Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Links Presented by Amazin Amy

Her: video
6 real diseases that have somehow become trendy: cracked
The key to sleeping with more women: askmen
11 people you always see at the bar: guyism

20 dumb things about being an office drone: trutv
11 most memorable nameless characters from tv and film: brobible
8 filthy jokes jidden in ancient works of art: cracked
6 Nymphomercials: thesmokingjacket

10 dating tips for short men: thesmokingjacket
woman injured while having sex on businedss trip, sues employer: cosbysweaters
Why I'm qualified to be an intern for the Wu Tang Clan: holytaco

Yeah, feast your eyes on that whooty(white girl with booty). "Enough said."


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