Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lionel Messi to grace cover of Time Magazine

Lionel Messi graces the cover of TIME Magazine, next week (globally except in the United States – where the magazine has refused to subject the U.S to a soccer player on the cover).  Dubbed, “King Leo” on the cover, the F.C. Barcelona star is touted as the greatest ever – an argument that many will have a very, very difficult time disagreeing with. Bobby Ghosh gets inside Messi in his interview online now.


The Definitive answer. Will Drake respond to Common?

A beef , to me that makes no sense two rappers in the same mould. Pot calling the Kettle black. Anyway Drake offers up the answer for all those that have been waiting for Drake to sting back.

No. Because despite how it’s been worded by him that situation is not a “hip hop moment” or a “battle for the sake of musical integrity”…it’s a ploy for attention around the release of an album. More than anything it was just disappointing cause what kid isn’t a fan of what Common has done for our genre. A guy who made such an incredible career for himself based off expressing genuine feelings about life and love is now targeting me for sharing my story.


What is that running down Chritina Aguilera's Leg? [Video]

I've got a mind that would best be described as guttery, so it's obvious I think that it's menstrual blood. I'll accept any staement from her though, tanning cream, deodarant, even some tomato sauce earlier from lunch. This happened at the funeral of Etta James.

Celebs – Christina Aguilera had a sickeningly embarrassing “wardrobe” malfunction while singing at Etta James’ funeral. The malfunction had nothing to do with what she had on. It was caused by what she had in–or didn’t have in–securely. The unspeakable malfunction occurred because her feminine protection product apparently failed her. Or to put it grossly and bluntly, her tampon or maxi pad leaked, and her period ran down her leg.


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Monday, January 30, 2012

Converse Jack Purcell "Year of the Dragon"

The Converse Jack Purcell “Year of the Dragon” finds the iconic shoe manufacturer drawing inspiration from the Chinese New Year like many other brands. The major difference from those very same companies is that Converse has decided to be distinctly understated, utilizing black leather and limited white accents. The dragon texture on the upper is a nice touch which doesn’t take away from the polished silhouette created. The Jack Purcell is currently available at Converse.

I bet some idiot with Ed Hardy sneakers is like, "What's all the fuss about, Ed Hardy, been having Dragons on his shoes."


Snoop Dogg dishes out advices to Kris Humphries [Video]

It's as if Snoop put words to the collective frustration of men that ask themselves why she's famous, as they sit there watching another episode of the Kardashians, at their girlfriends behest. A lot of truth is said in jest!

"The first advice is, you dumb ass nigga, you shouldn't have tried to wife the bitch. She's not that type of a ho. She gets around, man. Did you see when Reggie took the bitch to Africa? She was looking at the Africans cause they had bigger dicks than his. He didn't know how to act afterward. They sent his ass to Miami. Ray J, the only nigga that bounced back from the bitch. She's cold-blooded. I'm pretty sure she'll have a book in a month talking about all the niggas she got and how she played them. So, my advice is you can’t make a ho a housewife. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Let her do what she born to do: ho. Yeah. HO. Punk bitch."



D'Angelo Perform in Stockholm 2102 [Video]

He seemingly dropped Voodoo and disappeared, leaving the so called Neo Soul genre in the hands of other artists. "Untitiled," remeber that video, had all the ladies creaming and all the brothers doin sit ups. Since that time we've seen pictures of Fat D'Angelo, scruffy D'Angelo, all sorts of D'Angelo, but not the one we wanted, the one to follow up to a classic album.
This is his performance in Stockholm and hopefully it bodes well for return to the music.


KobeSystem Level 5, 6 and 7 [Videos]

No secret we're fans of this viral campaign. Nike closes it out with three strong efforts. Level 5 is about Domination. Level 6 being, Beastion. Where Kobe tells Kanye what he wants from him, and Richard Branson is schooled about Success at Success on Level 7.


Tony Hawk Interviews Tyler the Creator [Video]

While in Australia for Big Day out Tony Hawk(the) interviews Tyler the Creator and a few of the Odd Future Collective, fror Tony Hawk's Dissent on Ride Channel.


Tony Hawk Interviews Tyler the Creator [Video]

While in Australia for Big Day out Tony Hawk(the) interviews Tyler the Creator.


The Contortionist [Video]

I've had one of those weekends, where one tends to overindulge. Be it with libation, food and other unmentionables. The thing about those weekends, is you wake up monday morning with a slight pang of guilt and you add a few reps in the gym,a few extra kilo's on your run, because, lets face it watchin Novak Djokivic grit out a win in the Australian Open,sporty as it seems only means I was stuffing my face with snacks and beer for 5 hrs.

Equinox Yoga Instructor Briohny Smyth has been dedicated to yoga for over 15 years. We spent a morning with her at the Mondrian Hotel in Soho, where she took the athleticism, artistry and sensuality of arm balancing to a new level with a flow from her personal practice. Watch her make the magic happen in the video above.
Happy Monday!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Busta Rhymes snaps on British Chicks [Video]

Haha, you couldn't make this shit up if you tried. The way Busta turns his head around the 0:25 sec mark, and his bodyguard facepalms himself at the 0:29 mark, classic! These British chicks keep yapping on throughout the rant. Let the man shit in peace!


Khazakstans Brand new Subway [Pics]

Having been on the Gautrain, I got off it feeling like we were taking a step in the right direction, towards 1st world country status. The Gautrain is far from finished, with plans to extend the line to cover all of Johannesburg. The bit that is currently running is to my eyes great, but you must niot forget that I haven't set a foot outside this country, so I have nothing to compare it to. Until today. See Khazakstan just opened their Subway system up, and now like a patron at a restaurant the meal on "that guys'" plate looks better  than what's on my plate and I'm left wondering if I ordered the right thing.

Kazakhstan’s biggest city, Almaty, just opened its subway system for service December 1st, after 23 years of construction. Although work began in 1998 under Soviet rule, after the fall of the USSR, all construction came to a halt and was only resumed in 2005. The system itself runs 8.5 kilometers long, and is used by 30, 000 people daily, but so far most most visit the stations and ride the subway for fun (you use a casino chip-like token to enter), rather than just for transport. What’s striking is that not only do some stations resemble grandiose halls more than they do subways, but that everything is immaculate and pristine. Not one speck of dirt anywhere.

pics after the jump...

1st Single off G.O.O.D Music L.P

You'd have to be living under a rock not to have seen some of the pics that keep coming out of the studio as the whole G.O.OD family records their upcoming album. Marsha Ambrosius, Jay Elctronica, and Frak Ocean just to name a few, who have all dropped in to lace the tracks with their respective contributions.

A source close to Def Jam has informed me that the tentative first single from the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation is to be Lamborghini, Murci. The track, which was produced by Phoenix-based producer Lifted, is set to feature Kanye West, Pusha T and Big Sean. No word on when this is to drop, but I’ve heard it’s a monster.
We never know how much of this is truth, till the single actually drops, but based on the strength of the G.O.O.D crew, and the artist lining up for features. This album is moving up my most anticipated list.Alum slated to drop Spring 2012.


Vans California 2012 Spring Wool Pack

The Vans California 2012 spring Wool Pack boasts two stylish offerings in the form of the Chukka Del Barco Decon and 106 Moc. Respectively dressed in a smooth grey suede and brown leather, each shoe is crafted with the precision and detail we’ve come to expect from Vans. The Decon and 106 Moc are available at District Footwear both in-store and online.


Nike Basketball: Kobe System Level 4 Explosion [Video]

I''m not going to sit here extolling Nikes marketing virtues.I already did, when I first put the Kobe System campaign up on the blog. Much to my dismay, I didn't wake up to a package from Nikey with my Kobe System hamper as a token of there sincere appreciation on my doorstep.(What will it take Nikey?)

Enough of my bitching. Class is in session for day four of the KobeSystem, which has already seen Aziz Ansari, Serena Williams and Wang Leehom get lessons in success, adaptation and perception. Notable motivational speaker Tony Robbins is next in Kobe Bryant’s crosshairs as he teaches him that explosiveness shouldn’t come at the cost of having to choose between attacking fast or attacking strong. In case you missed the other Kobe System  classes videos are available after the jump, and thanks for wasting 2 million dollars of my time.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Q Tip, Black Thought, ?uestlove trace their roots back to West Africa [Video]

Q-Tip teamed up with OkayPlayer’s “The Root of…” series to trace back his roots. With a simple DNA test, assisted by Gina Paige of the African Ancestry, it’s discovered that Q-Tip’s ancestors were from West Africa. Watch the process above.

I'm not even going to lie, as much as whatever tribe in West Africa is rejoicing at the moment, claiming  Q Tip as their own. I just don't buy this shit, period! Oprah did her thing claimed she was Zulu. Fact Is the average African Americans blood is soo diluted, that they should just carry on living their lives as African Americans. Stop trying to trace your origin. It's not like you're gonna go back there and change the place.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gibraltar Airport

"Gibraltar is the only major airport where the runway actually intersects with a major highway. When a plane has to take off or land,car traffic is shut down." Wow!

This would never fly in this country. Remember that drunk dude who mowed down 5 joggers, on his way home after a heavy night of bingeing? Now imagine he lived near the airport intersection?


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Yeterday got kind of hectic, so I couldn't provide the links as usual, and judging from the inbox some of you need the links for your masturbation.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Woman with two Vaginas [Videos]

This story has been floating round the interents for the past 10 days or so, I didn't want no part of it when it initially broke. Slowly though more information has been trickling out on her condition.

So what changed my mind, and makes me post this now? Well her vagina is now available for all to see on youtube. Very tastefully done I might add. Since the story broke she's been offered USD$1million to star in a porn, but she's turned the offer down.

Uptop is just an interview she did on television, the video where she shows off her goods is avilable here
Youtube isn't allowin embedding on this clip due to its nature. I wanna know if she has 2 hymens, and if she does if they're both intact.


Phony Ppl - Phonyland Album [Video + Download ]

The crew of Brooklyn musicians, rappers, singers, and producers has their own eclectic sound that borrows from jazz, hip-hop, R&B, funk, soul, rock, and pretty much any other genre that they can get out of their instruments. The result is a product alive with a fresh, organic quality unlike anything else out.

Phonyland is the album they've been working on for three years, and they're finally ready to share it with the world before touring with Theophilus London in February. Peep the vid above to get vibe for what they're doing.
The album is available for download here.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Affion Crockett - Headlines Spoof [Video]

The clowning just won't stop with Affiot, buut when it's done so well you can't help but laugh.


Whooty, White girl with booty dancing [Video]

The other day one of my boys, was telling me that white girls have flat asses. I'm not gonna pretend to be an expert on such matters, but my argument was to ask him to look around. I don't know what changed in white peoples diet, environment or genetic make up. but that flat pancake butt is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I blame(thank) all this Hip Hop music that's now at the top of the charts, to listen to it everybody had to have something to shake.

Check this chick in the vid above, that hip to waist ratio is on point, so are the moves, and not to forget that pretty round thing poking out the back. Iswear I've been staring at her all morning, zombied the fuck out!


Meek Mill - The Motto Freestyle [Audio]

During his stop over with the L.A Leakers, Meek dropped a few bars over Drake and Lil’ Wayne’s “The Motto.” Dreamchasers II the mixtape, coming in February.

After the jump audio from his interview and meeting Dr.Dre...

The Dark Knight: 1/6th Scale Batmobile collection

Hot Toys has released images for a 1/6th Scale Batmobile Collection inspired by The Dark Knight. Unlike Frank Miller’s interpretation, Batman’s vehicle of choice takes on a more military/tank-inspired design which is reflected beautifully through the well-executed construction. Although it was never once referred to as the “Batmobile” in the first two films by Christopher Nolan, the name has become synonymous with the superhero. The 1/6th Scale Batmobile Collectible features an authentically detailed 1/6th scale model car, a 12-inch collectible figure, headlights with light-up function, a cockpit/roof opening panel which slides up and down to allow the access of the 1/6th scale Batman, and movable braking flaps. The collection in its entirety can be pre-ordered.

Khloe Kardashian might be O.J Simpsons daughter

I’ve never wanted something to be so true before in my life. This would just be the icing on the cake for the Kardashian clan. We all know that the Enquirer has been known to stretch the truth, but you don’t need 20/20 vision to see that Khloe is just “built” a little different than her sisters. Kim and Kourtney are built like cheerleaders and Khloe is more like a middle linebacker. Could OJ’s Heisman Seed™ be the reason that Khloe can bench press 400lbs?

Let’s break down the Kardashian clan…..

Kris Jenner. Momma Kardashian. Is she using the same plastic surgeon that Michael Jackson was? It’s hard to compare noses with Khloe due to all the fucked up plastic surgery she’s had and at this rate she’ll be rocking the M.J. surgeons mask around town if she doesn’t stop going under the knife.

Robert Kardashian. Defended OJ during his trial. Died from cancer at the age of 59. Has probably rolled over in his grave 1/2 million times after seeing what his family has turned into.

Kim Kardashian. What a great story. Started off hanging around Paris Hilton. Met Ray-J and he filmed himself smashing her cheeks from the back then sold it to a porn company. Kim gets famous for laying there and taking loads to the face and the rest is history. A true entrepreneur. Looking forward to the day that a kid falls out of her vagina and mommy gets to explain how she became famous. Google doesn’t lie. Check our her nose – straight from her dads mold.

Kourtney Kardashian. Certified MILF. You look at her and Kim and you know they are sisters. Same nose…same hair….equals same daddy.

Khloe Kardashian. Now here is where things get interesting. Check the nose. Much flatter than both of her sisters. Oh, and you’re about 6 inches taller than the rest of your family.

And then you put all three together and it’s a game of “which one doesn’t belong”….someone ain’t telling the truth!

I’ve narrowed it down to…..

The Juice™. Probably the luckiest man walking the planet. I remember being in high school watching him put on that black glove that didn’t fit. Bet the prosecution wishes they could turn back the hands of time and never ask him to put that glove on. They lost that case the second the glove only went halfway up his hand. My trained eye took a look at OJ’s profile and I could see where maybe, just maybe, his seed is responsible for that 5ft 10in beast known as Khloe Kardashian.

Let me just say I lifted this straight from, H8TORADE, the breakdown was so good I dare not alter it.


I am Bruce Lee [Trailer]

Every three or so years I delve into the archives and revisit every bit of film I have with Bruce Lee. Lety the feeling of astonishment wash over me like I'm a 5 year old boy again, then I wonder what he'd be up to at this time where he still alive. See for my generation raised in the townships of S.A, Bruce Lee, was a god, the untouchable, the ever mimicked and one of the most debated. Well turns out his impact reached further than we thought.

Coming to theaters this February is the new documentary I Am Bruce Lee. Featuring footage from the likes of The Big Boss, First of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and The Game of Death, the film delves into the life of Bruce Lee and his current legacy in both martial arts and entertainment. The piece also contains interviews with those who knew him most intimately, as well as a range of people from international boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao and Lakers star Kobe Bryant, to UFC’s Dana White and current Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones. The video catches up with each celebrity as they address the impact of the martial arts superstar and cultural icon on their own lives and psyche. I Am Bruce Lee opens February 9 through select theaters.

Not going to lie to you I'm geeking out for this.


Converse Skate Spring/Summer Collection 2012

Converse Skate debuts its forthcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection with a range of updated iterations of its classic skate-ready silhouettes. Each an inspiration from the Converse skate team ambassadors, the assortment arrives with newly-constructed colorway models such as the CONS Trapasso Pro, CONS Pappalardo Pro, and the signature Kenny Anderson KA-ONE model. The entire collection will be hitting select Converse stockists beginning February. It's funny what, the premium materials do to a shape that's been around for ages. It's all looking good though, need to get me some pairs.

more pics after the jump...

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fred the Godson - Over My Dead Body [Video]

Taking a track that is uniquely Drake is a problem for most rappers, and the problem is that as good as that beat sounds, it's tailored for Drake. Thats why I personally think no one else is messing with Noah 40" Shabib, layered and wonderful as his beats sound, they need Drake to balance them out. That's why in my opinion, you have songs like Dj Khaleds, On One and recently Waynes, "She Will." Sound like they are Drake songs that feature the actual owner.

Anyway, Over my Dead body is a track so Drake I wouldn't expect anyone to try go ove it, and do a decent job at it. Step up Fred the Godson,one of last years XXL Freshmen class. Who goes in with a few enteraining bars and manages to pull off a decent mixtape track.


Hermès Arceau Marqueterie de Paille Watch

Hermés' stunning Arceau Marqueterie de Paille. The dials are adorned with Hermés signature patterns weaved using a rare art called "Marqueterie", a careful process where artisans carefully craft straw into ornate, decorative patterns and designs. The watch will also feature 41mm white gold cases, blue alligator straps, and an automatic movement built exclusively for Hermés.


John Heder speaks on being sampled in N*ggas in Paris [Video]

The star of Napoleon Dynamite and Blades of Glory, tells us how he feels about being samppled on the Thrones hit N*ggas in Paris. For those that still haven't figured out where the sample came from check the vid below!


LL Cool J to Host the 2012 Grammy's

After seven years without an official host, but rather using a stream of presnters since 2005. This years Grammy award show will not go on rudderless.

Will this make the Grammies more watchable? I don't think so, as prestigious and highly covetted as the Grammy is it' s not something you want to sit through from beginning to end.

This doesn't bode well for Kanye West, who's up for 7 nominations, up agianst some stiff competition with the likes of Adele. I think they decided to get someone intimidating on stage so that he doesn't repeat Taylor gate, when he doesn't win.


Swizz Beatz named CEO of Megaupload [Videos]

I'm not even going to explain what Megaupload is. So don't send me no mail asking, certain igorance is just unforgiveable. The news is that Swizz Beatz, has been mamed the C.E.O of Megaupload. Which would explain some of the random Megaupload celebrity endorsement song and the even more random, Kanye West, Megaupload testimonial.

Swizz Beatz has Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and Will.i.am in hot water with their label by getting them to promote his site, MegaUpload. The CEO of the Internet company, Beatz — also a recording artist, producer, DJ and head of design at Lotus — persuaded the stars to appear in a “Mega Song” video promoting his service, intended to send large media files. The catch is the music industry has been fighting against file sharing, accusing the services MegaUpload offers of supporting piracy.
…But after the starry promo appeared on YouTube last month, Diddy, Kanye and Will.i.am’s label, Universal Music Group, issued a “take-down notice” to YouTube, saying the artists’ performances were unauthorized. Their individual reps followed up, sources say. Mega-Upload fired back with a lawsuit against Universal to stop it from blocking distribution of the video. A Mega rep told us: “We have never received any word that any artist has [individually] filed a take-down . . . [we have] legally binding agreements with the performers that appear in the video . . . They promised that they had the rights to enter into that agreement and it’s not interfering with any third-party rights.” – NY Post

Damn how many things is Swizz capable of doin all at once?


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nose Picking [Video}

We all do it, wheter in traffic, or in the privacy of your own home.From now on I'm picking my nose every oppurtunity I get, don't give a shit if the Queen is over for lunch, I just want to avoid, whatever build up I can so that shit like this doesn't come out my nose ever. Fuck!


Kobe System Commercial [Videos]

Nikey has long been at the top of their game when it comes to this viral campaign shit, yet they keep outdoing themselves granted, the fact that they can call on some of the biggest names on the planet, and get them toact a fool on camera. I as a fan always appreciate that.

This is a commercial, for Kobe Bryants new sneaker (I know some of you are saying this is not an American site, I don't watch basketball, but then again you're the same guy who says he doesn't like American Porn and looks at nude pics of Khanyi Mbau, to assuage your horniness). This campaign fetures Knaye West, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins, Landon Donavan and Aziz Ansari to name a few. "Is there a Grander Slam," that line kills me.


Rihanna for Emporio Armani 2012 Summer/Spring Campaign

I rate my ability to call the diamonds from the rough, trend forecasting if you will. The ability to look, or listen to something once and say it will have mass appeal and staying power. This Girl Rihanna however, was one that slipped by unnoticed. Back in the "Pon the Replay," days I dismissed her whole career as something Jay Z, gave her to keep her from spilling the beans about their side relationship. She also looked a lot younger then, and a lot cuter so cute infact, that I had a hard time imagimning her doin nasty things. Boy was I wrong.

more pics and words after the jump....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kanye West Performs as a teenager [Video]

 Kanye’s ambition is concisely put into perspective with this vintage footage from a performance in Chicago in 1996. Sharing the stage with Chi-Town local Phenom, Kanye channels much of the same presence he is known for today. Haha, I represent the sexy niggas!


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Diesel Vektr by Monster Headphones

For those of you that seem to just consume, Monster are the same people that offered you Beats by Dre, so go and consume these. Guess the tie in concept is one that works favourably for them.

Monster teams up with premium denim pioneer Diesel for a new line of "Noise Division" headphones. The first release will be an over the head pair called the "Vektr" $280 (R 2 500) that sports a unique tri-fold design and stealthy, geometric styling.


Lil Wayne shows off new clothing label Trukfit [Video]

Due to the hiatus, some of ths shit might not be news to those of you who are up on their new shit, but I happen to know quite a few of you sleep on these things.

To let you know that he takes this skate shit seriously, Wayne offers us his skate inspired clothing line, Trukfit. I personally would never put Wayne on abest dressed list,so I can understand why he went the skate route where clothes would be less about fit, style and cut.We'll see if this can develop into something larger.


2013 Porsche Boxster [Video]

"Top down in the winter, that's what winners do!" A lot of truth is said in jest, that's why I love Hip Hop music. That was also the perfect line to introduce Porschers entry level offering.As you know Porschers entry level, is still miles ahead of the rest of the pack.

Porsche has just lifted the curtain on the newest version of their popular roadster, the Boxster. The overhauled drop top has a sleeker, curvier, and more aggressive appearance akin to its future stablemate, the 918 hybrid supercar. Power will come from your choice of a 265 horsepower(190kw) 2.7 liter flat six or the top of the line "S" model, which packs 3.4 liter with 315 horsepower(234 kw) and a 0-100km time of 4.7 seconds.


How to make Vagina Cupcakes [Video]

"I was told that a man should not be afraid of eating the pussy, It's the most nutritious thing in the world, whole babies grow in that thing, so fuck Kellogs and their 7 vitamins and minerals, eat you some pussy!" - Eddie Griffin

I'm paraphrasing there, but you get the gist of it. Skip the muffins and muesli, just go for the pussy. If you are a bit of a dud when it comes to pulling the ladies in, then I guess the vagina cupcakes will be a suitable replacement.Puts anew meaning to "Wake 'n Bake."


World Masturbation Champion, a day in the life of [Video]

Rest does a man good, gives him new perspective and impetus. So for that reason and that reason alone, I will not apologise for the prolonged abscence.
Just jumping straight into it, and from this first post I think that you'll notice the new perspective is lot on the lewd side of things.

That video up there basically documents a day in the current masturbation world record holder. He went 9h:58 mins, to earn that title. Basically, dude just straight plays with himself all day, while his girlfriend cooks some shitake mushrooms, and sews, what is hopefully a giant air balloon so she can just escape this hellish life she's stuck in. He claims she just doesn't have as high a sex drive as he does. I'm thinking the fact that all his sextoys are in the living room and their bean bag smells like ass, probably kills her sex drive. Bet you when he goes to the competition she gives herself the old "feel and squeal."