Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoon vs. Spoon

On the internet anything goes, The internet abides to that old credo, "build it and they will come." For too long what you watched was dictated by the large t.v networks. The internet has put the content in your hands. No sudden cancellations, no long breaks between seasons. I've had to suffer as networks pulled the plug on some of my favourite shows, Curb your Enthusiasim, Arrested Development, both brilliant but required a smarter audience and never caught on the way networks want. Now i have to suffer through episodes of Generations and Desperate Housewives. Basically all i'm sayin is there is cool shit out there on the internet, ppl showcasing their skills. I pledge to bring that shit to you, spoonfeed it to you, so that you never have to type anything other than visfinger, in your search engine. Hopefully we have similair taste.


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