Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Songs that currently irritate the shit out of me

I’m not one to complain but unfortunately. I’ve been subjected to a certain music channel on television every second that I spend at my work place. What I’ve picked up on is that there are a couple of songs which I absolutely hate with all my heart, not that they're bad songs but if I’m going to be hearing you everyday at least 6 times a day it's tantamount to torture.

There are songs which I don’t mind hearing twice a day but for heaven sakes the songs I’m about to list below make me want go play in the traffic.

1.    Drake – any song by Drake
2.    Kelly Rowland – Commander
3.    Eminem – I’m not afraid
4.    Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

A whole lot of people may think I’m hating on these songs but I will break each one down and tell you why I have such a disdain for them.

1.    Drake – any song

The reason I loathe Drake is entirely my fault, when you over listen to an artist your ear tends to move to crit mode and you start noticing faults and stop listening to the hype.

Yes I abused Drake and now I find him monotonous and generally an awkward looking fellow, so every time he’s on the tele I tend to cringe and it generally ends with me changing the channel.

2.    Kelly Rowland – Commander

Ever since the break up of  Destiny’s Child Kelly Rowland never really made an impact on the scene besides that song she did with Nelly called Dilemma and after that she was pretty much useless as a recording artist, well, that’s until David Guetta rescued the poor sod and introduced her to electronic music and she became a household name again.

Now the music video to this song see’s Kelly Rowland dawning some plastic outfit which totally looks like crap and the choreography on the video is extremely retarded. Not forgetting that the songs lyrics repeat themselves over and over again which makes me feel stupid especially coming from Kelly Rowland. Overall she makes me want to gag!

3.    Eminem – I’m not afraid

I struggle to understand anyone who still likes Eminem, first and foremost Eminem has been rapping about the same shit since his second album so I couldn’t give a rats ass about what he has to rap about again. Secondly Eminem garners the support of white America which made the record sales for his latest album Recovery, sky rocket, if you have the support of white America and you represent a genre that was created by a minority in America gives  that gives you, an unfair advantage over your peers.

4.    Soulja Boy – Pretty Boy Swag

The less said about Soulja Boy the better, the lack of creativity from this young man leaves me dumbfounded. Maybe I’m too old to understand Soulja Boy but I just don’t get why his music is being consumed by anyone with an IQ higher than that of retard.

Not that I’m hating on any of the artists mentioned above but my ears need to hear good music and not something that’s going to leave me feeling like I’ve wasted 4 minutes of my life.


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  1. i looove that Kelly Rowland song! and she's not a poor sod. i'm not going to get into this right now but let the record show that i'm cut!