Monday, August 30, 2010

Sheer Driving Pleasure!! (video)

Now, ever since this car was introduced enthusiats waited with baited breath for an M version, with Beemer letting all know that it wasn't on the cards. They dropped the 3 litre then the 3.5 litre twin turbo, both with enough power to run with all the range toppers in their respective segments. The murmur on the ground grew to loud cries, and with only a few tuner outfits willing to take a crack at it. We got some ridiculous looking fast 1 series.The recession came and that justified the shelving of an M version, but amidst all this denial from Beemer there was always, a rumour that an M version was being worked on. Six years later Beemer have decided to give the people what it is they've been yearning for, and now they drop the teaser to the M1, which will apparenlty hit the market early next year...

vid after the jump.

The multi-spoke wheels, drilled discs and quad-exhausts are the only elements not left to the imagination, but the extra vinyl aft of the front wheels is sure to hiding a set of M-style fender vents while a ducktail spoiler is fitted out back.

As for mechanicals, the smart money is still on an upgraded twin-turbocharged inline-six (N54), channeling over 335 horsepower through a manual gearbox and down to the rear wheels via a torque-vectoring M differential. If anyone at B.M.W has a heart, please throw two of these machines our way, we promise to treat them well. That German guy in the 2nd vid kills me, purely because he gets me!

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