Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Game talks about LeBron’s mom in a new song [updated]

The Game decided to goin in hard on everybody in his comin Red Albumincluding most rappers and he made sure he didn't leave out Lebron James Mother. More after the jump:

LeBron James is supposed to be enjoying his time away from basketball as the NBA toils in relative lockout obscurity. Instead though, “The King” is having arguably his worst 24-hour stretch since his epic choke in the NBA finals.
Yesterday, this video surfaced of a Taiwanese kid dunking on him during a Nike Event in Asia.

And today, rapper “The Game”, ripped on LeBron’s mom Gloria in his new song.

The Game has never been one to shy away from dissing peeps, thats the way old school OG's like Eazy E used to do. I say go in hard the Game and fuck what other people say!Oh! and big ups to the Asian kid who punked Lebron out, that's the shit you brag about to everyone till your dying day! Martians v. Goblins - featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler the Creator,below:



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