Monday, September 27, 2010

News for the Rich

So the long weekend came and went, hair, fingers, clothes all smelling like braai. It's why i'm so late with my drops today. However the bank accounts of the rich kept ticking over, especially with news that your mines will not be nationalised.

 So affluent uppercrust citizens beware. That Bentley you purchased between October 2006 and March 2009 might just impale the next pedestrian you decide to go careening into.Rich people are about to be pissed. Bentley is recalling 820 cars worldwide for fear that the “Winged B” hood ornament might not retract properly, thus impaling a person if they were to be struck by that particular car.
Wait, what? So you’re taking 820 cars back because if the driver happens to hit someone, the hood ornament might injury them? Bentley spokesperson Richard Durbin explains:
“The recall is rather theoretical. If it were struck by something, we want it to retract as quickly as possible and in some instances it’s not doing it.”
Guess that means i got to stop running in front of Bentleys, lookin for that  easy payday, shit could hurt.



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