Monday, July 18, 2011

Cops kill Cleo’s burglar. But three escape with the goods

No one dreams of coming back to a house thats been shot up and robbed, robbed by burglars and shot by both the cops and the burglars cause they  thought that motherfucker was Baghdad. DJ Cleo found himslef in that exact situation. More after the jump:


 DJ Cleo’s house in Weltevreden Park resembled a scene from a Bad Boyz II movie, with police exchanging fire with four armed men who’d burgled his crib.

One suspect was fatally wounded in the shooting, which lasted for about 30 minutes, by a police officer. The other three escaped unharmed.

We are told the suspects, who were armed with pistols, broke into Cleo’s pad and stole two LCD flat screen TV sets and a PC.

As they were trashing his house, a neighbour saw them and called the police, who cordoned off the house.

Seeing they were cornered, the suspects shot their way out of the house, jumped the fence and split in two different directions.

The cops chased after one of the suspects, who stopped, drew a firearm and aimed it at them.

Bheki Cele’s boys pumped a shower of bullets into his body, killing him instantly.

The other three escaped uninjured.

DJ Cleo, whose song Sizohlangana ku Facebook is topping the charts, confirms that his house was burgled and two TV sets and a PC were stolen.

The musician says he is worried about the PC because it contains most of his songs.

“But luckily I had stored other songs on my backup PC.

“I’m still traumatised by the incident. I’m asking myself what would have happened had they found me in the house.

“They could’ve killed me,” he says.

Cleo commends his neighbours and the police for acting swiftly against the tsotsis.

“Our police’s relentless efforts to fight crime should be commended.

“I also wanted to thank my neighbours for the effort they are putting in to fight crime.

“Together with the police we can do more,” he says.

The Sunday World crew barrelled to the hood to speak to the neighbours about the wave of crime that is hitting the area.

Cleo’s white neighbour, who did not want to be named, said he heard gunshots but didn’t come out to witness what was happening.



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