Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vitamin Water

Michael Lallana

This is the face of Michael Kevin Lallana, 31 yr old, a Fullerton, resident  is charged with two misdemeanor counts of releasing an offensive material in a public place and assault. This guy jerked off into his co-workers water bottle twice. The first instance happened Jan. 14, prosecutors said. Lallana went into the office of the woman – identified as Jane Doe – and discharged into a water bottle that was on her desk, prosecutors said. She later return to her office and drank the water, they added.

Lallana committed the crime again on April 9, prosecutors say. Lallana discharged into her water bottle on her desk, and Jane Doe later drank from the water bottle and felt sick, prosecutors said. This time, Jane Doe sent the water to a private lab to be tested, prosecutors said. The lab reported in June that the water contained semen.


She threw the bottle away after feeling "sickened and irritated,'' according to the press release.Jane Doe called Orange police, which linked Lallana through DNA to the crimes, prosecutors said. So if i was you i'd lock my office door, if you're in a cubicle, don't leave your shit lying around, coz you'll fuck around and get pregnant!

source: orangecounty

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