Thursday, July 28, 2011

Man gets stuck in manhole to retrieve wallet, oh yeah he was drunk

I drink, I'm at that age where I've learnt what my limit is, but sometimes due to a lapse in judgemet, inadvertantly cross that line. You see the thing with drinking is, you're constantly learning. When I was new at this, I thought "fuck it i can drink 2 litres of Coke a day, so 2 litres of Whisky shouldn't be a problem." Yeah, It doesn't quite work that way. Now I more or less understand and know where that line between drinking to be social, and drinking to be a social nuisance is. Not to say there's days where I intentionally head out to get fucked.

I'm straying off point here, this guy was obviously on the wrong side of the line.I think I was one drink away from this last weekend.

A "slighty intoxicated" California man dove into a manhole last week to retrieve his wayward wallet and got stuck up to his waist - with his legs sticking up in the air, police said.When cops arrived, they tried unsuccessfully to extricate the 21-year-old. It later took four firefighters to yank Medeiros free.Medeiros was trapped head-first in the curbside manhole for at least 40 minutes screaming for help before police arrived.The young man suffered several minor scrapes and bruises but refused medical treatment.


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