Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore

Ever since I started giving a shit, i've wanted the best. The Standard Bearers in each facet of life. I've always loved music, often in my youth, following the louder is better rule. Obviously that was before I gave a shit.When I gave a shit, the clarity and quality of sound, made more of a n impact on me, then the look of the soundsystem, mattered to me, for no longer did iI care for the Gigantic speaker set, with the chrome looking accents in the tweeters, I went understated yet classy, and B&O to me, look and sound fantastic.

Nearly three years since the release of their BeoSound 5 system, Bang & Olufsen are following up with the all-new BeoSound 5 Encore. With a price tag of $3,350 (making it more affordable than its predecessor), the device maintains the 10.4-inch LCD/scroll wheel controller while losing the need for a music server by running headless with a slew of connectivity options that include USB storage, NAS and A2DP Bluetooth adaptability and the choice of more than 13,000 internet radio stations. There’s still time to save up for the device, however, as it isn’t due out for release until August.


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