Friday, July 15, 2011

Young Money goons attack Nicki's boyrfriend

As much as Nicki Minaj refuted claims that Safaree didn't lay a hand on her, more claims came out that YMCMB goons went in hard on homie and kciked his ass till it was unconcious. More after the jump:
Well if Nicki and Safaree weren't BROKEN up after he BUSSED HER IN THE FACE with a suitcase . . . they are NOW!!!

According to's ROCK SOLID Young Money insider, YMCMB goons visited Safaree last night - inside his hotel room in Houston . . . and he got BRUTALLY STOMPED OUT. According to our insider, he was beaten UNCONSCIOUS.

As of THIS MORNING, we're told that Safaree is RECUPERATING inside a hotel room in Houston. Its not clear whether Safaree is expected to STAY ON as Nicki's hype man for the remainder of the tour.

But we can tell you this . . . the NEXT STOP on Nicki's tour is NEW ORLEANS - home of the YMCMB. Baby, Slim, Mack Maine and Weezy are ALL expected to be there. And if Safaree is SMART . . . he WON'T BE be on the tour bus when it arrives in New Orleans.

If this shit wasn't true then why the fuck are there goons running up on homie? Where there is smoke there is fire and trust me the truth will oust.



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