Friday, July 29, 2011

Androp - Bright Siren [video]

The Japanese band "Androp" came up with a pretty neat concept for a music video: Set up a wall of 250 flashing Canon cameras and sequence the strobe of each flash with a computer program. The result might trigger an epileptic fit. The band insists there's no CGI used in the video and each camera flash was an actual picture, which you can see the result of at the band's website. I'm sure Androp is pretty big in Japan.

Th execution on this is flawlwess, I won't lie though, I had the headphones on and was bumpin some frank ocean while watching.


"Pusha T - I still wanna" Live at the Shrine Chicago

The Thornton brother who has our ears peked up at the moment, graced the Shrine in Chicago with this presence. This footage was captured during his performance of Still Wanna.I can't get over how intense Pusha gets when doing his thing.


Beyonce on Jimmy Kimmel

With her latest album doing its thing on the charts, Beyonce has to hit up a few talk shows to keep the wheels on the machine ticking over. I'll be honest, I haven't even watched this yet. I'm posting just to keep peace with the ladies. Enjoy your moment ladies, and those unreasonable fantasy guys thinking that they can, learn as much as they can about her, from these things in order to charm her away from her husband, if ever they had the oppurtunity.


Frank Ocean - Thinking About you

While there is still no release date for nostalgia/LITE, Frank Ocean drops this splendid ballad, entitled “Thinking About You” for your listening pleasure. Again, no official word where this will end up, but it sure is good to hear some new music the in-demand crooner. Listen below and stay tuned on his Def Jam-release and his contribution on Watch the Throne.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You by Hypetrak


Adidas Samba Aluminium Grey

One of the cleaner drops of the season for adidas has made its way to Wish. Featuring an aluminum grey leather upper, the Samba receives a new color treatment for the summer. Accents come via signature adidas 3-stripe branding in dark grey, “Samba” in volt and gum outsoles to top it all off. Not sure what the local pricing will be, nor the release date.They are however avail here for online purchasing.


The Clipse - Kinda like a big deal ft. Kanye West [video]

Listen. I no this aint new, I've seen it plenty my damn self, but I'm just in that chest thumping mood and this track right now expresses that.


Friday Links Presented by Amazin Amy

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Yeah, feast your eyes on that whooty(white girl with booty). "Enough said."


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Amy Winehouse may have died from quitting alcohol

How fucking ironic that the same girl who refused to go to rehab is the same one who could have possibly died from quitting alcohol, fuck me!!  More after the jump:

2012 Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe Black Series

The 2012 C63 Black Series is latest jewel to come roaring out of AMG packing a 510 hp 6.3 liter V8 (457 lb-ft of torque) that will bring the car from zero to sixty in 4.2 seconds, which today is still a preliminary figure. To bring that power into the C63, the engineers looked to the C63's big brother, the SLS AMG, of which it shares qualities with, specifically the forged pistons, lightweight crankshaft, and connecting rods that make for a more than worthy arsenal against its fellow German rivals. This looks sick!


How to avoid steamy mirrors with Tara

Last week I put you up on the good work the people at eyehandy were doing, just helping you tackle some of lifes obstacles with nifty little tricks and scantily clad women. I promised I'd post one of the tutorials a week, think I slipped up last week, heres me remedying that situation. I fucking HATE foggy mirrors!!


Man gets stuck in manhole to retrieve wallet, oh yeah he was drunk

I drink, I'm at that age where I've learnt what my limit is, but sometimes due to a lapse in judgemet, inadvertantly cross that line. You see the thing with drinking is, you're constantly learning. When I was new at this, I thought "fuck it i can drink 2 litres of Coke a day, so 2 litres of Whisky shouldn't be a problem." Yeah, It doesn't quite work that way. Now I more or less understand and know where that line between drinking to be social, and drinking to be a social nuisance is. Not to say there's days where I intentionally head out to get fucked.

I'm straying off point here, this guy was obviously on the wrong side of the line.I think I was one drink away from this last weekend.

A "slighty intoxicated" California man dove into a manhole last week to retrieve his wayward wallet and got stuck up to his waist - with his legs sticking up in the air, police said.When cops arrived, they tried unsuccessfully to extricate the 21-year-old. It later took four firefighters to yank Medeiros free.Medeiros was trapped head-first in the curbside manhole for at least 40 minutes screaming for help before police arrived.The young man suffered several minor scrapes and bruises but refused medical treatment.


Reflexonic Viberect - Penis Vibrator

Terminator. I loved that movie, partly because as a kid Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the most indomitable force my mind could fathom at that tender age, and therefore seeing that he was actually a robot made sense to me. Later on the story of the rise and takeover of machines, seemed like a cool concept to me.

Well the machines, are slowly takin over, you already sit at your computer all day, fuckin up your eyesight, hunched over becoming a weakling. you order your food online and have it delivered to minimise inconveinience. They've started to soften us up, for the great war.

Now theres a vibrator for men, which will increase our dependency on machines. No longer will men be out pub crawling developing their minds, and strategising on how to cunningly get a woman home. The Generals of tomorrow will never develop. What's worse is I don't trust this Viberect, coz, when Skynet decides it's time to draw first blood. It's gonna wirelessly link up with all Viberects, put them on "unhappy ending setting" and snap dicks like twigs. Mark my words.


Aloe Blacc - I need a Dollar (Special Made Performance)

Yesterday it was Billie Jean, today the biggest hit he's had to date. Is it wrong that this track makes me anxious for How to Make it in America season 2? Anyway, Aloe does his thing while hardly takin any strain, dude is a crooner. Gentlemen keep your women away from this dude.


Meek Mill - Y'all don't hear me though [video]

An accompanying video for Meek Mill’s recent freestyle set to appear on his Dream Chasers mixtape with DJ Drama on August 11th. Been getting a lot of requeests to give Meek, some airtime, so here he is.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hugh Hefner a two second man - Crystal Harris

Crystal came out guns blazing on a recent interview she did with Howard Stern talking about Hugh not being into hitting the skins and even when he did it was shorter than a rabbits round. More after the jump:

Aloe Blacc - Billie Jean (Special Made performance)

In the Spring of 2011, MADE invited Stones Throw-signee Aloe Blacc for a special creative session to Berlin. The crooner’s original music was interpreted by Miki and his string-quintet, who translated the soul and funk infused music into classical compositions. Above you can experience Aloe performing his intriguing string-quintet version of his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” which inspired artist Jaybo to create his own visual interpretation of the song as an art piece.


Jeremy Scott & Adidas Originals by JLS SLM Bowling

From the start, Jeremy Scott has taken an ultra literal approach to footwear design. Essentially slapping on themes in their most direct state, a new style combines the characteristics of a bowling shoe with a Stan Smith-esque upper. A two-tone red and blue leather is contrasted by a gum sole.These will be released Stateside July 30, we need some confirmation from adidas this side.


Father Son Issues, Best cry Ever [videos]

I can't even lie I've watched this classic over and over agian, hoping each time that I would get a bit more of the conversation, that lead up to the climax.
Whoever edited this you're a fool for "The Who" music, but it sets it up so well.Seriously WTF? This being the internet, people have been getting busy with this. Did Jay Z declare the death of autotune? Cause this sounds even better, when you give it that T Pain treatment. See you guys in Hell cause this mans pain is rounding off my day real nice.

Some of you are true purists, and firmly believe that covers, remixes, renditions only ruin classics, so here's the original.

Somebody get daddy some lotion his hands are ashy as fuck.


Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore

Ever since I started giving a shit, i've wanted the best. The Standard Bearers in each facet of life. I've always loved music, often in my youth, following the louder is better rule. Obviously that was before I gave a shit.When I gave a shit, the clarity and quality of sound, made more of a n impact on me, then the look of the soundsystem, mattered to me, for no longer did iI care for the Gigantic speaker set, with the chrome looking accents in the tweeters, I went understated yet classy, and B&O to me, look and sound fantastic.

Nearly three years since the release of their BeoSound 5 system, Bang & Olufsen are following up with the all-new BeoSound 5 Encore. With a price tag of $3,350 (making it more affordable than its predecessor), the device maintains the 10.4-inch LCD/scroll wheel controller while losing the need for a music server by running headless with a slew of connectivity options that include USB storage, NAS and A2DP Bluetooth adaptability and the choice of more than 13,000 internet radio stations. There’s still time to save up for the device, however, as it isn’t due out for release until August.


The Game - Pot of Gold ft. Chris Brown [Video]

Seriously, is this RED Album, trying to give the Detox a run for it's money, people can take that sort of stuff from Dre, Game? Not so much... Here's the latest visuals off that supposed album.


Alfa Romeo 4C as you've never seen before!

Alfa Romeo doesn't just make cars but they make pieces of art and the 4C is no different to any other ALfa you've seen on the raod...pure art in motion!. The slinky little Alfa 4C Concept, slated for production in 2012, has a 147kW, 1.8-litre turbopetrol engine and dual-clutch transmission mid-mounted in a carbon-fibre body. Expect 0-100 in less than five seconds and 250km/h+ flat out. Yes please.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Strange Addiction- An Adult Baby

In all my life I have never seen such levels of fuckery!! I know being an adult can be shitty but God dammnit man! You go home everyday just to dress like a toddler and not only that but you also had a sex change, I can't fathom this bull shit! Grow a pair of balls/tits and behave like an adult! I'd like to believe that I'm an understanding person but this is beyond my comprehension.



Tuesday Links presented by Stacey Dash

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The best way to find your vocation: artofmanliness
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101 Sexiest Soccer WAGs, what no P.S.L players? haha: bleacherreport


Monday, July 25, 2011

Kanye West and Jay Z - Watch the Throne Behind the Scenes [documentary]

With just over 6 days till this album is no longer a rumour, and the mixed reviews still pouring in over the Otis track, the duo let loose visuals from their recording sessions. With randonm walk ins form the likes of Russell Crowe. Yeah I don't understand how the Grammy Award machine fits in on this scene, but it's always a good show of muscle when heavy weights like that, want to be around you. Watch this and you'll have 11 less minutes to wait for the album release.


CyHi da Prynce ft. Big Sean - Whoop dee doo [BTS Video]

Visuals are comin real soon, from G.O.O.D Musics' other contributor. It must be crazy right now being part of this outfit. Here are the two label mates at the shoot.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

I got Punched

This is a prime example of how a practical joke goes awry, then again the old geezer probably doesn't know that there is something called fart machine!


Japan market a wake-up call for pillow tie maker

Trust the Jipos to come up with something like this, in Japan people die from being overworked so its only fitting that they adapt to these sorts of conditions with some cray innovations. More after the jump:

The Amazing Spiderman [trailer]

Hollywood, never ceases to amaze, we hardly have Toby Mcguire out the memory bank, and it decides the franchise needs a reboot. Don't know why to be honest, but I'll probably line up to see it.


The Hell of being a male Porn Star, as told by Evan Stone

Every guy has thought about entering the porn industry. Wether, it was a genetic shortage, or just the shame of embarassing your family, most guys realised it wasn't for them. We still harbour dreams of being the male lead in a porno though. Sitting in your fancy corner office, you wish you could throw it all in and follow the porno dream. Evan Stone, a seasoned veteran, is out there telling men that it's not all glamorous. This is him trying to convince other men that his job is awful for 13 minutes. I just think he's trying to dissuade more men from joining the industry.


The Ecology Of Love (starring Pharrell & Dania Ramirez)

The Ecology of Love is a film by Brin Hill, marking the film debut of Pharrell Williams. Originally released in 2004 (as a short teaser), the 17-minute visual stars the N.E.R.D. vocalist alongside actress Dania Ramirez. The synopsis is as follows: “A stylish romance centering on a brokenhearted urbanite who, only after breaking down and getting stranded in the desert, unearths the resources to woo a French-speaking woman at a lonely motel.” The Ecology of Love is now available in its entirety above.


Pusha T & Tyler the Creator - Trouble on my mind [Video]

Video drops the same Day Tyler, is announced as an MTV Nominee, for Best Newcomer, as well as Best Video for Yonkers.


Jay-Z and Kanye West Drop ‘Otis,’ Another Track from ‘Watch the Throne’

As we wait with baited breadth for Watch The Throne, Jigga and Yay decided to give us a single "Otis" from the upcoming album . I must say that this track is much much better than H.A.M Enjoy!!



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vuzu waves bye bye to Nonhle Thema

It was only a matter of time before this happened, Vuzu and Nonhle Thema have parted ways amicably and it seems a lot of peeps are going to be super chuffed about this. More after the jump:

Sex workers vie for wedding prize

In the prolific words of Dr Dre "You can't make a hoe a house wife"! Turns out Zambia has a differing opinion to this statement and have created a reality show where whores compete to get married to some virgin punk who's just happy to receive any piece of ass. More after the jump:

Beastie Boys ft. Santigold - Don't play no games that I can't win [video]

Beastie Boys have just released the official, full-length music video to their song “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” featuring Santigold from their latest album, Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. Always adding a hint of creativity and originality to their work, the Spike Jonze-directed video features Mike D, Ad-Rock and MCA visualized as action figures on a mission. The video is definitely worth checking out if you’ve got a couple of minutes to spare.


Urinals for Women

Urinals for girls. Called the Pollee the general design is a four prong urinal where four girls can pee in an open-air, touch free toilet at the same time (teamwork!). Walls are put up to protect anyone from getting a peek at the next person’s goodies. According to Dezeen, the designers of the Pollee wanted to balance a private and public pee atmosphere.

Ladies now you too can stand while you pee. One small issue, splashback. What you ladies know about that? We deal with it, can duck the stuff as it comes backl at you, cause our business is all in the front. Ladies will stand up and have piss dripping of their their ass and thighs. Let's be real here, the only place where they're gonna have this set up, is at some concert, or beer tent/festival. Either way you're most likely gonna be too drunk to notice the giant piss stain on your pants.


DJ Khaled talks We the Best Forever

DJ Khaled sat down with to walk us through every track on “We the Best Forever.” Watch the video track-by-track above. Khaled tells us which songs are his favorites and how and why he chose the featured artists on the album, one being the queen of R&B, Mary J. Blige.


Rockstar Parking

This dude is classic, watch this knob wreck his Porsche and simultaneously parallel park. Who said men can't multitask...


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Depth of Speed have a look at the B.M.W 2002

A car that put B.M.W, on the map. Still looks good by today's standards too, a classic. It's a pretty rare car to see on these streets, but the one that I have was just immaculate.


SSC 995 Kw Tuatara

I posted something about Bugatti rolling the last Veyron of their production line, seems as the last Bugatti Veyron rolled of the plant line Shelby SuperCars dropped the Tuatara (say Twoo-TAH-rah) which pumps out 995Kw of beastly power. This car is gunning for the worlds fastest production car spot. More after the jump:

Swiss devise sex boxes

I don't how many times I've driven past stationery cars with their windows steamed up around the Oxford rd area in Rosebank, Jozi. I've always wondered why someone can't come up with a contraption or lodgings which charge by the hour as well so guys can take their hooker friends to a more discreet location but it seems the Swiss were on time just like their time pieces. More after the jump:

Stillhouse Moonshine

As far as I'm aware, we never had a period in this countries history, where we were under prohibition. This is after all Deepest Darkest Africa, and the colonials needed every drop of alcohol to cope with some of the things the country threw at them.

Author claims 4 month Female Orgasm, If you know what you're doing

"Some say that sex is overrated, but they just ain't doin it right" - Chris  "Ludacris" Bridges, lyrics from his feature on the Jamie Foxx tack, unprdeictable.

Author and sex instructor Nicole Daedone clearly has something more artisanal in mind than the creaking coitus of your average married couple. She is teaching, as the book’s subtitle has it, The Art And Craft Of The Female Orgasm, which, she claims, with the right partner and advanced technique, can last for anything up to four months. No, that’s not a mistake: four whole months.  How on earth would anyone find the time to eat or work, let alone put out the bins or floss their teeth? Back here in the land of the ten-second orgasm, most of us are more concerned about the fact we find it hard to squeeze in a proper conversation with our spouses than anything else. In Daedone’s world, however, women can experience a four-month orgasm through the applied practice of ‘orgasmic meditation’, or OM, which allows them to live in a continually aroused state that helps them embrace all areas of their life with sensuality and vigour. Daedone writes in her introduction: ‘It’s a way that any man can bring out the orgasm in any woman, in just 15 minutes.’ The reason Daedone uses the phrase ‘bring out’ is: ‘I have never met a woman who is not, right now, at this moment, orgasmic.’ She argues: ‘Orgasm is the body’s ability to receive and respond to pleasure. Pure and simple. Climax is often a part of orgasm, but it is not the sum total. The answer to the age-old conundrum is disarmingly (or deceptively) simple. She advocates stroking. The concentration must be so total that all other distractions are removed. The man keeps his clothes on and the woman only removes her garments from her bottom half. The stroking takes place in a prescribed manner (see the book for full instructions and graphic illustrations unsuitable for a family newspaper), on a home-assembled stroker’s nest (basically a soft mat and a couple of cushions) in a condition of Zen-like tranquillity and — this may scare off those who have stayed with me thus far — with the lights on. The woman’s job is to concentrate ‘mindfully’ on the sensations she feels, without letting her thoughts run to grocery lists. The man is supposed to describe what he sees and provide a running commentary.

I don't even bears hibernate for four months. This shit right here sounds like a claim, no one can back up. I mean we've heard Sting, tell us how he has sex for six hours straight because of Tantra, we've learnt how to find G-Spots, make people squirt, and now we have the four month "O"? If it's real, trust me i'll be first in line for a copy of the book, looking to glean whatever pearls it has to offer. This will lead to cheating , I mean, why have sex, regulary  if she hasn't come down from the Orgasm? I'm out on the streets, trying to get four months worth of Orgams from every woman that crosses my path.


Tuesday Links presented by Jessa Hinton

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The Dark Knight Rises - Official Teaser Trailer

Last week the unofficial trailer dropped and the quality was shit! Here is the official teaser trailer. I'm looking forward to the last installment of the Dark Knight series of movies especially since this will probably be the last one with Christian Bale.


Monday, July 18, 2011

Without Men Official Trailer

Besides there being a lesbian scene involving Eva Langoria, the trailer does entice me to watch the movie. Story line is dope and this is going to be a comedy with a nice twist. I'm not gonna lie I'm super stoked for the lesbian scene.


Cops kill Cleo’s burglar. But three escape with the goods

No one dreams of coming back to a house thats been shot up and robbed, robbed by burglars and shot by both the cops and the burglars cause they  thought that motherfucker was Baghdad. DJ Cleo found himslef in that exact situation. More after the jump:

Tigers ex Elin Nordegren dating billionaire

There's steady no winning for Tiger, his golf game has been off to say the least and his ex wife has moved on to better and richer dudes. Elin is reportedly dating a billionaire and homie don't even play golf!More after the jump:

Nicole Scherzinger And Formula One Racer Lewis Hamilton Are Engaged

Personally I never gave these two a fighting chance, turens out this motherfucker was wrong and Lewis Hamilton popped the question to Pussy Cat Doll lead singer Nichole Scherzinger. More after the jump:

Dog Fetches owner a beer

I'm more inclined towards cats but after this vid I say fuck a cat. I now have a better understanding why a Dog is a mans best friend! I want a dog like Murdock!


Kevin Hart, Justin Timberlake & Shaq on Jay Leno

Personally I rate Kevin Hart, dude is just naturally hilarious, I'm not the laugh till I cry type, but this dude and his many youtube clips has me tearry eyed all the time.Throw in Timberlake, who's proved to have good comedic timing in his SNL skits, the larger than life Shaq, and you have comedic gold. I've had this on loop several times.


Eye Handy - How to unshrink clothing (video)

Women did it all back in the day, gathered the firewood, cleaned the house, kneaded the dough, baked the bread, raised the baby, made supper, ironed the mans work shirts, you get the picture. While men lounged aropund like lions under the hot african sun. In todays shifting landscape, you're lucky to find a woman who'll let you have sex with her.

So us boys, have had to learn a few extra things, just to get by when we set up our own house. Most of us can cook now, rather well in my case, but no matter how domesticated we get there's always some shit, we took for granted that our mothers did, and we had no idea how to. These Eye handy videos, step up to the plate as your instructor, and do so with the assistance of scantily clad models demonstrating, the once mid boggling task. I'll be posting one of these up a week or you can rush on over to their website and watch all of them at one go(you'll learn nothing).

This week Julia, teaches you how to unshrink cotton clothing, wich you inadvertantly shrank, cause no one taught you how to use a washing machine.

Learning is fun!!!

eyehandy-where how to gets sexy

Heineken Limited Edition Blacklight STR Bottle

"That guy could sell snow to an Eskimo." A saying used to let you know how good someone is at selling things, selling things that people could otherwise procure themselves, at less of an inconveinience.

Sort of like the booze salesman, is he not redundant? I mean in a recession, times of hardship, times of celebration, times of abundant wealth and prosperity. Alcohol will always pretty much sell itself. Humans will always drink.Brands only need differentiate themselves to get a bigger sip of the proverbial keg.

Q-Tip x Kanye West - Award Tour (Live)

At the 2011 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival the headliner Q-Tip brings out Kanye West and after he performed a few tracks of his own he backs up Tip for the track Award Tour off the classic Midnight Marauders album. On that Backpack Rap tip.


Trouble on my Mind - Behind the Scenes Videoshoot

Pusha T's collabo with the Odd Future Leader, Tyler. Gets the visual treatment. Focusing largely, on the clash of the two worlds the two rappers inhabit. This is a look at the making and themes explored in the video.
This track will be on the Fear of God Re-Release, which will have a few extra tracks. You know a Mixtape is Good, when studios re think the fact that they should have sold it ie: see Drake, So Far Gone. So if you've slept on Pusha wake up the second time round.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Two girls arm wrestle and one dislocates shouder

When we were younger arm wrestling was a way to test who is the tough kid and who is the pussy, this happened more times than i care to mention whilst I was growing up hence I'm shocked that someone could dislocate their shoulder arm wrestling but then again there's a homie of mine who dislocated his shoulder eating a sandwich in class and screamed like a lil' girl so I'm not shocked at this shit at all.


Young Money goons attack Nicki's boyrfriend

As much as Nicki Minaj refuted claims that Safaree didn't lay a hand on her, more claims came out that YMCMB goons went in hard on homie and kciked his ass till it was unconcious. More after the jump:
Well if Nicki and Safaree weren't BROKEN up after he BUSSED HER IN THE FACE with a suitcase . . . they are NOW!!!

Nicki Minaj E! Special: Her rise to the top [Full Video]

Rumours were rife that she got a bit of a Chris Browning this week, but Nicki took to twitter, and refuted all that noise. We got sucked into reporting it, so we feel like an ass (even though theres a police report that begs to differ) . To make things right, here is the 3 part E! Special on her rise to the top. Watch as Nicki takes the journey from being a child with the dream of becoming a nurse, to a teenager with a passion for acting, to the queen of Young Money, and an owner of her own platinum plaque.

More vids after the jump...

Cripple with Swag Returns: U mad Bro

A while back we posted a clip of her debut track "Vagina aint Handicapped."
Yeah, I got a lot of hate mail for that one, and even a few requests for her number and address. Well she's back , and like any rapper worth their weight in salt, is riding the momentum from her first single. "U mad Bro?"
Obviously addresed to all the haters out there, and alludes to the possible release of an 18 track album, or 18 youtube vids. Still akward as fuck watching her!


Lisa Ann goes Deep [video]

I told you I was back on the porn tip earlier Lisa Ann, is the star of Nailin Pailin, the Sarah Palin porn parody. This Kassem dude asks all the relevant questions, while slowly cementing himself a bit of play when the camera's stop rolling. Thanks to the God, that invented the internet, it's been helping what were once thought of as stalkers, get closer to their onscreen dream shag. I'm starting a show just like this and inviting everyone in the porn industry.


Balenciaga 2011 Fall/Winter Sport Shoes

French fashion house Balenciaga has a rich heritage of cutting-edge, fashion-forward design and although they may not be winning any awards for innovation with their line of sneakers for men, the kicks have received a huge amount of acclaim as a simple, elegant and unique take on the ubiquitous high-top trainer. New for the 2011 Fall/Winter season comes the brand’s “Sport Shoes” in a beige colored premium leather. Featuring a raised tongue section that is covered by a lace-up front with seven d-ring fastenings on each side, brown laces accented by rectangular silver metal pieces and a molded brown rubber sole, the sneakers are at once both fashionable and wearable.

Soon to be seen on Jay Z's feet at R 3 500, thats a direct conversion from pounds.


Hookers in a fight [video]

Look the obvious thing to do when you're a man is act all chivalrous, and stop this mess. But there seems to be a primal need for men to watch women go at it stilleto's and weaves. We're just hard wired(by porn) to sit back and watch, infact sometimes i wish live had a replay button like my PVR. Anyway the action stops rather abruptly then a slew of swear words is directed at each other, with the men shouting shoew us your tits in the background. Then the best Motherfuckin pimp pops up at the 3:22 mark, just straight dropping gems, hahaha! To be honest I'm surpirsed there are female hookers in San Francisco, thought that place was the gay capital of the world.


Friday Links presented by Alektra Blue

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52 photos from the Miss Hooters Pagaent  2011. I eat there: thechive
Fancy breakfast meals to impress your one night stand, haha": coedmagazine
15 most played out catch phrases: popcrunch

Cooking for six of the deadiest people in the world: cracked
Top 10 things to keep in your car: askmen
Serena Williams and her Ass at the ESPYs: holytaco

Beyonce's Father might have been skimming a little of the top from Beyonce: dlisted
Chicks arm wrestling, one dislocates her elbow: flisted
11 FAmoue people who survived being shot: guyism
How to avoid akward moments after sex: askmen

So I had an akward day yesterday, and between putting out fires and waiting for people to get shit done, I decided I'd catch up on all things pornographic. Alektra, uptop was voted best body in porn at this years AVN's. I need to see all the other nominees before I make my decision, but she's no slouch. Have a god weekend. Sex Sells!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Benni McCarthy to train with Ajax Cape Town from Next week

Benni's career is gay,its hard to get straight! Dude is returning back home to play for Ajax Cape Town which is a demotion where his career is concerned. Dude's gonna start training with Ajax from next week. More after the jump:

Michigan man arrested for buggery

Every one gets horny and I know sometimes you wanna dry hum anyone and anything but to take that shit literally and try and fuck a horse.Turns out a Michigan was caught fucking a horse, pants down nogal. More after the jump:

Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa get finger tattoos of love

A couple of mintsh ago we blogged about Wiz Khalifa getting a tattoo of Amber Rose's name and I personally thought he was whipped for doing so, it seems as though Amber Rose has followed in her beau's footsteps and tattooed Wiz's name on her finger as well.Pics and More after the jump:

Casey Anthony Case verdict Extremely pissed off old man

I often find myself making conversation with the TV, when you're alone that's cool but don't record that shit and post it up on the net cause people are going to think that you've lost it. What kills me with this old man is..."Fry Bitch, Fry.You're guilty!"


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows

Still feel as though you fuckers slept on the first movie, and if you haven't seen it do yourself a favour. The second installment will hit our secreens round December, glad to se Guy Ritchie, is still helming the sequel. Robert Downey, is just keeping himself relevant with this run of good shit.


Floyd Shivambu drops an F-Bomb on a journo

Its not everyday that you find a spokesperson swearing at a journo but yesterday Floyd out right told a journo to fuck off. I dig the arrogance,I can imagine how pissed off you'd be if someone kept pestering you for an interview with someone and you keep telling them that they are not available...I'd honestly tell them to fuck off as well. Vid and More after the jump:

11 yr old mowing the lawn in an Audi R8

A consequence of growing up poor, is that your parents are protective as fuck over their posessions. Sure you're rich, in love, but damn could they let me play around with their hard earned shit like the rich kids parents? N to the fuckin, O. I wasn't even allowed to wash the car, out of fear that I'd fuck something up.

This kid clearly lives in Money to blow, number 1 million, Easy street. I'm a grown ass man and my old man would not condone such fuckery in his midlife crisis mobile. Kid doesn't even smile!


Nicki Minaj got punched in the face?

TMZ - Reports Nicki Minaj was hanging out at the pool at the fancy Palomar Hotel when she got into a very intense verbal spat with an unidentified man she was staying with.

Nicki told a hotel employee to call police ... while the man went to their hotel room. Nicki followed soon after. When cops and paramedics arrived, Nicki told authorities their poolside fight continued inside of their room ... and the man hit her in her lower lip.

The man had already left the scene when cops arrived ... but Nicki insisted she did NOT want to press charges.  Nicki also claimed she was NOT in a relationship with the alleged attacker.
Cops tell us an incident report was taken ... but no charges will be filed per Nicki's request. 
Calls to Nicki's rep have not been returned.

Damn, I guess this makes it Official. She's now on Team Rihanna. "Sorry Chris Brown, I guess she won't be jumpin on that remix, after all."


Piaget- Only watch Altiplano Skeleton

You don't wear a watch to see the time, it's the measure of a man. I've been measured, and found wanting when it comes to this timepeice, .

The Only Watch auction is about as luxurious as a charity event can get – hosted every two years concurrently with the Monaco Yacht Show under the patronage of Prince Albert II in order to support research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. A four-year collaborator, venerable Swiss watchmaker Piaget has created a one-of-a-kind Altiplano Skeleton timepiece for the auction. Outfitted with an 18 karat white gold case that has undergone a sophisticated matte black PVD treatment, sapphire crystal, pink gold screws, Manufacture Piaget caliber 838P movement and an unique “sunray guilloché” motif; the 2011 Piaget Only Watch Altiplano Skeleton is certainly a show-stopping accessory. Piaget has done an excellent job in using the Only Watch Auction as an opportunity to both support a good cause and flaunt their skills in horological innovation, boasting an attractive result that is truly unique in the world.

How's about Prince Albert, show some appreciation for us handing him Charlene, and he personally deliver this to my door as a show of his appreciation?


Bow Wow v Kobe Bryant 1 on 1 Basketball

1000$ on the line a nd a 10 pt cushion. Bow Wow took on the Black Mamba. Those that follow basketball should know that Kobe is super competitve, no such thing as a friendly for him.
Bow Wow, has done this before, "remeber back in 08, when he had a bet with The Game, that he could beat him at a game of Madden NFL to the sum of a 100$k?" Bow Wow lost back then, if he fucks around and looses at anything else, we're gonna have to add the Lil' back in front of his name.


Watch The Throne Tracklist

August 2nd. Cross your fingers.

Via HOVA's own Life+Times:

1. No Church in The Wild (Feat. Frank Ocean)
2. Lift Off (Feat. Beyoncé)
3. Niggas in Paris
4. Otis (Feat. Otis Redding)
5. Gotta Have It
6. New Day
7. Prime Time
8. Who Gon Stop Me
9. Murder to Excellence
10. Welcome to The Jungle
11. Sweet Baby Jesus (Feat. Frank Ocean)
12. Why I Love You (Feat. Mr Hudson)

13. Illest Motherfucker Alive
14. H*A*M
15. That’s My Bitch
16. The Joy (Feat. Curtis Mayfield)

Pre-order at the "Watch the Thrones" website. And cross your fingers



Vevo presents Kanye West &G.O.O.D Music at SXSW 2011

Mos Def - Intro/Oh No

The most hyped show at this years SXSW Concert. Kanye was poised to perform and did so with the help of his G.O.O.D Music family, and Jay Z. Sure you might have seen some shitty visiuals shot from people lucky to be in the crowd. Vevo let loose some Quality footage yesterday. Videos below...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers

Ladies are normally the ones who generally lose their minds about Christian Louboutins and you'll often hear them ranting and raving as to how much of a womenfolk's footwear genius the man is. Turns out there is lil' something something for the fellas from Christian Louboutin...In my humble opinion it looks like shit! You wouldn't catch me wearing these puppies anywhere in public. Thanks Christian but we'll stick to Nike!



Affion Crockett - Marvins Room (Drizzy and Breezy Spoof)

At times this blog might seems contradictory, or perhaps downright schizo. One day I'm singing Drakes praises the next I'm posting shit that rips him off? It's all a part of the game, Affion Crockett has a go at the Marvins Room beat, and takes adig at the light skinned Drake and Chris Brown. Can't wait for this to get the visual treatment. Be on the look out for Affions show, "In the flow with Affion Crockett." Show airs August 14.


Streaker Gets Owned By Bull

The Pamplona Bull run is somewhere up there in my bucket list but I find myself questioning its relevance and how much fun i could possibly running around being chased by a cow... Here is a clip of a streaker getting more than what he bargained for, in Espanol he's rather folloda (fucked).


A Morning with Paul Smith

Widely successful British fashion designer Paul Smith speaks with The Goddess Guide. Amongst various topics, Mr. Smith reminisces about past experiences, both personal and professional, while speaking about his beginnings as a designer and how he built his dream from the ground up. The piece is honest, insightful and motivational, so sit back and enjoy!


Lil Wayne confirms Carter IV is complete

Get More: MTV Shows

Far too many times you here the album has been pushed back, and it always seems to be a hip Hop based problem. To allay all fears of this Happening to his next Offering Lil Wayne assures Mtvnews that the album is indeed done and just awaiting release.August 29th, listen to Weezy for more details


White Guy calls black guy the N word, breaks bottle and tries to swim away

Hahaha, stereotypes.

Sometimes they're spot on sometimes they'll lead to a beatdown. Now being the age I am, in this country means that I went to school as the country was just transitioning out of apartheid, matter of fact, I was admitted to a historically all white High School before, black people got the right to vote in this country. Thanks in part to the visionary headmaster at the time who saw the writing was on the wall, for the apartheid regime, and my parents.  Who, now that I look back at the situation, were either advancing the cause, by placing their only child in a school filled with white kids who'd been indoctrinated to despise my skin colour, and thought to themselves, we shall overcome. Or I was an annoying little prick and they didn't mind if I got into a few dust ups with the other kids.

Either way I endured, got through that and did my part for all you freedom babies, that now reap the benefits of my hard work. Am I saying I did more than Mandela? No, but I should be living a cushy life with the rest of the political activists. Anyway, it was at this school I learnt about stereotypes, blacks and chicken, blacks and loudness, and a personal favourite blacks can't swim. It was only when thrown into a community of people who's culture differed completly from mine. That they(white) would point out the differences between white and black people.

For me, when I saw a guy eating a meal, it was the whites that pointed out that the meal always had chicken. To me I heard people takling, it was the white guys who asked me why the black guys can't turn the volume down.

Then as the doors were opened to all, an influx of black people came to the school, now the white guys had more subjects to prove the theories developed from interacting with us. It wasn't till this point in time, that the I saw the differences. Come Physical Education time, in summer. White kids would sprint to the schools pool. The brothers dragged their feet, the whites just dived in that bitch, while the brothers, took it easy introducing their bodies into the water one limb at a time. Blacks, or a majority of them couldn't swim. Every thing brown huddled in one lane of the pool and did an akward and laughable attempt at the doggy paddle. I
thought this was only prevelant in Africa, but I noticed the Olympic swimming events weren't exactly a rainbow of colour. One Shade swam. So the stereotype about black people not swimming was where i learnt that stereotypes exist for a reason.

That's why I feel for this guy a bit. You're a white guy at pool party with a gang of dark people. Something starts up, you in your infinite wisdom, and years of conditioning reason that if you stab him and jump in the pool. These darkies will never catch you. That train of thought is not flawed at all. Stab, Swim to safety. Even in this video I could see the darkies reluctance to enter the water, but pools don't go on forever, and there's one thing I know about black people.On terra firma, they can't be beat.


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Monday, July 11, 2011

SBTRKT ft. Little Dragon x Drake - WildFire [remix]

Drake jumps on the masked DJ/Producers, Little Dragon assisted, "Wildfire" track(freaky video). This has that indie electro/ dubstep feel to it. Drakes ability to crossover has been showcased in the past with tracks on his mixtapes for example, Little bit by Lykke Li, and most recently Jai Pauls' - BTSTU, for Dreams Money can Buy.

Drake works well in that space, and pushes hip hop in another direction sonically. Boundaries are blurring, soon future babies(you know the mixed babies) will be dancing and rapping to one genre. Check video of SBTRKT and Drake perform it live after the jump...

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine reflect on their Success in South Beach

One of those vids you need to see on a monday, when you're sick and tired of your position and almost wanna give up on that hustle and pack it in for that desk job. Just persevere and keep grinding at it, if it's good you too will taste success.

Dub Magazine snagged a new show on MTV, called “The Dub Magazine” project. It seems to be something along the lines of MTV Diary. They’re basically following celebrities in their day-to-day lives. In this particular clip, Mack Maine hits South Beach with Lil Wayne for a little stroll.


Justin Timberlake tries his hand at College Sports [video]

Justin Timberlake tries his hand at a variety of college sports, leading up to his presentation of the Capital One Cup trophy at the ESPYs. For those not in the know, The ESPYs are a Espn's annual sports awards. Got to dig how Justin doesn't take none of that fame shit seriously, and can still act a fool.


Nike Air max 180 Black White & Solar Red

The 180 is one of the best runners that Nike produced in the 1990s and we are always glad to see it re-issued. This new colourway showcases the 180s unique lines perfectly. Soft Suede & Mesh Uppers, Iconic 180 Sole Unit, 180' Tongue Detail. This Colourway is sick! Nikey will release these Early August, I got mine pre ordered already.


Pusha -T ft. Tyler the Creator - Trouble on my Mind

The Collabo that had the internet doubting, dropped, and it is just straight tough. Insane bars from both that just work well.


The Amazing Bottom Slap!

I don't care, how good a writer you are, your words will only Fuck this picture up.


Entourage Final Season Extended trailer

HBO releases a new extended trailer in anticipation of the network’s upcoming 8th season of Entourage, the highly-touted show that’s loosely based on the up-and-coming experiences of actor/producer Mark Wahlberg. Sure to be one of the series’s most popular premiers, Entourage season 8 lands on Sunday, July 24, 2011. I got my finger on the download button, just fuckin itching. Vid down below...

Lil Wayne - Tunechi's back

The first track off  Waynes upcoming Official Mixtape, "Sorry for the Wait." Hahaha, how many will end up jumping on this beat, Reebok Back, Snapbacks back. Sorry for the wait drops wednesday July 13, then Carter IV drops August 29th. Thats a lot of Weezy to digest for those that have felt starved.


Young Jeezy ft. Lil Wayne - Ballin [video]

Jeezy and Weezy's video for Ballin from "Young Jeezy x Dj Drama- The Real is Back" mixtape finally has an official video, there have been a few different leked variations of this video, but this is what the artist intended. Catch Behind the scenes video after the jump, where Weezy sounds off on how he got on this track...

Friday, July 8, 2011

BMW 1M vs. Audi RS3 [Video]

I sure as hell can't afford either car, but I'm a sucker for a Beemer, from looks to handling to feel, it's just set up right to cope with the particular stresses I'd be placing on it. Four wheel drive vs rear wheel drive, dsg gear box versus the manual.Should make for interesting viewing.


Raekwon ft. Nas - Rich and Black [Video]

Can it get more New York than these two? The simple visuals match the track, no pretenses no bullshit, just raw.


Friday Links presented by Nicolette Lacson

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5 best Facebook Romances: collegehumor
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How to stock a home bar: theartofmanliness

Don't spend tonight alone, a guide to one night stands: askmen
Mugshots from the bottom, I mean Rock motherfuckin bottom: trutv

Been a hectic day, but I'll deliver in the clutch. Enjoy your weekend, To those hitting the road to the Grahamstown festival enjoy. I'm fuckin spent.


Beyonce - Best Thing I ever Had [video]

Sorry ladies I was a bit harsh on the last post, but I feel strongly about that shit. So heres the neew Beyonce video to smooth thing over betwwen us again, I'll be honest though I didn't even watch this thing, wedding dresses give me the creeps.


Science Proves that Women are crappy drivers

Probably calling her man to come fix this shit

Bout God damn time. Tired of these First for Women Insurance ads, making men look like insurance hazards, just cause we like to test the limits of our cars handling. Women are abigger danger on the road because tey plain old suck at driving. Don't take my word for it, I'll let Scientific proof chime in.

Researchers looked at 6.5million car crashes and found a higher than expected number of accidents between two female drivers.

They also discovered that women have a tough time negotiating crossroads, T-junctions and slip roads.The results are even more surprising given that men spend more time behind the wheel than women. On average, men drive 60 per cent of the time, and women 40 per cent.

Michael Sivak, of the University of Michigan, said: 'The results indicate that in certain crash scenarios, male-to-male crashes tend to be under-represented and female-to-female crashes tend to be over-represented.'


Dude hands Chimp an AK-47, death ensues.

I was watching Lord of War the other day. This Kalashnikov, has layed more Africans to waste than famine. It's no wonder when I look at clips like this. I mean this is a Chimp, pretty fuckin up there on the intellegence Quotiant, and it helps that it has aposable thumbs. All this monkey needed was a red peice of clothe round it's head then we could call this Rambo 5. It is however more likely just some viral campaign for the new Planet of the Apes Movie.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Future ft. Drake - Tony Montanna

The Atlanta-based rapper has been building his momentum to receive mainstream recognition for some time now and his Drake featured remix may be the key to the limelight.

Drake takesd some time off the moody beats and jumps on I'd never expect to hear him, attempt to rap on.
Future, who is rumored to be the ghost-writer behind rapper YC's hit song "Racks" has been buzzing in the dirty South for the past year.

In a smooth raspy voice, Future raps, "I take over the street/fresh off the banana boat/I come straight from the east/where n*ggas split your canteloupe."

Drake comes through on the track with gangsta witty word play, "Niggas getting nervous/I'm passing out the valium/I suggest you pop it, but please don't get to sleepy/you still have the bitches twerking/up in 400 West Peach street."


The Lonely Island - We'll kill you [Video]

From the legends that brought us such classics as Dick in a box , I'm on a boat, and 3 way (Golden Rule). Comes the hardest song to hit the rap world. Just straight making all other rappers loko fruity, in it's unflinching unembellished description of various methods of ending your life." "Our thirst for blood, is never enough, Is there a heaven for guys like us?"


5o cent interviews

50 has been on radio giving a lot of interviews lately. He discusses everything from his new hairstyle, Nicki Minajs' ass, his new mansion, dating,  Drake, Amber Rose, squashes rumours about him, Dre, and Eminem. His perspective and that cockiness, always provide for an amusing interview. Fif, calls it like he see's it, and his success in the industry gives him a bulletproof standpoint. Audio below.

Game Red Album artwork

Remember last year when news spread on Game's album being executive produced by Pharrell? Well that seems no longer to be the case, and the album has been actually pushed back for well over a year now. But, we see some glimpses of hope today as The Game unveils the official artwork for his fourth studio album The R.E.D. Album and a release date of August 23, 2011. The Game also recently stated they'll be a guest appearance from Dr. Dre laying down some bars as well. We'll just have to wait and see, stay tuned!

I sort of don't trust this dude anymore, don't get me wrong he can do his thing, but the man had a clear lane he owned under Dre. Since leaving his lane tends to merge with whatever is hot at the moment.


Ronaldo x Nike Soccer Gold Mercurial Boot

It was with great sadness that Brazilian great Ronaldo called it quits earlier this year. Hampered by fitness issues, the 34 year old three time FIFA World Player of the Year will go down as one of the greatest pure goal scorers of all time. Having helped Nike usher in one of its most successful soccer franchises ever with the Mercurial series, Nike bestowed a special commemorative pair of golden boots for World Cup winner.

Back when the name Ronado was'n't synonimous with, with petulant behaviour and diving at the slightest touch.


Soth Korean Prostitutes threaten to burn themselves to save brothel

I wanted to call them whores in the header, but I got to be careful of offending the massses.

SEOUL, South KoreaThe pimps and prostitutes of Yeongdeungpo start the day as if preparing for a siege, stocking their brothels with flammable liquid and gas containers. Large, red-lettered signs warn police that they’re willing to die to protect their livelihoods. “We can turn on the gas and light the flames,” said a 47-year-old pimp who would only give her surname Sohn. “We know that we don’t have much chance of winning … but we’re ready to die fighting.” Nearly seven years after tough laws began driving thousands of South Korean prostitutes out of business, the sex workers of the Yeongdeungpo red-light district in Seoul are fighting back, spurred by what they say is an unprecedented campaign of police harassment. Since April they’ve staged large, sometimes violent, protests that provide a glimpse of the tensions in this fast-changing country as ambitious urban redevelopment projects encroach on old neighborhoods once known for their nightlife. The district’s 40 to 50 prostitutes describe their fight in life-and-death terms. At a recent protest, about 20 topless women covered in body and face paint doused themselves in flammable liquid and had to be restrained from setting themselves on fire. “We are the people who eat, sleep and live here. Where can we move?” prostitute Jang Se-hee said in an interview inside a large tent where sex workers were discussing how to resist police. The 36-year-old Jang, who wore big sunglasses with plum-colored lenses, her hair tied up in a bun, said her earnings have plunged from as much as $9,200 a month to about $3,700 since police began harrying the brothels in April.

Ladies of the night indeed, I hope they look a hell of a lot better at night anyway, looking like extras from some fucked up Goth movie.


Wednesday, July 6, 2011


ABSOLUT New Zealand had the opportunity to create a limited edition bottle cover to be released in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup. ABSOLUT wanted something iconic that represented New Zealand and the premium nature of ABSOLUT vodka. The challenge was creating a cover that both visitors and locals wanted to purchase, all during a time when every brand in New Zealand will be vying for consumer attention.

Meek Mill ft. Rick Ross - Tupac Dead [video]

The ability to pick prime beats and that infectious ad-lib, have made the Maybach Music Group a strong contender, when vying for that strongest stable award. Here are the visuals from their latest offering. Typical Lex Lugeresque fair to be honest.


The Jizzle

Looks like I need to switch my diet up, cause I'm nowhere near dropping off a load that heavy. The Jizzle,
'wipe wipe, gone!"


Keri Hilson on Cee Lo Greens Talking to Strangers

I'm officially gonna call wednesday ladies night, first Beyonce. Now some Keri for you and me. I always thought Keri was hot, and somewhere between her releasing an album and getting extremely famous, I sort of felt like her an I grew apart, and the crush fizzled. Well it's back, like an eleven year old boys erection at the beach. Thanks in part to this inteview she has with Cee Lo, as well as her looking extremely good, and coming off as humble and intellegent. Enjoy.


Kobayashi wolfs down 69 hotdogs in ten minutes

Only in America would these eating contest guys be considered athletes, and earn a somewhat bloated paycheque for for their efforts. Well this weekend was Nathans Hotdog eating competition, which for the past 5 or 6 years has been a race between two "athletes," Joey Chestnut, and Kobayashi. These two guys are always miles ahead of the other contestants. Anyway this Year Kobayashi didnt enter, because they wanted him to sign exclusively to a certain eating federation(fact that they need more than one is a disgrace). So he held his own competition at the same time across the road, Chestnut wolfed 62 hot dogs in10 min  at Nathans. While Kobayashi smashed 69 in 10 minutes, but his shit won't count cause it wasn't clocked at Nathans. I know a couple Ethiopian guys who could eat a plane full of hotdogs in ten minutes some regular Starvin Marvins.