Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Drum Cover Poster Collection

Now most Johannesburgers know the Bank as a club but tonight their switching things up and turning it into a gallery.

Drum Magazine has always had epic covers so they’ve decided to have a Drum Cover Poster Collection to celebrate African history and popular culture.

Bailey’s African History Archives (BAHA) holds the heritage of more than 30 years of African publishing history. Best known for its DRUM Magazine legacy, the Archives have preserved many original editions from South, West and East Africa.

The DRUM publication is synonymous with black urban culture during the Apartheid years and was known to mix the frivolous with the serious and juxtapose jazz, sport and beauty with politics. It quickly became the most widely read magazine in Africa.

In 2009, BAHA began a project where a selection of DRUM Magazine covers were used to create limited edition art prints. In line with DRUM, the project aims to celebrate African popular culture as well as to acknowledge its history. DRUM covers are iconic, instantly recognizable and their distinctive designs powerfully evoke and reflect the changing face of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Limited editions of a selection of 9 different original covers are priced at R1800.00 (ex vat), making original art both accessible and obtainable while honouring creative expression in the context of heritage.

Dimensions: 84.0cm x 59.4cm

Edition size: 250

Details: Pigmented archival inks on 280gsm Innova Fibraprint paper

The prints will be available for purchase on order at the DRUM Cover Poster Collection Heritage Exhibition at The Bank, Tonight. They are also available directly from BAHA (087 720 0304) or Bailey Seippel Gallery (071 227 0910).

If you were ever a fan of Drum magazine and want to have an epic piece of art in your possession you better not miss out on this one.


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