Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fred the Godson - Over My Dead Body [Video]

Taking a track that is uniquely Drake is a problem for most rappers, and the problem is that as good as that beat sounds, it's tailored for Drake. Thats why I personally think no one else is messing with Noah 40" Shabib, layered and wonderful as his beats sound, they need Drake to balance them out. That's why in my opinion, you have songs like Dj Khaleds, On One and recently Waynes, "She Will." Sound like they are Drake songs that feature the actual owner.

Anyway, Over my Dead body is a track so Drake I wouldn't expect anyone to try go ove it, and do a decent job at it. Step up Fred the Godson,one of last years XXL Freshmen class. Who goes in with a few enteraining bars and manages to pull off a decent mixtape track.


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