Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One drink too many

Unfortunately theres no magical, graph that explains what the appropriate amount of drinks one should have on a big night. It's a go by feel type of thing, today you're knocking back a case of 500 ml draughts, and are able to walk away with your dignity intact, tomorrow you're in a tailspin coz of a glass of champers. Life and drinking is a bitch. Ipersonally tend to err on the side of abundance(yeah I've had my scrapes).

GothamistThe man who appeared to chuckle with his buddy while recording video of an intoxicated man rolling around on the subway tracks contacted us to expand on what isn’t seen in the original videos, which he’s since removed from YouTube. (One of the videos lives on because another YouTube user recorded it with his iPod Touch.) Two additional videos were uploaded yesterday showing the documentarian helping an MTA worker get the inebriated victim up onto the platform. (His friend declines to help because of all the blood.) Speaking on condition of anonymity, the person who took the first videos tells us he was outside the Dekalb Avenue L train subway station when he heard a woman screaming, and he and his friend went downstairs to investigate. He says that when they saw the man (who was apparently very drunk and peeing on the tracks) rolling around on the tracks, he alerted the token booth agent, and was instructed not to jump down into the tracks until the electricity to the third rail was cut and the control center was notified.

I can't help but ask myself everytime I read a story from abroad, " how would this translate, to this green patch of earth I call home." Well I'll be glad to answer that now because, up to about a year ago we didn't have a subway/train system at our disposal, and now we do it might only cover a tiny portion of this vast city, but great strides are being made in increasing its footprint. Teething problems? "Why yes, we've had the cables stolen on this marvel of transportation. his underlines the difference between first world countries and third world countries. Over here transport comes to a grinding halt because of theft. Over there transport comes to a grinding halt cause one man imbibed a little too much. Gautrain here we come!!


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