Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toast your way to a long life!

For the longest of time I’ve always believed that drinkers outlive their teetotaller counterparts, this was based on an observation I made within my family…The only alcoholic in my family has managed to outlive most of his sibling even those who are years younger than him. In my mind I logically deduced that drinkers outlive people who don’t drink and naturally this made me feel better about my own drinking.

Regardless of my logical deductions, they mean nothing if they aren’t backed by scientific research and evidence. So without further a due I will present to you the damning evidence.

WC foreigners injected R3.1 bil into SA

happy times

Seems as though Phillip, left his wallet here and we have no intention of returning it. Foreign Visa card spending reached R3.1 billion during the lead-up to, during and after the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.Spending continued in the three weeks after the final and was up 55 percent over 2009 levels with 49,000 Visa transactions on average a day from the start of June until the end of July.

According to the latest data figures released by Visa Inc., the South African economy saw a massive boost in foreign visitor spending on Visa cards.

They aint ready for Africa

Just call me the purveyor of all things filthy, i'm only restrained by my need to keep this blog Safe For Work, otherwise all sorts of nasty would be on your screen. This vid is Golden, lyrically, melodically, harmonically, laughably. Someone transcribe the lyrics for me stat.

“I don’t want to have sex with bearded man. I don’t want to have sex with bearded man. They tickle, tickle my vagina. They tickle me with their beard” I am the Queen of Vagina, I am Queen of promiscuious"...


Jeremy Mays Paper Rings

Artist Jeremy May carves holes into books and laminates the results in order to create rings. He makes jewelry out of books by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space.


likecool; neatorama

For the Office Bound

I'm at a loss for words...just click play


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Monday, August 30, 2010

The Expendables

Even before I got a chance to see the Expendables trailer some twat was all up in my face telling me about this great action movie to kill all action movies and not only that but it stars my favourite 90’s action heroes.

After listening to this guys hum drum about the movie and seeing shots of Sly on the web with his top off working out, I must say that Testosterone treatment he is on seems like a miracle worker cause I’d like to have Sly’s physique when I’m 64,damn the Italian Stallion is old!

You have to love twitter for bringing you breaking news because no one seems to have told me that there is going to be screening in Jozi sometime tomorrow, before I get carried away let me break the movie down for you with a brief Synopsis and the cast:


In keeping with Kanye's twitter claim, that every friday he'll release a new track, G.O.O.D Friday.
He hits us with another, banger, showcasing his lyrical dexterity, and yes we do have a thing for this guy on this blog. Listen to offficer Ricky, Jay-Z, and Nicki Minaj spit it over some Yeezy production.

This off of Kanye and Jay-z's 5 song E.P, "Watch the throne"




Sheer Driving Pleasure!! (video)

Now, ever since this car was introduced enthusiats waited with baited breath for an M version, with Beemer letting all know that it wasn't on the cards. They dropped the 3 litre then the 3.5 litre twin turbo, both with enough power to run with all the range toppers in their respective segments. The murmur on the ground grew to loud cries, and with only a few tuner outfits willing to take a crack at it. We got some ridiculous looking fast 1 series.The recession came and that justified the shelving of an M version, but amidst all this denial from Beemer there was always, a rumour that an M version was being worked on. Six years later Beemer have decided to give the people what it is they've been yearning for, and now they drop the teaser to the M1, which will apparenlty hit the market early next year...

vid after the jump.

A little local flavour

Over the past weekend the International Spirirts and Wine Competition 2010 went down. It was a local brandy that won the Best Brandy Award, making it the 9th time a local brandy has taken the honours. The accolade went to Laborie Alambic Brandy. Congrats, another thing to be proud of in S.A, just a pity we didn't crack an invite to the event, cause there are two things, the other half of this blog likes, the stickiest of the icky, and a good Brandewyn.  If he could, he'd buy these out of a vending machine. Fortunately, this brandy doesn't come at a premium price, you can grab a bottle at Makro at a decent price. So let's stop hittin the clubs and sipping on Patron, Get yourself a bottle of the worlds finest from your very own backyard.

L.G                                                                                                         sagoodnews

Mario Knitwear

I got love for you if you were born in the eighties. Big hair, Shoulder pads, hi top sneakers, it was crazy. but the best thing bout being born in the eighties is that you only started using your brain well in the 90's, this is the time that console games made their way into S.A. If you got on to that bandwagon early, you were the shit! Don't give a damn what game you thought was the bees knees, we all got some time in with Mario. Seeing Mario, for me is like seeing an old friend, i think back to rainy days, cups of milo, sore thumbs, and a bunch of moms sandwiches, those were ideal conditions for abusing the console. Like a Pavlovian dog i salivate when i hear the theme music. Sadly my gaming days are behind me but i'm a nostalgic little shit, and got love for these sweaters

Spoon vs. Spoon

On the internet anything goes, The internet abides to that old credo, "build it and they will come." For too long what you watched was dictated by the large t.v networks. The internet has put the content in your hands. No sudden cancellations, no long breaks between seasons. I've had to suffer as networks pulled the plug on some of my favourite shows, Curb your Enthusiasim, Arrested Development, both brilliant but required a smarter audience and never caught on the way networks want. Now i have to suffer through episodes of Generations and Desperate Housewives. Basically all i'm sayin is there is cool shit out there on the internet, ppl showcasing their skills. I pledge to bring that shit to you, spoonfeed it to you, so that you never have to type anything other than visfinger, in your search engine. Hopefully we have similair taste.


Blacks can't be Racist!

The following is a transcribed version of a talk given by Andile Mngxitama at Wits University on an essay he wrote, titled “Blacks can’t be Racist”. He gave the talk to a full house in August 2010.

The university is a great example of how you want to think about the continuation of racism or the white-supremacist project…if you look at how the university is organised. I was thinking Wits is the epitome of white supremacy and I know that Black thinking is outlawed at Wits, by and large. If you look at any of the courses that you do, check the readings that they give you and try to make a study of how many of them, most of the time will be African thinkers or writers….very few. Now, I thought I should introduce to you…you don’t have to agree with what I say but I hope you can do this. There are two critical thinkers in this country that you know the university will not talk about. The first one is Lewis Nkosi. Lewis Nkosi comes from a writing sort of background. Check his writings, check his attitude to knowledge, check his attitude to the Black condition….the Black question and I want to dedicate this talk today to him and to the late Professor Archie Mafeje. Archie Mafeje single-handedly….by 34 he was a
full professor…if you study anthropology I know that they haven’t told you about him because he single-handedly destroyed the science of anthropology and showed it to be colonial studies…single-handedly. And he was not like me, he was not howling, he did very detailed scientific studies and in fact if you want to go to Archie Mafeje online you will find his debates with other white scholars in that field but I know that Wits is not going to tell you about that, the white professors are not going to tell you about Archie Mafeje. So I want to dedicate this talk to both Lewis Nkosi who is very ill right now, he is a very sick man and he’s here in South Africa and to Archie Mafeje who has passed on. I think if you are serious about thinking and change you have to understand these people. There are many more but I thought today I should tell you about these two.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some Energy Tips!

It’s a Friday and I’m already feeling like a zombie walking around the office, don’t get it twisted because its all my fault and I deserve to feel the way I do.

I figure I’m not the only one walking around feeling like Atlas but instead of carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders I’m carrying some serious fatigue on my shoulders.

I’m always looking for the perfect energy pick me up to take you into the weekend so I figured I’d give you a couple I found, some may be legal and others might not be entirely legal.

For those who are lonely on this weekend

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Her lips are full and pink. Her teal green eyes are intense and inviting. Her black eyeliner accentuates her high cheekbones and her strawberry hair complements her light African skin. Her metallic halter dress holds her supple thighs and pushes on her round breast. She is the result of careful attention and workmanship. When you see her up close, you can’t help but stare. At 44 grand, she’s certainly not a cheap date. For creator, Matt McMullen, she's a work of art. For everyone else, she's a Real Doll.


Batshit insane!!

We all know one of them, those hippies who care about everything other than humans, hugging trees, saving animals, eating tofu, wearing shit made out of hemp. I can't stand them personally. We at the top of the food chain, that doesn't mean i condone misuse of resources but , if  i'm hungry something that walked yesterday is gonna end up on my plate. Anyway this post is for the tree huggers, enjoy not dealing withn the issues humans face daily and buy yourself a matching pair of these. Coz fuck it, the strike shit is not as important as providing shelter to those homeless bats. L.G                                                            likecool

A hectic week nearly wrapped up, been light on posts, but we out here, attending everything the city has to offer, so the posts have bn light. But fret not, footage is being captured, words just not written. Will post up when the gap appears.So before you start telling us,  we're more useless than Tiger Woods' divorce lawyer. Here are a bunch of links, that should tide you over till we get this ship back on course. To set things straight is the random hottie above.

This Chick bad, a guide to Nicki Minaj's best back shots: complex
Bodybuilder disagrees with judges: doubleviking
7 ways to look occupied while at the bar: guyism
Merc driver has emblem embedded in arm after crash: forkparty
5 widely believed dating myths: cracked
Macauly turns 30 yesterday: unreality
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Me and my girls - Tyga Performance

This Friday Tyga is performing in Jozi and in Cape Town on Saturday in what seems to be a performance for the ladies called Me and my girls and guess who’s got the details…fishfinger!

So you think you can dance preview....

I don't damn well, think so if thats the question . but i can sure as hell drink with the best of them, Tonight it went down at The Oxford, a quaint nightspot, filled with all the best amenities, tonight was the anouncement of the top 16 for the t.v show that's soon to be aired on SABC 1. The National Broadcaster went hard in promoting the show, open bar and all , you know fishfinger had to wangle it's way in. I'm still gonna have to sleep tonight off so expect a drop real soon on the event, plenty pics accompanied by words to follow.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Songs that currently irritate the shit out of me

I’m not one to complain but unfortunately. I’ve been subjected to a certain music channel on television every second that I spend at my work place. What I’ve picked up on is that there are a couple of songs which I absolutely hate with all my heart, not that they're bad songs but if I’m going to be hearing you everyday at least 6 times a day it's tantamount to torture.

There are songs which I don’t mind hearing twice a day but for heaven sakes the songs I’m about to list below make me want go play in the traffic.

Stuff White People Like

Now given the history of this country, race relations are better than they were, say in 1970. Sixteen years after democracy, race relations are still somewhat tenuous. Now partially this is because we as a nation just don't understand each others cultures, and what you don't understand, you fear, or force into apartheid.
Now if only there were some way to break down all the races, and categorically break them down so that people of another race could read this guide, and know full well that they will get along with that race.
Luckily for us the internet never ceases to amaze.stuffwhitepeoplelike.

This site breaks them down, with a comprehensive list of what they like and how to use that to your advantage. hilarious, in it's insight. This website should be nominated for a Nobel peace prize.Read on for an excerpt from their list


We all make them, we've all seen them, the scrunched up, squinty eyed, lip biting, teeth clenching, faces that people make while in the process of climaxing. These are faces that up until now, you'd have to get real up close and personal, to see. Well no longer! Beautifulagony lets it all out. Facettes de le petite mort (facets of the little death).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

My partner in crime and I will be attending The So You think you can Dance final 16 performance tomorrow, generally we struggle to break it down on the dance floor but weve always been of the mindset that the aim of dancing is not to sweat.
We wont lie, were definitely there for the Obama (OpenBar) and the free chow cause were black like that and how often do you get to recoup your TV license cash and drink on the SABCs tab?For those who haven't seen So you think you can dance, lemme break it down.

What road are you driving on?

I've become a permanent resident of Johannesburg for 3 years now and certain things about the city still make me wonder of their significance, an example of one of those is
Bram Fisher Drive
. Thank God my curiosity always manages to get the best of me, I wondered about Bram Fisher drive until i didn't have to wonder anymore.

Whilst hanging out at home and watching the idiot box I happened to come across a movie called Love, Communism, Revolution & Rivonia - Bram Fischer's Story.

A good Nights Sleep

With this recent foray into blogging i can tell you that a good night's sleep is important, i mean you try scour the internet for the latest shit, it aint easy, let alone getting sidetracked by all that porn that pops up when you search for something innocent, shit'll keep you up all night. You know, I'll shell out a couple bucks to get a Sealy Posturepedic, but I'll be damned if I part ways with £50,000 , i won't even convert that shit.

A bloody mess cont...

Every now and then, the mighty need to be reminded how just how human they are, and if you're lucky you can learn these lessons vicariously, as those close to you get dished up a fat slice of  humble pie. Now if you'd read yesterdays post about the bloody weekend, you will have noticed that it was rather skant on detail, i'm here to flesh that story out for those who care to hear the story of one man's drunken binge...

Sir Lucious Leftfoot The Son of Chico Dusty (review)

I've always been of the opinion that Big Boi was some what underrated as far lyricism is concerned, the limelight always going to his more flamboyant group member. Lyrically this man says alot and the word play is insane, slept on by most people. Well the one half of arguably the greatest Hip Hop duo, has released his solo album.


Zack Snyder(watchmen, dawn of the dead), this dude made his name with 300, with his highly stylised look his movies, come across as as a comic strip, come to life. This time giving his own script a workover, what is above is the result, slated for release in March 2011. Let's hope Ster Kinekor and Nu Metro, step their game up and give an international release date


Cee Lo Green

Arguably one of the best male vocalists in the game at the moment, with an album dropping in September, Cee Lo Green, blessed us with this offering. It's got the internets all a twitter, but with that said, i'm sure every guy has felt the same at some or other time in his life.


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One Night Stand

One Night Stand from Jack Tew on Vimeo.

Directed and produced by Jack Tew and Dave Humphreys.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A bloody mess!

For someone who didn't have any plans of leaving the house this weekend, my plans went down the drain along with my self esteem. I'd been complaining for about 2 months now that my tolerance levels have reached ridiculous proportions when it comes to alcohol, guess I spoke too soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mr West is King!

Do you remember the feeling you used to get when a Michael Jackson song used to come on the radio when you were a kid?... The goosebumps and the uncontrollable urge to move to the beat, I have a similar problem when it comes to Kanye West's music.

Very rarely does an artist make a remix of their own song and still manage to do justice to the original song. If you've had your ear to the ground then you've heard Kanye West's track Power, yesterday Kanye dropped a remix of the track featuring his big brother Jay-Z and the man he deems is the greatest producer of all time, Swizz Beats. I damn near lost my mind when I heard the remix this morning.


Now i'll admit i've caught a glimpse of that Glee Club show, i saw it,  it wasn't for me. The singing of pop songs in acapella? I mean how far could you take that? The thrills would be dead for me by the 2nd episode. Today i'm gonna have to say i love these Glee Club renditions, especially when they take on edgier material like Hip Hop, there's something wholesome about hearing the girls sing your favourite rappers lyrics, no matter how unsavoury the lyrics are, add some fuckin jazz hands to that shit and you got pure entertainment. More vids after the jump...


One of the unheralded perks of dating women, is experiencing them in their natural habitat in varying degrees of undress. It’s a great moment, the first time you experience a woman moving about her house under dressed and fully comfortable in her nudity — unaware or unconcerned that your gaze tracks all of her movements. A special form of intimacy and slightly predatory appreciation.

Great photography naturally lit, real women, worth takin the time to check out every now and then. meinmyplace

Inception (Lego)

Inception inspired Lego re enactment: via Alex Eylar

Black Swan Trailer

Trailer for Black Swan, the new movie from Darren Aronofsky director of Pi, Requiem For A Dream, The Wrestler and The Fountain. From Wikipedia:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miller Rock The Boat (sold out!)

Last year a mate of mine managed to procure tickets for Miller Rock the Boat but as fate would have it we procrastinated for far too long and we didn’t go and get our passports so we missed out on the entire trip last year, needless to say we felt like absolute tits for not going.

Miller Rock the Boat is back again this year and I’ll be damned if I’m going to miss out on this years trip!

I'm still here

Joaquin Phoenix, actor, director, producer, musician, and most recently added rapper to that list. We all perked up and took notice when he played Commodus in Galdiator(2000), it was then that his acting skills became apparent to us. A role  which earned him an Oscar nod for Best Supporting Actor that year. His next big role was in Walk the Line, after getting approval from Johnny Cash, himself to portray the singer. A role which won him the Golden Globe for Best Actor 2006 as well as an Oscar nomination in the same category in 2005 for the same role. With all Cash and Carter's vocal tracks in the movie and on the accompanying soundtrack  played and sung by Phoenix and Witherspoon, his co star.Phoenx, won a Grammy Award for his work on the soundtrack. It was apparent that Phoenix was on another level.

Change is not always good

new and shiny

So Cell C, started makin waves not too long ago with the open letter to Trevor Noah, in the Sunday Times, not long after that the ad campaign came out announcing all the changes, the Service provider was making, to their network with Trevor Noah, as their spokesperson, the ads also served to showcase the change of logo at Cell C.

Not a problem. Aside from the slight annoyance the overexposure these ads recieve. Well not so fast Cell C, the new logo, slight oversight there.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultimate Experience with Adobe

I thought that this might come in handy for those who happen to use Adobe Creative Suite 5 or want more info on adobe.

Experience breakthrough features like never before! Presented by three (3) world renowned Adobe Evangelists from USA.

Toight like a Tyga!

Every once in a while South Africans get to be surprised by a relatively unknown international artist, or better yet one who doesn’t really have any clout.

Turns out, Young Money rapper Tyga is on his way to Mzantsi to perform in Jozi at club Premium in Rivonia next week.

Forbes Top 20 Hip Hop Cash Kings

I’m still wondering when our music industry will ever get to the pointwhere local Hip Hop artists like ProKid, HHP and groups such as Jozi  can openly declare their earnings in a public platform like Forbes, but than again Hip Hop artists out here aren’t seeing any gwap whatsoever, so maybe it’s still a pipe dream. What isn’t a pipe dream though is the Forbes Top 20 Hip Hop Cash Kings.

Couples First dance (video)

What sort of fuckery is this? If i was there i'd walk out!

C'était un Rendez-vous- Claude Lelouch (video)

C'était un Rendezvous ("It was a date") is a short film (less than 10 minutes) made in 1976 by Claude Lelouch, showing a high speed drive through Paris. I'd drive like this if i was late for my CPR lessons in the last post

Get out there and save lives (video)

Super Sexy CPR brought to you by FORTNIGHT Lingerie...classy. more vid after the jump

All is well

New Zealander Steve Williams doesn't believe his job as Tiger Woods' caddie is under any threat, despite media speculation about their 11-year association and concern over the champion golfer's form.

Williams told New Zealand radio on Wednesday that he and Woods remain close friends and there is no possibility their working relationship is about to end.

Vitamin Water

Michael Lallana

This is the face of Michael Kevin Lallana, 31 yr old, a Fullerton, resident  is charged with two misdemeanor counts of releasing an offensive material in a public place and assault. This guy jerked off into his co-workers water bottle twice. The first instance happened Jan. 14, prosecutors said. Lallana went into the office of the woman – identified as Jane Doe – and discharged into a water bottle that was on her desk, prosecutors said. She later return to her office and drank the water, they added.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Roots - How I Got Over album review

2010 seems to be the year where good music has had to take a back seat and let all the crap music rise up to the top and become mainstream, when I say crap I’m talking about the likes of Lady Kaka, Justin Bieber...The monstrosity that pop music has become.

It’s only fitting that at this point in time musically, The Roots would have a single on all your major radio stations on high rotation, I’m talking about The Fire, featuring John Legend  which is the second single from the The Roots 2010 album titled How I got over.

The Joys of Reading

Jacques: The Sports Issue Trailer, 'Squash' from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

The one-year-old quarterly has proved itself to be a rampant early bloomer of the best variety, and has since ended up shelved alongside V Magazine, Vogue, Purple, Self Service and Interview in stores across the world.

The result is kind of similar to the tingling advertising of American Apparel; full of natural honeys that you wish lived next door to you. Jacques features women of all shapes, colours and sizes, and is one of the few magazines whose pages you’ll stick together that refuse to retouch their ladies.More video after the jump...

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Next three days, trailer Russell Crowe: video

JHB Living

So, JHB the land of gold, where thousands pour in on the daily looking to secure their slice of the pie, the gateway to Africa, the place where i've seen more money than cents. I' m  not condemning the place, i love it. I walk outside i'm inspired to make things happen because they're happening all around me, and I've got this thing against being left behind

Now the coastal dwellers might bitch and moan about how this place has no beach, and the pace of the place being too hectic, i say damn all that, keep your seashores, and your bays, BP,will come and eradicate all that in no time.

So for those that aspire to the good life this drop is for you, theres a new development in JHB, and my does it look sweet. The Houghton on 7th. Get in, where you fit in they say, i  definately wanna fit in here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Turn your Ipod touch into an Iphone with the Apple Peel 520

The Chinese will never cease to amaze me… If you’ve ever wanted to turn your ipod touch into an Iphone its now possible thanks to Chinese 22-year-old programmer who created a cover for the Ipod touch called the Apple Peel 520.

The Apple Peel 520 case contains a battery, dock connector and SIM card that allows voice calls. Users will also have to install special software to enable a text messaging function, and to allow the device to properly work with the iPod Touch (users will have to break into the software of the iPod in order to download the necessary applications).

Once installed, the Apple Peel gets around five hours of talk time and 120 hours on standby, according to a review posted on Dailytech.com.

Whether or not the Apple Peel 520 will appeal to Chinese consumers or have any impact on iPhone sales in the country remains to be seen. So far, according to Maxpy, only around 150 of the devices have been pre-sold on Taobao.com, a popular Chinese e-commerce site. Two were sent to technology websites for review.

While there are plans to mass manufacture the gadget in the future, Maxpy says those plans are on hold until the company can ensure there are no intellectual property right violations.

Where there is a will there definatley is a Chinese way!

Limited Edition X -Lace Boot

The World Cup is over and with that terrible winter weather, but these joints deserve a special mention. Pure Class, far too fresh to ignore, far too exclusive to attain. John Varvatos Limited Edition X- Lace boot, anyone feeling generous?

source: John Varvatos

The Land of Giants

The ‘Land of Giants’ project was originally submitted for the ‘Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition’, where it received an honourable mention. The competition was to find a new typology for Iceland's high voltage power lines and pylons.

Choi+Shine has transformed mundane electrical pylons into statues on the Icelandic landscape by making only small alterations to existing pylon design. Making only minor alterations to well-established steel-framed tower design, the architects have created a series of powerful and variable towers.

Hundred in the Hands - Pidgeons (video)

It's a monday morning these visuals might just, cause you to have flashbacks if your weekend was hectic.
Awesome Visuals.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blank cheque!

How determined can one be? After seeing the same chick for several years in a row I'm still keen for her bean like nobody's business, it's not her skankyness, not her fondness for things but it's just the way she moves.

After much meaningless conversation I still haven't plucked up the courage to tell her that I really wanna find out how she is in bed and now it's  3am, I'm thinking to myself... how much more meaningless conversation can we possibly have?

Allow me to re-introduce myself (Video)

Hov WBF Live
Uploaded by yardie4lifever2. - Explore international webcam videos.

Jay-Z, performs at the Nike World Basketball Festival, this went down at Radio City Music Hall, we're lucky enough to get  the full clip. To see part 2 make the jump.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Office

JHB, the place where Phuza Thursday, reared it's beautiful head. So it's only fitting we head out on this, the most JHB, of days and offer our first drop.

JHB, Northern Surburbia, nestled in what was recently a residential area we hit up the Office, in Greenside, on Gleneagles road, flanked by a slew of other drinkin holes.