Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retribution Trailer 2011

Just peeped this trailer and I must say that I'm keen to watch this film, its a local production with a local story and it comes out on Friday the 19th of August. Here's a brief synopsis of the movie... After thirty years in the judiciary, a retired judge, at the prompting of his family, takes some time out to write his memoirs. Not wanting any distractions, he goes to the Overberg Mountains to stay in an isolated cabin to begin work on the book.

The cabin is remote — a three-hour 4x4 drive from the nearest civilization.

One day the retired judge sees someone, a hiker, out in the middle of nowhere. It turns out the guy’s lost. The judge could do with a little company and invites him to his place.

It soon becomes clear that something is not quite right with the stranger. And he has some unfinished business with the judge, which starts with killing his dog...



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