Tuesday, July 12, 2011

White Guy calls black guy the N word, breaks bottle and tries to swim away

Hahaha, stereotypes.

Sometimes they're spot on sometimes they'll lead to a beatdown. Now being the age I am, in this country means that I went to school as the country was just transitioning out of apartheid, matter of fact, I was admitted to a historically all white High School before, black people got the right to vote in this country. Thanks in part to the visionary headmaster at the time who saw the writing was on the wall, for the apartheid regime, and my parents.  Who, now that I look back at the situation, were either advancing the cause, by placing their only child in a school filled with white kids who'd been indoctrinated to despise my skin colour, and thought to themselves, we shall overcome. Or I was an annoying little prick and they didn't mind if I got into a few dust ups with the other kids.

Either way I endured, got through that and did my part for all you freedom babies, that now reap the benefits of my hard work. Am I saying I did more than Mandela? No, but I should be living a cushy life with the rest of the political activists. Anyway, it was at this school I learnt about stereotypes, blacks and chicken, blacks and loudness, and a personal favourite blacks can't swim. It was only when thrown into a community of people who's culture differed completly from mine. That they(white) would point out the differences between white and black people.

For me, when I saw a guy eating a meal, it was the whites that pointed out that the meal always had chicken. To me I heard people takling, it was the white guys who asked me why the black guys can't turn the volume down.

Then as the doors were opened to all, an influx of black people came to the school, now the white guys had more subjects to prove the theories developed from interacting with us. It wasn't till this point in time, that the I saw the differences. Come Physical Education time, in summer. White kids would sprint to the schools pool. The brothers dragged their feet, the whites just dived in that bitch, while the brothers, took it easy introducing their bodies into the water one limb at a time. Blacks, or a majority of them couldn't swim. Every thing brown huddled in one lane of the pool and did an akward and laughable attempt at the doggy paddle. I
thought this was only prevelant in Africa, but I noticed the Olympic swimming events weren't exactly a rainbow of colour. One Shade swam. So the stereotype about black people not swimming was where i learnt that stereotypes exist for a reason.

That's why I feel for this guy a bit. You're a white guy at pool party with a gang of dark people. Something starts up, you in your infinite wisdom, and years of conditioning reason that if you stab him and jump in the pool. These darkies will never catch you. That train of thought is not flawed at all. Stab, Swim to safety. Even in this video I could see the darkies reluctance to enter the water, but pools don't go on forever, and there's one thing I know about black people.On terra firma, they can't be beat.


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