Friday, January 20, 2012

The Dark Knight: 1/6th Scale Batmobile collection

Hot Toys has released images for a 1/6th Scale Batmobile Collection inspired by The Dark Knight. Unlike Frank Miller’s interpretation, Batman’s vehicle of choice takes on a more military/tank-inspired design which is reflected beautifully through the well-executed construction. Although it was never once referred to as the “Batmobile” in the first two films by Christopher Nolan, the name has become synonymous with the superhero. The 1/6th Scale Batmobile Collectible features an authentically detailed 1/6th scale model car, a 12-inch collectible figure, headlights with light-up function, a cockpit/roof opening panel which slides up and down to allow the access of the 1/6th scale Batman, and movable braking flaps. The collection in its entirety can be pre-ordered.

Yes I'm a child, shit like this gets me geeked!


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