Monday, July 18, 2011

Heineken Limited Edition Blacklight STR Bottle

"That guy could sell snow to an Eskimo." A saying used to let you know how good someone is at selling things, selling things that people could otherwise procure themselves, at less of an inconveinience.

Sort of like the booze salesman, is he not redundant? I mean in a recession, times of hardship, times of celebration, times of abundant wealth and prosperity. Alcohol will always pretty much sell itself. Humans will always drink.Brands only need differentiate themselves to get a bigger sip of the proverbial keg.

Heineken, has done a good job of conquering a globe, in the beer market, but, the world is not enough.So Like the evil villian in a James Bond Movie Heinekien will not rest till every microbrewery is put out of business and the world over has their green bottle in hand.

Heineken recently launched the new STR Bottle in New York and Los Angeles. dBOD used state-of-the-art techniques to create a spectacular surprise revealed by UV light. We applied this cutting-edge technique on a new aluminium bottle for Heineken, which was introduced in nightclubs. The trendy, minimalist design on the aluminium bottle emphasises the broad position that Heineken occupies. The UV-sensitive ink illuminates under black lights, revealing a sky filled with shooting stars and making club connoisseurs the star of the evening. The STR bottle has become an excellent accessory!No word yet on whether this has hit our shores or if it ever will.

All I know if I see that in the club, I might be enticed into switching beer allegiance, and act like these fools below.


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