Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tuesday Links presented by Fernanda Agnes

Her: cockbreakingly sexy Video
The 25 Hottest WAGs We Can't Believe Are Still with Their Man: Bleacher Report
The Key to bigger Guns: Brobible
Nobody photographs the Ass better than Alex Tikhomiriov: Thechive

Ranking the image of 9 World leaders: Holytaco
Xena has still got it: HollywoodRag
10 of the most memorable twist endings in movies: Guyism
Meal managent, how strategic skipping a meal can help you loose fat, gain muscle live healthier: Artofmanliness

7 most agonising sex injuries on record: Cracked
Gymnastics is twice is funny when it's done by non-gymnasts: TruTV
A little something to encourage you to watch the Superbowl: Heavy


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