Friday, August 26, 2011

Mayor of Belgium having sex on roof [video]

Yeah, you read that right and what I love most is how flippanlty she brushes the whole thing aside, no hiding, no big P.R blitz to neutralse the situation, just an admission, and a "get on with your lives." I have no Idea if this was translated directly from Belian, it takes awhile to decipher, and I'm not in the mood to do it either, it's a Friday afternoon after all, and this basement is no place to spend a weekend. Blame Reuters.

The internet is an anonymous amateur video that shows how the mayor Ilse Uyttersprot Aalst (CD & V) on holiday intimate relationship to a tower. “I have nothing to add,” said Ilse Uyttersprot From her holiday at Belga. “This is private with my fiance and dates back four years ago.” The images, all from October of last year online, social media and circulated on Tuesday are then discussed. The movie on since Tuesday 16 hours “at the urgent request” offline, but is now elsewhere. At her office is told that Uyttersprot there at the time was convinced that no one else in that place. “The images were taken at a remote location that is visited only” sounds. It is emphasized that the facts in the private sphere. “The situation has nothing to do with politics and has no effect on its engagement in the city. We do not bother us there.” Acting mayor and party colleague Bart van Lysebeth finds it “strange” that the movie appears only now. “This dates back four years ago and only in the private sphere to situate,” he says. “It’s not politically relevant. I note that the paparazzi are already strike in Flanders. Should any mayor is now afraid to travel should be followed?” Denounces the hypocrisy of Lysebeth: “Who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Can't say I'd want to see the honourable Amos Masondo, getting down like this.


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