Thursday, July 14, 2011

Michigan man arrested for buggery

Every one gets horny and I know sometimes you wanna dry hum anyone and anything but to take that shit literally and try and fuck a horse.Turns out a Michigan was caught fucking a horse, pants down nogal. More after the jump:

According to the Huffington Post, Mester was caught on tape feeding a thoroughbred mare from a bucket. And then, according to police, he flipped that fucking bucket over, stood on it, lifted the stable sheet and had sexual intercourse with the animal.

"Holy Shit!"

Sgt. Fritz Sandberg of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office said: "I have been in law enforcement for 30 years and this is definitely a bizarre case." Speak for yourself, Sarg, this shit is old hat around these parts.

This won't come as much of a surprise given what I just wrote, but this marks the second time Mester has been accused of bestiality in the last 10 years. This time he has been charged with one count of committing sodomy and one count of aggravated indecent exposure. He is facing up to 15 years in prison if he's convicted. Last time he spent 30 days behind bars. Good call there, judge. It takes months to quit smoking and you expected this guy to kick a horse-fucking habit in 30 days.

"End Result"
You hear about all kinds of off-the-wall shit these days -- mainly because we have access to every news story in the country -- but what kind of catastrophe took place in these people's lives that fucking a horse dawned on them as the thing to do? I get murder, I get robbery, I can even cope with a few corpse-fuckers roaming the earth, but animal fucking is my line in the sand. Well, that and children. You molest a child you should get fucked by a rocket launcher.

My guess is dude grew up watching to many episodes of My Little Pony and had a fetish since he was a kid! I'm happy that he had the decency to treat the horse like a lady, atleast he fed her before he mounted her.



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