Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday links presented by Talia Shepard

Her: Video
8 Of The Weirdest Movie Threesomes Caught On Film: ScreenJunkies
22 Jiggling Examples of “Dat Ass” In GIF format.: Regretful Morning
The 5 Most Ruined Orgasms in Cinema History:  Cracked
When Your Dog is Shitting Condoms (That Aren’t Yours): Smoking Jacket

10 Common Misconceptions Debunked:  College Humor
The 6 Stupidest Things We Use to Judge People We Don't Know: Cracked
What your beer grip says about you: Thefoodie
26 Mind-Blowing Pics: The Chive

19 very Haggard looking prostitutes: forkparty
12 Highly anticipated movies of 2012: gunaxin


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