Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Links presented by Aria Giovanni

Her: Video1 + Video2 (NSFW)
Hip Hop's Finest Hour... "IMDABES": Gorilla Mask
6 Fictional Places You Didn't Know Actually Existed: Cracked
11 Interesting Facts About Warren Buffet. [Ned Hardy]
 Megaupload Shut Down, Founders And Employees Charged With Piracy Law Violations:  Uproxx

How to make Pot Brownies and other weed infused Food: Brobible
25 Rodents of unusual size: Holytaco
The Funniest Internet Reactinos To The Anti-SOPA Blackout:  Ranker
The Twenty Hottest Photos Of Sarah Shahi: Heavy
7 dealbreakers on the first date: Guyism

Mark Wahlberg says he would have stopped the 9/11 attacks: Filmdrunk
Beginner guide to long distance running: artofmanliness


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