Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Links presented by Nicolette Lacson

Her: video
What TV Commercials teach us about men and women: holytaco
30 mistakes you'll make before you turn 30: coedmagazine
50 greatest sneaker moments in movie history: complex
5 stupid things men do in the name of penis enlargment: thesmokingjacket

5 best Facebook Romances: collegehumor
Crazy Fiance, micromanages batchelor party with bitchy email: brobible
Dude gets thrown ten feet across the air in fight: barstoolsports
How to stock a home bar: theartofmanliness

Don't spend tonight alone, a guide to one night stands: askmen
Mugshots from the bottom, I mean Rock motherfuckin bottom: trutv

Been a hectic day, but I'll deliver in the clutch. Enjoy your weekend, To those hitting the road to the Grahamstown festival enjoy. I'm fuckin spent.


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