Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adidas SLVR Beach Mocc

I know some of you are womndering if this is the house that Adi Dassler built, such is the frequency of Adidas related posts on this blog. I for one learnt "never to look a gift horse in the mouth," and Adidas is churning out so many collectibles at the moment I can't even complain.

Despite what its model name suggests, adidas SLVR release a new Fall/Winter iteration of its Beach Moc. The lowcut sneaker features a subtle moccasin toebox with a leather upper constructed of pigskin. The shoe comes in two different colorways including black or royal blue.  The shoe is avail online, but we'd love to see it on our shores, so that those of us with discerning taste, but no bandwidth could look good too. Lets face it South Africa is not yet the Internet shopping hub.That said expect to see these puppies on my feet real soon, both pairs.


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