Tuesday, September 28, 2010

WTF! PE Man hacks off his fingers with a rock!

Fishfinger hails from the Port Elizabeth aka The Windy City and nothing ever really surprises us from back home, but I came across this fuckery today and I was shocked to the core. Details after the jump:

A man hacked off two of his fingers with a rock and then got shot in the legs after he attacked police in a bizarre incident in Port Elizabeth yesterday.

According to a report in the Herald Online, police spokesman Warrant Officer Alwin Labans described the man at the centre of the drama in Heugh Road, Walmer, as "mad".

The man, who has not yet been identified, told police his name was Craig and he lived in Charlo. He was taken by ambulance to Dora Nginza Hospital, where he will also undergo a psychological evaluation.

Throwing up gang signs will never be the same again
"The incident happened shortly after 1pm when patrolling police saw the man on the side of Heugh Road smashing his fingers off with a rock," Labans said.

"When they stopped to see what was happening, the man went crazy and tried to attack the three officers."

Labans said the man charged at the policemen with a rock in his hand, prompting the officers to fire two warning shots before shooting him with four rubber bullets.

The man continued to run towards an officer, threatening to kill him.

"One of the officers attempted to pepper spray him but he continued to charge," Labans said.

"As a last resort, he was shot once in each leg as the officer felt his life was in danger.

"The ambulance arrived a short while later and as they stabilised the man, he started taking his pants off and swearing at everyone."

In a rage, he then sucked the blood from his two fingers and started spitting it at police and ambulance staff.

The man told police his wife had died a month ago.

We all grieve in funny ways but this right here is just plain messed up, why would you hack off two of your fingers with a rock?

Normally they say that the Highveld will make you go crazy but I guess the same applies with the sea breeze, actually no! This dude just lost his God damn mind. Can anyone say Looney bin? The worst part is where the incident occurred is just up the road from where I stay in PE, boy am I glad I reside in Jozi!

Source: The Herald


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