensibilities and being called unpatriotic. I feel a lot more of these posts coming on.


Beyonce buys Jigga a Bugatti

All the single ladies need to take a page out of Beyonce's book and learn how to treat a brother right. Beyonce bought her hubby the  HOV a Bugatti for his 41st Birthday.

Michael Bay, Victorias Secret Commercial

If you don't know who Michael Bay is, you might know him as the king of excess, big explosions, big sets, Armageddon. Pearl Harbour Bad Boys, Tramsformers. You get what this guy is all about. Well now add breasts to his excess, coz he shot the new Victoria's Secret commercial.


My laziness knows no bounds, lay flat office chair!

You know the silly evolution poster where man starts off as some shitty bent over ape, to a less shitty, hunched over chro magnum, thingy, and it moves along his evolutionary path till he's walking upright, and then has him hunched over a pc. I know that's got to do with ergonomics and stuff, but i think it's got to do with my lack of sleep, and now my problems have been solved.

Elite Athlete my ass! Fuckin hand models!

Seriously something about this video pisses me off, i think mainly it's the constant stroking, and how she really rates her fuckin hands, only thing hands are good for is a hand job. Oh, yeah and doin other mundane shit like driving, and gripping shit, but mainly hand jobs, and the way she protects hers, you best belive, she won't tug the boat!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joey Roth "Sorapot "Teapot

Joey Roth returns with his latest deisgn, the Sorapot. “Sorapot is a unique, modern teapot. Its architectural shape and simple functionality bring tea’s quiet beauty into sharp focus. Made from 304 stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), and food-grade silicone, it articulates the ritual of tea making in a thoroughly modern way.” Even if your only drink of choice is Whisky on the rocks you have to appreciate that design!


How to spot a Gold Digger infochart

Gold Digger
Via: Online Dating Blog


Diesel has a new Collection

Diesel Marky bag

This'll come in handy for those that will be on the road this holiday, also see it as a chance to upgrade that old luggage you've been lugging around since High School. Class things up a bit. I like these coz they're extremely elegant yet remain subtle enough to not draw unwanted attention. Also have to say they are rugged as fuck, and could withstand a bit of abuse. So let the bag you carry your beloved pesessions in, reflect that you care. More pics after the jump...

Tuesday Links Presented by Rosie Jones

Her, seriously hot : Video
5 people who started religions just to get laid!: cracked
5 Christams Gifts for your obviously gay son: holytaco
25 funny daytime talkshow captions: manofest
Why dogs fucking rule: h8torade
5 ways to fuck up your shiny new car: cavemancircus
MMA Fighter vommits in ring/octagon: doubleviking
5 dumb criminals who were foiled by Facebook: guyism
15 most anticipated gadgets of 2011: complex
11 cocktails that will make you look really manly: coedmag


Monday, December 6, 2010

Ultra Green Polo and Golf in SA

I'm not a tree hugger but one thing I like the most about this Green movement is that car manufacturers are make their cars more economical with astonishing results with regards to fuel economy and such. VW has introduced thier Bluemotion range in the country and the falgship moderls are the Polo and Golf 6.

Ma-Eleven and Louis Theroux

Kids believe your parents when they tell you to go to school or atleast don't focus so much on maths and focus on your English cause uMa-Eleven needs some serious English lessons. This is the calibre of criminal out here in SA, make sure you stay safe cause uMaElevn will put you in the overn like!


Man masturbates during Harry Potter movie

Have you ever found anything remotely sexual about an of The Harry Potter movies?I hear you say no...Well this dude decided that he was gonna spank the monkey during the latest Harry Potter movie The Deathly Hollows.

Jolie wants to move to Africa

Angelina plans to move her kids and probably her husband to the dark continent as soon as she has less on her plate.

Steve Hofmeyer starts racist row

Steve Hofmeyer is not new in the game when it comes to his racist rants but once again Steve has taken to social networking site Facebook to air his clearly racist views about a farm murder.

Friday, December 3, 2010

P.Diddy ft Rick Ross (Bugatti Boyz) - Another One

Must say I've never been a big fan of Diddy's raps but I like how he comes through rough and rugged. Enjoy!


Rosa Acosta Exclusive

This one is for the guys, I don't expect the ladies to understand but if I bumped into Rosa Acosta in the streets rest assured that I'm getting down on one knee and I'm popping the question.Nuff said!



CyHi da Prynce Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays

Definately worth two spins, i'm getting more anxious for his album debut!


3rd Degree interview with Khanyi Mbau

If you missed it earlier on in the week, here's the interview that had everyone going crazy during the week.


The La Senza Cup Size Chior

This is the Cup Size Choir, seven angels in lingerie singing seven notes at your command. They lie down, breathing sensually, waiting for you, ready to play Deck the Halls or whatever Christmas carol you want.
At the end of the exquisitely filmed short you will be able to play the Cup Size Choir yourself, using the ASDFGHJ keys—which, coincidentally, is exactly the noise I made when I discovered this site, made by Italian lingerie company La Senza. You can even record your performance and send it to your mom.
Bernard Magri, one of the creators, explained how they created the videos:

If you're a loose, slutty person, you have someone to blame!

People with a certain gene variant are more likely to have one-night stands and sex without commitment. Researchers from Binghamton University sampled the DNA of 181 young adults and also quizzed them on their sexual behavior. Those who had a particular variant of the gene DRD4 -- which regulates the body's reaction to the production of dopamine -- were more likely to pursue one-night stands.

Reason being, people who have this variant get more of a dopamine rush from high-risk, high-reward behavior, such as one-night stands. They are also be more likely to gamble compulsively and consume drugs and alcohol to excess.

I'll have that gene for these holidays


Friday Links Hosted by Bar Refaeli

Her: Video
10 best poledancing fails: heavy
5 reasons we're having better sex than our parents: smokingjacket
Guide to making a home sex movie with your girl:  FHM
13 Mistakes men make every morning: mademan
Breaking up told through Facebook profile pics: collegehumor
7 biggest dealbreakers for a woman dating a guy: guyism
Lady goes through airport security wearing bra and panties: dlisted
Racing tips every man should know: complex
Guy marries dog, and says  some crazy shit to justify it, someoene should arrest him: thechronicle

Bar Refaeli. Hell yes, coz why should Leo, have all the fun. Been a bit of a weird week, filled with debauchery, clearly december is here, and the mind just wants a break. Anywya enough of my crap, have a look at these links, feed your brain, spew some hotlines at the bar tonight. If my links don't get it done for you  can always come back and fap to the video of Bar.


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playboy coming to SA

Playboy Enterprises, Inc (PEI) announced on 7 October that it will launch the 28th edition of worlds leading men magazine, Playboy, in South Africa. This comes after PEI signed a license agreement with Sciofon (Pty) Ltd.

This new edition of PLAYBOY magazine is expected to be on newsstands with an inaugural issue during the second quarter of 2011.

"We are thrilled to bring PLAYBOY to South Africa, and look forward to continuing the magazine’s tradition of excellence with cutting-edge journalism and high-quality photography,” said Johann Botha, head of Sciofon (Pty) Ltd. “We are confident that premium brands will welcome this new opportunity to align themselves with PLAYBOY to reach affluent, well-educated South African consumers.”

“PLAYBOY South Africa will offer readers the engaging, thoughtful and provocative content that has made PLAYBOY magazine the gold standard for award-winning journalism,” said Playboy’s David Walker, senior vice president and publishing and editorial director, International Publishing. Markus Grindel, executive vice president and managing director of Playboy’s International Print/Digital Group added, “We look forward to a successful partnership with Sciofon as we continue to expand the Playboy’s brand to new, international markets.”


mediaupdate & iol

Brandouse - New Drive Dry TV ad

We all drink and drive on occasion and we all know its wrong and of course we all know about the consequences but this ad puts things into perspective. Brandhouse and SAB have a social responsibility to inform the general public not to drink and drive. Brandhouse's ads tend to hit home harder than SAB's but this one takes the cake! I think I want to invest in taking cabs everywhere if I'm going to be drinking and driving...Papa wag vir jou!


Lineker pooed himself during match

There's only been a couple of instances where I've been so scared I've felt my sphincter tremor threatening to spew out its valuable contents but luckily it was just threatening and I managed to get my bowl movements in check. Gary Lineker recently confessed that during a 1990 World Cup match he crapped himself during the match...

PSL Bans Dagga at games

"Homie I got a new Vuvuzela!"

I've never been to a PSL match due to obvious reasons such as the standard of soccer being played at these matches, what I do know though is that a lot of weed is readily available at the games and not only is it available but it 's also consumed in vast amounts.

The PSL intends on doing something about this by banning weed and cigarettes at soccer games...

Doctor warns about the dangers of weaves and lacefronts

In as much as I kinda like weaves, I prefer naturally aspirated hair as opposed to these fake excuses for hair. I honestly worry about my black sisters and their lack of wanting to embrace their africanism and rock natural hair and I've heard all sorts of excuses from "natural hair is so hard to maintain" and the list of excuses is endless,  ladies do your selves a favour and let your scalp breathe every now and then. We do like to see your natural locks on occasion, if not for me do it for your njibhabha!



SA's Joule Car in Cape Town

Tired of paying out your ass for petrol? SA's first electric car hit the streets for the first time in Cape Town and it can only mean that you're one step close to purchasing one, I'm not too sure about the looks but whats in the look if you're going to be saving money.


Wheels 24

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bugatti pick up line

Just tap that throttle lightly and all the world flocks over. an elderly fellow in a $2 million Veyron Grand Sport cruising one of London's poshest shopping districts. The senior citizen, who is obviously as flush with cash as he is follicularly challenged, attracts the notice of a lithesome twentysomething blonde in very short shorts who approaches the vehicle as a taxi idles behind. Less than a minute later she has asked for the driver's phone number which he happily inputs into her cell phone. His somewhat blas̩ expression during the transaction, which doesn't even require him to pull over, suggests this sort of thing happens to him all the time. Maybe she just liked the way the all-white Grand Sport matches her all-white outfit, but more likely it was the seductive roar of its 1,001 hp quad-turbocharged DOHC 64-valve W-16 engine Рand the man who can afford it.


Become a Glenrothes Whisky Maker Competition

As boggers of impecable, exceptional, and unrivalled taste, this competition makes absolute sense, fuck it matter of fact i think you should damn well love us right now for makin you aware of this !

The Glenrothes Single Malt Whisky is launching a global competition to find four candidates who could become The Glenrothes Whisky Makers. And one of them could be you.

Sanlam Food, Wine and Design Fair Review

We hyped this event up, last week, having that feeling in your belly, that this would be one of those events not to miss out on. The belly served me well, even though it let's me down at the beach. I was meant to get there way early but due to some work issues only picked up my press pass at around five on friday afternoon. I found it hard to believe we were on the rooftop parking lot, such was the transformation, the lot underwent. Inside the Marquee tents were the stalls, the lay out pretty much following the food wine design name and grouping stalls by their categories.

Christmas Gift for the Boys: Playboy Cover to Cover issues

Boast an envy-worthy gentleman's mag collection without taking up an entire room of your home with the Playboy Cover to Cover Digital Archive . This self-contained collection arrives on a specially-branded aluminum USB hard drive, and lets you browse through every article, illustration, dirty joke, and, yes, boob from 1953 to 2010 without the need to get up from your computer. No more sticky pages boys


Man goes blind from having Sex

I think she poked his eyes out with something

For one man, love was literally making him blind. Well, at least having sex was.
The unnamed patient had to seek medical help after going temporarily blind every time he climaxed during sex, the Daily Mail reported.

Project Magazine

At just sixteen years old, Richard Branson established his first business, a magazine called, Student. 44 years later, the billionaire and purveyor of all things Virgin-al, Branson comes full circle with the launch of Project ($2.99), a "living" constantly-updated magazine developed from the ground up for reading on the iPad as well as iPhones and Android tablets in the near future. You have to respect the hustle. No Matter what!


Spanish Woman claims to own the Sun, and rightly sues for ownership

Angeles Duran, 49, told the online edition of daily El Mundo she took the step in September after reading about an American man who had registered himself as the owner of the moon and most planets in our Solar System.
There is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals, she added.
"There was no snag, I backed my claim legally, I am not stupid, I know the law.

Crab in a bucket Syndrome

You've all heard the crabs in  bucket theory, Especially how that theory, is applicable to black people.
Well here's a real life example for you. I don't know if you all remeber Khia, a one time hit havin female rapper. She got a little shine back then, but fizzled out faster than an erection. Well she's joined the anti Minaj bandwagon along with little Kim.Read her delightful review of Nicki Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday