Thursday, September 30, 2010

Schalk Burger wears cop cap

I'm not sure whether Schalk Burger wasn't thinking or he was supporting Bees Roux in some bizarre way but Schalk was wearing a South African police issue cap in a resturant and that ended up causing a ruckus of sorts.

Late Night News with Loyiso Gola

Last night at 21:30 the first episode of Late Night news with Loyiso Gola aired on ETV, there was a lot of hype surrounding the show as Loyiso was going to tackle current affairs in a manor which would be humerous and enlightening at the same time.

I happened to catch the first episode and this is what i thought of the first show.

Mike Tyson Comedic Gold

The baddest man on the planet! Fuck i still fear him, i'd rather share a plate with a tiger than have a drink with Iron Mike. Sure he's out of shape, speaks funny, and was very emotional in his documentary, but this guy served up some of the best ass kicking man has ever seen, had the most hectic workout schedule ever. Anyway, this vid is doin the rounds on the nets today tried to ignore it but it's circulating heavy. Despite the foolish moves Mike would still knock you the fuck out.


A detailed look at sex injuries

any other hospital but this, they make me wanna have more sex

Too much of a good thing is bad for you, they say. Some say that it's over rated. Luda, thinks that those who think that, just aren't doin it right. Turns out a lot of you don't have the hang of this thing they call sex, cause it's not suppose to hurt and judging by these numbers. most of you have had a mishap or two while doing the nasty. Here's a list of common injuries sustained  during sex  by the participants and their surroundings. list after the jump.

Breitling Navitimer Caliber 01 Limited Edition

 Breitling, a name synonimous with class and exclusivity. The presereve then, of the rich, intellegent and beautiful people. That is, up until last year when news reporters started scrutinising Julius Malemas, extravagant lifestyle. I'm sure the brand gained a lot more attention in the country, and probably lost a few of it's loyal followers, as does anything associated with Malema. A minor glitch, coz they keep pumpin out some of the most collectible timepieces out there. Breitling's iconic Navitimer gets a proper in-house chronograph movement this year in the Caliber 01 Limited Edition. 2,200 examples of their aeronautical flagship will house the Breitling Caliber 01, a selfwinding chronograph with a 70 hour power reserve. 2000 editions of the watch will be available in stainless steel and 200 in red gold.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feather Awards 2010 Nominations

If you've never heard about the Feather Awards, where the hell have you been? In short, the Feather Awards are the brainchild of  Tumi Kotlolo and they celebrate all things gay and beautiful.

The nominations gala dinner was held at Melon in Mellville and I must say the venue oozes class. Somizi was the MC, and he had us in stitches with his commentary where the nominees are concerned, it's a pity we had to leave before the chow came but we still managed to get a list of the nominees.


love the singing


Steven Seagal sings Reggae

Growin up as a kid you generally have no taste. I mean how else can i explain my love for all those 80's movies starring, Jean Claude van Damme, Chuck Norris, Dolph Lundgren. I can't believe I used to watch that shit (repeatedly). All i needed back then was some slow motion ass kickin and i'd be satiated. The blood lust in me taken care of, when van Damme, did the splits and punched your nuts. None of them though brought it like Steven Seagal, would bring it. Slicked back pony tail slightly over weight, low raspy voice.You just didn't see it comin when he'd break every fuckin bone in your whole crews bodies. Well Steve, still has that element of surprise I see. Except he's no longer breaking every bone in my body, he's really after your sense of good taste and he wants to demolish that shit.That's right boys n girls Steve has a reggae track out. Lyrics like " me want the poonani." Question is who's gonna step up and tell him this is shit? I'll gladly say it with layers of internet between us.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beckham to find new team in 5 4 3 2 ...

A heckler at a L.A Galaxy game recently called Becks out in the tunnel, over his recent hooker scandal. Suffice to say Becks, wasn't impressed, and had a few choice words with him. Firstly Beckhams voice is about as intimidating as Mickey Mouse. Second, Beckham's calling this dude out when he knows his bouncers will diffuse that situation as soon as it starts. Man up David.


Beer Can Chicken

South Africa’s weather has thrown us back into winter and with all this cold weather all I feel like doing is eating non-stop and I came across this recipe for cooking chicken.

What caught me was the recipe name…Beer can chicken. Now If you’re going to combine my two favourite things in the world you’ve caught my interest already. Without further a due.

WTF! PE Man hacks off his fingers with a rock!

Fishfinger hails from the Port Elizabeth aka The Windy City and nothing ever really surprises us from back home, but I came across this fuckery today and I was shocked to the core. Details after the jump:

Blackberry Playbook

So i guess the thinking behind this was, "they're eating into our space, lets bite back. "Blackerry has moved into a different lane, and is aiming squarely at Apple and their iPad. The new slate -- which Balckberry, described as "the first professional tablet" -- will sport a 7-inch, 1024 x 600, capacitive multitouch display, a Cortex A9-based, dual-core 1GHz CPU (the company calls it the "fastest tablet ever"), 1GB of RAM, and a 3 megapixel front-facing camera along with a 5 megapixel rear lens (and yes, there will be video conferencing).

Dorain Gray Review

If you've ever looked in the mirror and wished that you could stay this way forever than you'll relate to Dorian Gray.

The movie came out last year overseas but its still on circuit at a Cinema Neouveo and is a must see.

The movie is based on the only novel by Oscar Wilde to be published titled The Portrait of Dorain Gray, the novel tells of a young man named Dorian Gray, the subject of a painting by artist Basil Hallward (Ben Chaplin). Basil is impressed by Dorian's beauty and becomes infatuated with him, believing his beauty is responsible for a new mode in his art. Dorian meets Lord Henry Wotton (Colin Firth) , a friend of Basil's, and becomes enthralled by Lord Henry's world view. Espousing a new hedonism, Lord Henry suggests the only things worth pursuing in life are beauty and fulfillment of the senses.

Pedigree Dog ad

Those that know me, know i got a thing for dogs, dogs and camera's. To goeek out on you this ad was shot with the phantom, which specialises in slow mo shots. If you like visuals, watch and enjoy!


Stop Motion Beard

A Beard Film (stop-motion) from Ian Robertson on Vimeo.

With Movember about a month away this is to remind all the men (and some hairy aunts) how to get your beard on.


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Monday, September 27, 2010

I ruff you

Sometimes, Asian people can be really cool as in the case of Bruce Lee, Chad Hugo, and Japanese people under the age of 25. Most of the time though, they are embarrassing as fuck. And this is only the first video in their love story.Sometimes as ablack guy you just need to laugh at another peoples accent other than yours...


S.A with another first

Sasol is doing big things, they might not be the biggest player in the oil business globally, but they certainly can punch above their weight. They've had their woes as far as fines by the competition commision, and recently dropped the Springboks, sponsorship. I'm Guessing the money saved from their Springbok sponsorship, was put put to good use.

News for the Rich

So the long weekend came and went, hair, fingers, clothes all smelling like braai. It's why i'm so late with my drops today. However the bank accounts of the rich kept ticking over, especially with news that your mines will not be nationalised.

MC Hammer taking shots at Jigga

I can’t for the life of me understand why MC Hammer is still a topic of discussion anywhere after the 90’s caused that’s where he belongs.

As per every Friday Kanye West drops a new joint and last Friday he dropped "So Appaled" featuring Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Pusha T, RZA and CyHi Da Prynce.

Jay-Z takes shots at MC Hammer on the track and this is what MC Hammer had to say in response to Jigga.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Do not attempt to adjust your monitor

Listen up Muppets!! Fishfinger will not have any posts up tomorrow and for the weekend, the team will be workin on some big things in the backend. Things i'm sure will benefit the joburg nmasses. So tomorrow consider yourself lucky if there's new stuff on here. Plus we're gonna spend the weekend doin things only internet celebrities get invited to do. Enjoy the looong weekend people!


BlackCoffee set to play for 60 hours straight

BlackCoffee is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s best DJ’s not only that but he’s decided to take on a feat no normal man would be able to complete.

BlackCoffee kicks off he’s 60 hour set at midnight Maponya Mall ‘s parking lot in Soweto all in the name of a Guinness World book of records record.

The Drum Cover Poster Collection

Now most Johannesburgers know the Bank as a club but tonight their switching things up and turning it into a gallery.

Drum Magazine has always had epic covers so they’ve decided to have a Drum Cover Poster Collection to celebrate African history and popular culture.

These Drake jokes write themselves

With facial expressions like that , I can only imagine the sort of welcome Drake, wants to give Wayne, when he gets out of prison. I understand that Drake plays on that sensetive rapper side, but he must man up.


News from the rich

Just before you go out on your long weeknd, I just want you to feel like a pauper and shitty. With this drop on Rich people news. Aston Martin, has their most exclusive car nearly ready for production and keep sending out teaser video's as if they all haven't been pr-ordered,  it will boast the world's most powerful naturally-aspirated production car engine. With 750 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque, the 7.3-liter V12 is a marvel of automotive and acoustic engineering. video after the jump...

Fat Babies have more fun

According to a recent study conducted by Associate Professor Christopher W. Kuzawa, men who have a higher amount of weight gain during their first six months of life will often turn into taller, more muscular men with higher testosterone levels — and have more sex. Find out more after the jump.
As Christopher explains:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Justin Bieber is in the building!

This is the young man everybody loves to hate but eventually you’ll catch the Bieber fever. Word on the streets is that the young heart throb just hit South African shores for a holiday with friends.

Details after the jump:

Test driving the iPhone 4

Unfortunately fishfinger never made it to the iPhone launch but thanks to MTN I got to feel the phone in the flesh.

I was rather overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of this phone, it looks so bloody sleek. The phone is everything I expected, got to check out the features and I must say that apple made an effort to rectify all the faux pas they made with the previous iPhones.


Land Rover Evoque Revealed at Paris Auto Show

If you ever look around while driving i'm sure some of you will have seen the Hello Jozi billboard, with what seems like a wire frame of a car. Well that wire frame  has finally been revealed to be the Land Rover Evoque, at the Paris Auto Show, and it certainly looks good. To think some of you (mainly me) were worried when Tata took over Land Rover.

Funny Condom ads...

A problem the Dept of Health had, was how to promote safe sex in South Africa. A very conservative country. Without offending the good peoples sensibilities. As a result i don't think i've seen an advert for condoms on our screens, just a safe sex Public Service anouncements. Now other countries don't shy away from the topic, and this results in some good condom ads, here's seven vids for you...

The Calabash takes top Honours

With the World Cup Depression well and truly over, we cast our gaze into the horizon, and look forward to the skimpy outfits that summer brings with it. However the Calabash will not go gracefully into that good night. First there was the naming debacle with F.N.B, that kept it in our minds, then the Boks got their asses handed to them by the All Blacks at the venue, and now it brings tears to our eyes yet again, but these are tears of pride, that well up, upon hearing that the Stadium, has won the "Best Public Building Category" at this years Leaf Awards.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dad catches that Beiber fever

If you're going to record a YouTube video of you singing to a Justin Bieber song, why would you just do the wallflower shuffle while your dad (or maybe he's their uncle who drives an electric blue Mustang and always smells like pina coladas) upstages you with his sweet sweet moves in the background? That spazzed out swan has the boogie in him and he's trying to shake that shit out while the two girls just stand there!
Poor little Girl keeps lookin at him, like wtf? Wait for his moves when Luda comes on the treack.


Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Brown Suede Hi

This model comes in a very natural and neutral tan color and is wisely offset by the bright red Star Chevron brandmark as well as its cord laces. Upper-matching leather can be seen on the mid-foot and heel and has a white and black vulcanized sole is implemented on the underside. This is a new take on the classic Chuck.



The Power of Suggestion

Hypnotist Rod Scarth, "The Master of Mind Magic,." Helps one of his audience members ahve a screaming orgasm on stage, and then some, with a little help from the audience.


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Monday, September 20, 2010

iPhone 4 hits SA shores Wednesday

If you’re not on twitter you need to step your game up. I love twitter because its immediate, just saw a tweet about the iPhone 4 and how Vodacom and MTN will be launching the phone on Tuesday evening.

Hell hath no fury...

I’ve been hearing about this video for the past week from a couple of people who’ve seen it.

We’ve been watching Cheaters on our idiot box for years now but this is the worst I’ve seen one of these episodes end. Something tells me that it’s fake but God damn does it look real. You decide:


I don’t care who you are or what you do but everybody loves a freebie and I thought I would just share this new freebie with you.

Aaron Mokoena's double life...

I see no one learnt anything from Tiger Woods! Bafana Bafana skipper Aaron Mokoena has been busted by local media for his live in lover in the UK and mind you the man recently tied the knot to his high school sweatheart.

The whole country never took a liking to Mbazo as captain of the national soccer team and this just gives them more reason to hate on the man.

Armani ad campaign

Even after being dropped from Transformers 3. Meagan Fox, seems to have bounced back well enough. This is her in nothin but Armani underwear, in a short film for the brand.

Christiano Ronaldo for the ladies after the jump

Jack Daniel's 160th Commemorative Bottle

I've asked for  Jack, so many times at the bar, you could be mistaken for thinking, i was referring to an actual person, who's table i wanted to join. Well the iconic brand turns 160yrs, and to mark the occasion, the distillery is releasing a new black commemorative bottle...


The 60-second film Gumboots, directed by Cape Town-based Bauke Brouwer, has become the first South African production to make the shortlist of the Filminute international film festival.
Filminute is hosted entirely online throughout September, making it accessible to film lovers in any country. It is the only film festival that can be experienced in full in less than 30 minutes.

Gumboots is one of 25 finalists from 18 countries and is up against entries from the Czech Republic, Finland, Japan, Hungary, Iceland, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, the UK and the US.

Gumboots is also in the running for the People’s Choice accolade, which is awarded by the audience. Anyone with a valid email address may vote, but only once, and votes can be cast online. Winners will be announced after 30 September 2010, when the festival ends.
view the movie at this link.. gumboots

Tiger of Sweden

With the recent spate of events attended and that we plan on attending, It's only right that fishfinger look the part. Not that we weren't with it, it's just that sometimes shit needs to be refreshed. Gunning for that GQ, Best Dressed Blog Award that they'll create when they finally take notice of how fresh we are. In steps, the Swedish niche fashion label Tiger of Sweden.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend pick me up


For all the boys out and about tonight


J&B Start A Party Awards

Far from the leafy susburbs and gated communities. In the heart and hub of the city, Thursday night at Turbine Hall in Newtown. J&B hosted their awards for their long running, start a party campaign. Strictly black tie affair. The people of Jozi, came out looking good and ready for a good time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday inspiration!

Friday’s are without a doubt the best day of the week, unless of course you’re stuck in the office until 16:30 and you just wish time would fly be quickly, never fear when fishfinger is here.

I decided to drop you a couple of house joints that have memories for me and I know they’ll have you feeling nostalgic in no time.

Here you go:

Uyanda Mbuli scores Creme de la Mer

The first time I heard about Creme de La Mer was when I was watching VH1’s The Fabulous life of Jennifer Lopez and at that time the one thing I picked up is that Jennifer Lopez spent a lot of money on the stuff.

I was surprised to see that Uyanda Mbuli is now South Africa’s face for Creme de La Mer which means that La Mer see’s South Africa as an emerging market they need to tap into which is great for the country.

Face of Creme de la Mer
I’ve got a couple of qualms which may be seen as hating but hell that’s why we have a blog where we can write what we think,  so here goes.

Friday Links presented by Laura Dore

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

UK stand up for the Pope!

I’m not a very religious man and The Pope to me is just a regular man and it turns out I’m not the only one who feels that way.

I can't wait for Kim's Cakes!

I’m never one to brag but today is one of those days that I’ll get to bragging.

Gay Hipster Fight

Sometimes people need to mind their own damn business, i don't think this was ever worth stopping...


Get your hand out my pocket!

I think i might give away a million bucks

Our Police commissioner has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, firstly it was the house which cost R1,4 million which he pays only R10 000 for on a monthly basis and the government coughs up the other R30 000 for the house, not only that but he called for members of The South African police force to keep the same size uniform for the next 7 years, now he’s found himself getting more unwanted attention by losing R20 000 on a flight and telling people that he had not had enough time to open  a case docket, Imagine telling him that you as a citizen of this country didn’t have enough time to open a case, he’d shoot you where you stand.

Here are the details of this mysterious R20 000:

Sweat it out

As evidenced by the Pop bottles party this weekend. Summer is upon us in Jhb, but as it does every year it seems to have crept up on people without their realisation, or preparation. Don't fret Fishfinger is here to help, coz there's nothing we love more than filling the landscape with beautiful fit ladies. so here's a video for you to watch if you feel anything less than tip top. Guys do yourselves a favour and have a look too.


Freshlyground Banned from performing in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean authorities banned the group from traveling or performing in Zimbabwe.
An immigration official confirmed the cancellation of the group’s working visas to Radio Voice of the People in Zimbabwe but said the department was not obliged to give its reasons.
“Yes we cancelled the visas for that music group,” Evans Siziba, an immigration official, was quoted as saying.

Hover Bed

Now as some of you kight have noticed i have an obsession with beds, i've got this condition known as laziness, that requires me to spend copious amounts of time in bed, and not much else leave it only to party and eat. Seeing as this terminal condition i have sees me bedridden for most of thee day, i like to make sure the bed is a comfortable space, and i seek out new developments in the bed industry.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Transformers from repey815 on Vimeo.

"This short film was shot in 2 hours. Edited in month=) For shooting I used my new camera Canon 550D (+ kit lens 18-55mm + 50mm 1.8) and a little bit my friend's camera Nikon D5000 (+ kit lens 18-55mm). Thanks for Watching."  Alex Semenov. Now this goes to show a point i've been hammering out, with a regular DSLR camera, this was created. What the hell is holding you back


Homophobic Remarks Force End Sponsorship for Australian Swimmer

Haha, the Aussies just aren't winning in todays posts, first they pay for Oprah's holiday Now this!!
Controversy has reared its ugly head Down Under as Jaguar has terminated its sponsorship deal with an Olympic gold-medalist over disparaging remarks made online. The athlete in question, Stephanie Rice, reportedly derided rival South African rugby team the Springboks as "faggots" after their defeat at the hands of the Wallabies, one of whose players she is reportedly romantically involved with.

quade cooper: pounding that thing

The remarks were made via popular social media portal Twitter, and were followed by a tearful apology made at a televised press conference. Jaguar Australia, however, evidently felt the triple-gold-medal-winning swimmer was no longer suitable to represent their brand, ending their relationship and forcing Rice to return the Jaguar XF sedan she'd been driving since earlier this year.



Jacques Mag

'The Geisha' from Jacques Magazine on Vimeo.

Recently highlighted what a classy publication this is, would love to see it readily available on S.A shelves, but until such time i'll keep watching their ads for the quarterly. Alittle Asian persuasion for you.



Whatever happened to Felicia

She sure as hell couldn't puill off some hit like this..
Now growin up i watched Oprah, especially when it stared to air on South African television, moms would put that shit on and i'd have to sit through it, I didn't really mind, not like when your parents would change the channel while the Simpsons played to watch the news.See unlike the news Oprah didn't piss me off, she made sense to my kiddy world, The news, not so much. Talks of rate cuts, strikes, new presidents, all that stuff didn't affect my rule as king of the playround, and watching the Simpsons made me a more likeable king, fresher than any prince.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Devil in a new dress - UJ Spring Day Bash Doornfontein

There are certain things which always surprise the crap out of me, for instance we checked out the UJ Spring Day Bash in Doornfontien and I mean it’s never a bad thing to mingle with young people on occasion but I always find myself in awe.

Just some funny shit (Inception acapella trailer)

Some ppl are crazy and can't be helped, but their craziness can also be the funniest shit ever, so when you come across this particular brand of crazy, youtube that shit immediately.
original trailer after jump...

This Air Sex thing hmmmm.

Posted in tuesday links earlier, the longer i sit, i can't get this post off my mind, how the hell did this competition come about? Tell you what though, i'd be sitting there, in disguise most obviously, scoping out future wifeys, coz if you rate your sex game so highly that you let us see the moves and want to be awarded for them, then i'm guessing they're not half bad, and you can really lay it down.

vids after the jump...

Sinn 9000s Watch

All black everything, Sinn's 900 Pilot S Chronograph is covered in the company's Tegimented black coating and features a GMT function and a five conversion scale for American and European units on the caseback


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