Thursday, January 26, 2012

Q Tip, Black Thought, ?uestlove trace their roots back to West Africa [Video]

Q-Tip teamed up with OkayPlayer’s “The Root of…” series to trace back his roots. With a simple DNA test, assisted by Gina Paige of the African Ancestry, it’s discovered that Q-Tip’s ancestors were from West Africa. Watch the process above.

I'm not even going to lie, as much as whatever tribe in West Africa is rejoicing at the moment, claiming  Q Tip as their own. I just don't buy this shit, period! Oprah did her thing claimed she was Zulu. Fact Is the average African Americans blood is soo diluted, that they should just carry on living their lives as African Americans. Stop trying to trace your origin. It's not like you're gonna go back there and change the place.


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