Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nigerian witchdoctor jailed for making 4 dudes dicks disappear

A Tamale Circuit Court has remanded 48-year-old Alex Ikege, a man suspected of making some persons’ genitals disappear, into police custody to re-appear on December 23, 2010. The suspect, a Nigerian, facing charges of indecent assault, is alleged to have caused the disappearances of the male genitals of four persons but has pleaded not guilty. Mohammed Assan, Abubakari Zaidu, Ahmed Lukman and Sadat Tahiru, the four victims, all residents of Damongo in the West Gonja District of the Northern regions, have been issued with police medical forms to see a urologist at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Earlier reports suggested that the suspect allegedly siphoned the genitals of the four but police disclosed that their genitals were intact except that they seemed to have mysteriously shrunk and could no longer erect. Giving the facts of the case, the prosecutor told the court that the suspect, on December 17, checked into ‘Mahama Guest House’ and invited Ahmed Lukman, an errand boy, into his room. He was alleged to have pleaded with the boy to spend the night with him in the room which the boy initially tried resisting but upon insistence, he agreed. Lukman, according to the prosecution, woke up at midnight to find his guest fondling his manhood and allegedly chanting some incantations. He tried screaming but Mr. Ikege pleaded with him to keep quite. On the following morning, Lukman found out that his penis had drastically reduced in size and he could also not erect


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