Friday, August 27, 2010

A hectic week nearly wrapped up, been light on posts, but we out here, attending everything the city has to offer, so the posts have bn light. But fret not, footage is being captured, words just not written. Will post up when the gap appears.So before you start telling us,  we're more useless than Tiger Woods' divorce lawyer. Here are a bunch of links, that should tide you over till we get this ship back on course. To set things straight is the random hottie above.

This Chick bad, a guide to Nicki Minaj's best back shots: complex
Bodybuilder disagrees with judges: doubleviking
7 ways to look occupied while at the bar: guyism
Merc driver has emblem embedded in arm after crash: forkparty
5 widely believed dating myths: cracked
Macauly turns 30 yesterday: unreality
7 thing a man should not travel with: egotv


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