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Justin Bieber crashes his Ferrari

If you thought your life was crap, think again...cause its absolute shit!! This lil fucker Justin Bieber crashed his Ferrari that should make you hate your life much more then you did earlier.

Justin Bieber and his Ferrari are both fine after a fender-bender in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Officer Gregory Baek says the 17-year-old singer was involved in "a very minor collision" on Tuesday in LA's Studio City.

The officer said no one was injured or cited and no police report was taken. There was no visible damage to Bieber's car or the Honda Civic involved in the crash.

Bieber recently appeared at MTV's Video Music Awards, where he won best male video for his song U Smile.

In short...



Kendrick Lamar - HiiPower [Video]

In my opinion this dude is the cream of the crop, if you're talking about freshmen, new school, or whatever you wanna label the new faces of HipHop.


Kanye West joins D'Banj on stage in London [video]

Kanye West made it official, for those that weren't in the loop, the latest signee to G.O.O.D Music D'Banj was joined by Kanye West, during a performance in London. I'm not gonna be a typical South African, and say big up for Africa, and remeber we're a part of Africa, when it's convenient. Congrats to D'Banj, looks as though Yeezy hopped on the plabne straight after his VMA performance, didn't even get a chance to change clothes.


Cops caught having sex on camera

Surprised the Sowetan aint run with this. What, are sales doin well?


Lil Wayne wore womens jeggings at VMA'S

Yeah you can get away with a lot, when you're liked well enough by the masses, and Wayne seems intent on pushing that good grace to it's limits. Just add this to the evergrowing list of transgressions.Didn't even have the decency to get expensive ones. How small is this guy that womens tights don't fit well?

Hey, remember those leopard-print pants Lil' Wayne rocked at the VMA's the other night? Yeah, those were women's jeggings. Yes, as in, jeans + leggings = jeggings. Weezy's always had a knack for fashion, but did this cross the line? In case you're wondering, you can grab the jeggings for $44 in Karmaloop's women's store.


Air Jordan V.9 Grown Black/Black - Gum

Following several V.9 Grown releases earlier this year, the Air Jordan V.9 Grown sneaker is set to release this Black/Black-Gum Medium Brown colorway. The shoe features a glossy black leather upper and brown gum soles, along with minimal branding seen on the side of the sole and tongue.


The proper way to eat a banana [Video]

Ladies please take note, if I see any of you using your teeth, you're gonna get disqualified faster than Usain Bolt. Damn, is it a genetic thing to not have a gag reflex, or is it something you learn?


Tupac's ashes were smoked by the Outlawz [Video]

Yeah I can't even fathom this shit, just sounds plain dumb. Why did they even do it? did they think that by doing it they'd absorb some of Tupacs lyrical prowess, like Connor Macleod, absorbs the quickening after chopping off your head? – Tupac Shakur’s rap group The Outlawz have revealed what they did with the hip-hop star after his death. The rapper was shot dead in Las Vegas in 1996. The Outlawz members Young Noble and EDI Mean confirmed longstanding rumors to Vlad TV that they smoked Shakur’s ashes at a memorial beach party. Noble said: “Yes, it’s definitely true… Had a little memorial for him with his mum and his family. We had hit the beach, threw [in] a lot of s**t he liked at the beach. Some weed, some chicken wings, he loved orange soda… Pac loved that kind of s**t, so we were giving him our own farewell.” EDI Mean suggested that the decision to smoke Shakur’s ashes was what the late star would have wanted: “I came up with that s**t. If you listen to ‘Black Jesus’, he (Shakur) said, ‘Last wishes, n**gas smoke my ashes’. That was a request that he had. Now, how serious he was about it? We took it serious (sic).”


Swizz Beats - Prequel to a classic [full video]

Following Swizz Beatz prior to his hosting and performance in New York City a few days ago, the video includes candid interviews as well as appearances with hip-hop legends Diddy, Pharrell, Clive Davis, Alicia Keys, Busta Rhymes and Red Cafe as well as a performance involving Lloyd Banks. Overall, the video provides a strong overview of the new Reebok Classics brand.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Links presented by Tera Patrick

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Monday, August 29, 2011

College Football Nike’s 2011 Pro Combat Uniforms For Oregon Football

Nike co-founder Phil Knight ran in the University of Oregon Track & Field program under the other Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. Knight graduated from the University of Oregon in 1959 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and went on to earn an M.B.A. at Stanford University. Knight returned to Oregon and with Bowerman, also a University of Oregon alumnus, later founded Blue Ribbon Sports in 1964, which officially became Nike in 1978. In 1970, Bill Bowerman revolutionized the athletic shoe by pouring molten rubber into a waffle iron, creating a prototype rubber sole. University of Oregon distance runner Steve Prefontaine became the first major track athlete to wear Nike shoes and converted many of his peers to the Nike brand.

It's that time of year again when Nike makes football fans everywhere scream "Holy Sh*t!" by unveiling its Pro Combat uniforms for Oregon's football team. With a tint of neon yellow and a matte black finish, this year's oh-oh-oh so fresh Ducks uniforms are like the armor that a heroic, Kevlar-clad knight would wear to fight off an invasion of alien zombie hunchbacks robots. Quack attack those predatory extraterritorial son-of-a-bit*ches. Can't wait to see these in the opener against LSU. Check out the swagatronic threads after the jump.

Oscar Pistorius fails to qualify for men's 400m final at World Athletics Championships

I've always thought that Oscar Pistorius to be a beacon of hope for all physically challenged people, no legs and the guy competes with able bodied athletes, that's a victory within itself. Yet it seems that he didn't manage to qualify for the 400m at the World Champ.

With one year to go until the London 2012 Paralympics the script was perfectly set up for the double amputee but he found the going too tough, finishing in eighth position with a time of 46.19 secs, more than a second short of his personal best.

Jermaine Gonzales of Jamaica won the third of three semi-finals with a time of 44.99 sec but Pistorius will have another shot at glory in Daegu when he competes as part of the South African relay team.

"I'm very happy to have had the opportunity to be here and I'll have to work on it," said Pistorius.

"I've run with most of these guys before but in a competition like this they are all running at a world class level.

For Pistorius to make the semi-final remains an incredible achievement and the Pretoria-based athlete paid tribute to the impact his time in Paralympic sport has had on his career.



Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

This is for the ladies, I can't imagine any of my boys singing along to this one but if you're a closet Nicki Minaj fan make sure you enjoy it.


IWC Porteugese Siderale Scafusia Watch

After ten years of intensive research, Swiss watch manufacturer IWC has succeeded in uniting solar time with sidereal time, together with astronomical displays, in a single watch. The result is a fascinating universal work of art which comes with a wealth of surprising complications and new technical features. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia is the most complex timepiece ever created by IWC. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia was designed to bring together astronomical displays and to show them with absolute precision. The most conspicuous feature of this new and highly complex timepiece is the constant-force tourbillon, which dominates the dial. But the reverse side of the watch is no less impressive. Neatly packed into the tiny space are a celestial chart, horizon, geographical coordinates, solar time, sidereal time, sunrise and sunset display as well as a display showing daytime, night-time and twilight. And behind the display showing the number of day, of course, is a completely integrated perpetual calendar.


2011 Mtv VMA Performances [Video] Update

In case you missede them, cause they did air at 3am our time, here's a selection of some of the performances from the circle jerk that is the MTV Video Music Awards.Performances after the jump...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Vilner luxes up the Land Rover Defender

The Grandaddy, the genes to which all Land Rovers can trace their lineage to, the Defender. Loved for it's rugged shape, with only minor cosmetic changes made to keep it in line with the times. The car was always a little Spartan for others tastses, I mean why forego all the luxury of the Range Rover, and settle for the minimalist interior of the Defender, when the cars are equally adept at traversing difficult terrain?

Now Bulgarian customizer Vilner has had a go at the Defender, and I do have to say I like what I see.

No idea how much the make over costs, but looks well worth it.


Sexy Asian invents usb Vibrator

I now undertsand why Q, hasn't made any appearances in the last two James Bond movies, his ideas are stale, and quite franklt show a deep lack of imagination. Sure an ejector seat on an Aston Martin, must have had the masses in a tizzy back then. But this invention right here will revolutionize the game.

This is one way to get more bang for your buck. The Duet is a new, sleek, multispeed, waterproof vibrator – and it doubles as a USB drive with up to 16GB of storage. Its designers, Ti Chang and Michael Topolovac, realized that the biggest complaint from women about vibrators had to do with the hassle of cords, batteries or obscure charging devices. They discovered a USB connector was the solution.”You look at it plugged into a laptop, charging, and it doesn’t look anything like a vibrator,” Chang said. It comes in a variety of colors. And if you spring for the deluxe model, it functions as a flash drive. Chang and Topolovac, of the San Francisco-based design firm Crave, joined forces when they realized they shared a vision to help women find a comfortable, discreet sex toy. Topolovac’s interest was piqued when a dinner conversation with two lady friends turned to the topic of vibrators “Neither of them had ever owned one, and I was intrigued,” he said. Chang’s jump from designing hair brushes and bicycles to sex products was sparked by something more personal – her own frustrations in shopping for a vibrator. “I don’t understand all the rabbits, the dolphins … the materials are often cheap and the products poorly made,” she said. And thus, the Duet was born. In addition to its dual functionality as a memory storage device, the Duet is also waterproof – owing to Topolovac’s past design experience with underwater cameras – and virtually silent. The innovative duo used CKIE, a Kickstarter-esque funding platform for designers, to raise capital needed to produce the vibrating delight. In just two days, Chang and Topolovac reached their goal. The designers expect the Duet to hit shelves in early October.


Mayor of Belgium having sex on roof [video]

Yeah, you read that right and what I love most is how flippanlty she brushes the whole thing aside, no hiding, no big P.R blitz to neutralse the situation, just an admission, and a "get on with your lives." I have no Idea if this was translated directly from Belian, it takes awhile to decipher, and I'm not in the mood to do it either, it's a Friday afternoon after all, and this basement is no place to spend a weekend. Blame Reuters.

The internet is an anonymous amateur video that shows how the mayor Ilse Uyttersprot Aalst (CD & V) on holiday intimate relationship to a tower. “I have nothing to add,” said Ilse Uyttersprot From her holiday at Belga. “This is private with my fiance and dates back four years ago.” The images, all from October of last year online, social media and circulated on Tuesday are then discussed. The movie on since Tuesday 16 hours “at the urgent request” offline, but is now elsewhere. At her office is told that Uyttersprot there at the time was convinced that no one else in that place. “The images were taken at a remote location that is visited only” sounds. It is emphasized that the facts in the private sphere. “The situation has nothing to do with politics and has no effect on its engagement in the city. We do not bother us there.” Acting mayor and party colleague Bart van Lysebeth finds it “strange” that the movie appears only now. “This dates back four years ago and only in the private sphere to situate,” he says. “It’s not politically relevant. I note that the paparazzi are already strike in Flanders. Should any mayor is now afraid to travel should be followed?” Denounces the hypocrisy of Lysebeth: “Who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Can't say I'd want to see the honourable Amos Masondo, getting down like this.


How to pick up Chicks

In the various situations, I've found myself thrown into, in my somewhat short life. I've learnt that there are two types of people. People who do. Where, no matter what situation you put them in will pull out the required result, and people who make excuses. They'll put things off a little too long and say something like I'm waiting for the right time.

More often than not the Doers are always on the winning end of things, just by virtue of making the effort. It was Big Sean who in "Live this Life" said,  "I could pulll up in a Honda Civic pulling B*%ches, aint about the cars, Is bout the n*gga thats up in it. That line describes this mans game entirely. While the perfect time guy would wait till he was spotted getting into his Lamborghini. The oder will pull girls no matter what tools he's working with a fuckin Ken doll, just straight luring chicks back to his house.

Ladies sound off and klet me know if these tactics would work on you?
Bring the Summer on!!!


Lil Wayne on Jay-Z diss: There won't be any repurcussions

Lil’ Wayne speaks with VIBE Magazine for their upcoming Oct/Nov issue. The collabo which also features Jadakiss and Drake is still fresh on many listeners ears as many felt the intended victims on the song are very clear. Weezy however feels very confident that nothing will come from his verse and feels it’s just another song.
“I know there won’t be any repercussions behind what I did, I know for a fact music is about perception. You can’t do anything but perceive what you hear. I know that for a fact. So I can’t ever be upset about someone’s reaction. I’m not going to say I don’t know what would happen before I even say [something on record] I do know what will happen. I’m aware of it. But it is what it is.”


Friday Links presented by Nicole Bahls

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That Brazilian up there is just straight fire!!!!!


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Lil Wayne Skateboarding session at Tampa Skate Park [Video]

I'm gonna reserve judgement onn this one cause Wayne has some aggresive fans. Anyway, Wayne dropped in at Tampa Skate Park, after a show at 3am, staff kept it open for him and let Weezy F do his thing, he was real nice, posed for lots of pics with the people there, they kept the party goin till about 5am.Iaint a skater but uhhhm....


Jeremy Scott Adidas All Originals Party [Video]

In a blacklit scene reminiscent of Busta Rhymes’ Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See video, fashion designer Jeremy Scott is the latest to get the Adidas Originals treatment, a campaign boasting icons to oddities and prophets to prodigies. Jeremy Scott’s inventive designs for adidas have been featured on notable folks ranging from Kanye West to Lady Gaga. Adidas stays winning.


Lil Wayne and Jay Z Beef?

In the wee hours of the morning Lil Waynes first post prison album" Carter IV sprung a leak. A lot of you went and got yourselves a copy of it. Being the internet thugs, and critics you are a lot of you honed in on one song and one line in particular. It's Good - ft. Jadakiss and Drake. Weezy goes quite hard on this track. Sounding like he's addressing some personal issues.

A lot of you will remember when H.A.M, came out this particular line was thought to be a subliminal shot at Weezy and Birdman.

I’m like really half a billi n*gga, really you got baby money, keep it real with n*ggas, n*ggas aint got my lady money.

To give you a bit of background as to why that was considered a shot, you got to go back to 09. Where in an interview in Birdman said that Wayne was more lyrical and had more money than Jay Z.

Jigga answered that in an interview on Hot97.

Then Forbes named Jay Z, top Hip Hop King for that year, second time running. Then H.A.M, was released this year, causing some to assume Jay Z was addressing the Birdman situation.

The people love beef, and sometimes will look for it where it isn't.
Jadakiss who features on the song took to twitter with his thoughts and says:

Yall hating ass cocksuckers better chill..they only sent me a track wit NO verses and I recorded that verse 3 months ago! #leavemeoutofit


Kanye West's 15 min freestyle in Poland [Video]

While performing at the Coke Live Music Festival in Poland, Mr. West extended his performance of “Runaway” with a auto-tuned freestyle that ran over 15 minutes long.


Rihanna and J. Cole Sex Tape? Hustler claims to have it!

Rihanna and J. Cole got intimate with fans across the country on this year’s “LOUD” tour, but did they have their own relationship offstage? Porn company Hustler is claiming that they are in possession of a sex tape with the two stars.

The path from Chris has been an interesting one, just watching you slowly step lower on the rungs of the ladder. No disrespect ot J. Cole, if this is true. If Hustler has the tape, just pull the trigger on the thing and release it.

Despite Hustler’s claim, a source close to Rihanna denies that such a tape exists. “Rihanna is surprised because there is no sex tape,” the source tells the website.

In addition to touring together, Rihanna recently joined her fellow Roc Nation artist on set of his video for “Can’t Get Enough” in Barbados.

Despite Hustler’s claim, a source close to Rihanna denies that such a tape exists. “Rihanna is surprised because there is no sex tape,” the source tells the website.

In addition to touring together, Rihanna recently joined her fellow Roc Nation artist on set of his video for “Can’t Get Enough” in Barbados.

Guess this was the inspiration for "hit it in the morning"


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lil Wayne - How To Love [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 2011

This video is very deep, not your average type of Weezy video so brace yourself for an emotional roller coaster. Weezy is definitely gonna get a lot of love from the ladies cause of him showing his sensitive side.


Ard Matthews messes up the National Anthem

In a special programme organised and co-ordinated by Supersport last night, the Springbok Squad to do duty at this years Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, was announced. Does the occasion warrnt an hour's worth of televising? In this bloggers humble opinion, no! It just doesn't help stretching it that long, more time is spent beating about the bush, and akwardly handling the starters, instead of getting to the meaty main course that is the announcement.

ESPN made a similair blunder last year airing an hour long programme when star basketball player, Lebron James, announced he was switching teams. When really a short press release form his parking lot would have had the desired effect.

The problem with this drawn out process is you are forced watch as presenters bungle through meaningless interviews, and invariably ask you to phone in and vote on the matter at hand. The format is flawed, and having it live only adds to the general dis array.

Which brings us to the anthem bit, why? This isn't a game, we don't need to sing it, the only reason it was sung was because someone, realised they couldn't fill the allocated timeslot with all the fodder, that was planned.

In steps Ard Matthews, a familiar face to those who were into the alternative South African scene mid to late nineties when the band Just Jinger was at it's zenith. Great jams too, I listened to some of their music and it was truely and still is top class.

458 Italia Spider [Video]

Should have titled this "News for the rich." Just as the first fleet of this car are making their way onto our streets, causing a lot of problems due to excessive rubbernecking. Ferarri makes the car look even better , by dropping the roof on this beast. What is being hailed as the first  mid-engined exotic with a retractable hardtop, has officially been unveiled. The mechanism is similar to the one on the Superamerica, but whereas that model's roof panel simply rests under the open sky on the rear deck, the 458 stows under the deck lid, protecting it from collecting dust or rain that would otherwise be deposited on the driver and passenger when deployed.

The function is simpler than most folding contraptions and resulting form is more pleasing to the eye as well, but the one disadvantage is that the 4.5-liter direct-injection V8 (with all its 562 prancing horses and trademark crackled red cam cover) is now hidden below decks instead of displayed as on the 458 Italia coupe. Which only goes to show that while you can come close to having your proverbial cake and eating it too, even this level of performance roadster has its trade-offs. This, though, strikes us as one we could live with. You know, if we really had to.

Follow the jump for the video and full press release, and be sure to scope out the initial batch of high-resolution images in the gallery as we gear up for the 458 Spider's debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show just a few weeks from now. Iwant!!!


One drink too many

Unfortunately theres no magical, graph that explains what the appropriate amount of drinks one should have on a big night. It's a go by feel type of thing, today you're knocking back a case of 500 ml draughts, and are able to walk away with your dignity intact, tomorrow you're in a tailspin coz of a glass of champers. Life and drinking is a bitch. Ipersonally tend to err on the side of abundance(yeah I've had my scrapes).

GothamistThe man who appeared to chuckle with his buddy while recording video of an intoxicated man rolling around on the subway tracks contacted us to expand on what isn’t seen in the original videos, which he’s since removed from YouTube. (One of the videos lives on because another YouTube user recorded it with his iPod Touch.) Two additional videos were uploaded yesterday showing the documentarian helping an MTA worker get the inebriated victim up onto the platform. (His friend declines to help because of all the blood.) Speaking on condition of anonymity, the person who took the first videos tells us he was outside the Dekalb Avenue L train subway station when he heard a woman screaming, and he and his friend went downstairs to investigate. He says that when they saw the man (who was apparently very drunk and peeing on the tracks) rolling around on the tracks, he alerted the token booth agent, and was instructed not to jump down into the tracks until the electricity to the third rail was cut and the control center was notified.

I can't help but ask myself everytime I read a story from abroad, " how would this translate, to this green patch of earth I call home." Well I'll be glad to answer that now because, up to about a year ago we didn't have a subway/train system at our disposal, and now we do it might only cover a tiny portion of this vast city, but great strides are being made in increasing its footprint. Teething problems? "Why yes, we've had the cables stolen on this marvel of transportation. his underlines the difference between first world countries and third world countries. Over here transport comes to a grinding halt because of theft. Over there transport comes to a grinding halt cause one man imbibed a little too much. Gautrain here we come!!


Ard “The Aardvark” Matthews

So.....WTF happened last night?  Do we blame nerves for a blunder of this magnitude on such an auspicious occasion?
 I remember a country ready to hurt someone when the now infamous Ras Dumisani butchered our national anthem a couple of years ago in France.  He went on to blame the sound and basically said he was hung out to dry by the people responsible.  Last night, Ard Matthews apologised for his disgraceful attempt to cover our beautiful national anthem.  He reduced the indigenous verses of our anthem to a drunken sounding spray from a guy who’s disguised himself as a proud South African.
I can sing the national anthem in my sleep, after a night of proper debauchery, in front of the entire world for free and still sing it better then the Just Jinger front man did.
I accept his half arse apology and his half arse promise to make it up to the country.  I do however accept it with the knowledge that he just didn’t care enough to know it like the rest of us do.


Boy am I glad the 23rd of August has come and gone so we can carry on with our lives and stop with the predicting of the Springbok 30 to go to the Rugby World Cup. 
The squad basically chose itself last year already.  What real surprises were there?  Francois Louw and Odwa Ndungane?  Um, PDV has always favoured Odwa, so I have no idea why his inclusion is such a big surprise and as for Flouw, we needed an extra ball chaser to deputise to Heinrich and unfortunately Jean Deysel and Ashley Johnson don’t fit that mould.
Well done to the players that made the squad, I have no reservations concerning the choices made.  This squad holds a combined 1224 caps, which barring a few weak points here and there is pretty damn impressive.
The country can finally get behind our boys in their attempt to be the first team to defend their title at the spectacle. 
Get your Bok jerseys on and prepare to witness the best rugby has to offer from all around the globe.  This should in all honesty be the most entertaining Rugby World Cup we’ve ever experienced.  I say this because of the uncertainty draped over it.  There is no clear team with a dominating presence as England was in 2003 and as our beloved Springboks were in 2007. 
I for one pray that the northern hemisphere teams come to the party and produce performances worthy of challenging their southern hemisphere rivals. 
As a rugby fan, I find it quite boring at times that only 3 teams make it into our weekend braai conversations.  I hope this changes and we add another 2 or 3 teams to the pot after the showpiece.
Back our boytjies to the end and all else shall follow.

The Game explains his beef with Jay Z [Video]

The Bi Polar bear, takes to the air and explains how his beef with Jigga originated.

In this clip Game tells Power 106’s Big Boi the origin of his dislike for Jay-Z, was when they first met and Game asked Jay how he managed to stay relevant to which Hov said “Most of you new rappers won’t last, find a new lane.”

I just feel he's said too much shit, to be honest, name dropped Jigga so many times in a good light as well as negative light. Is he really sour about that one line? He asked a qurestion, and got a blunt answer. Move on.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to make it in America Season 2 Trailer


ANC economic policy favours whites: Miyeni

South Africa's economic policies favour whites, former columnist Eric Miyeni wrote in an open letter to the ANC. More after the jump:

Kim Kardashian made $18 million from her wedding.

I'll be damned if i give a shit about what Kim Kardashian is up to. Don't get me wrong I'll make the time to look at her performance on a sex tape or her sunning on some beach in a bikini. That's as far as my interest in her goes, don't wanna hear her speak, don't wanna watch you and your siblings bitch about minor things, I got enough of my own problems. However, I now realise that this woman is a powerhouse. I guess Lil Wayne says it best in "She Will" - "I tried to pay attention, but attention payed me." That line there sums up Kim.

NY Post – Forget white! Kim Kardashian could have been wearing green at her wedding. The buxom reality-TV diva and her basketball-playing hubby, Kris Humphries, raked in a lot more than a few toasters when they tied the knot last night — scoring about $17.9 million by turning the ceremony into a media extravaganza. The exclusive photo rights to the Hollywood super nuptials were sold to People magazine for $2.5 million, a source told The Post. But that’s just the icing on the couple’s cash cake. Their biggest payout will come from turning last night’s ceremony into a four-hour, two-part TV spectacular called “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” which will air on E! in October. The special is expected to pull in $12 million to $15 million for the Kardashian family franchise and for the show’s producer, Ryan Seacrest. The wedding likely didn’t cost the celebrity couple much, if anything, experts say. LA celebrity event planner Tony Schubert said many vendors would have either comped or given huge discounts to the couple in return for the publicity. “It benefits the vendors, their goods and services [to be] shown to millions of people,” he said. The 30-year-old star of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” picked the Sotto Il Monte estate in Montecito, Calif., for the black-tie affair. She got three $20,000 Vera Wang gowns — one for the ceremony and two for later in the evening — all free, and $400,000 worth of Perrier Jouet Champagne also gratis. Her $15,000, 10-tiered wedding cake with chocolate-chip icing and black and white decorations made by Hansen’s Bakery was comped, too. In addition, the $10,000 worth of invitations by Lehr & Black were free. “It seems they released the invitation a few weeks ago for obvious reasons. It’s all part of the game,” Schubert said. Other costs would have included $2 million for Mark Gardens floral arrangements of African white roses and black and white décor, tents, lighting and favors. Caviar, Kobe burgers, truffles, cupcakes and other tasty tidbits for the reception racked up a sweet $750,000 tab for the nearly 500 guests, which included Seacrest, Lindsay Lohan, Eva Longoria, and Carmelo Anthony and his wife, La La, People reported. The $3 million in wedding bling — including the couple’s $1 million nuptial bands and Kim’s $2 million engagement ring, all by Lorraine Schwartz — was deeply discounted. Even the $50,000 bachelorette party was sponsored, by Tao of Las Vegas.


Say Something Nice [video]

They'd have to beat it out of me nice just doesn't roll of the tongue that easily for me, infact a few of my friends would describe this as their perfect day if i stepped up.

The lectern was placed in public spaces around New York and then left alone. We wanted to see what would happen if New Yorkers were given the opportunity to amplify their voices to "say something nice." This project was produced by Improv Everywhere as part of the Guggenheim Museum exhibition stillspotting nyc. Wonder how it'd go down in a city known for it's friendliness, like Port Elizabeth?


Adidas SLVR Beach Mocc

I know some of you are womndering if this is the house that Adi Dassler built, such is the frequency of Adidas related posts on this blog. I for one learnt "never to look a gift horse in the mouth," and Adidas is churning out so many collectibles at the moment I can't even complain.

Despite what its model name suggests, adidas SLVR release a new Fall/Winter iteration of its Beach Moc. The lowcut sneaker features a subtle moccasin toebox with a leather upper constructed of pigskin. The shoe comes in two different colorways including black or royal blue.  The shoe is avail online, but we'd love to see it on our shores, so that those of us with discerning taste, but no bandwidth could look good too. Lets face it South Africa is not yet the Internet shopping hub.That said expect to see these puppies on my feet real soon, both pairs.


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Monday, August 22, 2011

You want some of this?

I went to varsity with a dude who'd pull plays like this all the time, say that shit so sincerely you'd belive him, then he'd sit back watch you get in a an altercation, and laugh his ass off. You got to love that.


Jay Z WTT Release party at LIV in Miami [video]

So the official footage finally surfaces, this is where Jay Z spent a quarter million on Champagne just straight passing bottles to the people. The footage is longer and a hell of a lot clearer. "Cause unlike Hammer, 30 million can't hurt me." - Jay Z


Lil Wayne Live in Toronto [video]

Lil Wayne, took to the stage in Toronto to perform several hits. Enjoy the footage.


Rick Ross - Bossumentary [trailer]

All things Ross, the cars, the scantily clad women, enough money in the air to affect the humididty, and a nice dish at the end. FML.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The return of the Springboks..... or not?

Everyone went to bed content and happy that our beloved Springboks finally delivered on the promise that they are on a mission to retain the magical Rugby World Cup title.  All it seems, is finally on track and our boys are ready to defend the title..... or is it?
My alma mater was playing its last fixture a few days ago and during the main game I was on the side of the field having a young conversation with one of my coaching colleagues.  He asked me, why is it that a full strength All Black team can demolish a weakened Bok team but a full strength Springbok team struggle to do the same?  He asked this question after I bet him that the Springboks will not be able to do as the All Blacks did to our ‘B’ team. 

My reasoning behind my statement is that we have lowered our expectations regarding the Boks.  We seem to have forgotten how magnificent this team was in setting the benchmark in world rugby, we have also forgotten how physically dominant our Boks once were.  I never would have thought that the day would come that an old war-horse like Bakkies Botha would get dominated by a little snot nosed rookie like Sam Whitelock and still walk away from the confrontation with a smile.  Knowing the Bakkies of old, this would have signalled the end for Whitelock.  Instead, the situation fizzled out like a John Smit ball carry.

The inability  to show composure with the final pass by the All Blacks, cost them 3 try scoring opportunities in the first half which quite frankly could have buried the Boks and we would be singing a different tune today.  The inexperience of the All Black contingent, masked the glaring holes the Springbok team still need to work on before the start of the Rugby World Cup.  The 31 missed tackle statistic proves that our Bok team needs to tighten up their defensive system, otherwise they run the risk of being exposed at the showpiece.
The problem lies not in our first phase attack, but rather from the third phase onwards.  We lack the creativity to use our possession which we end up kicking aimlessly with no credible chase lines to speak of.
The performance of Fourie du Preez leaves much to be desired and if that is the form he is taking into the World Cup, may G be with us.
The shining beacons however have to be Heinrich Brussouw and the ever reliable Jacques Fourie.  Heinrich, came back onto the field after copping a boot to the face from Habana which resulted in him going off the field for running repairs.  On his return, it was as if he was injected with a dose of pride.  He was amazing on the floor and led the way in an epic fashion, which eventually earned him the tag of being named the man of the match.

I pray that the Boks find their mojo before the rugby showpiece commences.  Their defence has to be jacked up a couple of notches.  When playing their kicking pattern, I urge they improve their chasing lines by putting pressure on the ball thus nullifying opposition counter attack opportunities.  When in the strike zone, use your possession as effectively as other words, WE WANT TRIES, WORLD CUP OR NOT!!!


Is Bismark fed up?

What a rugby game we were privileged enough to witness yesterday in the windy city. A full strength Springbok team against a flimsy All Black outfit that rested its hard nosed veterans to be at full strength in next weeks Suncorp stadium battle.

Our Boks looked the part, bar 31 missed tackles in a game that had all the gloss of a South Africa vs New Zealand rugby match but lacked the poise at the best of times. One scary incident did rear its ugly head. The reality that our beloved hooker Bismark du Plessis could finally have had enough of having to make way for mediocrity.

With the game tittering on a knife edge, John Smit was introduced into the game with about 20 odd minutes remaining in a must win game for the Boks. As he was walking off the field Bismark shook his head in discontent, clear for everyone to see that he was not happy to be substituted at such a crucial time in the intriguing encounter.

I for one feel for Du Plessis, who is putting in workman like performances week in week out but it seems as if they aren’t being acknowledged. All participants of professional sport have the responsibility to bring their side to the party and anyone who says Bismark hasn’t brought his weights worth is smoking his socks. I believe it is a professional sportsman’s responsibility to acknowledge when their time is up and in my humble opinion, John Smit is failing us in this regard.

I have been saying that this John Smit issue could potentially cripple the Springbok chances of retaining the William Webb Ellis trophy in less then 3 weeks and yesterday was the first glimpse at that sorry occurrence.
Many people might not agree with my point of view pertaining to this issue, you might say it was unprofessional of Du Plessis to show such displeasure in full public view. My response to you will be that Bismark has earned his keep in that Springbok team and deserves to be treated as such. If this continues to happen, our best young players will seek the comforts of the Pound and the Euro on a more regular basis because they will feel their services are being undervalued by the powers that be.

I support Bismark’s reaction, it’s about time our young influential players stand up to soon to be forgotten senior players that don’t know when their tenures are expired.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Novak Djokovic imitates Maria Sharapova [Video]

Immediately, makes him the coolest tennis player in my book, I wonder if it hurts his chances of getting all up in Sharapova though.


Nike Sportswear Always on Christiano Ronaldo [Video]

You have either come to love or hate(i roll with the haters) Portugese and Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Rolando. The enigmatic striker features in this Nike Sportswear video that takes a more personal look into the interests and stylistic choices of the fiery attacker. While the answers and overall demeanor exudes an overall confidence/swagger/cockiness, no doubt Cronaldo might be a little more reserved given the controversy-filled 3-2 loss at the hands of Barcelona for this year’s Spanish Super Cup.


Elsom pole axed as Wallaby skip

For some reason this comes as no surprise to me. I do not doubt Rocky Elsom’s ability to play the beautiful game, but I applaud Robbie Deans on the brave decision he has made to elect Super Rugby champion and Reds skipper James Horwill as the new Wallaby front man.
I have a feeling Deans has a plan to involve Scott Higginbotham on a slightly more regular basis than he has thus far, but thats another story for another day. We all know Rocky’s association with injury, this has to have definitely played a role in the initial handing over of the baton so to speak.
Australian great, Tim Horan while expecting this change of the guard, thought it would happen sooner than it actually did. The grumblings in Australia are that Rocky Elsom was basically given a “hospital pass” by the powers that be.
I remain a big Rocky Elsom fan but am also of the view that this change was indeed well over due for the continued evolution of the current Wallaby team. This is a squad with immense potential, scary potential in fact.
The appointment of James Horwill is a prerequisite to how the Wallaby top brass view their chances of claiming a 3rd William Webb Ellis title. They believe the current crop of youngsters could be the face of rugby union and could ultimately catapult the game to new heights. James Horwill’s approach to leading is slightly different to that of lone ranger Rocky Elsom. He is more of a team man that incorporates old fashioned values that drive teams to achieving success.
This is a new era for rugby union and the current Australian squad is a symbol of where the game is headed. Big shout out to Robbie Deans for pioneering change for the future success of this wonderfully gifted bunch.


J. Cole - Work Out [Video]

Official vid, from the Roc Nation signee.


China Won't Rent Kobe

Just when it seemed Kobe Bryant was on the verge of signing a contract with a Chinese team, the Lakers superstar's path to the Chinese Basketball Association is suddenly obstructed. Yes, Shanxi Zhongyu owner Wang Xing Jiang said that he and Bryant had agreed to terms; and even if that wasn't totally true, Kobe is conducting due diligence and weighing various options. Bryant still has a choice to make.

Well Bryant's decision is now much easier now that the governing body of Chinese basketball decided that they don't want to be NBA players' "other woman." The CBA will not offer any "out" clauses in contracts, which means anyone who is currently under contract with an NBA team will not be signed. And if a free agent wants to give it a go in the CBA, he'll have to leave the NBA behind for the duration of the contract regardless of whether or not the lockout ends.

The CBA wants to go steady.

But the biggest loser here isn't Bryant, who was fabulously rich when he woke up this morning and remained fabulously rich after the CBA made its decision. The loser isn't even the CBA, which is essentially denying fans the opportunity to see players like Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki or Dwyane Wade while denying itself the revenue from increased exposure.

No, the losers here are Nike, Adidas and Reebok—companies working to prolong the sport's popularity in China after the retirement of Rockets center and national here Yao Ming. The world's largest population was going to get a first-hand look at American basketball beyond international competition. The Olympics can only offer two weeks of this kind of exposure every four years, but an entire season of Bryant in China could have turned into an athletic "Beatlemania.

The European teams are trying to round up as many Americans while they can in hopes of gaining an edge in their respective leagues, and possibly pocketing a few more bucks along the way. And owners in Europe are as diverse as the continent itself. Some have sterling financial reputations while other teams make it as difficult as possible to actually get paid. But no matter how they treat their players, European teams always want to be profitable and win.

The CBA, on the other hand, is government run, which can kind of kill the competitive spirit. It's easy for the league to issue a mandate without the complaints of 30 billionaire owners who would otherwise be scrambling to rent NBA superstars for any amount of time. But the CBA doesn't want to subject itself or its fans to the inevitable rejection that will take place when the lockout ends.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with any of these companies from a sponsorship point of view, but when two of the industries' biggest cash cows (the NBA and the NFL) take turns locking out players and alienating fans, it's hard not to feel the pinch.

The silver lining for America's sneaker manufacturers is that college basketball promises to be as popular as ever. Much of the country's top talent decided to return to school rather than wait through a work stoppage. A bump in NCAA Tournament exposure coupled with a labor resolution in the NBA could mean big things for the Nike and Adidas in 2012 (Reebok's main squeeze is the NFL, so they're not as effected as its rivals), but until then, both sneaker titans will struggle for advertising fodder.

Now would be a good time for India to start a basketball league with little-to-no contractual restrictions.

I got this on, real interesting stuff.

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals B Sides Forum Hi

Adidas Originals’ B-Sides project pulls the cover off of its latest return, the Jeremy Scott Forum Hi. The B-Sides project has revisited past collaborations to revamp and redesign styles for a new drop. Taking inspiration from the 2002 release of the same shoe using the dollar bill, the sneaker trades in the dollar motif for brown fabric and places his signature all over. This shoe is set for a September 17 release date States side, no word on an S.A release.


Divine Rags advert

This is what's wrong with making your own adverts, shit will all turn out wrong, but in all the wrong , there plenty to laugh at.


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The Introduction

I’d like to start off by saying that these are opinions based on sporting facts.  I will not be confined to rugby commentary but will rather look at sport holistically.  My utterances should be viewed as humble opinions that shouldn’t be taken to heart.  They say “the truth hurts,” so if anyone is offended by what they read I plea you keep this in mind. 

Formalities aside, today I talk rugby.  With the 7th Rugby World Cup less then a month away, these are truly exciting times for the rugby fan.  This blog is written through the eyes of a ground level rugby fan with the aspiration of being heard.  Whether you agree or disagree lets have an open discussion on our country’s interesting rugby landscape.
We are living in a controversial period in SA rugby history where the term transformation is on everybody’s lips.  People want to see the game move forward in a positive way.  Do not however misconstrue my statement on transformation, as it does not mean that I want to see a Springbok team dominated by black players from 1 to 15, but rather a team that shows true representation of our country’s rugby talent.
I was schooled at one of Eastern Capes oldest and finest boys’ institutions, which taught me to differentiate between quality and rubbish.  The South African rugby fan has been fortunate in the past 7 years or so to be exposed to quality rugby, but what 2011 is currently dishing up for us I’m afraid is utter rubbish.
 I had a phone conversation with a very good friend of mine after the first Tri-Nations test match the Boks played against the Wallabies and the first thing he said was, what has PDV been doing for the past 4 years in terms of coaching?  I started thinking to myself, other than the obvious improvement the Stormers show in defence, what have our stalwart Bok players been doing for the past 4 years that such a team (2007 RWC champions) find themselves in their current predicament.

When PDV was appointed Springbok coach in what seems like centuries ago, I couldn’t hide my excitement.  Here’s a guy who promised growth and progression from what Jake White had built, what an amazing period to look forward to I thought.  Was I wrong!!!  Instead he has copied and pasted Jake Whites team sheet, bar Beast and Heinrich, it’s exactly the same team.  Has he not learnt from those who have tried it before? Australia won the world cup in ’91 and sent the same team to South Africa in ’95 and got embarrassed by, guess who, the Boks.
You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  These words I’m afraid are ringing in my ears and the closer the Rugby World Cup, the louder they ring.  Rugby has evolved since 2007 and all I am asking is whether the Springboks have moved forward or backwards from their infamous “skop en jag” game plan?  I’m afraid not. 
Australia and New Zealand have introduced intelligent dummy runners and situations where positive decision making will equate to gain line success; we however are still stuck in set piece battles that only guarantee us with ball possession that we have no idea how to use.  Our phase play is horrendous to say the least.  We rely on a kicking game that requires our defence error rate to be minimal.  This worked for a while but the top teams have evolved thus relegating our beloved Springboks to “one trick pony” status.

With this said, we are talking about a team that is chasing 900 caps as a collective and the Rugby World Cup is won by the team that makes the least mistakes, the team that concedes the least penalties and the team that converts pressure to points.  Lets hope all this experience counts in our favour in making history and retaining the much sought after William Webb Ellis trophy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Watch The Throne Sets Sales Record For iTunes Downloads

The Throne definitely made their mark on the charts.

Looks like Jay had good reason to celebrate last week. The duo’s highly-anticipated album sold 436,078 in its first week. They sold 321,000 through digital sales. They managed to sell 290,000 through iTunes, setting a new record previously held by Coldplay.

This is Jay’s 12th and Kanye’s 5th #1 albums. Jigga is creeping up on the Beatles for most all time and he seems to be destined to take their spot. Mazel Tov to the Throne!


Abercrombie & Fitch want their clothes off Jersey Shore

I haven't really watched Jersey Shore but what I can tell from the snippets Ive seen everyone on the show looks like a douche bag and I don't blame Abercrombie & Fitch for not wanting to see their clothes on these people, so much so that they are willing to pay them to stop wearing their clothes. More after the jump:

New Porsche 911 - official images

The first official pictures of the all-new Porsche 911 have been leaked over the internet and as with every other generation of Porsche's mainstream sports car since 1963, the styling is a mild evolution of the one that came before it. 

Nowhere is this more evident than at the front end, where the most notable difference is the LED daytime running lights mounted above the air intakes on each corner but at least the rear end is a more refreshing departure, with its slimmer LED tail lights and cleaner detailing. Designers have also moved the side mirrors onto the doors. 

Porsche has not yet officially released any information on the new 911, but various international sources all speak of a new and larger platform beneath the body and a fresh range of engines. 

According to these reports, the baseline Carrera will be powered by a downsized 3.4-litre six-cylinder boxer engine which is more economical and still good for 260kW, up from 254kW. Next up is the Carrera S, which is propelled by a 3.8-litre motor that churns out 298kW (rising from 283kW). Both versions will send their power to the back wheels via a new seven-speed manual gearbox (yes, you read that right) or Porsche's familiar PDK gearbox. 

In keeping with Porsche's bottom-up launching strategy, only these two versions will be launched initially, with models like the Carrera 4, Turbo, GT2 and the like trickling in throughout the car's life cycle.
The full reveal takes place at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month, so stay tuned for all the official information as it arrives in our inbox. 

Can't complain about the styling but what I can complain about is the fact that I wanna drive one as in yesterday but alas!


Wale Drops ‘The Eleven One Eleven Theory’ Mixtape

Wale released his new mixtape, "The Eleven One Eleven Theory." This is Wale's first solo project since signing to Rick Ross's Maybach Music Group this past Spring. Wale's had his ups and downs over the years. It was only a few short years ago that Wale was one of the top emerging talents in the game. But following a mediocre debut album with "Attention Deficit" and some well-publicized Twitter beefs, Wale seemed to disappear almost overnight.

After a self-imposed hiatus from rapping, Tweeting, and all-things public, he burst back onto the scene last August with the release of "More About Nothing" and he signed to Ross's MMG imprint shortly thereafter. The DMV rapper is poised to drop his sophomore album "Ambition 11/1/11" (get it?) on MMG / Warner Bros. It's pretty clear this project will make or break Wale's career. Ross gave him a much-needed second chance and what we've heard from him lately has been nothing but fire. Here's hoping he keeps the momentum going strong on his latest project. Check out the stream for "Lacefrontin'" which sounds like the Wale of old, and pick up the full mixtape below.

Click Here to Download