Friday, August 26, 2011

How to pick up Chicks

In the various situations, I've found myself thrown into, in my somewhat short life. I've learnt that there are two types of people. People who do. Where, no matter what situation you put them in will pull out the required result, and people who make excuses. They'll put things off a little too long and say something like I'm waiting for the right time.

More often than not the Doers are always on the winning end of things, just by virtue of making the effort. It was Big Sean who in "Live this Life" said,  "I could pulll up in a Honda Civic pulling B*%ches, aint about the cars, Is bout the n*gga thats up in it. That line describes this mans game entirely. While the perfect time guy would wait till he was spotted getting into his Lamborghini. The oder will pull girls no matter what tools he's working with a fuckin Ken doll, just straight luring chicks back to his house.

Ladies sound off and klet me know if these tactics would work on you?
Bring the Summer on!!!


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