Monday, July 18, 2011

Eye Handy - How to unshrink clothing (video)

Women did it all back in the day, gathered the firewood, cleaned the house, kneaded the dough, baked the bread, raised the baby, made supper, ironed the mans work shirts, you get the picture. While men lounged aropund like lions under the hot african sun. In todays shifting landscape, you're lucky to find a woman who'll let you have sex with her.

So us boys, have had to learn a few extra things, just to get by when we set up our own house. Most of us can cook now, rather well in my case, but no matter how domesticated we get there's always some shit, we took for granted that our mothers did, and we had no idea how to. These Eye handy videos, step up to the plate as your instructor, and do so with the assistance of scantily clad models demonstrating, the once mid boggling task. I'll be posting one of these up a week or you can rush on over to their website and watch all of them at one go(you'll learn nothing).

This week Julia, teaches you how to unshrink cotton clothing, wich you inadvertantly shrank, cause no one taught you how to use a washing machine.

Learning is fun!!!

eyehandy-where how to gets sexy

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